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Advice for Newcomer

Unread postby Kyne » Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:17 am

So, I'm gradually working my way through the lore of Gaera. However, there are certainly plenty of places, and I'm having trouble finding a suitable origin for the character I have in the works. That said, I'm looking for some suggestions on the geographical origins of a half-elf sorceror come bard.

I don't need any bio ideas currently, as I've kind of already got some stuff floating about, but I need somewhere to afix it onto the world and adapt it to the surroundings. Essentially, stereotypically where is such a character likely to originate from and where will there be reasonable amounts of RP available? Thanks in advance for any help and ideas.

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Unread postby Kelne » Sat Mar 28, 2009 6:57 am

Let's see, advice, advice...

Well, Kalshana is the Elven homeland, so that's always an option. Many elves can, however, be found outside that somewhat stifling nation, along with their progeny. The far north is something of an exception, particularly Evringshal and Gre'Parth, where elves are completely unknown. Gwa'Aag, Valth and Theice are fairly unlikely homelands as well. Doma, of course, is the default option, as you can find practically anybody there; half-elves are actually pretty run of the mill.

Class-wise, sorcerers are considerably more common than wizards in the setting (although they still represent a pretty small percentage of the population). Spontaneous, rather than prepared spellcasting is the natural order of things. So definitely no problems there. Gunnir Academy is probably the best known school of magic on Igala, but there are certainly others.

Well, that ought to do for a bit. Also, welcome.

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