Sir Rufus uth Mallor

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Sir Rufus uth Mallor

Unread postby KnightoftheSword » Sun Sep 21, 2008 7:20 pm

Name: Rufus Thadornus uth Mallor
Age: 35
Height 5'11
Occupation: Knight of the Sword, knight errant.

Rufus is a muscular of slightly above average height and build. Wavy dark hair flows down his head to just under his shoulders and his handlebar mustaches, the traditional facial hair of the Knights, are always immaculately groomed. Dark eyes, the windows to the soul, show a dark life filled with the horrors of a war that covered a continent. Laugh lines however are beginning to show at the corners of his eyes.

History: Rufus was a member of the knightly order know as the Solamnic Knighthood located on the world of Krynn. His father hand been a knight, as had his grandfather, and grandfather's father, and so on and so forth. He was raised to be a knight and knows nothing else than the knighthood. He excelled in combat, but was slow in history and the more "mundane" things as a novice and squire. Hower by the time of his promotion to Crown Knight he had learned to accept, even if he still held no love for it, history and the arts. He was a senior Knight of the Crown when the Second Dragon War broke out on his home continent of Ansalon. He was one of the few knights who treated the future hero Huma with any sense of civility, but was quickly promoted to Knight of the Sword and moved away from that front. Given command of a unit of men at arms he was told to hold a small farm village that produced much of the food that traveled to the Knights Headquarters at Vingaard Keep. Durning a pitched battle with a unit of ogres and minotaurs, a group of evil Black Robe magics waged a magical battle on the Knights contingent of White Robes. The resulting magical rift is still a mystery to the Mages, one that has seen little investigation due to the rebuilding of Ansalon after the war. What is know is that after the rift closed Sir Rufus uth Mallor was gone.

Unbeknownst to the mages or knights, Sir uth Mallor was transported across the planes of magic and deposited on Gaera. For the span of a year the knight tried all in his power to return, most turned him away as a crazy and the few that tried to aid him failed. Yet, his the powers bequeathed to him by his patron Gods, Kiri-Jolith of Just War, Habbakuk of Good Lord of the Sea and Courage, and the Great Draco Paladin, or Paladine stayed with him, giving him hope that he could return. One evening, the knight witnessed a gang of men surround a woman in a small copse of trees. He cried out a challenge, killing one man. The woman thanked him and went on her way. It was in this moment Sir uth Mallor knew that he was to stay here. Using his paladin powers to be strong for the weak of heart, and for the defender of faith, not faith in a particular god, but faith in goodness and light, he would belong. However, the Knight of the Sword choose to add Heyl to his evening ritual prayers as he deemed it the only honorable course of action.

Personality: Rufus is a Knight of Solamnia, therefor he strictly adheres to the tenets of the Measure, a volume of books that dictate how a knight should react to a multitude of things, and strives to uphold the Oath, My Honor is my Life. Inasmuch, he is very serious, truthful to a fault, and dignified. However he is not a above laughter and fun.

Weapons and Equipment: Two and a Half Hand sword named Mallor's Honor, often Mallorshonor. A shield emblazoned with the sigil of the kingfisher, crown, sword and rose. A suit of light plate and mail, with a tunic with the symbol of the sword, and a small travel pack.


Name: Sir Rufus uth Mallor
Race: Human


Level: 1
XP: 0/1000
Max HP: 165
Max MP: 45
Max TP: 20
Initiative 5 + 2d6

Courage: 3
Wisdom: 1
Intuition: 2
Charisma: 2
Agility: 2
Dexterity: 2
Strength: 3
Stamina: 3
Magic Aptitude: 3

Modified for skill - {Base + part of skill value/base + remaining skill value}
Modified for equipment - {mod for skill +/- equipment penalties/mod for skill +/- equipment penalties}

{Mallorshonor two and a half hand sword, shield and light plate}

Weapon Damage - {weapon name} {adjustments}
Thrusting - {base thrust damange + STR+1d6}
Slashing- {base slash damage + STR*2+2d4}
Chopping - {base chop damage + STR*3+2d6}

Skills: (26)

Swords:5 <str>
Heavy Armor:5 <str>
[k]Nature Skills:4 <int>
Cooking: 4 <int>
Holy Spells: 4 <int>
Shields: 4 <str>


[Swords] Flurry (cost in TP, MP, or both) - A fast flurry of sword strikes, intended to disrupt defenses or cause heavy damage
[Shields] Adv. Shield Blocking Technique (cost in TP, MP, or both) - A way to deflect any damage or stun effects that would leak through a shield
[Shields] Shield Bash (cost in TP, MP, or both) - Bash opponent with shield
[Holy Spells] Heal (cost in TP, MP, or Both) - Heal minor to medium wounds, partial healing of major wounds.
[Heavy Armor] Accustomed Weight (cost in TP, MP, or both) - Reduced difficulty in moving in heavy armor

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Unread postby Blackwind Isao » Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:57 am

You need to rework most of your substats.
HP= 55+STA*5 = 70
TP= 10+(3(STA+ COU)) = 28
Init= AGI+(COU/2) +2d6 = 3+2d6
Base AT/PA= AGI+INT+STR+COU = 10/10
MBlock= 10+INT+(COU*2) = 18
MEvade= 10+INT+(AGI*2)= 16

Other notes:
No skill can be higher than 4 at level one. This leaves you 2 points.
'Holy' magic should be replaced with 'Healing' magic. You should likely use the 'Cure' and 'Cure 2' spells (Heal=1, 4 MP= 7, 18. Cures 8+rank*2+1d6, 15+rank*4+2d6).

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Unread postby Blackwind Isao » Mon Sep 22, 2008 8:15 am

You are missing stats for your sword, armor and shield.
Basic longsword stats are:
-1 AT / 0 PA
10 Thrust / 14 Slash / 17 Chop
+1 STR (or better) required

Plate Mail stats are:
18 AC -2 AT / -4 PA
45 durability 40 weight
+4 (or better) STR required
-7 casting check

Spells can be jacked from the spellbook in the wiki (link at the top of the page. The spellbook is in the Philsys related pages section).

As for techs check out the advanced philsys theory page. I'd also suggest talking to AM or Jak.

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Unread postby Blackwind Isao » Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:05 am

I forgot to give you shield stats. They are as follows:
Small Shield (metal) 13 AC 0 AT / +2 PA 15 durability 2 weight -1 casting penalty
Large Shield (metal) 20 AC 0 AT / +4 PA 20 durability 4 weight +1 (or better) STR required -3 casting check

I see no problems with either your history or description (though I note you didn't list a weight).
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