Kivet Kresarik: PS Sheet Review Requested

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Kivet Kresarik: PS Sheet Review Requested

Unread postby Mechanisto » Fri Feb 01, 2008 2:17 pm

This here's the character idea I'm hoping to use for Field of Wilting Roses; he's a lizardfolk hunter-gatherer , driven to venture into the world and learn it's ways. Backstory and personality criticism are always welcome, as is any double-checking on the math, but my primary concern is his abilities. I am unsure if the bonuses or TP costs are at all reasonable.

Also, I've read somewhere that [S] skills are half cost, except in some cases. Are any of my current [S] Skill choices less expensive than they should be?

In any case, here goes.


Sorted out a bunch of stuff, and settled on the innate Techs. Still need to pick active techs, and re-do the math on the skills.

*Update again*

There we go! Everything seems to be sorted out now.

--- Profile ---

Name: Kivet Kresarik (Also goes by Adom)
Class: Hunter
Race: Lizardfolk

--- Appearance ---

This link should give you a good idea. Despite being covered with dull-green armored scales and a handfull of sharp spikes, he moves with fluid grace and posesses the quick reflexes of a serpent. He's about nine feet tall when standing straight, but usualy keeps a more crouched stance. He is a warm-blooded reptile; he has no particular vulnerability to cold and still requires just as much food and water as the average human.

--- Background ---

Kivet is a member of a small tribe of rugged lizardfolk who make their home in a shadowy swamp called Duskwater. This rugged way of life left little room for luxury, and much of his childhood was spent either following orders or keeping out from underfoot. Though the biological son of the tribe's shaman, his lack of notable magical talent saw him relegated to a more physical role in the community (mostly involving heavy lifting). Though primitive by some standards, the tribe was familiar enough with the outside world to make a decent living; the marsh held all kinds of herbs and reagents, which they were all to happy to trade with outsiders for simple tools or supplies. Their hunters made highly efficient courriers and navigators as well, guiding outsiders through their inhospitable homeland with a minimum of fuss. Even as a youth, Kivet was more curious about these outsiders than most of his bretheren; though he lacked the experience and expertise to act as a guide, he would often volunteer to tag along and help out simply for the opportunity to observe their guests. Much of his training revolved around survival and navigation.

Unfortunately for him, his adolescent years coincided with a dangerous time; over the last few years, Duskwater marsh has begun to suffer from a mysterious blight. Strange new diseases have begun to defy the Lizardfolk's innate resistances, and strange shambling figures can be seen at night. The tribe have since learned to defend themselves against the occasional pack of monsters, but Kivet believes the threat simply cannot be dealt with through strength and courage alone. He has decided that if a solution to this hazard exists, it may well be found in the strange, cultivated lands of their civilized neighbors. Setting out with basic weapons, a few simple supplies, and a second-stomach full of copper coins, Kivet has set out into the world to hone his skills and learn whatever he can.

--- Personality ---

As monstrous as he appears, Kivet is actually somewhat cheerful and polite. His dedication and resolve are solid, and he maintains a strong sense of honor for his tribe, his allies, and his gods (in that order). Despite posessing much more primitive technology than most other cultures by far, he and his people still posess a relatively keen intelligence and cunning that can sometimes surprise strangers. Though friendly and well-meaning, his monstrous appearance and occasionally disturbing personal habits make it difficult for him to make a good first (or second... or third...) impression on anyone. He tends not to take personal offence at this, and often redoubles his effort to earn the trust of those who dislike him. In his relatively uneventful travels so far, he's picked up a few basics about the soft-skins (they cook their food, frown upon public nudity, and rarely swallow or regurgitate their young), but he still has a lot to learn. Though he is greatly interested in the outside world and has long been eager to explore it, his primary concern will always be the safety of his native people.

--- Parameters ---

Max Hit Points: 75
Max Magic Points: 30
Max Tech Points: 37
Initiative: 7 + 2d6
Strength AT/PA: 16
Dexterity AT/PA: 12
Magical Attack: 5
Magical Block: 22
Missile Evasion: 22

--- Statistics ---

Courage: 5
Wisdom: 2
Intuition: 2
Charisma: (-2)
Agility: 5
Dexterity: 0
Strength: 4
Stamina: 4
Magic: 1

--- Equipment ---

Stone Mace - Damage (6, 10, 18), AT/PA (0/-1), Weight 3, Str Req 0
Wooden Small Shield - AC 13, AT/PA (0/+2), Durability 10, Weight 2, Str Req 0, Casting Penalty -1
Survival Knife - Damage (2, 4, 6), AT/PA (+1/-2)
Bone Charm Prayer Necklace

--- Skills ---

Unarmed Combat [Rank 4] (Cou+Agi+Str=14) [+2/+2]
Melee / Maces [Rank 4] (Cou+Agi+Str=14) [+4/+0]
Melee / Shields [Rank 3] (Cou+Agi+Str=14) [+3/+0]
Hunting [Rank 3] (Int+Agi+Sta=11)
Foraging [Rank 2] (Int+Int+Wis=8)
Animal Handling [Rank 1] (Cou+Cha+Wis=5)
[K] Survival [Rank 4] (Wis*3=6)
[K] Language / Common* [Rank 2] (Wis*3=6)
[K] Navigation [Rank 2] (Wis*3=6)
[s] Athletics [Rank 2] (Str+Sta+Agi=13)
[s] Swimming [Rank 4] (Str+Sta+Agi=13)
[s] Shield Blocking [Rank 4] (Int+Agi+Sta=11)
[s] Natural Resistance** [Rank 4] (Cou+Sta+Sta=9)

* Kivet's native tongue is a slightly primitive dialect of Draconic; He's learning common as a second language.
**Increases all stamina rolls to resist organic poisons and diseases. Doesn't resist mineral or chemical poisons, and certain rare or magical diseases the GM may invent...

--- Abilities ---

[Unarmed=4] Rend and Tear (4 TP) - An brutal unarmed attack that deals double damage but makes it impossible to parry or block.

[Shield Blocking=2, Melee/Shields=2] Cover (2 TP) - Use your shield block to protect a nearby ally instead of yourself.

[Melee/Shields=2] Shield Rush (2 TP) - Charge an enemy with your shield forward, shoving them backwards. Can push enemies into hazardous terrain, or muscle your way through narrow passages.

[Innate] Natural Arsenal
Kivet has a variety of natural weapons and defences befitting a swift predator. His scales provide an AC of 12 + [Level], and have no encumberance, durability, or strength requirements. His claws, teeth and tail-spikes increase his unarmed damage by 1 + [Level] slashing damage. These bonuses don't stack with worn armor (apart from shields held in hand), and make it nearly impossible to wear gear that wasn't custom tailored to Kivet's unique form.

[Innate] Regenerative
Like many lizards, Kivet can naturally regrow severed limbs, damaged organs and scarred tissue without the aid of magic or potions. This doesn't cause him to heal faster; just more completely. Of course, he still requries rest, food, and bandages like any other being.

[Natural Resistance] Cast Iron Stomach
Kivet's digestion is not nearly as picky as a humans; he is able to consume all manner of stale, sickly, moldy, burnt, raw, mushy, rotten, still-wriggling, disgusting material, as long as it's organic in nature. He can forage for food where most people can't, generally doesn't need to cook or preserve his food too carefully, and can regurgitate things easily. The actual nutritional value of what he eats may be debatable, and outright toxic food may still have a harmful effect. He also has a second non-acidic stomach, generally used for storage; coinage, keychains, mid-afternoon snacks, spare lamp oil, etc.

[Innate] Reptile Affinity
When dealing with other reptilian beings, Kivet's Charisma is raised to zero for all mundane rolls involving diplomacy or animal handling. GM should use common sense to determine when this bonus applies. If his charisma is ever improved to zero or above, this ability will no longer have any effect.

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