Gus' Character Despository

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Gus' Character Despository

Unread postby Justice Augustus » Sat Sep 22, 2007 5:42 am

For Idran's Planescape 3.5 Campaign

Name: Lucus "Lux" Grevran
Player: Gus
Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Deity: Oghma
Size: Medium
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

STR: 11 (+0)
DEX: 17 (+3)
CON: 9 (-1)
INT: 17 (+3)
WIS: 16 (+3)
CHA: 19 (+4)

Hit Points: 22 (8-1+1 + 7-1 + 8-1+1)
AC: 15
Touch AC: 13
Flat-Footed AC: 12
Initiative: 3

Fort Save: (2-1)=1
Ref Save: (3+3)=6
Will Save: (3+3)=6

Base Attack Bonus: +2
Melee Attack Bonus: +2 (+5 with Weapon Finesse)
Ranged Attack Bonus: +5
Grapple Mod: +2

Spells Known:
Level 0: Detect Magic, Light, Read Magic, Prestidigation, Summon Instrument (At will)
Level 1: Identify, Tasha's Hideous Laughter (1/day)

Spell-like abilities (from Insightful feat): Each 1/day
Detect Magic, Detect Secret Doors, Read Magic

Feats: Extra Music (Complete Adventurer p.109), Magical Aptitude (Human bonus), Weapon Finesse (Swashbuckler), Insightful (Complete Arcane p.80)

[$] denotes class skill
*: Armor check penalty applies
Skills: 10
Level Mod: 5, 2 crossclass

-[b] Appraise [Int]: (+3 Stat) = +8
-[bs] Deception [Cha]: (+4 Stat) = +9
-[bs] Diplomacy [Cha]: (+4 Stat) = +9
-[b] Knowledge (Arcana) [Int]: (+3 Stat) = +8
-[b] Knowledge (Dungn) [Int]: (+3 Stat) = +8
-[b] Knowledge (Planes) [Int]: (+3 Stat) = +8
-[b] Knowledge (Religion) [Int]: (+3 Stat) = +8
-[b] Linguistics [Int]: (+3 Stat) = +8
-[b] Perform (Oratory) [Cha]: (+4 Stat) = +9
-[b] Use Magic Device [Cha]: (+4 Stat +2 Feat) = +11


Gold: 278
Silver: 1


Rapier, Masterwork (Equipped, Left Hip)
Total Attack Bonus: +6; Damage: 1d6; Crit: 18-20/x2; Medium, Slashing
320 gp, 2 lbs

Whip (Equipped, Right Hip)
Total Attack Bonus: +5; Damage: 1d3 (non-lethal); Crit: x2; Medium, Slashing
1 gp, 2 lbs

Crossbow, Light (Equipped, slung over shoulder on strap)
Total Attack Bonus: +5; Damage: 1d8; Crit: 19-20/x2; Medium, Piercing
Range: 80ft, 35 gp, 4 lbs
Bolts: 20, 2 gp, 2 lbs


Leather (Equipped, chest)
Armor Bonus: 2; Maximum Dexterity Bonus: +6 Check Penalty: 0; Spell Failure: 10%; Speed: 30 feet
10 gp, 15 lbs

Explorer's Outfit (Equipped)
10 gp, 8 lbs


Backpack (Back):
2 gp, 2 lbs

Rope, Silk (50ft, in backpack)
10 gp, 5 lbs

Paper (in backpack/Explorer's Cloak pocket) - 10 sheets
4 gp

Parchment (in backpack/Explorer's Cloak pocket) - 10 sheets
2 gp

Inkpen (in Explorer's Cloak pocket) - 3
3 sp

Ink (in Explorer's Cloak pocket) - 5 vials
40 gp

Rations, trail (in backpack) - 5 days
5 sp, 5 lbs

Everburning Torch (in backpack)
110 gp, 1 lb

Total weight: 46
Loads: 38 lbs light, 39-76 lbs medium, 77-115 lbs heavy


Lux has a fairly unkempt appearance, with thick hair that he rarely styles or cares for and a frequent shadow of stubble on his face complemented by a disorganised style of dress: a shabby cloak with many pockets on its inner lining, often with the contents of the pockets visible to others; a well-worn traveller's outfit that seems to be always dusty, no matter the location; and boots that could do with mending. This appearance is topped by his favourite item of apparel: his lucky hat. Made from closely woven straw with a medium-sized circular brim he considers it iconic, though he is not sure what it is iconic of.

Perosnality wise, Lux comes across as friendly, learned, and loveable in a scampish way, though most of this is a ruse he puts on to make friends (which he does easily), despite being wracked with self-doubt. He is highly enthusiastic, to the point where he can push an issue too far.


Raised by the scholars of Candlekeep, Lux was given one of the greatest educations available in Faerun, and took every advantage he could, studying under some of the great masters. He took to research well, but only when the subject interested him. If he was assigned a topic he found dull, his attention would soon waiver and his focus would shift. It was for this reason (plus his statement that his mentor was "Unable to tell a tome of knowledge from his own crotch") that he was asked to leave Candlekeep and journey into the wider world to learn self-discipline. When he refused to leave, he was forcibly ejected, though he was told that should he make a discovery valuable to the world of academics he would be given another chance to return to Candlekeep.

Lux (who knew plenty about the geography of Faerun, but not how to actually travel it) travelled north, eventually reaching Waterdeep. He attempted to find work as a tutor, but found he had no patience for the noble children he was employed to teach and after his third attempt ended in him reducing a 14 year old boy to tears by ranting at the child about his ignorance, he gave up that lifestyle as well.

That evening Lux was in a bar, drowning his sorrows and trying to figure out how he could support himself, when he heard a sailor telling a tale of an encounter with harpies. Lux challenged the man by telling an even greater story, one which he had learned when studying mythologies, and found he had totally captivated his audience. He soon discovered he had a natural talent for storytelling, and started a routine in the bars of Waterdeep, telling stories to amuse patrons, even being hired once or twice by nobles who took to his style to write a tale for them. He learnt to play the harp so as to accompany himself when speaking or singing, and enjoyed moderate success.

He was then hired by a paladin as a cohort to record the paladin's deeds in an epic poem, but the paladin was slain by a mage. Lux, fearing for his life as the mage turned his gaze towards him, dived through a door in the mage's tower, only to find it was a gate across the plains. Finding himself on the Astral plain (which he recognised due to his many hours of studying the plains as they had always fascinated him) he ran for his life, and was eventually discovered by a powerful group of adventurers from the Planewalker's Guild, who agreed to help him out by leading him back to Sigil once they completed their mission. One of the party taught Lux how to use a sword without having to rely on strength, but instead to use his speed and intellect, both of which he was naturally blessed with.

Lux took to the adventuring life well, though he remains weak from years spent developing his mind and not his body. He also developed a flair for the dramatic, often flinging his cape and backpack from his shoulders at the start of a fight before engaging with many a flourish and quip. His confidence only remains while he is uninjured, and when he is wounded his morale can be easily shaken.

Lux adventures now to seek hidden information, preferably ancient. He desires to find a lost tome so that he can rub it in the faces of his teachers at Candlekeep, although he also desires glory and fame, and is constantly writing journal entries which he one day intends to use to construct an epic poem about his own life and deeds.

Edit - Level up! Increased BAB, saving throws, feats, spells, and hit points. If I missed anything, Idran, let me know. (Did I forget to update the gold when we got rewarded, or was there just not that much?)

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