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My Characters

Unread postby Nekogami » Mon May 28, 2007 10:17 pm

<center>Table of Contents
1. Humans & Elves & Humanoids
2. Anthropomorphics
3. Demons & Angels
4. Animals
5. Dragons & Griffons(Gryphons)*</center>

I'll post PS Sheets in need of approval up here. When they get the all go, I'll export the sheet to the Wiki and just leave the background.

Threads marked with * have a sheet in need of approval. Savvy?

**EDIT: Please review post 5 for Raptre's Philsys sheet. Thanks!

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Unread postby Nekogami » Sat Aug 18, 2007 8:49 am

Humans are amazing creatures. Born of a neutrality that some species could ,./;only strive to obtain. In their naturally and comparably short lived lives, they accomplish a great deal of wonderful and sometimes terrifying things. If I had to sum up humanity in one word, I certainly would say 'accomplishment'. I'm proud of have human written souls though I mush admit that their lack of superficial show makes them an afterthought sometimes. I must say that my human W.S.'s are some of the most full and rich.

It is with no shame that I group creatures that share human characteristics with the sometimes accused of bland humans. I have just as few elven, troll, goblin, or orc creatures as I do humans. It is without further ado that I present you with these souls.

I. Mahou Wyrd
-First Generation Gaera
Mahou Wyrd was acutally and import from a casual RP many moons previous. As half high elf and of high rank, Mahou comes off as a little standoffish towards others that she does not though. However, this is less because of her rank but because half of her is Alahi Drow. That half of her bing plagues her and while she is most beautiful with her deep brown skin and sculpted features, she is constantly aware that half of her belongs to some of the most vicious elves to have ever been created.

She enjoys her work as a mercenary justifying her love for battle, tactic, and victory but acting as a freelance hand of justice but in the depths of her mind she wonders but this only causes her to try to do more to atone for her breeding.

A bit spoiled as a child, Mahou enjoys shopping and while she doesn't need to make the money she does from being a mercenary, her father still alive supplies her with a monthly allowance, Mahou feels best when she spends her own money on lavish things.

II. Kodi Rae Tymmison
-First Generation Gaera
Child of Daenjri and a common woman known only as Shanikwa, Kodi's first memories of a the slums and the rough world in which he feels he is destined too. Early on, he decided that the lush life was not for him; the glory could only be found in the dark, underbelly of society. That is where he felt the most at home and where he feels the Truth lies.

With this in his mind and Daenj'r light-handed manner of discipline, Kodi now belongs to the crime organizations the Shango. It is his goal to become a Papa himself but as he is a young child, what he would do with that power he has no idea. Still, Kodi for all his longing to be a miscreant is a hard-worker, dilligent, loyal, and determined. Could he apply these traits to a more positive future, he would surely surpass his father in greatness of character.
-Second Generation Gaera
In this alternate reality, Kodi has grown and become cynical. He looks at his past as a childhood gangbanger with remorse drenched in anger and snide comments. Because Ashura saved his life at some point, due to a failed mission among the Shango, Kodi is a Knight of Ashura. While he neglects his duty to "Spread the Word", he spend a great deal of time righting wrongs and saving the less fortunate. At his side, is his long term friend and guardian demon, Ship Porte. The two are hardly apart having a close and brotherly bond.

III. The Landwert-Von Krieghammers
Gihin, Gunter, and Hunter are three goblins that work and have always worked at the Jade Dragon Inn, even when it was owned and created by Pheryl Fasir. Gihin is more a waitress than a cook though she often admonishes the kitchen staff and rather violently. She has a fetish for bracelets and long haired men. Gunter and Hunter work in tandem and are masters of meat. If it's meat, they can fashion a meal that your tongue will never believe. Pheryl once saved their lives and for this reason they joined her for a while as guardians. When she discovered they could cook, she opened an inn.

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Unread postby Nekogami » Sat Aug 18, 2007 9:04 am

Cat people, dog people, cow people, take and animal give it a bipedal stature and human-like features and something grand is made. Well, at the very least it will stop and give pause to the passerby and perhaps even be interesting. However, it is not all in how something looks! The true essence is in personality, moral code, and word view. So I do no look at these characters with the eyes of a shallow creator but I strive to uncover every layer of their being.

I.Nekoko Kitiwai (1st Generation)
Princess Nekoko of Nekonia lived a fairly protected life as child but one thing she was allowed to have was instruction in the Art of the Fatal Paw. As such, she's skilled in martial arts. So skilled in fact, that for a good long time, she spen her energies escaping the castle. That was until her parents died, assassinated. Not of age, she could not take the throne as her own but most were content to let her rule as she saw fit.

Her education was not lost to her and she rules reasonably well. Though secretly she habors feelings for a pained, mentally ill Inujin, by the name of Canal Riverwind, most commonly called Chaos. Until the point that she can find help for him, Nekoko rejects her suitors and rules as an ally to Doma.

II. Hayako Usagitsuki (MAC 3092)
Hayako, though a nekojin, acutally was born in Inustan. Her mother is a fashion designer/model and her father is a mechanic for the government specializing in laser weaponry. Hayako, herself, is a hyperactive failure to put it harshly. Her terrible grades at school are only supported by her skill on the battlefield with the A2 her father built and designed for her called, Shadocat.
She's not really flirtacious, but rather lacks the ability to understand and respect personal boundaries. She has an eccentric fascination with pubic hair, originating from a situation where she saw Makura Kurogari naked and suddenly realized that his hair and pubic hair matched. With all of the interesting hair colors, naturally, at least for Hayako, she wondered if this was true for all peoples. It's hard to gauge, Hayako's acutally intelligence but it's likely nothing impressive.
III. Canal Riverwind/Chaos
Due to a troubled past, Canal developed a split personality. One, himself, is quiet, generally kind and avoids conflict. The other, for which he had become infamous, is the murderous Chaos. At some point, his path crossed with Nekoko Kitiwai, Nekonian princess at the time. Taking sympathy for the devil, Nekoko was the first to see Chaos as Canal and her vow to help him encouraged him to sequester himself from society until a cure could be found for his condition.
Now in an abandoned temple of Fideleo, Canal has sought a religious fix for his problem, finding his reparations of the temple to be a kind of repentence after killing so many in his young life.
IV. Dakota North
A soul a created for a Prandian RP, Dakota is a mintaur with a mildly souther flair.

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Unread postby Nekogami » Sat Aug 18, 2007 9:08 am

Probably the most adored of my creations are my demons. Some strive to separate their demons from themselves, I think the sordid and underside of good is where so many wonderful things can be founds. Unafraid of the Chaotic Realm where there is pure chaos such that all things corrupt to survive; I am thoroughly intrigued actually.
I've only just started finding a fondness for angels but of course, I have little interest in the pure winged servants of gods. Instead I enjoy fallen angels or angels with some connection with the underworld. Perhaps, I'm in a rut...?

I. Sirivix Silvar

II. Champagne Exquisite Bottle

III. Chardonnay Exquisite Bottle.

IV. Merlot Vintage Bottle.

V. Barge Porte

VI. Ship Porte

VII. Yacht Porte

VIII. Uta Marron

IX. Silvebell Ore

X. Platinum Ore

XI: Tintinabelle

XII: Skilfvadi

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Unread postby Nekogami » Sat Aug 18, 2007 9:13 am

Even something as lowly as an animal does not miss my eye. Lowly is a word I must use lightly for these characters can be as complex as any of my other characters. It is difficult to role-play an animal in a truly animal way without mixing so much human emotion and personality into the little creature that it might as well be anthropomorphic. Still, that method has its own place and time and I do not discourage it at all. So difficult is this genre of soul that I have few.

I. Tonbo

II. Chilly Dog

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Unread postby Nekogami » Sat Aug 18, 2007 9:18 am

Dragons and Gryphons have long held and allure for Creators- the former much more than the latter, it seems. Symbolic of wisdom, strength and unfettered majesty, who would not be attracted? Great care and responsiblity must be taken when playing such powerful characters. I enjoy a great deal my characters of this genre but I wonder, do I truly do them justice?

I.Long Family

II. Raptre L'Sarithe


Name: Raptre L’Sarithe
RPer: Nekogami
Race: Dracogriff (Half Dragon, Half Griffon)
Birthdate: Falisara 12th, 1183
Height: Stands 22 ft. at the withers; Elven Form: 5’11
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: White with black tips
As a dragon, Raptre looks fierce with his long snot ending in a sharp white bone beak. His body has a mostly draconic base though his hind legs are strong and powerful like a large cat, ending in large paws. His forearms are draconic. His wings are also draconic but top is thickly feathered. His tail ends in a tuft of white fur with a black tip. Raptre has a slightly spotted look inherited from his mother.
In his Elven form, he has a permanent boyishness that complements his personality well. His skin is pale with a slight sheen as if his skin his been lightly dusted with frost. His eyes are a cool blue and his white hair is cut short. His hair ends in black tips giving him a spotted look. He has a large cowlick like the crest of a quail.


As a 'dracogriff'--specifically, born from an ice dragon bull (male) and a gryphonelle (female)--Raptre was considered to be a very special lad in his home of northern Solasia. Dragons and to a lesser extent gryphons are able to reproduce with virtually any other race, for some reason there is some difficulty in reproducing with each other. The odds of a successful dragon-gryphon union are one in one thousand.
As a young pup, Raptre was shy and kind. He clung to his mother and acquired an appreciation for music through her. Sharda, his father, tried to encourage Raptre to have the same appreciation for combat and warfare but Raptre was ever apprehensive and enjoyed watching rather than joining in.

Raptre's father and mother were dragon knights that followed the ancient code and paired up with humans, elves, or dwarves to protect the isolated nation of Solasia from threats from the mountains and the South. When Ryuugami left Gaera and her stores of power started to wane; dark dragoons born from the weakening economy and society started the Solasian War. Peace was lost and the war that ensued devastated the nation which was heavily reliant on the cooperation of the people and the dragons who were nearly powerless without their goddesses strength to supplement them. Raptre lost both parents. All he had to remember them by was the honor of the dragon knights.

Raptre spent a few years in an orphanage after being hidden in western Doma by his aunt. He was left in his elven form and maintained it until he fled under the cover of night. He returned to Solasia only to find it ruined. Since then he's been carrying an elven axe found among the wreckage of his home. It belonged to a dwarf that Raptre did not know but he likes to entertain the thought that it was someone that he might have met in his childhood. The sight of Solasia hurt him to see so he would only return but a few times every other year.
He performed a bunch of odd jobs still in his elven form until he finally settled in Doma, infatuated with Dia Rai, another dragonhalf. He quickly became friends with Hakaril Silvar and later helped the Doman general regain his lost love in the Underrealm. During the same journey, Raptre was adopted by the angelus demon child Rykki.
His maternal cousin Tessei Iikaraki waged a war against Riva, assembling some of the old veterans and children of the Solasian war to his cause. The war caused much strife between the reforming nation of Solasia and Riva and spurred renewed interest in the dragoons. Raptre worked with Doman and later the recently returned Ryuumah to re-establish order and the Order of the Dragon Knights. He is currently a Lieutenant in the Doman Guard and an ambassador to Solasia. As punishment, Tessei has been prosecuted and forced to live with Raptre as his subordinate. Under the careful eye of the guard, his attempts at any further insurrections should be preventable.
The years have made Raptre bold and courageous like his dragon father he fights till the end, but like his gryphon mother he tends to be easily offended and has put pouting into an art from. He lives in Doma with his cousin Tessei and adopted sister Rykki.


Level: 1
XP: 0/1000
Max HP: 65
Max MP: 35
Max TP: 20
Initiative: 3 + 2d6

Courage: 4
Wisdom: 3
Intuition: 2
Charisma: 3
Agility: 1
Dexterity: 2
Strength: 3
Stamina: 2
Magic Aptitude: 1

Strength Base AT/PA – 10/10
Dexterity Based AT/PA – 9/9
Magical Attack: 6
Magical Block: 20
Missile Evasion: 14

Modified for skill - {Base + part of skill value/base + remaining skill value}
Modified for equipment - {mod for skill +/- equipment penalties/mod for skill +/- equipment penalties}

Guard: mithril chain (0/-1), plate bracers, plate greaves (need mods for this piece)
Civilian: cotton tunic (need mods for this piece), leather vest(need mods for this piece), leather pants(need mods for this piece), leather boots,

Weapon Damage – Elven Battle-axe {-2/-2}
Slashing- {base slash damage + 6+2d4}
Chopping - {base chop damage + 9+2d6}

Skills: 30

Axe: 5 <Stat>
Guitar: 4 <Stat>
Lute: 3 <Stat>
Dragon Magic: 5 <Stat>
Singing- 5 <3>
[K]Solasian History: 6 <Stat>
[k]Draconic Language: 5 <Stat>
[k]Gryphonic Language: 5 <Stat>


[Innate] Ice Alignment (no cost): Raptre has an innate alignment to the cold. He recieves a 50% base damage reduction from shadow-based attacks; as he increases in level (5, 10, 15, 20) this bonus increases (by 25% pre increment). However, he receives double damage from fire elemental magics.
[Innate] Switch Form (12 TP): Raptre’s natural form is that of a dracogriff. He can, where space allows, assume his natural form or his smaller elven form. In Elven to Draconic form switching, organic material not enchanted will meld into a displaced space. Non-displaced items will simply drop or if possible stretch to accommodate. Raptre’s natural from gives him a 30% increase in HP. He gains +4 to his strength, but suffers a penalty of -3 to dexterity. His natural AC of 25 and suffers automatic in game racial penalties against dragons or gryphons.

[Innate] Frost Breath (4 TP): Ice-based magical attack which deals 46+3d6 damage to any creature within range of its blast (6 hexes long, 4 hexes wide). Lingering effects can be hypothermia, frost bite, and in rare cases death. In environments with no moisture, damage is halved. Humid and cold environments could yield a bonus to this attack. This ability can only be used in dragon form though Raptre can produce a weak cloud of frost from his mouth in Elven form it is only useful for intimidation.

III. Tessei Iikaraki

IV. Sizer Whose Family Name I've Forgotten

V. Adelethenarisil

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Unread postby Nekogami » Sat Aug 18, 2007 9:20 am

From this point on, I'd like to encourage others the write in this tome. At some point I might put this information on the WIKI but these characters hardly deserve a place since I've forgotten so much about them that I can hardly consider myself accurate. Names, faces, so much has been lost that I feel a pang of guilt in putting up my submissions since better players do exists.

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Unread postby Capntastic » Sun Aug 19, 2007 10:32 pm

Nekogami wrote:From this point on, I'd like to encourage others the write in this tome.

I'm not quite certain what this thread is for or what you're asking others to do. Are we supposed to write about your characters or others? People would probably be glad to help, but this thread is pretty vague as to its intention.

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Unread postby Nekogami » Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:23 am

Oh, shit, someone....acutally read this.

I added that as a formality and as part of the bookish format but I really assumed that no one would have anything to say. I should have known better, I assume.

I have and had so many characters I can't keep track of them but often I found that I missed RPing a certain character. So on a whimsical wave of boredom I wrote this up more for myself than for other people, which is why I didn't care whether or not it made sense.

It's more of a reference guide for me, since most of my characters, though unimportant, give me a range of RPing ability (if you can really call me able. Ha!)

*scratches head* I dunno what else to say.

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Unread postby FF Fanatic 80 » Tue Aug 21, 2007 9:09 pm

Personally, I'm saddened that Shanikwa didn't get her own entry. =(

I don't think I ever laughed so hard during an RP. Definitely one of your more memorable on-the-spot creations there. =D

And you're selling yourself waaaaaaaay short as a roleplayer. =P I doubt I could bring myself to do many of the things you've roleplayed out, and I definitely respect that. *nod*

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Unread postby Nekogami » Mon Mar 17, 2008 4:57 pm

Someone check mah sheet? >.<


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Unread postby NamagomiMk0 » Fri Apr 04, 2008 7:35 pm

Right. Raptre, Raptre...

On the good side, stats add up, and the HP, MP, skillpoints, and initiative add up properly. But, I guess, a few pointers...

1:You really don't have to opt for DEX when using light weapons. Especially in this case, where it's actually detrimental to him. If you see him using poncey methods when using light weapons, post it, but if he's going to brute-force even those, then you don't need to.

2: Please remember to allocate your weapon skills, for specific weapons, at that. You can't shift weapon skillpoint allocations, just as a FYI, so you need to place them now.

3: TP equation is no longer 20 at first level. It's now 10+3*(STA+COU). Also known as 28 in Raptre's case.

4: Skill ranks can't go above 4 at first level. This technically means that Raptre has 5 skillpoints left to play with. Have fun with those, or something. On the meantime, all melee weapon skills are either COU/STR/AGI or COU/DEX/AGI (light weapons when one opts for using DEX them.), if I remember correctly. All magic without any exception is <INT>, and all [k] skills do not need listed stats; they're automatically <WIS>.

5: I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Magic skills are -useless- without any techs to reflect for it. That is to say, give Raptre some damn spells. While weapons don't need techs, you can add one or two without any major issue.

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