Tarrasque vs. Gaera Sheet Repository

Character sheet archiving. Help with characters can be solicited here. This is also the place to talk Philsys or other RPing systems.
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Tarrasque vs. Gaera Sheet Repository

Unread postby Archmage » Mon Apr 02, 2007 10:45 pm

Post character sheets for Tarrasque vs. Gaera in this thread, please.

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Unread postby Kelne » Tue Apr 03, 2007 6:46 am

Here we are, one sheet.


Given a modicum of time to prepare, Kelne will, at the minimum, enchant his own weapon with an antipode spell, along with those of his allies. Given a couple of days, he'll ferry down the ballista with enhanced ammunition he keeps on hand in case of giant rampaging demon lords, along with a couple of minions to crew it.

Given weeks, and suitable aid from the authorities, there'll be multiple lines of defense (many involving pits), but that's a whole other scenario.

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Unread postby Lenore » Tue Apr 03, 2007 6:05 pm

Here you go!

It's kind of messy ><

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Unread postby Seethe » Wed Apr 04, 2007 5:22 pm

Kilisha shall be my sacrifice this time.

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Here Comes A Challenger!

Unread postby Taiar » Wed Apr 04, 2007 8:03 pm

"...Although I was not born here, I consider Gaera to be my home, and all of you have been more than a family to me."

Taiar clenched his fist tightly, anxious with the thought of the struggle ahead of him. He had once said to someone that he had a knack for suicidal situations...But surely this new endeavor was taking the comment to the extreme. The Mazoku was sure that returning from the fight with this monster was an impossibility, if the group were to win at all. But, Taiar had hope, even if it was painful to have it inside of him, he held onto the thought that there might be victory against the Tarrasque even at the cost of everything he possessed, even his immortal soul.

The white knuckles hidden underneath those ever-present black gloves slowly loosened up, a spiral of black magic shooting through his open fist and a Glaive suddenly existing there where nothing once was. He turned to get one last look at the people he was leaving behind; Miang, The Entire Tsung Family, Aya, Ara, Ayra, even little Kino...

"...Good-bye. I'll greet all of you on the other side."

And with that, the Mazoku turned to leave, the hem of his jacket fluttering in the wind, dusting away the dirt from the path he treaded and leaving nothing save the memories his friends would have of who he was.

There was no turning back now.

Taiar Siru Valcrist has entered the fight.


Anyhoo. Sorry, though I would make some fun out of this little battle, even if it is AU. The only preparation Tai has for the ensuing battle is to have his Glaive summoned as it begins, and consuming as many turns of negative emotion as you'll allow me. Should I also assume that the fear and terror all of Gaera knows will permeate through the battlefield...?

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Unread postby Kelne » Wed Apr 04, 2007 8:29 pm

If nothing else, there's always Kelne's typical high level of annoyance. And he's smart enough to spend a few rounds pre-fight standing next to Tai.

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Unread postby Lenore » Thu Apr 05, 2007 7:47 pm

Jade will probably be terrified for a bit before she summons up her courage. Poor kid's only the equivalent of nine, so Tai can suck up her fear.

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Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:04 pm

A new challenger has entered the ring!

Sorune, Druid of MIGHT.

(As in, -might- be useful. Might.)

Race: Quarter-elf
Titles/Awards:Mr. Digger


With Quarterstaff-19/25
Missile Evasion:15

Courage +7
Wisdom +7
Intuition +7
Charisma +1
Agility -1
Dexterity -1
Strength 0
Stamina +2
magic aptitude 6

Quarterstaff (2H) 3,5,8
Cloak (With many inner pockets)
5 Healing Runes-30+3d6 HP healed, one target
Detoxify Rune-Remove up to 10 levels of poison, one target
Bolster Rune-2d4 rounds of +4 PA

Druid magic-23 (Mag/wis/int)
Wilderness survival-9 (Cou/int/wis)
Treat (First aid)-8 (Wis/int/int)
Track-9 (Cou/int/wis)
Staff fighting-13 (Cou/agi/str)
[K] Herbal knowledge-18
[K] Arcane Knowledge-8
[K] Astrology-8
[K] Y'tuin Knowledge-16
[K] Animal empathy-12
[K] Nature lore-21
[K] Creature knowledge-8
[K] geology-8
[K] Earth Culture-3
[S] Magic resistance-12
[S] Animal befriendment-12

*Magic based on Nature around self

[Innate]Speak with Animal-Sorune can talk with and understand almost any animal. However, he must see or be very familiar with said animal before talking in said speech.

(Druid Magic=18)[Metal]Metal Manipulation [100 MP]-Never let it be said that Sorune is without surprises. He controls the 'memory' of one metal object, manipulating its shape and its position as he wishes, capable of making metal spikes that can be hurled at an enemy, or simply changing it to another, less dangerous shape. He can choose to either deal 20+rank*6+3d6 damage to a single enemy, or 16+rank*4+2d6 damage to a set of enemies, with offensive spikes. If the metal is being wielded or held by someone, then their MBLK check is substituted for the item's.
(Note-With this, he can take metal armor and simply turn it into a tailored Vise. But keep in mind that if he actually does that to a person...they probably deserve it.)

(Druid magic=4)[Grass] Ivy [12 MP]-grass grows under an enemies feet, having the same effect as if they had been tied with rope. Rank Penalty to AT/PA.
(Druid magic=7)[Grass]Thorny Roots[25 MP]-Grass grows under the enemy's feet, and in addition to having the same effect as if they had been tied with rope, they take [rank] damage every turn they are not freed. They can be freed with a successful strength check at DC 20. Treated as though helpless. (-10 AT/PA) Lasts 5 rounds.
(Druid Magic=15)[Grass]Whipgrass [85 MP]-See bottom of sheet. Summons 2D4 'Whipgrass' creatures to fight for him. However, they are unable to move from the spot where they are created.

(Druid magic=3)[Water] Water Bomb [7 MP]- a large amount of water hits an enemy doing a surprising amount of damage. 9+Rank+d6 water damage to all in a twenty foot range.
(Druid Magic=7)[Water] Suffocate[40 MP+10 per round]- Sorune holds a bubble of water around a person's head, suffocating that opponent. Choking opponents cannot act, suffer a -4/-4 penalty, and suffer choking/breath holding damage as applicable. Caster must focus on spell throughout entire duration. Broken with a (Stamina+1d20) against (rank+1d20-10) Casting with a verbal component cannot be accomplished. If concentration is broken, so is spell.

(Druid magic=4)[Rocks] Stone [25 MP]-throws one huge rock at the enemy. 28+rank*3+2d8 earth damage to an opponent
(Druid Magic=8)[Rocks] Stone Storm [50 MP]-A multitude of stones are thrown at an enemy, dealing 33+rank+2d8 damage to all enemies in a 10-foot area.
[Druid Magic=13]Great Boulder (32 MP) - Practically collapse an entire wall on one enemy.. 20+rank*6+3d6 damage.
[Druid Magic=20][Rocks]Mountain (75 MP) - Yeah. Lots and lots of weight. 30+rank*8+4d6 damage.

(Druid magic=4)[Wind]Nature’s Refreshment [16 MP]-wind soothes allies, restoring 4+rank+d4 HP to an ally over 4 rounds. Takes effect on Sorune's turn each round.
(Druid Magic=7)[Wind]Nature's Blessing [30 MP]-Wind restores allies, knitting broken bone and cleaved flesh, healing 4+[rank*2]+D4 damage every round for 3 rounds. Takes effect at the top of the round each round.
(Druid Magic=10)[Wind]Nature's Revenge [54 MP]-Wind cuts all enemies in a ten foot area, dealing 10+Rank*4+2D6 damage
[Druid Magic=19][Wind]Nature's Wrath (76 MP) - Wind dices and slices all enemies in a twenty foot area, dealing 22+rank*6+2d6 damage.
[Druid Magic=22][Wind]Nature's Glory (50 MP) - Wind restores all allies in a 10 foot area, healing 10+[Rank*4]+d4 damage every round for 5 rounds.

(Druid magic=14)[Forest]Gaia's Wrath [75 MP]-Sorune calls upon the power of the forests, and literally bends them to his will. Trees within five feet of the caster will begin thrashing any opponent within reach. See below for stats of said trees. The trees cannot move from their original places to attack, unless modified with another spell. Lasts for five rounds, until Sorune cancels the spell, or each tree is destroyed.

(Druid Magic=10)[Earth]Mound [25 MP]-Raises a mound around the target's legs, effectively immobilizing them until they break the hold of the spell. May be broken with a successful strength check at DC 35. Can only be used on targets of size large or less.
(Druid Magic=10)[Earth]Travelling Mound [Special MP cost]-Raises a mound...though this one is meant for riding on. It moves as quickly as a chocobo runs, and can carry up to seven people. For each hour in use, it takes 1/10th of Sorune's MP. Sorune must concentrate for the spell to be in use.

[Druid Magic=23][Everywhere]Nature's Bounty [65 MP]-Sorune calls upon the forces of everything that is alive, natural, vibrant, and so forth. He then draws these forces into himself and those around him in a space of five feet, invigorating them with 1d6 Strength, Stamina, and Courage for [Rank/5] rounds.

Moving tree:
Init:Go on Sorune's turn.
MBLK:0+1d10 (They're trees. They can't exactly resist a Lightning bolt or move out of the way.)

Deal 6+1d6+10+(Staff-fighting rank) damage

Mace Damage:
Light:6+(Sorune's Staff-fighting rank)+1d6+10
Medium:10+(Sorune's Staff-fighting rank)+2d6+20 (-2 penalty)
Heavy:18+(Sorune's Staff-fighting rank)+3d6+30 (-5 penalty)
Notes:Cannot move, take double damage from fire, and when on fire, take 10 damage per turn.

Whipgrass (10 foot tall blade of grass)
AC:30 (Bashing) AC:10 (Piercing) AC:0 (Slashing)
Init:Goes directly after Sorune's turn.

Considered to be whips used by a person with +0 strength, and 8 ranks in whip. However, they do not get a second attack.

Have a +10 to grapple a person's limbs, keeping them immobile. Or at least, incapable of use.

Notes:Cannot move, take double damage from fire, and when on fire, take 10 damage per turn. If set on fire while holding a person, they set the victim ablaze. These flames persist until the target "stops, drops, and rolls" (a standard action) or is doused by water or large quantities of dirt/mud. These flames deal 12+1d6 points of damage each round.

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Unread postby Besyanteo » Fri Apr 06, 2007 8:54 pm


Name: Jeridan of the Arrowfist
RPer: Besyanteo
Race: Garoujin
Level: 10
XP: 0/7750
Max HP: 150
Max MP: 0
Max TP: 76
Initiative 9+2d6

Courage +4
Wisdom +3
Intuition +3
Charisma +2
Agility +7
Dexterity +1
Strength +8
Stamina +6
Magic Aptitude: 0

Base AT/PA - 22/22
Modified for skill - 35/30(33)
Two Fisted - 32/24(27)
Missile Evasion - 27(30)
Base MAttack - 0
MDefense - 21

-=- Light Clothing (AC 1), Iron Knuckles -=-

Weapon Damage - Iron Knuckles (+4 Punch Dmg)

Unarmed: (3 attacks)
Light Attack: 29 + 1d6
Medium Attack: 37 + 2d6 at a -2 penalty
Heavy Attack: 45 + 3d6 at a -5 penalty

Two Fisted: (4 attacks)
Light Attack: 20 + 1d6
Medium Attack: 28 + 2d6 at a -2 penalty
Heavy Attack: 36 + 3d6 at a -5 penalty

[k]Survival -8
[k]Doman Laws -10
[k]History of Doma-6
[k]Mathematics- 7
[k]Physics -4
[s]Guard Tactics -8 <Wis>
[s]Chain of Command -8 <Wis>
[s]Evade Missile -3 <Agi>
[s]Evade Physical -3 <Agi>
[s]Two Fisted -12 <Dex>
Unarmed -21 <Cou>
Swords -4 <Cou>
*Astral Displacement -8 <Int>*
*Earth Magic -5 <Mag>*
*Fire Magic -1 <Mag>*


[Innate] Track (TP Variable) -
Jeridan uses his heightened senses of hearing and smell to hunt down target people or items. Innately, Jeridan recieves a +1 to int when checking against dificulty to track a person by visiual signs left behind. For 1TP, Jeridan can study an object or person visually with a +2 to int, to determine details about them. When tracking a person or object by smell, Jeridan may recieve a bonus of +X to Int, where X=TP: X may not be more than 3.
[Unarmed=7] Break (TP 12) -
Jeridan, while close, breaks a targets arm, kicks a knee out of alignment, or otherwise causes long term physical injury, for 2x punch damage, giving a -4 penalty to AT/PA.
[Unarmed=3 Two Fisted=1] Pummel (TP 4) -
Close range attack. Jeridan punches an opponent repeatedly and very quickly, dealing 2x damage overall.
[Unarmed=6 Two Fisted=3] Advanced Pummel (TP 6) -
More Advanced pummel: Punch attack 1d3+1 times, per full action(number of attacks per round, agi/2 rounded down).
[Unarmed=11 Two Fisted=5] Final Pummel (Variable TP) -
Jeridan performs X+1 Punch attacks this action, where "2*(TP Spent)=X". Jeridan may only spend up to 5 TP this way. In addition, because of the intense effort involved in this attack, Jeridan takes -2 to PA when spending 4 TP this way, and -4 PA when spending 5. This effect ends at the begining of his next turn.

*[Astral=3] Energy Ball (10 MP) -*
Jeridan gathers energy for one attack round, releasing it on the following turn in the form of an energy blast for damage significantly greater than he would do with his own fists. This deals 10+rank*2+2d4 damage to a single target.
*[Astral=8] Energy Blast (10 MP) -*
Jeridan fires a more powerful version of the Energy bomb at an opponent, dealing 16+rank*3+2d6 damage to a single target.
*[Astral=3] Aural Healing (7 MP) -*
Jeridan focuses his energy on healing, and all those immeditely surrounding him are healed both physically and mentally. This restores 5+rank*2+1d6 HP (and 3+rank+1d4 MP, if the character is a magic user) to all allies adjacent to Jeridan. Cost applies for each person healed.
*[Astral=5] Levitation (5 MP) -*
For a period of 5 minutes or less, Jeridan may levitate at will over the ground and any other given obstacle. This allows him to move freely, and in a fashion, fly: When walking off a roof while levitating, Jeridan will not fall, for example. This may be used continuously for an additional 5 MP without recast.
*[Astral=6] Greater Healing (42 MP) -*
Jeridan heals all allies within a 4 hex radius of him by 10+rank*3+2d6 HP.
*[Earth Magic=2] Entangle (MP 8) -*
Ranged Magic. Jeridan causes the local plant life to ensnare a target's legs, standard Mattack Roll to ensnare a target and render them unable to walk, giving a -4/-4 penalty. Lasts Rank/2 rounds.
*[Earth Magic=3] Stone (MP 9) -*
Ranged Magic. Jeridan causes a rock to be lobbed at an opponent. 11+rank*3+2d4 Damage.
*[Earth Magic=5] Strangle (MP 30) -*
Ranged Magic. Jeridan causes a vine to sprout from the ground, and wrap itself around a target's body, squeezing for 20+rank*4+3d6 damage.
*[Fire Magic=1] Blazing Eyes (MP 3)*
The target makes a Cou check against a Cha check by Jeridan, plus rank fire magic. If failed, Jeridan is not avaliable target this round. This may be used continuously, at an upkeep cost of 1 MP per round. Note Jeridan's face must be visible for this to be effective. This does not create significant light at night or in caves/dungeons/etc, nor does it harm Jeridan.
*[Fire Magic=1] Mote (MP 1)*
Jeridan hits a targets with a tiny mote of flame, and is capable of doing rank fire damage. This is generally used to start small fires or heat objects.

* __ *: No longer usable: No Mag. However, the knowledge is still there.

Phobia: Due to early IC experiences, Jeridan has a severe phobia ragarding Most sea creatures, especially ones with tentacles. If in the presences of such, it will be very difficult to concentrate. This can be represented by a -4/-4 to AT/PA, and halved base Magic Attack. If the creature is a giant octopus, these penalties are doubled, and Jeridan begins making Cou checks to stay in the battle.

... Yeah, I didn't think up any new techs. I just didn't feel like it somehow.

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Unread postby NamagomiMk0 » Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:40 pm

Right. I submit Kamos for this. ...regrettably, you'll have to do without a sprite for him.

Given time, he'll have preloaded as many clips with ammo as possible, gone into chimeric form, and likely have drank an Accelerator close to when it got there. If applicable, he'd also likely have started, how do we say...airborne.

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Daenj'r Tymisonn (Forgive the formatting)

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Wed Apr 11, 2007 7:19 pm

Daenj'r (Epic)

Level 7

Max HP: 103/103 Max MP: 139/139 Max TP: 48/48
Initiative: 4 + 2d6

Courage: +4
Wisdom: +6
Intuition: +5
Charisma: +1
Dexterity: +2
Agility: +2
Strength: +4
Stamina: +2
Magic Aptitude: 6

Base AT/PA - 14/14
Modified for skill - 17/17
Modified for armor - 16/16
Modified for weapon - 15/11

Body=Obsidian Skin (AC 10)

Weapon Damage - Steel Swallow
Light - 28
Medium - 36
Heavy - 46

Base MATK - 17
Base MDEF - 22
Base MISEV - 18

Healing Magic - 16 <Mag>
Staves - 9 <Dex>
Dual Sword - 9 <Cou>
Advanced Telepathy - 7 <Mag>
[s]Double Weapons - 6 <Dex>
First Aid - 5 <Int> (I think.)
Treat Disease - 4 <Int>
Treat Poison - 2 <Int>
Holy Magic - 15 <Mag>
Benediction - 12 <Mag>
[k]Religious Lore - 4 <Wis>
[k] Child Rearing - 5 <Int>

[Innate]Luckout (2 TP) - Daenj'r does a bizarre ritual, which could result in anything.
[Innate]Fortune's Kiss (10 TP) - Daenj'r's Luckout technique is implemented with higher expertise. Any bad outcome can be rerolled once.
[Innate]Providence (25 TP) - Daenj'r's LuckOut skill is refined once more. Any bad or neutral outcome can be rerolled, and if a neutral outcome becomes a bad outcome, it can be rerolled again.
[Double=6]Staff Rush (4 TP) - Daenj'r gets an extra attack for each use. 8 TP = 2 extra attacks and so on.
[Innate]Pickup (3 TP) - +2 to charm members of the opposite sex.
[Heal=1]Heal (15 MP) - Recovers 10+rank*2+1d6 HP to any target. 2x-4x damage against undead.
[Heal=4]Healmore (30 MP) - As Heal, but recovers 20+rank*4+2d6 HP to any target.
[Heal=1, Ben=1]Anti (9 MP) - Improves resistance to poison and disease.
[Heal=12]Healmost (42 MP) - Heals one target, restoring 22+rank*6+3d6 HP. Some targets may be damaged for the same amount instead (undead, for example) and some may not be affected at all (powerful shadow-based creatures).
[Holy=2, Ben=4]White Shield (20 MP, 4 TP) - Increases the groups Physical and Magical defense by (Holy rank).
[Ben=1]Sharpen (8 MP) - Boosts the damage of a weapon by +rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=2]Fortify (8 MP) - Boosts the AC of an armor by +rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=3]Center (10 MP) - Boosts a target's PA by +rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=4]Align (12 MP) - Boosts a target's AT by +rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=5]Deflect (12 MP) - Boosts a target's Missile Evade by +rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=6]Shield (15 MP) - Boosts a target's MBlock by +rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=7]Bolster (16 MP) - Boosts a target's MAtk by +rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=7]Sharpenmore (22 MP) - Boosts a party's weapon damage by +rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=8]Potency (22 MP) - Boosts a target's STR by 1/3 rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=9]Clarity (22 MP) - Boosts a target's INT by 1/3 rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=10]Sagacity (22 MP) - Boosts a target's WIS by 1/3 rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=10]Bolstermore (44 MP) - Boosts a party's MAtk by +rank for rank rounds.
[Ben=11]Facility (22 MP) - Boosts a target's DEX by 1/3 rank for rank rounds.
[Heal=4, Ben=3]Regeneration (24 MP) - Target regains (Heal rank)+2d4 HP per round, for (Ben rank) rounds.
[Heal=12]Last Chance (56 MP, 5 TP) - This spell enchants Daenj'r with an instant revival spell, which gives him a 5*rank% chance of coming back from death, immediately, at critical (1/8 max) HP.
[Heal=10, Ben=8]Greater Regeneration (64 MP) - Target regains (Heal Rankx2)+4d6 HP per round, for (Ben Rankx2) rounds.
[Heal=6, Holy=3]Revivify (40 MP, 4 TP) - Attempts to revive a severely wounded companion.
[Heal=4]Panacea (14 MP) - Cures berserk, confusion, magically induced paralysis and blindness, and cures up to 3 levels of poison. If the user has at least 4 ranks of Astral Magic, this also cures up to 3 levels of astral drain.
[Heal=4]Revive (30 MP, 4 TP) - Revives an unconscious ally to 10% of their total HP (round up). The target suffers no disorientation penalty (besides some penalties for burdening injuries such as crushed bones) and can take actions right away (as in, their next turn in the normal initiative order).
[Heal=16]Restore (62 MP) - Cures one target, restoring 15+rank*4+2d6 HP and removing all magically induced conditions except unconsciousness, death, or petrification, as well as up to 8 levels of poison (and 8 levels of astral drain if the caster has at least 12 ranks of Astral Magic).
[Holy=1] Photon Beam (4 MP) - Does 10+rank+1d6 damage to an enemy - 2x+ damage against undead.
[Holy=5] Ray of Light (18 MP) - Does 20+3*rank+2d6 damage to all enemies in a line - 2x damage against undead.
[Holy=6] Shining Light (30 MP) - A huge light appears above the caster, blinding all enemies for rank/2 turns, rounding down.
[Holy=10] Hand of Ashura (44 MP) - A hand formed out of holy energy emerges from Daenj'r's hand, and can deal 20 + rank*6 + 3d6 damage, but only in melee.
[Child Rearing=1] Placate (2 TP) - Calms any child with Wis less than the caster's Wis.
[AT=1] Telepathy (2 MP in battle, 0 out) - Send thoughts and emotions to another person's mind.
[AT=2]Guarded Telepathy (0 MP out of combat, 2 MP in combat) - Forces any prying minds to overcome the user's abilities in order to listen in on a telepathic conversation. In order to listen in, the listener must make a Telepathy skill check roll vs. the Telepathy skill check roll of the original telepath.
[AT=2]Nightmare (4 MP) - Caster can cause a sleeping target to have terrifying dreams. These can be specific dreams of the caster's choosing, or the caster can choose to simply introduce terror into the dreamscape and let the dreamer's mind do the rest. The next day, the target is exhausted and takes a -1 to all checks.
[AT=4]Hypnosis (12 MP) - Forces a target to perform a simple command (no more than a sentence). Affected targets will not take any action that would be obviously self-harming, and any attempt to convince a target to do harm to an ally is at -6. The spell's duration is at most one minute; any commands that would take longer than one minute to complete are aborted when the spell expires.
[AT=6]Drunkenness (8 MP) - Makes the victim temporarily intoxicated for rank*2 minutes. Victim receives bonus of rank/2 to his COU, and a penalty of rank/2 to INT and CHA. This effect does not leave a hangover.
[AT=6]Mind Lash (16 MP) - Uses a forced telepathic link to attack a single opponent, driving their mind into disorder and chaos. Deals 10+rank*5+2d6.
[AT=7]Scrambled Signal (5 MP added to spell) - Daenj'r distorts the signal of any mental message or attack, dealing an extra 8 + rank*2 + 1d6 damage to any action.

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Unread postby NamagomiMk0 » Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:49 pm

...Cha, you can't have MAG 7.

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Unread postby Nakibe » Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:54 pm

Too lazy. So lazy I can't make new techs.

Code: Select all

Name              : Darylshield, Solis
RPer              : Nakibe
Age               : 9
Height            : 5'6"
Weight            : 158 lbs.
Race              : Human
Eye Color         : Brown
Hair Color        : Black
Likes             : Sandwiches, Azul
Dislikes          : Bad People
Favorite Food     : Sandwiches
Favorite Thing    : [Unknown]
Background        : [Unknown]

Courage   : +2
Wisdom    : +7
Intuition : +5
Charisma  : +3
Agility   : +3
Dexterity : +1
Strength  : +3
Stamina   : +3
Magic     :  6

Level 4
XP          : 1700 / 1500 (3950 Total)
HP          : 107 / 107
MP          : 141 / 141
TP          : 69 / 38
Init        : 3 (.5) + 2d6 (5 - 15)
AT/PA Base  : 13
    * Other Bonus : 0

Unarmed AT  : 17
    * Armor Bonus  : 0
    * Weapon Bonus : 0
    * Skill Bonus  : +4

Actual PA   : 21
    * Armor Bonus  : 0
    * Weapon Bonus : 0
    * Skill Bonus  : +8
AC          : 13
MAtk Base   : 18
    * Tarot MAtk : 36
    * Lightning MAtk : 34
MDef Base   : 19
    * Armor Bonus  : 0
    * Weapon Bonus : 0
    * Other Bonus  : 0
Missile Evasion : 21

[P]Unarmed Fighting [AGI/DEX/STR] : 12 / 7
[P]Stealth [AGI/AGI/DEX]          : 4 / 4
[P]Treat Wounds [DEX/INT/WIS]     : 9 / 9
[P]Etiquette [CHA/COU/INT]        : 9 / 8
[P]Innocent Kid [CHA/CHA/INT]     : 2 / 10
[M]Tarot Magic [INT/MAG/WIS]      : 18 / 13
[M]Lightning Magic [INT/MAG/WIS]  : 16 / 13
[M]Mental Magic [INT/MAG/WIS]     : 14 / 13
[M]Aura Reading [INT/WIS/WIS]     : 3 / 12
[K]Urban Navigation               : 3 / 12

[Weapon] Fists
    * +4/+8, 11/22
        - 11 + d6 / 22 + 2d6
[Armor] Light Winter Coat
    * AC +1, 0/0 AT/PA
[Special] Heart Talisman
    * Damage Resistance +1

[Innate] Hand of Fate [10 TP/round, 1 peppermint]
    - Solis is possessed of his full power temporarily, letting
his inner self take control of his destiny. Solis is able to use
2 cards a round instead of one, and does nothing BUT use his
cards until he has run OUT of TP for this technique.

[Unarmed 6] Hard Edge [ 6 TP]
    - Solis learns to focus his energies and attack. Does 1.5x
Punch damage and stuns the opponent for 1 round.

[Innocence 1] Puppy Dog Eyes [10 TP]
    - Solis can use this tech to minorly influence a person's
mood. In battle, Solis can use it to stun an opponent for d2
rounds. If it fails, however, the target may be more annoyed
than amused by his antics.

[Lightning 1] Gra [10 MP]
    - Solis causes a bolt of lightning to strike a single target
for 8 + Rank * 2 + d6 damage. <20>

[Lightning 6] GiGra [30 MP]
    - Does either 12 + Rank * 4 + 3d6 damage to a single target,
or 10 + Rank * 2 + 2d6 damage to all targets in range.

[Mental 1] Telepathy [ 0 MP]
    - Solis stretches out his mind in order to talk to a person
over long distances. The target needs not be able to telepath to
hear the messages.

[Mental 2] Guarded Telepathy [ 5 MP]
    - A person skilled enough in telepathy can easily break in
on a normal conversation between people... and that's where this
skill comes from. Solis pays 5 MP to keep his talks Private from
prying "eyes" and "ears".

[Tarot] 0 - The Fool [ 1 MP]
    - Solis uses the power of the fool to temporarily control
when his bad luck strikes. He gives up his next skill roll,
whatever it may be for, in return for regaining (Rank + Apt) Mp
upon this skill roll failure. The Fool cannot be reversed, and
is not considered an action in and of itself, but rather
accompanies actions.

[Tarot] 1 - The Magician [2 MP/Rank used]
    - The skill of the great magicians of the past is called
upon, increasing his ability to control magic by his ability to
use his own powers. Adds Rank to a target's spell skill rolls
for 5 rounds. The Magician when reversed Subtracts Rank from a
target's spell skill rolls for 5 rounds.

[Tarot] 2 - The Priestess [2 MP/Rank used]
    - The priestess gifts one target with her innate abilities
to work with magical effects. Adds Rank to a target's spell
resistance skill rolls for 5 rounds. The Priestess reversed
subtracts Rank from a target's spell resistance skill rolls.

[Tarot] 3 - The Empress [3 MP/Rank Used]
    - Events conspire to bring the target of this spell safety.
Blows that would kill a person mysteriously lose strength, and
sure-hit strikes falter and fail. Adds Rank to a target's
physical defense skill rolls. A reversed Empress subtracts Rank
from a target's physical defense skill rolls.

[Tarot] 4 - The Emperor [3 MP/Rank Used]
    - The polar opposite of the Empress card, the Emperor card
causes events to suddenly shift in the target's favor. Offensive
strikes that would miss now seem mysteriously guided to their
targets, and normal hits somehow track vital areas, as if
sensing the weaknesses within. Adds Rank to a target's offensive
skill rolls.

[Tarot] 6 - The Lovers [7 MP/Rank Used]
    - The power of love is an incredible force, capable of
crossing boundaries of all kinds and destroying barriers to its
resolution. In this case, the card of the Lovers allows Solis
its power to heal (Rank)d10 HP to a specified target. When
reversed, it steals (Rank)d6 HP from the specified target and
gives it to Solis.

[Tarot] 8 - Strength [Increases Spell Cost 2.5x]
    - Willingness to achieve.... an ability to cause great
change for the better... that is what is embodied in the
Strength card, and the related spell is no exception. Solis can
attach this card to any other card in order to double his
effective rank for that spell. Cannot be used more than once on
any given spell, and has no reversed version.

[Tarot 5] 10 - Wheel of Fortune [2 MP]
    - Fate is a powerful force. It can cause a person to be rich
beyond their wildest dreams... or become doomed to various fates
worse than death. All it takes is the right amount of power put
in the right place at the right time. This card allows Solis to
use reversed versions of his cards on enemies. Cannot be
reversed itself.

[Tarot 5] 17 - The Star [9 MP/Rank Used]
    - A shooting star brightens the night sky, a symbol of
glimmering hope in even the darkest of times. The caster
increases the Defensive and Offensive skill rolls of all allies
by (Rank / 5) for 5 rounds, including himself. A reversed Star
decreases the Defensive and Offensive skill rolls of all enemies
by (Rank / 5) for 5 rounds.


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Obviously Brian has this because he wrote all the techs!

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