Garouga's test drive.

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Garouga's test drive.

Unread postby Garouga » Sun Feb 25, 2007 9:00 pm

Name: Russell
RPer: Garouga
Race: Human
Age: 20, maybe
Height: 6'6"
Eye color: His blood. You can tell his health by simply looking at them. His eyesight suffers slightly.
Hair: Long, silken and violet, ending somewhere below his chest.

Russell was probably born inside a pregnant woman. No one knows where he comes from, and he sure doesn't.
Russell has spent most of his life in seclusion, but has often followed many travelers across the continents and has seen much, though learned little.
His puppets cannot speak, yet their very existences are almost definitely keys to his past, products of events long transpired. They certainly seem to think so.
Russell loves to change between his three rapiers in the middle of a battle. He has dual-wielded them on occasion (and failed miserably) and has sometimes wielded all three by putting the third one in his mouth. With markedly terrible results.


His most beloved rapier is the Flambert. His earliest memories involve using it endlessly, fending away wolves and other such creatures as a child. He's spent the most time with this sword and feels as though it is a part of him.
"Flamkat" is an experiment in deadly weapons, won by Russell in a ridiculously lucky streak of poker. It is a failed creation, too heavy to be used properly as a rapier, and too inaccurate to be used as a proper crossbow. Perhaps it was originally designed to shoot small weapons instead of arrows? In any case, it has rusted, and Russell mostly carries it around for its novelty.
"Sing" was a sword he found lying on the side of the road. Curiously, it seemed as though its previous owner had gotten fed up with the flimsy blade and, in a fit of temper, threw it away, believing it useless. Russell feels very much at peace when he holds this weapon, and although the blade is not very lethal, he is at great ease with it.


Level: 1
XP: 0/1000
Max HP: 50/50
Max MP: 110/110
Max TP: 4/4
Initiative 1.5 + 2d6

Courage: -1
Wisdom: 5
Intuition: 5
Charisma: 3
Agility: 2
Dexterity: 3
Strength: -1
Stamina: -1
Magic Aptitude: 6

MA Attack: 16
MA Block: 13
Missile Evasion: 19

Base AT/PA (DEX) - 9/9
Modified for Rapier skill - 12/10
Modified for Flambert + Rapier skill – 13/9

-Generic clothes (Weight: .5)
Shoulder Pack (Weight limit: 22)
-Flambert (Rapier)(9,12,X)(+1/-1)(Weight: 1.75)
-Flamkat (Rapier/Crossbow)(6,11,13/5,11,18)(-1/-2)(Weight: 3.15)(Rusted)
-Sing (Rapier)(6,8,X)(+2/+1)(Weight: 0.97)
-Light Healing Potion (5x) (Heals 10+1d10 HP.) (Weight: 5)
-Some broken arrows (3x) (No use.) (Weight: 0.4)
Fanny Pack (Weight limit: 10)
-Stone Egg (Weight: 4)
Pockets (Weight limit: 2)
-7 Silver coins


Rapier: 4
Crossbow: 2
Summon Magic: 4
Shadow Magic: 4
Holy Magic: 4
Ikaruga: 4
Meditation: 2
[k]Mathematics: 4
[k]Poisons: 4
[k]Potions: 3
[k]Survival: 1
[k]Strategy: 4
Traps: 2 (Int/Int/Dex)
Treat Wounds: 2 (Int/Dex/Dex)
Gambling: 1 (Int/Int/Wis)
Feint: 1 (Agi/Agi/Dex)
Lock Picking: 1 (Dex/Dex/Int)
Cooking: 1 (Int/Int/Dex)


[Shadow Magic=1] Shadow Net (7 MP) - Russell weaves a net of shadow with his left hand. They can be used for various things, such as catching a falling object, trapping something, or nulling a shadow-based attack or spell. Up to five nets can be made at any one time. These can be used to block a certain amount of Shadow spell damage equivalent to (MaxMP/3). They are treated as shields with shadow properties in battle. They can move around freely according to the user's will. They may be formed anywhere in midair as long as the threads of darkness encounter nothing physical while forming.

[Shadow Magic=2, Summon Magic=2] Shadow Puppet: Blade (8 MP) - Consume one(1) Shadow Net to create Shadow Puppet: Blade. This puppet consists of nothing but pure darkness, wielding a blade made of shadows.
[Shadow Magic=3] Soulbind: Rook (4 MP) - Spend the cost of this spell when casting Shadow Puppet: Blade and the puppet's power will greatly increase. It will take the form of a gigantic Rook chess piece, wielding two blades. In addition, it will act on its own, mercilessly dicing the weaker of Russell's enemies first.

[SHODDY] [Shadow Magic=1, Summon Magic=1] Shadow Puppet: Axe (14 MP) - Consume one(1) Shadow Net to create Shadow Puppet: Axe. This puppet consists of nothing but pure darkness, wielding an axe made of shadows.

[SHODDY] [Shadow Magic=1, Summon Magic=1] Shadow Puppet: Spear (14 MP) - Consume one(1) Shadow Net to create Shadow Puppet: Spear. This puppet consists of nothing but pure darkness, wielding a spear made of shadows.

[Shadow Magic=4, Summon Magic=4] Shadow Puppet: Bramble (X^3 MP, where X is number of Shadow Nets used) - Consume any number of Shadow Nets to create Shadow Puppet: Bramble. They will block (Spaces or segments~X(3*X)) damage and also have a chance to injure anything that comes in contact with them, including melee combatants.

[Shadow Magic=4] Absorbtion: Shadow (15 MP) - Consume one Shadow Puppet to recover HP equal to the amount of MP required to summon it. (Does not include MP used to create the Shadow Nets)

[Holy Magic=1] Holy Column (7 MP) - Russell solidifies a column of light with his right hand. These can be used for various things, such as tipping over a building, pushing something out from against a wall, reaching higher ground, or nulling a holy-based attack or spell. Up to five columns can be made at any one time. These can be used to block a certain amount of Holy spell damage equivalent to (MaxMP/2). They are treated as shields with holy properties in battle. They cannot move around freely, affixed to their location. They may be summoned anywhere, even under an opponent, so long as its origin is somewhere on solid ground.

[Holy Magic=2, Summon Magic=2] Holy Puppet: Sword (8 MP) - Consume one(1) Holy Column to create Holy Puppet: Sword. This puppet consists of nothing but pure holy element, wielding a sword of light.

[SHODDY] [Holy Magic=1, Summon Magic=1] Holy Puppet: Hammer (14 MP) - Consume one(1) Holy Column to create Holy Puppet: Hammer. This puppet consists of nothing but pure holy element, wielding a hammer of light.

[SHODDY] [Holy Magic=1, Summon Magic=1] Holy Puppet: Lance (14 MP) - Consume one(1) Holy Column to create Holy Puppet: Lance. This puppet consists of nothing but pure holy element, wielding a lance of light.

[Holy Magic=4, Summon Magic=4] Holy Puppet: Wall (X^2 MP, where X is number of Holy Columns used) - Consume any number of Holy Columns to create Holy Puppet: Wall. They will block (Spaces or segments~X(5*X)) damage, where X is the number of holy Columns used.
[Holy Magic=4] Soulbind: Golem - Use exactly four(4) Holy Columns when casting Holy Puppet: Wall and the puppet's power will greatly increase. The puppet will take the form of a Golem made up of nothing but a floating head, gigantic hands and wall-like feet. It is extremely durable and will act on its own, doing its best to take hits for Russell as well as firing back on enemies with its fists.

[Holy Magic=4] Absorbtion: Holy (15 MP) - Consume one Holy Puppet to recover health equal to the amount of MP required to summon it. (Does not include MP used in the creation of Holy Columns)

[Ikaruga=2] Puppet Cycle (9 MP) - Cycle weapon-type puppets' abilities. The cycle goes as such: Sword/Blade > Axe/Hammer > Spear/Lance > Sword/Blade

[Ikaruga=4] Polarity Switch (13 MP) - This spell is targeted at all shadow and holy elements under your control. Switch all holy element-type structures, spells, puppets and creatures with their shadow versions and vice versa. Does not affect soulbound puppets that have transformed.

[Rapier=2]Precise Striking (2 TP) - Uses DEX to determine weapon damage bonuses instead of STR and eliminates all penalties to hit other than those caused by magical debuffs for one round. Heavy attacks are impossible when using Precise Striking.

[Rapier=4]Dextrous Striking (2 TP) - Adds DEX to AT a second time for one round.

Other stuff that doesn't fit anywhere:
Although Russell's CHA score is 3, it automatically becomes -5 to anyone who knows who he really is. He will also have 7 COU instead of -1 when dealing with such people. Animals that can sense his questionable nature are also affected.

All of Russell's puppets have a rank. The first time Russell witnesses a weapon at work, he'll automatically gain a puppet spell for it, but because he's only seen it in action once, it'll be [SHODDY] and will cost much more MP than normal. Once he's had more experience with the weapon (either fighting with it or watching it) and his skill levels are high enough, they will upgrade to [STANDARD]. (If there is no description saying otherwise, all puppets are standard.) Frequent usage of a puppet as well as sufficient skill levels will advance the puppet up to [REFINED], wherein the puppet is much more efficient, much grander in presentation (usually) and costs much less MP. These affect the Soulbind spells to some degree.
Also, Soulbind is a special trait that Russell may use on his puppets to increase their power. It changes the puppets' forms into something that represents an aspect of Russell's personality, including those he may repress or not know of. It is a trait that any puppet may gain, but usually only when Russell experiences a great shift in emotion, trauma. or shock, the likes of which may not be worth risking one's life for.
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Unread postby Kai » Sun Feb 25, 2007 9:48 pm

I'll leave the philsys critique to someone else in the hopes they won't be big giant pricks about it.

My remarks are about his background. First of all, in 99.99% of Gaera there are no forbidden magics, and there are too many mages to say that being one is all that unique in itself.

If you want to get to know Russell better, give up. He won't give you a chance.

Why exactly would anyone want to roleplay with him, then? He effectively has no background, no personality (except that he's "an enigma"), and no apparent potential to move beyond some totally-unexplained intimacy issues.

Just because he doesn't know his background doesn't mean he doesn't have one, and just because he'd rather stare out a window and angst than have a normal conversation doesn't mean he has no personality. Even if it doesn't necessarily come up in-game every time he enters a room, his sheet should say more than:

Name: Russell (Mystery)
Country of Origin: (Mystery)
Background: (Mystery)
Personality: (Enigma)
Abilities: (Mysterious and Forbidden)
Equipment: (Mysterious and Vaguely Resembling a Pokeball)

It's always awesome to see someone making a full philsys sheet this early on and problems don't jump out at me with it. His magic actually looks pretty cool, and I'm kind of interested to see some more detail for it. It's just that so far (on his sheet) he has all the personality and complexity of spell-casting cardboard. If you've got more details for him worked out, go ahead and post it. If not, you might want to do that before submitting him for philsys plots.

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Unread postby Garouga » Mon Feb 26, 2007 8:35 am

Okay. I redid the background.
I'm guessing the silent warrior is a bit of a cliche, huh?
No more silent warriors from me from now on.

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Unread postby Besyanteo » Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:41 pm

Your math on your listed stats and substats is impeccable! Keen! Moving on.

Some easy reference thigns not included on your sheet currently:
MAtk: 15
MBlk: 18
Missile Evasion: 14

These are not NECESARY to put on your sheet, but they make things run more smoothly for both yourself and your GM when combat rolls around. :eng101:

You also have... 1.5 skill points unspent. I suspect this happened because you forgot that support skills are half points, like knowledge skills are. Unless they say very specifically otherwise. Appraisal is not one of those, so feel free to mess around with your remaining points. They won't hold over until level up, so you may as well do something with them now.

I'm not good enough with Techs and Spells just yet to critique those. Doing fine so far, though.

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Unread postby FlameRaven » Mon Feb 26, 2007 7:23 pm

The background is... somewhat better, but there's still an awful lot of questions raised. For one, no matter how feminine the character looks I'm sure someone (notably the two women who raised him) would have seen that he was, in fact, a guy. And that would've gotten more obvious as he got older and puberty set in. But if you are going to have him raised as a girl, why? Why would he have a rather male name if he's raised that way? And realize that there'd be a whole set of social and mental issues with being raised as the opposite sex.

There are others, like "how can he do odd jobs if he's a hermit?" but those are a little less dramatic than the gender issues.

Detail and complexity usually come from thinking about the traits you've given your character, and their consequences. The background has potential, but right now it just seems kind of slapped together. Why is he so bored all the time? Does he have ADD? Think about things like that, and see what answers you come up with.
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Unread postby Mechanisto » Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:04 am

The femeninity isn't that hard to explain away. It's possible he simply didn't undergo puberty in the first place; some bizzare magical or genetic anomaly, perhaps. Heck, a good'ol castration would easily make someone look androgynous, and a severe hormone imbalance (or a magical anomoly) could make someone look female.

He could have also grown up among people who were accustomed to more traditional ideas of gender roles. Even if people didn't bully him about his looks, he may simply have adopted female mannerisms at a young age; children learn quickly and unconsciously from their environment. I imagine his adoptive parents would be most understanding and sympathetic about it; a gay couple would likely find the idea of "reprogramming" his behavior to be repugnant, and would choose to let him live as fate wills.

I do find it very odd that a magic user who does odd jobs doesn't know any practical spells whatsoever. Doing ordinary labor is an incredibly inefficient way for a mage to earn their wage.

Then again, dealing with terrible monsters and evil criminals might be considered an "odd job" for a battle mage. :)

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Unread postby Archmage » Wed Feb 28, 2007 10:03 am

I like the spells/techs; it's a very unique approach to summoning and proof that Philsys is really, really versatile. I'm willing to go over this a little later (when I'm not in class, presumably) with a fine-toothed comb and help you work the bugs out of Russell's particular brand of magic, because I think it's pretty damned cool. I've always liked summoners, and Russell's particular brand of summoning (which I like to jokingly refer to as the Pokemon approach) is a lot of fun.

A couple minor systematic notes:

1. You don't need Conjuration and Summoning. Congrats, you just earned 4 skill points. Pick the one (it doesn't matter which) with a name more appropriate for the character; I'd say Summoning.
2. All of the spells that create puppets should have a Summoning component in their required rank.
3. We're going to need to come up with some more detailed information regarding the power of the puppets. As it stands, I have a few ideas that I'll post later, but I think we can apply some of the general standards for creature summoning to Russell's skillset.
4. What's Ikaruga? The only definition of that word that I'm familiar with is that it's the name of a space shooter.

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Unread postby Mechanisto » Wed Feb 28, 2007 10:28 am

1) Ikaruga translates roughly as "white and black speckled bird", i believe
2) Ikaruga is an arcade shooter.
3) Ikaruga will kick your ass. :D

It involves a ship that can switch between a light or dark polarity, and can absorb similarly light or dark bullets, but is kileld by differently polarized bullets. That's basically it. It's a bit like "Go," in that it uses very simple rules that give rise to very complex strategy. It's an *extremely* challenging game, but *extremely* original and creative. It's one of my top three favorite games of all time.

EDIT: I had to start a new thread over the Conjuring / Summoning thing. Go there!

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Unread postby Kai » Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:44 pm

My main interest is in seeing how this plays out. I play a character whose parents raised her as a boy for the first twelve years of her life due to inheritance issues and it's caused her to become a very insincere and manipulative person who has little faith in the idea of "truth" at all. It's been an ongoing struggle for her to reconcile what she was taught about women as a boy and what she's supposed to do now that she's living openly as one.

In this case, I'd be interested to see what your interpretation is of a man who was raised as a woman living as a man might be like. I'd be interested in knowing his views on men and on women, and where he's supposed to fit in.

For example, depending on when he learned that not all little girls are actually little boys, he might have really weird ideas about sex. He'd likely have been aware of the fact that he's a different kind of girl than his mothers were, but what was it like to learn that he was what others would call male, and when did he really begin to live as one?

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Unread postby Garouga » Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:18 am

Changed stats around a little.
Disted skill points.
Added Summon Magic reqs. to skills.
I still have questions.

One: How d'you calculate dual-wield AT/PA?
Two: Under what skill would creating blade amps come under?
I mean, I have to explain this in detail. Under what skills would a technique that engulfed the arm and blade in holy light and created a jacket of solid light that amplified the weapon's damage and distance fall under? Would it be the same as creating wings made of light and such?
Three: Puppet Strength. Questionable.

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Unread postby Kai » Thu Mar 01, 2007 2:08 pm

Amplifying weapon damage, accuracy, or even the attributes/stats of a character himself would fall under benediction magic. There are guidelines for it under Advanced Philsys Theory, but if they don't make sense to you at first read, check out Holly's sheet on the wiki. She has several ranks in it and that's an example progression of spells.

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Thank god for the edit button.

Unread postby Garouga » Tue May 15, 2007 3:27 pm

forget it

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