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FlameRaven's Character Sheets

Unread postby FlameRaven » Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:05 pm

Since I seem to be CIRP'ing on an increasingly regular basis, I should get my characters up here for reference...

Name: Ode Sparrowmoon
RP World: Gaera Main
Birthdate: Oct. 31st
Birthplace: unknown
Age: 27
Occupation: Traveling exorcist/ghostbuster/sorcerer
Family: Aede Sparrowmoon (sister)
Race: Human
Physical description: here and here

Personality: Generally quiet and reserved. She takes awhile to trust people--Most of the 'people' she deals with tend to be spirits, and that in addition to her mask tend to make people a little uneasy around her, and she around them.

Fighting Style: Primarily defensive/evasive, long range. Specializes in stealth (invisibility, silence) and illusion. Weapons of choice are a pair of long knives/daggers, although she’s skilled with a quarterstaff as well.

"Theme" Song: Heard Somebody Cry by Oingo Boingo

Religious Beliefs: Raised under the Gaeran equivalent to Zen Buddhism, and still somewhat adheres to those beliefs. Obviously she's quite aware of the existence of spirits, though she’s never run into any gods. Mostly Ode wishes for any supernatural beings to leave her alone, and thus does not appeal to them for aid.

History/Background: Ode was presumably born somewhere in the northwest of Igala, possibly in the town of Everingshal. However, she and her sister, Aede, were orphaned at a young age, and were taken in by the monks of the Shirasagi temple, some ways southwest of Everingshal. When Ode was about thirteen, she ran afoul of some malicious spirits in the graveyard outside the temple. This encounter was both a curse and a blessing: she gained the ability to use magic and see in the dark; but the spirits who attacked her continued to haunt her, and she was pushed to the edge of insanity by waking nightmares before a solution was found in the form of her mask. The mask hid her identity from the spirits who sought her, while allowing her to see the spirits themselves.

The monks cared for her while she was recovering, but then regretfully asked her to leave. Her presence drew all kinds of spirits to her, and brought bad luck to the temple. She left, traveling first with her sister and then alone, gaining slow control over her abilities and looking for a way to be rid of the curse and her mask. Mainly she did this through extensive traveling, looking for any information that might be had, and dealing with any local ghosts or spirits in exchange. She still has yet to find a solution, but in the meantime has picked up a rather impressive range of knowledge and lore regarding spirits, ghosts, and other strange arcana.

Exalted Stats (In use until I work out a PhilSys sheet for her.)
Caste- Solar Twilight
Concept- Sorcerer/Fallen Monk
Motivation- Find the spirits who are after her and take them out.
Anima: Blue/purple, shows the pattern of her mask

Experience: 102

Strength- 2
Dexterity- 4
Stamina- 3
Charisma- 2
Manipulation- 3
Appearance- 2
Perception- 4
Intelligence- 4
Wits- 3

Martial Arts- 5
Awareness- 2
Dodge- 3
Stealth- 4
Integrity- 4
Resistance- 3
Survival- 2
Linguistics- 1
Investigation- 1
Lore- 3
Medicine- 2
Occult- 5

-Integrity Protecting Prana
-Temptation-Resisting Stance
-Elusive Dream Defense
-INTG: Essence Overwhelming
-Durability of Oak Meditation
-Essence-Gathering Temper
-Easily Overlooked Presence
-Spirit-Detecting Glance
-Spirit Cutting Attack
-All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight
-Ghost Eating Technique
-Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
-Spell: Death of Obsidian Butterflies
Dreams & Nightmares Style:
-Ephemeral Presence II
-Phantasmal Body II
-Flowing World Method I

Compassion- 2
Conviction- 3
Temperance- 3
Valor- 1

Virtue Flaw: Waking Dreams
Ode is overwhelmed by waking dreams/hallucinations and nightmares.

Essence- 3
Personal- 15
Peripheral- 36
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Unread postby FlameRaven » Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:48 pm

Name: Kite Starling
Birthdate: August 7th
Birthplace: Tristes
Age: 28
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs

Occupation: Merchant/Con-artist/Opportunist
Family: More than you can shake a stick at. Her parents live in Beau, and she has grandparents, two uncles and aunts, a younger sister (Moth), and a small passel of cousins that all live on Tristes. Some distant relations on Igala too.
Race: Half-Bastet
Physical description: here, here, and here. (Kite is the short one.)

Personality: Open, friendly and witty, Kite gets along quite well with most people-- she has to, if she's going to sell them anything. She's also something of a kleptomaniac; she picks up a lot of loose (and occasionally not so loose) odds n' ends wherever she goes.

Fighting Style: Tries to avoid combat if at all possible; if she can't talk her way out of something, she'd prefer to simply delay her enemies in some fashion while she beats a hasty retreat.

'Theme' Song: n/a

Religious Beliefs: Difficult to say. She's professed to follow any number of religions (some of them invented), but as many of those professions were while she was attempting to convince people to buy or believe something... well. one can hardly expect her to be honest in that sort of situation.

Background: Kite was born and raised on Tristes, to a rather eccentric merchant family. So from a young age she was exposed (and trained in) the fine art of Taking Advantage of Tourists. She followed in this tradition, helping with the family trading business for awhile, but eventually left to see the world, (and hopefully some opportunities along the way). During this time she took on any number of odd jobs, including acting in a traveling show, waitressing, gadget-making, and trying her hand at quite a few small-time cons and trades.

It was during one of these jobs that she met Mercutio, who became her business associate/partner-in-crime. The two have been working together for some four or five years now. Currently they reside in Doma, in a small church/library which was lent to them by the nuns who ran it. They work as con-artists, merchants, traders, and occasionally smugglers. If you need something, they probably have it, and if they don't have it, they can get it. Just ask for K&M (or M&K) Associates.

Stats (PhilSys, still under construction)
Courage: 3
Wisdom: 2
Intuition: 4
Charisma: 2
Agility: 3
Dexterity: 3
Strength: 1
Stamina: 2
Magic: 1

HP: 65
MP: 40
TP: 25
Initiative: 4+2d6
Base AT/PA: 13/13
Missile Evasion: 20
Magic Resist: 20
Base Magic Attack: 7

Skills (36/36)
[k] Random Trivia- 4
[k] Strategy- 3
Improvised Weaponry- 2
Dagger- 3
Ventriloquism- 2
Forging- 2
Oration- 1
Cooking- 2
Diplomacy- 4
Gadgeteering- 3
Sleight of Hand- 2
[s]Acrobatics- 2
[s]Deception- 3
[s]Eavesdropping- 3
[s]Stealth- 3
[s]Climbing- 2
Illusion Magic- 3
Time Magic- 2
Enchanting- 1

[Innate] Bastet Form (3 TP) Kite may transform at will into a lynx. In this form, she has [TBD; add benefits here]

[Eavesdropping-2] Rumormonger (1 TP) Kite is extremely adept at gathering—and spreading—all sorts of gossip and rumors, both to gather information and for her own entertainment.

[Eavesdropping-3] Hoarder of Gossip (0 TP) Kite knows all sorts of random trivia that she's gleaned from rumors and eavesdropping. (Essentially the same as Bardic Knowledge)

[Time Magic=1]Delay Image (6 MP) - Caster's light reflection delayed, resulting in erroneous perception of location. Attackers get a penalty equal to one half the caster's rank (rounded up) to AT when attacking the caster.

[Time Magic=1]Slow (6 MP) - Disrupts the flow of time, slowing down a target's metabolism, aging, and movement. If successful, a target enemy's turn is delayed until the end of the combat round for 1d2 + rank rounds, and they will move as though they had -rank AGI, as well as suffering a -2/-2 AT/PA penalty.

[Illusion=1]Distraction (5 MP) - The simplest of all illusion spells, this creates a very basic, single dimension illusion (which can be any dimension the caster has access to). This may be used to fool observers or targets as desired, and the actual effects should be left up to common sense.

[Illusion=3]Disguise (8 MP) - This illusion allows the caster or a target to take the appearance of any object which the caster is familiar with and can imagine clearly. However, the target is NOT transformed into the object in actuality, and a physical inspection (touching the target) will make this obvious.
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