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Shadowhunter's Character Closet

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----------------------GAERA MAIN CHARACTERS------------------------------

Name: Il'leth
Race: Wolf...mostly.

PhilSys Stuffs:
Level: 1
HP: 75
MP: 85
TP: 25
COU: 2
WIS: 3
INT: 3
CHA: 2
AGI: 3
DEX: -2
STR: 1
STA: 4
MAG: 5

Maximum Hit Points 75
Maximum Mana Points 85
Maximum Technique Points 25
Initiative 3.5
Strength Based AT/PA Bonus 9
Dexterity Based AT/PA Bonus 6
Magical Attack 12
Magical Block 16
Missile Evasion 20
Starting Skill Points 34

|k|Etiquette- Pack Society- 4 (WIS)
|k|Relgious Lore- 4 (WIS)
|k|Survival- 4 (WIS)
Telepathy- 1 (INT/WIS/MAG)
Illusion Magic- 3 (INT/WIS/MAG)
Healing Magic- 4 (INT/WIS/MAG)
Fire Magic- 4 (INT/WIS/MAG)
Benediction- 4 (INT/WIS/MAG)
|s|Observant- 4 (INT = 3)
|s|Stealth- 4 (AGI/AGI/DEX)
|s|Distance Running- 4 (STA = 2)
|s|Pain resistance- 4 (STA = 2)
Tracking- 4 (INT/INT/STA)


[Innate] No Opposable Thumbs - Il'leth's effective DEX with most tasks is noted on her sheet, but for tasks a canine could normally perform, her DEX has a +2, creating a final DEX of 0 for tasks like bite attacks and catching thrown objects.


(Coming soon!)


(Coming soon!)

Appearence: Il'leth is an oddity among her clan-mates. While most are muted reds or browns, her coat is a yellowish-silver color, somewhat like ivory. Her limbs and back are slightly larger than a normal wolfs', and her eyes gleam with intelligence, betraying her human lineage. The pads on her feet are snow-white, and her fangs and claws long and lethal. Her tail is long and plush- more like a fox's than a wolf's. Along the top of her head and a third of the way down her spine, she has a black mane. Her left cheek sports a single scar, an inch below her eye, and running nearly to her ear. She seems supernaturally beatuiful, her scar an only failing.

Background: A member of the Ryu-Urufu Clan (translated to Dragon-Wolf), her race lives quietly in the largest mountain range on the continent. Historically, they have always existed for as long as man-kind remembers (those who are even aware of the reclusive race). However, the Clan holds the truth in a poem:

Upon wings of flame
The holy driven away
Life would never be the same
For they met the Knights of the Moon

From information passed down from generation to generation, the poem is translated to mean that dragons drove Priests of the Moon from their holy temples, who then fled to the mountains to continue their practices in secret. There, they met a pack of mountain wolves- kindred spirits to the monks. History has obscured the facts, but legend has it that the wisest of the monks, named Kumori, scryed for their future. The Moon Goddess Mabushii Reifujin answered him, telling him that their future lay in combining the wolves and monks into one race. The monks, never questioning their Reifujin, mated with the wolves on the first full moon of a new year. Thus, the Ryu-Urufu was born.

The Ryu-Urufu was originally named the Mabushii Jisou, or the Radiant Children. However, the race of men was at constant war with the dragonic race, driving them further and further back, into the same mountain range the Mabushii Jisou inhabited. Then, the advance of Men stopped; but the doom of the Mabushii Jisou had just begun. The Dragons, a proud race, wanted the Jisou out of their domain, and made several raids into their domain to kill the young. The elders, strong in magic, created a magical barrier, which kept the Dragons out, but the Jisou in constant fear of the Dragons. Natural selection made the Mabushii Jisou quick and stealthy hunters, low in endurance but high in speed. After a long arguement, the brash young of the Clan made the change to Ryu-Urufu- pledging eternal war on the Dragons which so frightened them. However, they did not know of how much good the Dragons had caused in their close proximity, and that they were also nearly extinct.

The Ryu-Urufu inherited unnatural long life from the magical auras the Dragons gave out. However, with Dragon-Kind on the wane, the magic was wearing off. When males mated with the females of the Clan, their magical aura was siphoned out slowly, infusing the child with a slightly debilitated aura. The men died of old age, baffling the Elder Council for many years. By the time they found the cause, the Ryu-Urufu had dwindled to a few dozen. Deciding to dedicate the next, and last, child to exploring the outside world (which they still feared the Dragonic presence in), they waited. At last, the child was born...A bright Urufu named Il'leth...

Personality: Il'leth was raised in the traditional values of the Ryu-Urufu; a deep focus on family and kin. Among the small number of clan-mates, it was important to preserve peace, and such became law. Il'leth is an exceptionally bright child, but sometimes given to oddities. She may be perfectly fine sounding at one moment, but then suddenly lose all interest and concentrate on a seemingly inconsequential thing. Many Elders believe that she is recieving a message from Mabushii Reifujin, who all Ryu-Urushu hold dear. Not once Clansman is anything but unswervingly dedicated to their Goddess. Il'leth is also friendly almost all the time, with a few moody swings.

BoF: Thread Of Hope
BoF: Thread Of Hope #2
A Wolf's Tale- Il'leth's Intro
Il'leth's Portrait

Name: Brinn
Class: Warrior
Age: 53
Race: Human

Appearence: Grizzled describes him well. He's obviously strong, though appears to have gone slightly to seed from inactivity. Hair is brown and unruly, though growing whiter every year. Several scars lay on his skin from previous battles, of which he seems proud. His clothes are non-descript, and patched in several places. Most are in browns or tans, and fit loosely enough for free movement. His eyes are gray-blue, showing both amusement and worry. A nondescript and battleworn sword sits comfortably in a - again nondescript - sheath strapped to his thigh. A long dagger also is looped into his belt.

Possessions: Plain sword, long dagger, clothes on his back. That's about it.

Magic: Absolutely none! Hah! Eat that, mages!

History: Brinn grew up at an orphanage in a small city, and led a fairy uneventful life there. He never knew his parents, either, and accepted the orphanage as his home. It was an enjoyable time for him. Come his 16th birthday, the orphanage tries to find a job for the orphan so he can begin to find his own space in the community. Brinn never found the jobs to be very exciting, though, and found he wanted action and adventure. The owners of the orphanage tried to dissuade him, thinking it was merely a childhood fantasy, but he persisted. They finally relented, allowing him to attend beginner's sword training at a nearby sword training place. He spent his days training, his nights with his 'family'. Nothing happened to him. No orphanage burning down, no madman killing all his friends, nada. He's just a normal guy out for a living. For the last 30+ years, he's fought for a living in various contracts- group, individual, with militia, and so on. However, it's been fairly hard for him, a non-magical swordsman, to get a contract, and so he's been living lean. On magic: Brinn doesn't despise mages, and has been friends with many of them. However, he does dislike how a mage's versatility appeals much more than an honest swordsman. That the mages have stolen all the contracts from him is completely unrelated. Really.

Attitude: Brinn is a fairly outgoing character, and makes friends with most of those he meets. However, he is also sometimes aloof, thinking about the 'good old days'. Sometimes he's full of happiness and vibrant, sometimes he might go off to think. For the most part though, he's a great friend to have.

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---------------------VARIOUS OTHERS----------------------------------

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-----------------------------UNUSABLE CHARACTERS-----------------------------
These are characters who are either too powerful or just simply don't fit into the RPGWW community, but I'm listing them here anyway.

-----------------------------DRAGON FAMILY--------------------------------------

Name: Myriad
Race: Green Dragon
Class: Wind Mage
Sub-classes: Fire mage, Ice Mage, Staff fighter
Description: A man apparently about 20 years, Myriad seems to have a sense of maturity about him, though anyone who’s been around him for long knows he isn’t very world wise. His attitude is usually mild, but can be provoked into anger. When angry, he sometimes forgets the inhibitions and secrecy he tries to maintain. Also, he is very proud, and would never surrender to someone without deep respect for his foe. He will continue fighting until he’s defeated, though he doesn’t use his full dragon strength, seeing it as unfair, and not a true test of strength and skill. For those foes that provoke him into near-insanity, and for those that Myriad feels are a threat not just to him, but to more people, he may transform into his dragon form, capable of much more powerful magic, as well as having the natural strength and magic-resistance inherent in his race. Outside of battles, Myriad pursues his new quest to help defend those who are caught in the middle. He doesn’t see himself as any kind of hero; however, he can’t stand unfairness. He strives for equality in battles, and because of this, placed the restrictions and impositions on himself.
Equipment: Myriad originally specialized in the staff, when he trained with his brothers in the arts of war. He also trained in light swords, believing speed and maneuverability to be of utmost importance. His favorite armor, and one he almost always wears, is light and supple dragon leather, which he creates through an extensive magical process, so as to get the benefits of the armor without killing his own kind. After his brothers died, Myriad took up their swords and trained with them, intending to use them in revenge against the man who had slain them. When they were destroyed, (reference to Team Battle), he very nearly renounced his vows to not show his true form and destroyed Masonwheeler, regardless of what it might cause to happen to him. Soon after his stunning defeat, Myriad obtained a magical amulet, engraved with pictures of dragons. Two- red and blue circled around a third green one, which was roaring defiance. This amulet seems to have many powers. The first discovered one was the creation of the Dragon Fang, Myriad’s new staff. This staff is a rich red color, covered in draconic runes and encrusted with three gems- green, red, and blue. It seems that only the wind runes around the green gem are readable to him. Myriad believes that if he tests himself enough, the other runes will make themselves known, unlocking stores of power unknown to him. The staff itself is magical, enchanted to never break, as well as cut like a sword would. Its other point of interest is that it is a potent focus for his magic, making it much stronger when it is channeled through, possibly due to the immense stores of magic contained within it. The last part of Myriad’s armament is a bandolier of daggers strapped around his waist, easily accessible and throw able.

Team Battle: Loss vs. Mason
Challenge to a Teammate: ? vs. Roland
Of Binds and Bloodlines
By The Claw- Myriad's Story

Name: Skye
Race: Ice Dragon
Class: Ice Mage, Shapechanger
Appearence: Usually clothed in light blue robes trimmed in white, the color of a calm sky. Light brown hair, shoulder-length. Always smiling or laughing.
Description: Not all that much to say, besides he's very cheerful and optimistic. He's not a fighter by heart, but can more than hold his own. He is, however, very close to his brothers and would do anything for them.
Backstory: Same as Myriad's. Since then, he's been inactive, but now hopes to take a part in human affairs. He has always had a fondness for Earth animals, especially cats. Most dragons have mastered only one transformation- to become human. Skye has trained himself to be able to transform into many Earth animals, and a few from the Dragon World.
Elegant Skye

Name: Sheel
Race: Fire Dragon
Class: Warrior, Fire Mage.
Appearence: Firey red hair, spiked. Red plate armor and leggings. Really big sword. Big obvious muscles. Often scowling or mocking others.
Description: He's basically the opposite of Skye. He believes that dragons are superior to other races, and is willing to fight for that. He's very fond of physical strength, and challenges others to fights and contests very often.

Name: Shadowhunter
Race: Chaos Dragon
Class: Author.
Appearence: Variable, though his 'true' form is basically Argent.
Description: Pure freakin' Chaotic. You can't expect anything from him. Except that he loves Chocobos, Dragons, Kitsunes, and Wolves, in no particular order.
SPECIAL NOTE: As he is an Author, he can basically be anything he wants to be, do what he wants to, and so on. However, he seems to prefer letting Myriad do what he does without interference....and has also dropped hints about something Myriad must do in the future. Hrm. Also, his skill set is primarily based on shadows and chaos. Surprise surprise.
One Day On This Planet
Revenge Of The Author's Tourney (Shadow vs. Midboss)
Author's Tourney: Let's Rokkun-ro'ru!

Names: Choco + Choco
Races: Golden Chocobos
Backstory: There are two Chocos. One is Good, one is Evil. Originally, the Good was the only one. Choco grew up with Shadowhunter on a chocobo farm near his home. One day, though, Shadowhunter realized he had to do something about the evil outside his own world, and set out to right some wrongs. He recruited Choco as his agent to other worlds, and both have worked to help however they can. One of Choco's most recent excursions is to the Army of K.H.R.I.M.A, which plots to take over the world with a very vague scheme and lousy villains. Evil Choco fissioned off there, to save Choco the trouble of having an evil side, and to fit in more. Evil Choco does not remember that he was originally Good Choco, however. Both are granted the Author-level power of Card Playing. With this, they make any CCG card ((That I own, and that's several)) become real.
Good Choco: I'm Bored, And The Author's Tourney Seems To Be Dead, So...
Evil Choco: Army of K.H.R.I.M.A

Name: Shade
Type: Z-Style Infiltration Reploid

Background: Created by a independent robo-factory, Shade was the first model of a \'Zero Build Infiltration \'Bot\'. It had been determined that a Z-style Infiltration and Retrieval Bot (IRB.) would be well served to have high quality armor. But just before creation, the designs on the armor was stripped after testing showed a dangerous speed decrease. The result? A highly trained in breaking in and getting information Reploid, which looks almost exactly like Zero, but upon close inspection, has much weaker armor. However, a large flaw was discovered- his enhanced optics were actually TOO sensitive, and could be easily \'blinded\'. The buyer soon sued the company, which has since been fighting bankrupcy, much to Shade\'s happiness. Shade has been assigned a variety of low-level jobs, but credit has been taken by the \'Bots that do the fighting using the data he obtains. Because of this, Shade has grown detached from his fellow Hunters, and does not volunteer for much. He hopes that sooner or later his services will be recognized, and a promotion ensuing.

Appearance: Shade is almost a Original Zero clone, although painted black instead of Zero\'s red. He is right arm also can transform into a Z-Saber, which means he cannot be disarmed by traditional means, and has much closer control over his weapon. The blade is also different, being slightly longer and thinner for more detailed work. The hue is a reddish purple color for the blade. In place of his optical sensory devices (eyes, in human parlance), he has a black \'visor\' that covers from below his eyes over, forming a V. This visor is higher-par than normal optics, which allows better detection of enemy forces and better recording and stealing data, as it stores and receives data faster than normal. This is quite important to his profession, although has earned him the nickname of \'Shades\'. It\'s major flaw is that it can be easily blinded from sudden and intense light.

Personality: Somewhat aloof, and does not volunteer readily. However, he is proud of his skills at infiltration, and is sensitive about them. (As in, nobody insults his skills and gets away with it.) He is also serious, and the way he talks is almost like a non-sentient \'Bot, except for around close friends within the Hunter Corp. When he is around with his few friends, he talks normally and is sensitive to them. The hard part is earning his friendship, when his comrades have so often betrayed him.

Special Skill Sengantotsu- Art of the Lightning Dash. A lightning quick dash slash that leaves an electrical trail behind him, which fries circuitry and mechanics, if the blade slash doesn\'t destroy the target. Shade hasn\'t had much occasion to use this, but when he does, it\'s very useful. The brief speed boost makes him much harder to hit while performing this technique, but not invincible, as Zero is. He finds it best used to dodge a large projectile, or to get behind a approaching enemy and suprise it.
Megaman X: The Good Doctor's Ghost

Name: Joshua Dirkel (Dirk-el)
Alias: Psicosis
Team: Generation X
Age: 17
Height: 5'11
Eyes: Green
Hair: Natural Dark Blonde
Sex: Yes. I mean, Male.
Power Set: Berserker
-- Activates when he hears a certain noise.
-- Stays for up to an hour
-- Cooldown time of 1/2 expended.
-- Gains enhansed strength, reflex's and agility
-- Gains impenetrable skin
-- Loses all emotions, any sense of empathy, morals, and feels no pain.
-- Still can be rendered unconcious or be damaged internally, however he just doesn't feel it.

Dressed primarily in browns and blacks. Medium build. Usually looks aggressive, and people stay away from him for this reason. Has many pockets on his pants, as well as a jacket he almost always wears. Clothes are in fairly poor condition, except for one or two good sets for �special occasions�. Light and flexible to allow easy movement. He has his hands in his pockets much of the time. Slouches/lounges a lot during classes.

Joshua was born to Mr. Paul Dirkel and Mrs. Janette Germaine. Their marriage was forced on them by presuming parents, and neither has ever pretended to love each other, though they have not spoken seriously of divorce. Their anger and shame has been taken out on their children- 21-year old Brittany, and 17-year old Joshua. The father is a Mind Reader Metahuman, and has often used his powers to embarrass and humiltiate Joshua.

Brittany and Joshua have long been the closest of siblings. During almost all his life, Joshua has been a kinder bow, and talked frequently with his sister. However, she recently moved to a college four hours� drive from Delta City, and stays on-campus there. She has had no chance to talk extensively with Joshua for almost 2 years, as her college is a very prestigious one, and requires all of her time and concentration.

Since then, Joshua has become steadily more and more aggressive and anti-social. The few friends he had have all left him, scared by the change in him. To take out some of his aggressive feelings, Joshua took up hunting.

His parents enrolled him in the Delta City school system, not out of concern for his future, but to get rid of him as much as possible.
Delta City AU: Legacies Written In Sand

--------------------------LOUNGES I'VE BEEN IN-----------------------------------
Have Yourself A Sadistic Little Christmas
The RP Lounge
Duel Master's

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----------------------BY THE CLAW: MYRIAD'S STORY------------------------------

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-----------------A WOLF'S TALE: IL'LETH'S INTRO-----------------------------------

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Unread postby Kai » Sun Jan 14, 2007 1:55 pm

I know that Charles asked if he could have these moved to the Fanfic forum, and you said no. Because Charles is a sweet guy, he didn't do what he's able to do as the mod of the fanfic forum and just move them against your consent.

For an example of what this organizational scheme looks like, if you'll look in the Fanfic forum, you'll see that nearly all the backstory for my characters is posted up there and linked in my character sheet thread. That way both parts get read by interested parties, and the link makes sure that everything is still kept cross-referenced.

Here's why we ask that huge blocks of backstory go in that forum.

One. This is a forum for character sheets. Sheets are short summaries of a character for you, other players, and gamemasters to look through and get basic information on characters. A short story is not a sheet. A short story makes your sheets harder to find.

Two. People in the character closet look for sheets here because that's what it's for. If you post a short story in here, no one will read it because the people who want to read things like that have been going to the Fanfic forum and not finding your character's backstory.

Three. The Fanfic forum is less active than the Character Closet for obvious reasons. It's harder to write a story than it is to slap together a character sheet in most cases. Because it gets less activity, a post there is more likely to be noticed than a post in the CC. This forum gets constant tiny edits and modifications to sheets all the time that no one needs to go back and reread most of the time. If there's a post in the Fanfic forum, it's usually something relevant. If you post this there, it is more likely to be noticed.

This isn't the kind of forum where you have to do everything a mod or an admin says just because they're "ranking officers" or whatever the hell. Ninety-nine percent of the time, that kind of authoritative bullshit is considered... well, just that. Bullshit.

Because I don't want you to feel like you have to do what we say for no reason other than that we "are someone" in particular... I've given you the reasons why we ask that writings go in a separate forum from sheets.

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Unread postby shadowhunter » Sun Jan 14, 2007 2:22 pm

(Is discussing the matter with Kai over AIM)

Something everyone should know, however. I plan to edit character sheets onto the appropriate sections as they come up. Il'leth and perhaps Brinn will be moved to the Gaera Main section. Anyone who's not Gaera, but usable, will be in the Others, where Il'leth and Brinn are currently.

The stories are there for easy reference. If they need to be moved, fine. I just personally prefer them where they are, so I don't have to go thread-hopping to find out something, or drag it up from pages down on the forum list.

I definately don't want a problem, though.

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