Character sheet archiving. Help with characters can be solicited here. This is also the place to talk Philsys or other RPing systems.
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Various relevant links. Feel free to post, IM, or email more to me.

The links chosen from the RPGWW website are the most commonly used or important pages.

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RP system resources, Philsys:
• - the philsys character template
• - the philsys guide
• - Archmage's philsys character creation guide
• - SkullDragon's philsys Excel sheet

RP system resources, other:
• - a basic freestyle character template
• other systems previously used at RPGWW: The Window | Risus | GURPS Lite [PDF FILE] | BESM

World guide pages:
• Elemaer Wiki page - the Elemaer Guide
• Gaera Main Wiki page - the Gaera Main Guide, index
• the more important of the Gaera Guide subpages: deities | maps | basic national info | race canon | creationism | timekeeping + timeline link

Personality resources
• - 100 questions to think about.
• - Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site

Name resources:
• General name resources: | | |
• - A damn fine character name generator, with plenty of different options. Also includes a silly name generator for your village idiot!
• - Need a bit of backstory? Try the battle name generator. You'll have to keep trying to get something good, but you'll occasionally find a gem like "The Nine Years Sneak Attack," or "The Attack of the Bears." (Also try some of the other generators linked from this page).
• - This will generate real world names, for any NPC who's more on one of the normal, less exciting walks of life. And who didn't have goofy parents who were high when they named their kid.

• - Children growth charts--a place to find a guide for (average) heights and weights for children 2 to 20.

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Also, LadyDragonClaws/Kate notes the following:
While this isn't involved in character making, I just thought it would be useful to have a quick blurb on leveling up characters yourself if you choose to keep your sheets here:

Just pick primary and secondary stats (AKA attributes, MAG cannot be increased), roll d100 for each.
If the roll is less than (100 - [Stat*5]), primary increases.
If the roll is less than (50 - [Stat*5]), secondary increases.

Don't lie about your rolls, that's just lame.

Then they gain STA+1d6 HP,
([INT+MAG] / 2) +1d4 MP,
And 3+1d3 TP.

If STA is upped, they gain a retroactive +5 HP as a bonus. Adjust AT/PA, initiative, etc. as necessary.

Then they get WIS+3 skill points to use. You can't increase a skill further than the combined attributes beside it without making a roll (specifics detailed in the section on the site). Also, you can't up more than two ranks in a single skill per level. (I.e. You can increase Fire Magic from 5 to 7, but not 5 to 8).

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