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Name: Teirra

Race: Human

Origin: Teirra was born in the Anglic Empire

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Occupation: Pit Fighter


Heavy Hatchet: One-handed axe wielded in Teirra’s right hand.

Kris: Teirra's favored off-hand weapon.

Shiv: Easily concealed weapon for use where weapons are prohibited.

Hand Crossbow: Can fire quickly and hit at a decent range.

Quiver: A quiver of 50 small poisoned bolts.

Pack: Contains food, travelling supplies, and money.

Belt: Holds weapons and a small pack of healing herbs.

Armor: Chain mail hauberk, leather bracers and boots.

Appearance: Somewhat diminutive in stature, Teirra stands at about 5’2”. However, she is quite wiry, agile, and surprisingly strong. Her eyes are green and her hair is blond, straight, and worn in a shoulder-length ponytail. Her sun-darkened skin bears a number of small scars. One of these scars runs down across her left eye, though the eye itself remains uninjured.

Personality: Generally wild and somewhat overbearing at times. Seemingly born without fear, she will often dash headlong into danger even when there is nothing to be gained from it. Utterly incapable of tolerating boredom, she has no interest in the tedium of “normal life,” preferring instead to live by the sword, even if that means dying by it.

Skills and Abilities:

Fortitude: Teirra possesses an ability to endure physical discomfort that goes far beyond average. The rigors of combat and harsh weather do little to daunt her.

Marksmanship: Not the best shot in the world, but she knows what she’s doing. Her greatest strength in long-range combat, though, is her quick reload time. If the first shot misses, the second shot will come within seconds.

Scrapping: She lives to fight and fights to live. Skill and utter lunacy intertwine to make Tierra a nightmare with her axe and dagger.


It cannot be said that Teirra’s life has been particularly complicated. As the daughter of a notorious highwayman, she spent her childhood among some of the most vulgar people under the sky. From a young age, she was a bully and a rapscallion, of whom even older boys were afraid.

Not long after reaching adolescence, she became involved in the work of her father’s band, that being the Stopping of Travelers between Towns and the Acquisition of their Currencies and Properties. Some of these travelers were less agreeable than others, and so her work provided her with some measure of experience in hand-to-hand combat.

By the time she had neared adulthood Teirra had mastered her chosen weapons. Thus she no longer found the merchants who traveled the roads and the cheaply hired swordarms who guarded them to provide much of a challenge. Growing bored at that point, she began searching for a means of finding adversaries of greater skill.

What she found was the bloody sport of the fighter pits, in which those who considered themselves great warriors would stake their lives on their fighting skills. Considering herself a great warrior, Teirra entered these pits. She was soon delighted to learn that this occupation rewarded her with a great deal of prize money and, even better, the occasional scar. And so it has remained her chosen occupation to this day.

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