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Name: Reid

Race: Human

Origin: Reid was born in the Anglic Empire

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Occupation: Rogue.


Short sword: Uses it in her offhand; used for piercing.

Punching Dagger: The full force of a punch behind this weapon’s attack deems this weapon deadly.

Short bow: A standard Osage short bow.

Quiver: A quiver of 30 poisoned arrows.

Pack: Leather backpack containing beef jerky, nuts, dried fruits, various tools needed for her profession, lantern, oil, flint and steel, water skin, wool blanket for cold nights, disguise kit.

Armor: Black, simple, lightweight leather armor, leather vambraces.

Cloak: A plain, gray, hooded cloak.

A faithful horse and friend named “Moon”. As she uses him primarily for traveling long distances, the grullo-colored horse stays in local stables when Reid stops in a city to “work”.

Appearance: Reid stands a bit taller than a typical woman at 5’11”. She has concluded that her father (whom she has never met) is where she inherited her height since she towers over her estranged mother. She weighs 149 pounds (that’s 67-ish kilos), fair-skinned with blue eyes and dark-brown, almost black hair. She wears her hair dreadlocked and will sometimes tie it back with a head scarf, knotting it at the base of her skull. She has a tattoo on the side of her neck of some sort of tribal-looking design. She has tattoos in other places, but she’s not showing them.

Personality: Quiet and guarded at first, but as soon as a person is deemed trustworthy, opens up pretty easily, but only reveals so much about herself; consider her secretive. Adventurous; she believes herself having a gypsy soul.

Skills & Abilities:

Escape artist: If Reid was ever captured, all it would take is for her captor to have a few seconds distraction and she would surely remove the bonds and have a dagger in his back.

Archery: Best when attacking from an assassin’s perch. She has 98% accuracy on the first shot. For that 2% where inaccuracy rears its ugly head, she utilizes her hide skill in order to avoid detection.

Lock picking/trap detecting: This comes especially handy in her profession.

History: Reid does not openly talk about her past. You would have to prove to be a friend before she would hand over this information.

Graphic representation of Reid. The clothing isn't accurate, but everything else is.


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