Children of the Sun test drive characters

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Children of the Sun test drive characters

Unread postby PriamNevhausten » Wed Dec 20, 2006 8:37 pm

Name: Hector "Outlandish" Finsterdyk
Occupation: Performer/con-man (as needed)
Race: Human

STR d6
AG 3d8
Vi d4
Fo 2d6
Perc d6
Disc d8
Charm d8
Lead 2d4
Fer d4

XP: 7

Appearance: ±0
1 MP

Tendency: Charm
Strain: 6

4 Sleight of Hand
3 Performing
3 Subterfuge
3 Running
3 Concealment
2 Knife combat
4 Wave Dodge

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Re: Children of the Sun test drive characters

Unread postby Zemyla » Wed Dec 20, 2006 8:53 pm

Name: (to be determined)
Occupation: Tinkerer!
Race: Avendera

Str d6
Agi 2d8
Vig d4
Foc 2d8
Perc 2d10
Disc 2d4
Cha d4
Lead d6
Fer d4

Appearance +1 (she's pretty, but she should take care of herself more)

1 MP

Tendency: Leadership
Strain: 10

3 Repair
3 Gunmanship
3 Arcane Engineering
3 Magic Knowledge
3 Lecturing

XP spending:
8 points: +1 MP
2 points: Darksight
2 points: +1 Matter Pillar
2 points: +1 Energy Pillar
2 points: +1 Alteration Pillar
2 points: +1 Creation Pillar
2 points: +1 Sabotage
2 points: +1 Life Pillar
1 point: Technique (Fragmentation)
1 point: Technique (Patch)
1 point: Technique (Create Small Item)

I'm leaving this unfinished because I have to leave. I'll work on finishing it later. <p>-----
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Re: Children of the Sun test drive characters

Unread postby Besyanteo » Wed Dec 20, 2006 9:11 pm

Name: Guy
Race: Luparathi
Job: Barbarian
Str 3d8
Agi 2d8
Vig 1d12
Foc 1d4-2
Prc 2d8
Dsc 1d6
Cha 1d4-2
Ldr 1d4-2
Fer 2d8
Appearance: -1
Magic Points: 1

Strain: 14
Tendency: Ferocity

Racial Innate Abilities:
Exceptional Hearing & Smell : +3 dice to all hearing/scent rolls
Far Sighted : 2 die penalty to all Perception tests at short ranges (10 feet)
Magically Inept: Spends 1 extra point per rank on learning pillars.
Oversized Hands: Lose 1 Agility die when using an item not specially crafted for Luparathi.
Regarded As Property: Well dur.

Bonus Dice: Str (9 pts.)
Job: Survival(Forest) : 3 (0 Pts.)
Job: Tracking : 7 (0 pts.)
Job: Swimming : 3 (0 pts.)
Job: Climbing : 3 (0 pts.)
Job: Running : 3 (0 pts.)
Jumping: 2 (6 pts.)
Unarmed: 3 (12 pts.)
Racial: Claws (2 pts.)
--A 3d6 quality weapon usable with your Unarmed attacks.
Racial: Darksight (2 pts.)
--Retain up to 2 dice of Perception in low light conditions.
Racial: Leaping (2 pts.)
--When making agility tests for Jumping, raise the die type by 1 and add 2 more dice.
Racial: Tracking (2 pts.)
--Gain Tracking at Rank 4.
Deft Attack (1 pts.)
-- +1 to Agility for all attacks this round; Cost: 1 MP

Destitue Clothes
Utility Knife (2d4-4)

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