Roose Hurro's Creations...

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Roose Hurro

Roose Hurro's Creations...

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NAME: Picofarad ("Pico" for short... his real name is unknown)

SPECIES: Unknown... usually just refered to as "Deeks" (and not in a polite fashion)


ORIENTATION: Hmm... somewhere between neutral good and chaotic neutral, as the mood strikes...

AGE: 227 years

APPEARANCE: Pico is unusually heavy for his size (2.5' standing upright, about 5.4' nose to tailtip) and slender build, due to the density of his organic tissues (he appears to be about a third his actual weight of 87lbs). His hide is a golden sand color, paler on his underside and darker on his back. His limbs are banded with copper markings, and there are grey/black slash markings on his back. His eyes are a mix of amber and jade, and his forehead is marked by an oval bulge, streaked by slashes of dark metalic blue. His short, thick mane runs from his forehead bulge to just below his shoulders, and is a dark golden blonde tipped in the color of old steel. The only things he ever wears are his toolbelt and backpack... nothing else. Well... unless he's trying to hide or disguise himself....

In general appearance, Pico resembles a dragon... though, instead of wings, he has a second set of arms under his first set... they are more slender, with three digits per hand -- two fingers and a thumb... there is also a short grooming dewclaw opposite the thumb (technically a digit, but I'm not counting it, due to its stubbiness). His other arms have hands with five full digits -- four fingers and a thumb on each, and very dexterous, despite their very sharp claws. And like an oriental dragon, he has a pair of long feelers on his head that, when drooped, tuck behind his ears. His ears are very large and sensative to sound, like a bat's. His hide is very sensative to touch. And his slender, whip-like tail is prehensile. His legs are digitigrade, and each foot has six toes, two of which are dewclaws equiped with scythe-like talons, one on each side. His other toeclaws are thick and heavy and sharp edged... almost hoof-like, but just as hard and sheddable as his claws.

PERSONALLITY: On the outside -- If he doesn't like you... that of a tough guy who can prove his toughness, with a smart-aleck disrespect for authority, backed by an acid sense of humor. He also acts with extreme (and justified) confidence in his abilities. If he does like you, he acts friendly, but will pull subtle pranks and act in annoying ways around you... and when he does speak, he will treat you with anything from grave respect to merciless teasing, or even show the genuine affection he is capable of showing, when he is with someone he fully trusts... something very rare for him.

On the inside -- Since loosing his parents and siblings, and being exiled from his society and his people by the Theocracy (for having survived), Pico has lived with his grief held deep inside, something he has only shown to a rare few. Still, in all the time he has traveled, since his escape from his homeworld... and all the other people (human and otherwise) he has met... he has learned the value of his life, and has reached a full understanding of why his parents had sacrificed themselves for him. And he feels sad that his own people remain blinded by tradition and belief, by an attitude of isolation and mistrust. But, despite all he has learned through his life, Pico still feels those same attitudes, beliefs and traditions deep within, and fights them every day, despite his parents' teachings. This makes him prone to emotional turmoil.

ABILITIES: Regeneration (rapid healing), coupled with extreme physical durability (his hide is bulletproof, when tensed). Pico can fix anything that's broken, using both his innate intellectual talents, self-taught skills and creativity to solve problems, and find solutions to any mechanical/electronic ailment. He can also cling to any surface, hold his breath for a very long time, and... with his strength... besides lifting great weights, he can shape metal with his hands, and carve (or dig through) stone and wood and, to some degree, metal (etc.) with his claws (his claws are transparant, and are so hard they cannot be easily dulled... periodically, they are shed and regrown, like shark teeth. Oh... and his teeth are as hard and sheddable as his claws, and a semi-transparent white). Pico also has two larynxes, so his voice has a slight metalic echo... his voice is very loud and powerfull when he uses it to the fullest, able to rupture organic tissue and shatter rock at close range. With his large ears, he can echo-locate in the dark... and his head feelers are sensitive to electric/electromagnetic field radiation. His saliva is very toxic, when he wants it to be... and when his emotions are roused... making his bite (and his spit) very poisonous and corrosive... basically, his salivary glands can produce any toxic compound he's been exposed to (or combo of same). Also, with the right use of chemical tablets, he can use his saliva for a number of medical uses, as well (like turning his saliva into a powerful sleeping drug). Oh, and one more thing (maybe...?)... despite his size, he can kick major butt!

FAMILY: Pico is an orphan... his parents and siblings died in a cave-in, when their home collapsed during an earthquake... basically, crushed and asphyxiated under tons of fallen rock and debris, when the large hill they lived under subsided in the night. Being the youngest child, Pico's mother had desperately thrown him out the entrance of their home burrow, while his father had tried to save his other siblings, deep inside... but, the hill collapsed too quickly... Pico's father and siblings never made it out, and his mother died at the entryway, only her right primehand poking out of the rubble for Pico to find... and feel the life go out of, as the weight of stone had crushed the air out of her lungs, leaving her to die slowly from asphyxiation... Pico way too young to dig her out in time. Help... too late in coming.

HISTORY: Pico's Homeworld is ruled by competative Theocracies... religious factions constantly fighting for political dominance... and control of others, through fear as well as faith. The present Theocracy has been ruling for the last five hundred years... its relationships with the other factions, very tense... but its power, well seated. Pico's parents did not follow the tenents of the ruling Theocracy... and so, being believers within another faction, the ruling Theocracy treated them as pariahs... excommunicated from society at large... relegated to the fringes, with others who did not "believe". Offered no protection, nor compassion. Yet... still under the Theocracy's thumb. Into this, Pico was born. And when his family died... when other religious exiles found him still holding tight to, and crying over his mother's cold primehand... another family took compassion, and took him in to their own... but, it didn't last. The Theocracy found out... came... and demanded a show of grief, a ritual suicide. Pico refused... and the family he had lived with now for several months received threats... they would suffer greatly if they kept Pico as their own....

Pico was only twenty two at the time... still very young... but the Theocracy had declared him dead, and threatened death on any family that dared to take him in... so, Pico became a non-person in the eyes of his people, by choice... even so young, he could not stand the thought of others dying for him... not again. He survived for several years, all alone... until a very misguided ambassadorial mission tried to reopen relations... and were informed their genitals would be bitten off, if they didn't leave... NOW! Pico took advantage of the panic, and stowed away on their ship... and has made a life for himself, as the only Deek to survive such an exile.

ANYTHING ELSE: Pico's species reach sexual maturity at the age of sixty... male maturation is stimulated by female scent, sight and touch. Having left his Homeworld way before maturation, Pico never went through puberty... never found a female exile, like himself... only graves and bones, only a few old remains of past exiles. And yet, after surviving a starship crash three hundred and nine days ago... after being saved and healed from fatal wounds by a strange alien mystic... after burying a friend, and the rest of the passengers and crew... yes, a short time after... only a few days... he'd found himself going through the changes of puberty, somehow finding his maturation stimulated by the regenerative energies used to save his life... energies that took his undeveloped sexuality as an "injury", and apparently "healed" it. So, for over three hundred days, Pico has been living through his species equivalent of a mating rut. Out of every twelve hundred days in a cycle, four hundred days are normally spent in "rut", for the males of Pico's species... the time it takes a newborn offspring to grow strong enough to handle itself, without constant parental care... the time an infant becomes a child, able to stand and run on his or her own legs, and eat solid food....

For a male, this "rut" results in radical physical changes... the bump on his forehead splits open into a third eye, compound in structure, blue in color, and able to see bioenergy in link with his feelers... his feelers, lengthened and thickened... spikes, one growing out of each primehand's wrist, toxic as his saliva. His copper band markings on his limbs darken, the blue slashes on his forehead fade, before his third eye opens... and the blue writes patterns on his hide, in curves, arcs and whorls, from forehead to groin... down his neck, over his shoulders, around his hips... and marking his uro-genital slit with its color....

Oh, and Pico's Homeworld... due to a more extreme axial tilt, combined with higher gravity and atmospheric pressure, his Homeworld is subject to wild swings in weather patterns, along with frequent tectonic disturbances. Weather can get so violent, wide areas can be stripped of any loose vegitation or debris... atmospheric pressure can drop very low in a region, as well... suffice to say, Pico's species is adapted to this environment, which is why they have the abilities they do, to survive such a harsh environment... bulletproof hide (to protect from flying debris, gravity-defying grip (to hold on in high winds, for one), electromagnetic feelers (to sense and predict lightning strikes)... I think you get the idea.

Hmm... anything further will come out in RP. This is already very looong.........

Oh, wait! One more thing, if you haven't figured it out... nothing much is known about Pico's species... not their true species name, nothing beyond what is here. Even Pico has never spoken his own true name... though, honestly, his native language is not produceable (or known) by any other species, and so there is no translateable form of it to go by... no real way to translate his name... the Deek themselves, however, are well versed in other laguages... if only to provide proper threats to unwanted visitors (which includes everyone not following the ruling Theocracy's beliefs... and this is how Pico was first able to communicate with others)....

Pico has never revealed anything about his kind, other than through his own actions and lifestyle, his way of interacting with other species....


Roose Hurro

Roose Hurro, Himself...

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Name: Roose Hurro

Species: Tau'Twill

Gender: Male

Evil/Good: Good

Age: 20 (almost 21) years

Mature Adult at Age: 20 years

Appearance: Roose stands about 5'10" -- when he's relaxed and bipedal in his stance. He weighs somewhere between 150 - 175 pounds, very athletic in build (dense muscle mass), yet very svelt and sleek. His eyes are emerald green, with pupils able to shift from vertically to horizontally slitted... and from round, in between both. Fur coloration is primarily black and cream white, with titanium gray, copper brown and golden tan in the mix. Patterns consist mostly of stripes, bands (around his limbs), and a few spots (mostly on his belly). His underside is mostly cream, with mostly darker colors along his sides and back. And, though Roose is a mammal, his forelimbs (from just below the elbows) and legs (from just above his digitigrade ankles) are scaled... saphire blue, with gunmetal highlights (smooth, like the scales on a skink, but thicker, to provide more armored protection, with the highlights defining the trailing edges). 'Twill fur is thick yet soft, varying from molefur in length and texture (on the belly, and where fur meets scales), up to six inches in the longer mane fur... but still soft as a rabbit's pelt.

His mane is long and thick, running from the top of his head, down the back of his neck and over his shoulders, tapering down his spine, to the small of his back.

His muzzle is short (in length, about the width of your palm), tapers to the end of his nose (about the width of three fingers), and the fur covering it is very short and dense (like molefur), except for a ridge of longer fur, running from a point about one inch from the end of his nose to the base of his H'rik Eye (more on that a bit later!). His teeth are brilliant white, and resemble the dentition of a raccoon. And his tongue is pale green....

His ears are very large (I was thinking kitfox sized, but shaped more like bat ears... the front edge being nearly straight, the back edge curved, and tapered to the tip) and very mobile.

And, as all mature 'Twill males, he has a pair of compact wings... they only span seven feet... not suitable for flight, but usefull for attracting females (by means of very fine prismatic scales on the wing membranes, which the male can make to "flicker" in the light.... they are a secondary sexual characteristic that grow over a period of four weeks, at the onset of puberty). Further, his wings are bat-like, attached to their own shoulderblades, interacting with but below the shoulderblade-joints of his arms... and they can be folded tight against his back -- with a loose shirt on, you wouldn't know he had wings.

Roose has three "horns" -- one in the center, it's base shielded by a pair of overlapping triangular-teardrop shaped scales (the first overlaying the second, with its base surrounding the top one quarter of his H'rik Eye) -- the others, extend from a ridged base one half to three quarters of an inch above the front of his ears, on each side. These "horns" are metalic bronze in color, marked with bright silver and gold spiraled veins... and they are not really horns, but antennae, circular in cross-section, and very flexible, able to be stretched out, pulled shorter, and changed in shape... opened up, if you will (they are a major sense organ, they are called "seelers", and they allow Roose to see all forms of energy, including auras)... and they can be folded against his skull, under and along the side of his mane, and down the back of his neck. His neck is "two heads" long (in artists speak).

Going back to my earlier reference... Roose's H'rik Eye is a smooth, organic-crystaline oval jewel in the middle of his forehead, and is the seat of his telekinetic power... when it is lit (it glows blue, blue-silver or blue-white, depending on intensity), it produces a diversion field, able to deflect matter and unwanted energy away from him, and it gives him a limited ability to manipulate matter that he is in contact with (the major limit being -- he cannot propagate his TK energy through the air, except to generate wind off of his body).

As for his arms, they are long (enable him to walk/run on all fours), and his hand-claws are short, triangular in shape and cross-section, titanium colored, semi-retractable and sharp-pointed... his hands have five digits (four fingers and a very opposable thumb), high dexterity, and rough textured pads... for excellent grip on slippery objects. His pinky fingers are a bit short, with slightly longer, more curved claws -- used in grooming. As for his legs, they are long, powerful, digitigrade, and have unusually large, four-toed feet... with thick, heavy, triangular nails up to the first toe-joint -- rather than being sharp-pointed, they are sharp edged, able to kick through a car door as easy as you could kick through a wet cardboard box. Their pads have the same texture as the pads on his hands, only thicker.

His tail is long (six to seven feet), tapering and slender, scaled (like a snakes belly) on the first quarter of its underside... otherwise furred, with the length of the first quarter's fur matching that of his outer thighfur (mid-length, about one quarter to one half inches), then tapering to molefur... at the end, spreading into a long, thick tuft -- resembling that of a squirrel's tail, only more fluffed. A 'Twill's tail is also prehensile....

As for his... ahh... masculine equipment... suffice to say, it's a bit different from terrestrial mammals. Yes, you have been warned (when he wakes in the morning, he tends to forget his pants)!

Personality: Thoughtful, but not afraid to speak his mind, Roose gives everything he encounters the focus of his alert and intelligent mind... he grew up without prejudice, though his parents and relatives taught him the value of reasoned judgement, touched by a passion for the value of all life. 'Twill have no formal religion, but they are very spiritual beings... their ability to see the flowing energies of life giving them an insight into the souls of others. Roose is no less than any other 'Twill in this aspect, though he does experience the added complexities of dealing with other lifeforms... other ways of thought and behaviour. To those he befriends, he is loyal, without being foolish, and very open with himself, never hiding who he is, inside or out. Innocent, in a way, without being naive. Highly civilized, but also wild of heart... he will protect his friends, without hesitation... fight, when there is need. And make Decisions, when decisions are necessary, large or small.

Abilities: Roose is a very powerful contact telekinetic, able to affect anything he touches at the sub-molecular level... his favorite weapon is a pouch full of nickel ball-bearings, which he converts to plasma and fires from the palms of his hands. He is also a sub-master of the Accumulator sword and Boonwood staff... and, he has mastered the H'raa'Aull discipline of molecular control. And, though his wings are too small, he can still fly... with or without his airboard. He is also very strong and fast, his natural strength and speed enhanced by his TK abilities. Also, as mentioned above, when his H'rik Eye is lit, he is protected by a diversion field.

Family/History: Roose's homeworld is very far away... his people live in communities known as CityHomes (Roose is from the CityHome Hurro'Tau'ta... a CityHome founded by his ancestral family... he's a direct descendant). CityHomes, on the Tau'Twill's homeworld, are the equivalent of nations on our world... they have no central government. Each CityHome is occupied by an extended family... both blood relatives and in-laws (that's how different CityHomes maintain relations -- by becoming relations)....

Anyway, Roose is the first male child of his parents (his elder sister's name is Aaunna), and went through the changes of puberty about a year ago... but, due to the changes... which included an unstable boost to his TK abilities... he's had to leave his homeworld, aboard his starship... GreenDay. Since 'Twill technology is powered and controled by TK energy, Roose is learning to control his newfound powerboost by controling and powering GreenDay. He is also responsible... as an offplanet "Maker of Decisions"... in the area of other species contact. Puberty not only gave him wings and power, but made him an adult, with a job to do... it's also left him frustrated, because his increase in power (something that happens to one in a thousand male 'Twill, during the changes), has made it dangerous for him to seek female companionship... loosing control of his power, during a fit of passion, could be very messy ("Females are not good company when bits of them are scattered about...").

However, Roose does have a girlfriend waiting for him to return... her name is Chorri.


Roose Hurro

Thoee and Deen, deeply in Love...

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THE NISM: Tens of millions of years ago, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, there existed a now nameless race... possibly one of the first sentient species to rise up... advanced in their technology to the point they considered themselves 'gods'... though they were far from it. They became insular, discouraged by the lack of much other intelligent life in the universe... and in some ways, so tied to their technology, they were afraid to leave their homeworld. But they still wished to explore... still hoped to find SOMETHING in the universe worth knowing. Something beyond what they already knew....

So... using all their knowledge and technology, they created a race of synthetic beings... sentient, organic mecha-NISMS... shaped in their own image, that would not be afraid to explore... and discover the universe's remaining secrets. Unfortunately, their civilization had already started heading downward... their will so weakened, their bodies so reliant on their technology... that they could not stop their own slide into eventual extinction... but they were able to give their Nism... their future... their created offspring... hope, and the ability to always strive and grow... so they would never die out.

Five million years ago, the last member of this unnamed race died... but she died happy, and cared for, on a homeworld filled with Nism....

NAME: Thoee ... of the Bloodline Rurrumm


GENDER: Female


AGE: 214 years

MATURE ADULT AT AGE: 195-200 years

HEIGHT: 5.5'
WEIGHT: 150 lbs
EYES: Dark Electric Blue

OCCUPATION: WorldWalker (for the last ten years)

MATE'S NAME: Deen (has been bonded to him for ten years)

OFFSPRING: None... as of yet (haven't finished their WorldWalk)

DESCRIPTION: As is typical of female Nism, Thoee's coloration is mainly metalic... her underside is light copper, her backside is medium bronze, and her golden cream markings are slashed with jet black... her markings are in the 'tribal' style, on her chest, arms, legs and tail (both on fur and scales). Though Nism resemble mammals (partly), females have no breasts... not even nipples... just a thick ruff of fur on the upper chest, and along the sides of their throat. Females also have a ruff... a mane... of thick fur on their heads, running down the back of their necks to a point below their shoulderblades... and a tuft of thick fur on the end of the tail. From the base of the tail, out to three quarters of its length, the underside is scaled... so are the arms, from the elbows downward... and their digitigrade legs, from the ankles on down. The rest of their bodies are covered in a short, dense fur... with longer fur not only on head, neck, shoulders and chest, but around the hips, groin and upper base of the tail, as well. Four toes... with heavy, sharp-edged claws... grace each foot. Each forehand has five digits, for dexterity, equiped with partially retractable claws. Limbs, neck, muzzle and body are long and slender, with well-defined musculature visible under the furred hide and scales... a Nism's limbs are proportioned for both bipedal and quadrapedal motion, and the tail is as long as the individual is in height (maybe a bit longer). The tail is also prehensile. Weightwise, given her slender build, Thoee looks like she should weigh not much more than 100 lbs, but Nism bones are composed of metal, and their tissues are denser, as well.

PERSONALITY: A fun loving tease... vivacious, curvacious and female... and not afraid to use it! She's also smart and perceptive, dedicated to her mate, and can kick any male's butt, if they get too fresh with her. She has other qualities, but they'll come out in RP... right now, I'm blank and short on time.

ABILITIES: See below...

FAMILY: For now, her mate Deen.... (yes, she has parents and siblings, but I don't have much time right now...)

HISTORY: Sorry... again, it will have to come out in RP. Suffice to say, she had a very thorough Nism upbringing. And... she has known Deen (along with other males) long before she chose him as her mate.

NAME: Deen ... of the Bloodline Ahvviyinn




AGE: 210 years

MATURE ADULT AT AGE: 195-200 years

HEIGHT: 5.8'
WEIGHT: 185 lbs
EYES: Bright Forest Green

OCCUPATION: WorldWalker (for the last ten years)

MATE'S NAME: Thoee (has been bonded to her for ten years)

OFFSPRING: None... as of yet (haven't finished their WorldWalk)

DESCRIPTION: As is typical of male Nism, Deen's coloration is non-metalic, but brighter, with a higher contrast between colors... like the difference present in many male birds, compared with the females. His underside is pale yellow, with a slight tint of orange rust, in the hinted at form of banded markings. His mane fur is a brilliant blue at the tips, fading to light gray at the roots, and his backside is golden brown, flecked with gray and barred with chestnut brown. In contrast, his 'tribal' style markings are jet black and a brilliant snow white... marking the sides of his neck, his back, and his inner thighs. Growing out of the mane fur on his shoulders, and the back of his neck, is a layered 'collar'... a shroud, of sorts, covering his shoulders... composed of blood red feathers tipped in blue... like a bird's tail, it can be fanned and displayed to good effect (just ask Thoee how well it works... woof woof and grrr!)... and unlike females, male Nism have no tuft of fur on the ends of their tails, though the scales on the underside of the tail, and on the arms and legs, are the same. Also, just like females, males have the same short, dense fur on their bodies... but longer fur only on the upper base of the tail... nothing hides their obvious maleness (though everything is neatly tucked and/or retractile... nothing dangles). Except for the feet being larger in proportion... and heavier looking... all other limb details are the same (including the prehensile tail). Males do, however, possess greater muscle mass under their furred hide and scales, and therefore appear not as slender as the females... a bit thicker in their features... but they are just as gracefull. Weightwise, Deen looks like he should weigh around 135 lbs.

PERSONALITY: Like his mate, he is fun loving... a free spirit, sometimes a bit impulsive, casual when it comes to risk, always willing to comment on a subject... sometimes, needing his muzzle clamped shut. He has other qualities, but they'll come out in RP... right now, I'm somewhat blank and mostly short on time.

ABILITIES: See below...

FAMILY: For now, his mate Thoee.... (yes, he has parents and siblings, but I don't have much time right now...)

HISTORY: Sorry... again, it will have to come out in RP. Suffice to say, he had a very thorough Nism upbringing. And... he has known Thoee (along with other females) long before she chose him as her mate.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION (All Nism): Heights range from 5.2' to around 6', with females being on the shorter end, males on the taller. Even the biggist (and most buff) males weigh no more than 200-210 lbs. Nism have the physical characteristics of mammals, reptiles and birds... fur, scales and feathers (on the males)... but they don't (quite) match the taxonomy of any species within those classes. At first glance, someone might think they bear a resemblance to oriental style dragons, with their long, lean bodies... but a second glance would change their mind.

Nism ears are large and bat-like... ridged on the inside, and very sensative... though, at the same time, able to withstand volumes that would shatter the ears of any other species... without discomfort or pain (they can hear an ant fart... or enjoy the full power roar of a nearby rocket launch, without injury). Both male and female Nism have a pair of layered, crystal 'scales' on their foreheads, just above, and directly between, their eyes. These 'scales' sometimes glow with an inner light, as well as being reflective... like a semi-mirrored lens. Muzzles are two hand-widths long, and are slender... tapering to an aerodynamic... almost beakish... tip, with four diagonally slitted nostrils on the end (they also have hidden breathing slits high on the neck, near the jawline... used when their muzzles may be exploring water or soft ground... or while feeding their young). Necks are 'two heads' (male)... to 'two-and-a-half heads' (female)... long. Shoulders are narrow and sloping (Nism make lousy caddies). Limbs are long and slender, and provide a Nism with the ability to walk in either bipedal or quadrapedal style, with equal comfort and ease. Tails are equal in length to the individual Nism's standing height (male)... or slightly longer (female).

In both genders, the body is equally long, lean and slick looking... overall, Nism look (and are) built for speed, and for flexibility. As mentioned before, females have no mammary glands... young gain their first nourishment by suckling on the feeler tongues of their parents (both males and females produce a rich nutrient fluid in glands that discharge through pores on their feeler tongues... french kiss, anyone?). Female genitalia are hidden by a groin ruff, but the male's are not... like mammals, a mature male Nism doesn't hide his maleness... though, unlike primates... he doesn't flaunt it, either. It's just there, if you happen to be looking (and if he's not wearing any pants)...

... Which brings up the subject...

A FEW BRIEF HABITS AND ATTITUDES: Nism, over time, have learned that some species have a thing about nudity (amongst other strange taboos)... Nism don't care, one way or another, about clothing... at least, from a "it covers your nakedness" point of view. As an adornment... a "dressing up" and enhancement of physical form (whether it covers the 'nether regions' or not)... that part, they understand quite well... though their own coloration and markings serve them for the same purpose... as well as identifying them individually (no two Nism are exactly the same)... and they tend to like showing off their looks.


WorldWalking... able to "step" from one world to another. Once a mated couple bond, they spend anywhere from twenty to thirty years WorldWalking, before they return home and start a family.

Unnoticeability... able to remain "invisible" by being instantly forgotten, if seen.

Regeneration... able to survive any injury, even death, so long as their bones... and crystal heartstone... remain intact.

Strength... able to bend steel in their bare hands (eat your heart out, Superman!)

Speed... able to move fast enough, they appear as only a blur.

Levitation/Flight... able to fly without wings, and able to levitate whatever they touch... also means they can walk, and stay stuck to, any surface, reguardless of orientation or slipperyness.

Senses... able to hear faint sounds, and withstand the deafening volume of any noise... like birds, able to see a higher range of color, and to see sharply and clearly for great distances (could tell your eye color a mile away), as well as seeing very small things close up... in other words, telescopic and microscopic vision (they can also see very well in the dark)... able to pick up scent as well, if not better, than a bloodhound... and able to analyze its chemical content... able to do the same with the sense of taste... and able to feel even subtle vibrations under their feet, and subtle textures... and heat/cold... through their hands. Not to mention other parts of their anatomy.... Their forehead scales are sensative to bio-energy... able to detect life... and anything organic, as well... at a distance (a very great distance... planet to planet, as they WorldWalk... once on a planet, anywhere within a 100 mile radius).

Language/Translation... able to learn any language, simply by listening.


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Re: Thoee and Deen, deeply in Love...

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Good to see you posting these up. You know how to get hold of me already, and be sure to poke me if you need anything.

Also pokeable are Idran, Namagomi, Zero/Capntastic, Archmage, KingofDoma, Shinigori (That handsome devil!), and a whole host of others.

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Roose Hurro

Rotor, in search of Home...

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Name: Rotor (also known as Hrar-Ja'na, before his maturation)

Species: Shesha'Shonsh (Shesh, for short...)

Gender: Male (closest approximation we've got...)

Evil/Good: Good (though he can also be very dangerous...)

Age: Somewhere in his early to mid thirties (he's been through too many Layers of Reality to know exactly...)

Mature Adult at Age: Around 28 years

Appearance: Rotor stands seven feet tall and weighs 420 lbs... in general look, he resembles a dragon. Long neck, long tail, sharp teeth and claws... but beyond that, and a few minor details, he bears no further resemblance....

His head is crowned with what appear to be three long, thin horns... odd in texture, as if woven, in an irregular pattern, with thin strands, metalic in sheen... but these are not horns, they are flexible, mobile antennae whips, sensative to energy in the higher frequencies, beyond ultraviolet, through the radio spectrum, and up into x-rays/cosmic rays... very high-band radiation. His ears are large and long... each ear appears to be two ears fused into one, a single split outer ear channeling sound into two inner ear structures... one, covering infrasonic and up, the other... ultrasonic and down, with an overlap in the middle. As for his eyes, he has five... one, in the middle of his forehead, compound in structure, like an insects eye, but composed of a hard, rainbow-tinted crystal. This eye is sensative to ultraviolet light and to motion... with it, he could see the scan lines on a television screen, or the individual frames of a movie. Two eyes, set like a pair of "eyebrows", are structured to pick up infrared, allowing him to see in the dark... another pair of eyes, what you could consider his "normal" eyes, are set under his upper pair... they work in the visible light spectrum, with the visual acuity and color sensitivity of a bird's eyes, but far more flexible in their range of focus... able to be covered by a variable-filter nictating membrane. Only his eyes and "eyebrows" have lids. And on his head, running down the back of his neck, he sports a thick mane composed of what look like a blending of fur and feathers....

As for his body, it is slender, muscular, possesses four arms (the upper pair shorter, more slender, and possessing only three nonopposed digits... the lower pair longer, more muscled, and possessing four digits, with one opposed), and is covered by a smooth chameleonic hide... though under that hide are what look like cables, radiating out from a scale-armored "hump" between his dual shoulders (his spine looks sheathed, as if wrapped in one large "ridged" cable... from the base of his skull, to a point one foot beyond the base of his tail) ... these "conduits" branch and divide, like oversized blood vessels, but in a symetrical pattern on both sides of his body, and diving deep into his flesh on arms, legs and tail... like a blood vessel turning inward. Also, from the base of this "hump" to his waist, on each side of his ridged spine, there are eight "vanes"... four per side... flaps that, when open, can unsheath spines able to distort local gravity. Under the hide on his throat run three trachea... a normal "windpipe" in the middle, but with the two side trachea each slit with what look like nine small "gills"... but each, in essense, is a small "mouth". Like a kangaroo, he has a pouch on his belly... normally sealed and unnoticed, but he can open it whenever he wants... it basically serves as a large pocket (amongst other things...), given his species doesn't wear clothing... and has no external evidence of gender, nor other bodily orifices, in that area. His legs are digitigrade... long and powerful... each foot with seven toes. The five toes that touch the ground are wickedly clawed, the two outer toes possessing curved "scytheclaws", similar to those on a velociraptor... the "dewclaw" on each side of the foot are also scytheclawed. His tail also has an unusual feature... its end can split in three, exposing a "stinger" that can not only stab, but can be fired as a projectile... a very nasty "dart"....

Oh, and if you're wondering why he weighs so much for his size and build... his body stores metal.

Personality: Variable... his species is highly adaptable, both mentally and physically....

Rotor tends to be a very private individual... he is extremely intelligent, free-spirited and passionate, confident to the point of being arrogant, yet tolerant of other views... but he will not tolerate any threat to his freedom of choice. So, though he can be friendly, his trust is not given lightly. And though he is not prone to violence or anger, he can be very dangerous to those fool enough to think they can take him on. Generally, he avoids getting involved too deeply in the lives of others... deep within, he is very lonely and homesick... and afraid to see others hurt.

Abilities: Chief amongst them, Rotor can use Control Rings... manifestations from his own Universal Reality... to travel between the Layers, amongst other things. He also possesses his natural adaptimorphic abilities... his body can adapt to any enviromental changes thrown at it... adapt to land, air or water, as needed... to any atmosphere and/or temperature change, as well as gravity flunctuations... I think you get the idea. He also has his natural weapons... tooth, claw, tail stingergun, gravity control spines... his various acute senses... and his intelligence... his ability to learn. Oh, and I almost forgot his chameleonic ability... his natural power to blend in, and disappear from sight and senses... and his natural regeneration/rapid healing ability. *(Edit: Yea, left out some details... but you'll learn of them during the course of his story, if he stays long enough....)*

Family/History: Rotor was Hrar'ra'ra of the Jagaw Dauk... his birth community. As Hrar'ra'ra, he tended to the physical, mental and emotional well-being of others in need... what you might describe as a psychologist/physician. He had a mate, though no offspring yet, when he was taken not only from his homeworld... but from his universe... by a species known as Nith... to serve as an "interdimensional probe"....

Yes, he was a slave... served the Nith for a time, learning much... till he learned enough to break free. Now, lost within the layers of reality, all Rotor wishes for is to find his home... to return to Jagaw and his mate, and the life he'd lost. But, time passes... and his hope grows dimmer... and, though he has experienced a life he'd never dreamed possible, met other beings, and lived on worlds strange and wonderfull... learned and grown in knowledge... he would give it all up, just to be with his family again.


Roose Hurro

Tiffin and Khee, Traveling Companions...

Unread postby Roose Hurro » Mon Dec 11, 2006 8:38 pm

Name: Tiffin and Khee

Species: Aerosquirrel (Tiffin), Wandering Albatross (Khee)

Gender: Male (Tiffin), Female (Khee)

Evil/Good: Both Good

Age: Around 10-12 years (Tiffin), 29 years (Khee)

Mature Adult at Age: About 5-7 years (Tiffin), 12 years (Khee)

Appearance: Tiffin is the size of a large gray squirrel... standing on his hind legs, he's around sixteen inches tall. His tail also stretches sixteen inches, and is very bushy. Yet, he is far from being a normal squirrel... he sports a pair of feathered wings that, unfurled, span around two feet. However, despite being a powerfull flyer, Tiffin lacks endurance, and cannot travel long distances without rest. Also, his forelimbs are scaled, like a bird's... though they end in five digit handpaws, with sqirrel-like claws on the ends of his fingers, coupled with human-level dexterity. His hind legs, as well, sport scales, from his digitigrade ankles to his toes, on the frontside... though his hind legs otherwise look like they belong on a squirrel. And further, he possess two other glaring differences... his ears are twice the size of a normal squirrel's, looking more like they belong to a bat, and though he has the gnawing buckteeth of a rodent, his dentition... in the gaps on each side, where rodents have nothing... includes canines. Yes, teeth that look more suited to a small carnivore, but work quite well grooming fur and feathers. On his head, running down his neck to his shoulders... blending with the feathers of his wings... is a thick ruff of fur, dark grayblack, with a blue tint. His underside fur... from throat to inner thighs... is light gray, with cream colored spots on his chest... the rest of his fur is grayblack, lighter than his headruff. As for the feathers on his wings, they match the grayblack of his body fur, with black bar markings on the paler undersides and blue- tipped primaries. What also sets him apart from a normal squirrel?... he wears a pair of goggles on his head, and sports both a dark brown leather (wool-lined) jacket and a faded, pale green scarf. And his eyes... his bright, intelligent eyes... are a deep saphire blue.

As for Khee, the one unusual thing about her is her size... she's a bit large for a female Wandering Albatross. Her wingspan is over thirteen feet, and her body length is over five and a half. A normal Wandering Albatross has a wingspan of almost eleven and a half, with a body length of almost four and a half feet. Along with her unusual size, her eyes are a bright golden yellow.

Personality: Tiffin has a great love for travel and adventure... a bravery and strength of heart way beyond his size. Despite his early history, life with Khee... sharing in her heart and wisdom... has taught Tiffin the true value of life. He is also creative, inventive, and possessed with a great sense of humor... with a loyalty to his friends that would shame a dog. Still, he is not loose in his trust... one thing his early life taught him that he has never forgotten.

Khee, in all of her life's travels and travails, has never lost her gentle soul. With her unusual size and sunlight eyes, she displays great wisdom for her age... an almost supernatural talent to see into others, to know their hearts and desires... though her own have never been fulfilled. Still, since she met Tiffin, she has never felt alone.

Abilities: With his creativity, handpaw dexterity and intelligence, Tiffin has come up with a number of solutions to remaining comfortable, while touring the world on the back of an albatross... though, of course, not all of them are original. His goggles, scarf and jacket he created from scrounged materials and WWII aviator photos... the riding harness strapped to Khee's back, he had to figure out himself... it's not a usual thing, figuring out how to saddle a large bird, but he managed. Otherwise, his abilities included very sharp senses of sight, hearing and smell. And, of course, flight.

As for Khee, her abilities encompass all the normal skills of an albatross of her species, along with the ability to see a person's true soul.

Family: Tiffin has no idea who his parents are... or were. He was created in a lab... whether by magic or science, or maybe some of each... he doesn't remember, if he ever knew in the first place. As well, though he remembers other creatures in the lab, he never knew of any siblings.

Khee is the only surviving member of her family, her parents both killed by longlining (a human fishing method)... and her two younger siblings, by a viral infection (passed on through infected fish... not lethal to adults), when they were both very young.

History: The first three years of Tiffin's life... at least, that he can remember... were spent in a cage, being poked and prodded and tested. Then, the lab was raided by the authorities... probably due to illegal genetic research... and Tiffin was due to be destroyed, along with all the other experiments. However, the transport carrying him and the others crashed, dumping its living load near the seaside. Tiffin's cage broke open, and he escaped... of the others, Tiffin saw some of them already dead, killed in the crash... most, still trapped in their cages... but he ran in fear. For the next year, he struggled to survive... struggled with the reality of his life, and the lives he'd left behind to die, unable to help... due to his fear, he believed. But then, he met Khee on a beach one evening, as she was watching the sun set... and his life changed. With her help, he learned to first trust himself... to believe in life... and move foreward. From that oh so important begining, Tiffin spent the next six years of his life traveling with Khee around the world.

Khee was born to normal Wandering Albatross parents, but her unusual size and eye color prevented her from finding a mate, once she reached breeding age... so her life remained lonely and childless, until she met Tiffin... though he was neither albatross nor quite a child, Khee adopted him as her own, and taught him with her wisdom and open heart.

Hey, Kai... thanks for the note and the help. Image

Roose Hurro

Teth, Mech Pilot...

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NAME: Teth'Kin Worver Voon... Teth, for short

CALL SIGN/NAME: Solvent... his "military" tag

RANK: Fixer Scout, Class One Loner


AGE: 28 years
HEIGHT: Around 6'
WEIGHT: Around 200 lbs


APPEARANCE: His eyes are a dark amber yellow, with hints of red and blue (tiny specs on his iris), and horizontally slitted pupils. Fur is a dark, golden tan... his underside is a lighter, paler gold, his markings hazlenut brown, in the form of stripes on the sides of his neck, over his shoulders, and on his outer thighs and upper side of his tail, near the base. On the left side of his chest, he has three jet black tattoos... they look like this:

... 7'
..... 7'
....... 7'

... yes, they bear resemblance to sevens, though they are more stylized. (And I had to use periods to get the diagonal angle I wanted, so just ignore the dots....)

His muzzle is long and slender, so too is his neck. Ears are also long and slender, and come to a point at the tips... they're very mobile and expressive. A mane of thick fur graces his head, neck and shoulders, longer than his other body fur. Overall, his body and limbs continue the long, slender, lean look, doing nothing to hide his athletic build... his smooth, slick, muscular physique... when he's undressed. Fingers and toes are clawed, and there are five of each... his legs are digitigrade. And his tail is long and prehensile.

PERSONALITY: To be developed... for now, let's just say he's smart and friendly.

HISTORY: The Hono'Mi are a very advanced species... it is routine for individuals to modify themselves with bio-cybernetic enhancements. No... they never sacrifice body parts, simply integrate technology into their biology, to suit whatever task they wish to accomplish. Some mods are very common... everyone has them. Others are more job-specific... Teth is very extensively enhanced, to suit his profession, though you can't tell by looking. Before he entered service, he was a researcher... volunteered to test an interstellar transporter, by serving as a living probe. Shortly after his return, he took a mate... and has three children now (with another due in a month or two). His mate's name is Kitta'Sho... Kitsy, as he likes to call her.

ABILITIES: Most to be determined still... amongst them, the power of contact levitation. He can fly, and can lift and move large weights with ease. He also has sub-dermal armor, so he's very tough... and he heals very fast... bones are also reinforced, so his bones won't break under stress. Oh... and he's a very adaptable sort, smart and very good with tools, from primative to advanced... very highly trained, with exceptional survival skills. (After all, when he served as a probe, he spent several months on an alien world, stripped of all that wasn't integrated with his body... yea, the transporter tech, like the time travel tech in "Terminator", couldn't transport anything that wasn't "wrapped in flesh"... so he ended up naked, having to live off the land, till it was time for pick up.)

Presently, Teth is a mech pilot, in command of a Scarab, a compact yet versatile Investigation/Exploration mech... relatively lightly armed, but still potent and deadly against anything of its class... or lower. Teth, however, is a master at using his Scarab... given half a chance, he can pull a "David and Goliath" out of his bag of tricks. Yea, his past experience as a techhead helps... he's not your ordinary "grunt"....


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