Glykeria Petrotishkovna Aurelius

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Glykeria Petrotishkovna Aurelius

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Glykeria Petrotishkovna Aurelius
Eyes: Blueish-green
Hair: Black
Skin: Light
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135
Age: 17

(2nd gen)

Glykeria Petrotishkovna Aurelius was home-schooled in Doma until arriving at Gunnir Academy two years ago. Her parents chose to home-school her because, strictly speaking, Glykeria has some...unique...abilities. When Glykeria was a small child, she was playing in the yard with an old doll when it caught fire. This frightened Glykeria, and she threw it down on the ground. She ran and told her parents what happened, and they were utterly stumped. It wasn't until events such as this happened several times that they started to suspect a strange phenomenon present. Thus, just to be safe, her parents chose to educate her themselves until she was old enough to attend Gunnir where her ability would be more appreciated.

Since arriving, she has done extremely well in her classes. In the afternoons, she has a private lesson with one of the professors on controlling her pyro-kinesis. She loves participating in 10 Paces and putting her pyro-kinesis to work at starting hearth-fires on a cold evening. She is some-what of a free spirit, in terms of personality. Popularity is not something she wants. As far as she's concerned, coming to Gunnir is the best thing that ever happened to her. She never thought "school" would be so interesting.

Her magical specializations she has chosen to concentrate on are Complex Elemental Studies (shadow/fire) and Malediction. Her fighting styles (which also allow her to be quite successful at 10 Paces) are a hybrid of Type III (Defensive) and Type V (Trickster).


Name: Glykeria Petrotishkovna Aurelius
RPer: Battle Accountant
Race: Human
Level: 2
XP: 0/1000
Max HP: 77
Max MP: 76
Max TP: 29
Initiative: 4 + 2d6

Courage +2
Wisdom +3
Intuition +4
Charisma +1
Agility +3
Dexterity +3
Strength 0
Stamina +3
Magic Aptitude: 4

Base AT/PA – 9/9
Modified for weapon – 9/7
MAttack: 11
MBlock: 18
Missile Evasion: 20

Dagger, Robes, Locket
Weapon Damage - Dagger
Light - 4
Medium – 7
Heavy - 9

Weapon (Dagger) <Cou/Agi/Dex>: 2
[k] Applied magical theory: 4
[k] Human anatomy: 2
[k] Magical orders/societies: 2
[k] Strategy survival: 4
Fire magic: 4
Malediction magic: 2
Water magic: 2
[s] Deception: 4
[s] Evade missile: 2
[s] Find traps: 2
[s] Knitting: 2
[s] Magic resistance: 4
[s] Carpentry: 2
[s] Pain resistance: 4
Escape Artist - <Dex/Agi/Int>: 2
First Aid - <Int/Dex/Dex>: 2
[s] Instrument: Harp - <Dex/Dex/Int>: 4
Perform - <Cha/Cha/Int>: 2
Treat Wounds - <int/dex/dex>: 2

[Fire=1]Fire 1 (4 MP) - Does 8+rank*2+1d6 fire damage to a single target.
[Water=1]Aqua 1 (4 MP) - Does 8+rank*2+1d6 water damage to a single target.
[Fire=2]Glow (3 MP ) - Causes the caster to glow for rank hours, unless they will the effect to stop beforehand, providing illumination equivalent to the average torch.
[Malediction=1]Cramp (8 MP) - Stuns an opponent for a round. Stunned opponents suffer a -4/-4 penalty and cannot act.
[Malediction=2]Berserk (8 MP) - On a successful spell check, the target gains 2 temporary points of STR, and temporary AC equal to STA + (The New) STR added together. And last but not least, magical attack ability is decreased by 4. This all lasts for 1d2 rounds.
[Malediction=1] Wedgie (6 MP) - The target receives the feeling of a debilitating frontal wedgie, being pushed one position back in the initiative order, and loses rank+1d6 HP.
[Malediction=2] Swarm (12 MP) - Glykeria will cover the target in thousands of energy locusts. Though frightening, they are mostly harmless, only doing 1d6 damage per 1d3 rounds they are there. However, they hamper the target's AT/PA by -2/-2 until they are gone. If this spell fails by a factor of less than 5, Glykeria will see locusts swarming the target to no effect (the target won't even see them) for 1d3 turns.

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