Sage's character thread, woo.

Character sheet archiving. Help with characters can be solicited here. This is also the place to talk Philsys or other RPing systems.
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Sage's character thread, woo.

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Wed Mar 24, 2004 2:01 am

Yes, I'm putting all my characters that I have sheets for in this post. Shush. And this will be updated sporadically.

Race: Quarter-elf
Titles/Awards:Mr. Digger


With Quarterstaff-17/21
Missile Evasion:15

Courage +7
Wisdom +6
Intuition +7
Charisma +1
Agility -1
Dexterity -1
Strength 0
Stamina 0
magic aptitude 6

Quarterstaff (2H) 3,5,8
Cloak (With many inner pockets)
5 Healing Runes-30+3d6 HP healed, one target
Detoxify Rune-Remove up to 10 levels of poison, one target
Bolster Rune-2d4 rounds of +4 PA

Druid magic-19 (Mag/wis/int)
Wilderness survival-7 (Cou/int/wis)
Treat (First aid)-10 (Wis/int/int)
Track-7 (Cou/int/wis)
Staff fighting-9 (Cou/agi/str)
[K] Herbal knowledge-14
[K] Arcane Knowledge-6
[K] Astrology-6
[K] Y'tuin Knowledge-16
[K] Animal empathy-8
[K] Nature lore-18
[K] Creature knowledge-6
[K] geology-8
[K] Earth Culture-2
[S] Magic resistance-8
[S] Animal befriendment-8

*Magic based on Nature around self

[Innate]Speak with Animal-Sorune can talk with and understand almost any animal. However, he must see or be very familiar with said animal before talking in said speech.

(Druid Magic=18)[Metal]Metal Manipulation [100 MP]-Never let it be said that Sorune is without surprises. He controls the 'memory' of one metal object, manipulating its shape and its position as he wishes, capable of making metal spikes that can be hurled at an enemy, or simply changing it to another, less dangerous shape. He can choose to either deal 20+rank*6+3d6 damage to a single enemy, or 16+rank*4+2d6 damage to a set of enemies, with offensive spikes. If the metal is being wielded or held by someone, then their MBLK check is substituted for the item's.
(Note-With this, he can take metal armor and simply turn it into a tailored Vise. But keep in mind that if he actually does that to a person...they probably deserve it.)

(Druid magic=4)[Ice]Blizzard [24 MP]-Tiny chunks of ice fly in a flurry around opponents, stabbing them repeatedly. 18+Rank*3+2d6 ice damage to an opponent
[Druid Magic=8][Ice] Ice storm (54 MP) - Sharper chunks of ice fly in a flurry around opponents, dealing 10+rank*4+1d6 damage to all foes in a 10 foot area.

(Druid magic=4)[Grass] Ivy [12 MP]-grass grows under an enemies feet, having the same effect as if they had been tied with rope. Rank Penalty to AT/PA.
(Druid magic=7)[Grass]Thorny Roots[25 MP]-Grass grows under the enemy's feet, and in addition to having the same effect as if they had been tied with rope, they take [rank] damage every turn they are not freed. They can be freed with a successful strength check at DC 20. Treated as though helpless. (-10 AT/PA) Lasts 5 rounds.
(Druid Magic=15)[Grass]Whipgrass [85 MP]-See bottom of sheet. Summons 2D4 'Whipgrass' creatures to fight for him. However, they are unable to move from the spot where they are created.

(Druid magic=3)[Water] Water Bomb [7 MP]- a large amount of water hits an enemy doing a surprising amount of damage. 9+Rank+d6 water damage to all in a twenty foot range.
(Druid Magic=7)[Water] Suffocate[40 MP+10 per round]- Sorune holds a bubble of water around a person's head, suffocating that opponent. Choking opponents cannot act, suffer a -4/-4 penalty, and suffer choking/breath holding damage as applicable. Caster must focus on spell throughout entire duration. Broken with a (Stamina+1d20) against (rank+1d20-10) Casting with a verbal component cannot be accomplished. If concentration is broken, so is spell.

(Druid magic=2)[Sand] Scorching Sand [20 MP]-surrounding sand rises up In a storm and does heat damage, as well as getting in the enemies eyes. 16+rank*3+1d6 heat damage to all enemies, with a -4 AT penalty for 4 rounds.

(Druid magic=4)[Rocks] Stone [25 MP]-throws one huge rock at the enemy. 28+rank*3+2d8 earth damage to an opponent
(Druid Magic=8)[Rocks] Stone Storm [50 MP]-A multitude of stones are thrown at an enemy, dealing 33+rank+2d8 damage to all enemies in a 10-foot area.
[Druid Magic=13]Great Boulder (32 MP) - Practically collapse an entire wall on one enemy.. 20+rank*6+3d6 damage.

(Druid magic=4)[Wind]Nature’s Refreshment [16 MP]-wind soothes allies, restoring 4+rank+d4 HP to an ally over 4 rounds. Takes effect on Sorune's turn each round.
(Druid Magic=7)[Wind]Nature's Blessing [30 MP]-Wind restores allies, knitting broken bone and cleaved flesh, healing 4+[rank*2]+D4 damage every round for 3 rounds. Takes effect at the top of the round each round.
(Druid Magic=10)[Wind]Nature's Revenge [54 MP]-Wind cuts all enemies in a ten foot area, dealing 10+Rank*4+2D6 damage
[Druid Magic=19]Nature's Wrath (76 MP) - Wind dices and slices all enemies in a twenty foot area, dealing 22+rank*6+2d6 damage.

(Druid magic=14)[Forest]Gaia's Wrath [75 MP]-Sorune calls upon the power of the forests, and literally bends them to his will. Trees within five feet of the caster will begin thrashing any opponent within reach. See below for stats of said trees. The trees cannot move from their original places to attack, unless modified with another spell. Lasts for five rounds, until Sorune cancels the spell, or each tree is destroyed.

(Druid Magic=10)[Earth]Mound [25 MP]-Raises a mound around the target's legs, effectively immobilizing them until they break the hold of the spell. May be broken with a successful strength check at DC 35. Can only be used on targets of size large or less.
(Druid Magic=10)[Earth]Travelling Mound [Special MP cost]-Raises a mound...though this one is meant for riding on. It moves as quickly as a chocobo runs, and can carry up to seven people. For each hour in use, it takes 1/10th of Sorune's MP. Sorune must concentrate for the spell to be in use.

Moving tree:
Init:Go on Sorune's turn.
MBLK:0+1d10 (They're trees. They can't exactly resist a Lightning bolt or move out of the way.)

Deal 6+1d6+10+(Staff-fighting rank) damage

Mace Damage:
Light:6+(Sorune's Staff-fighting rank)+1d6+10
Medium:10+(Sorune's Staff-fighting rank)+2d6+20 (-2 penalty)
Heavy:18+(Sorune's Staff-fighting rank)+3d6+30 (-5 penalty)
Notes:Cannot move, take double damage from fire, and when on fire, take 10 damage per turn.

Whipgrass (10 foot tall blade of grass)
AC:30 (Bashing) AC:10 (Piercing) AC:0 (Slashing)
Init:Goes directly after Sorune's turn.

Considered to be whips used by a person with +0 strength, and 8 ranks in whip. However, they do not get a second attack.

Have a +10 to grapple a person's limbs, keeping them immobile. Or at least, incapable of use.

Notes:Cannot move, take double damage from fire, and when on fire, take 10 damage per turn. If set on fire while holding a person, they set the victim ablaze. These flames persist until the target "stops, drops, and rolls" (a standard action) or is doused by water or large quantities of dirt/mud. These flames deal 12+1d6 points of damage each round.

[EDIT:To break things into seperate posts, and then for the new philsys revisions] <p>
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Re: Sage's character thread, woo.

Unread postby FlamingDeth » Sun May 16, 2004 5:19 am did Kali get one XP? <p>
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Re: Sage's character thread, woo.

Unread postby Choark » Sun May 16, 2004 5:51 am

Someone threw a rock at 'em. Thats 1 exp worth right there. <p><div style="text-align:center">Image </div>
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Re: Sage's character thread, woo.

Unread postby Divinegon2130 » Mon May 17, 2004 11:43 am

Rocks aside, a request to Sage.

Can you perhaps put each separate character sheet in its own post? It's getting hard to look at them when they're all in the same post. <p>

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Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:33 pm



Magic Aptitude:0

*As Sher is an animal, I move that the dexterity stat be removed, and that anything requiring such be moved to Agility instead.

Bare-claw fighting - 4 <Cou/Str/Agi>
[S]Evade Physical - 4 Shinigori V2&nbsp; Image at: 2/2/06 3:45

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Re: Sage's character thread, woo.

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:34 pm

Name: Tolaris
RPer: DragonSage007
Race: Human
Level: 2
XP: 1000/1250
Max HP: 69/69
Max MP: 35
Max TP: 25
Adjusted AT/PA:18/18
Missile Evasion:18

Magic Aptitude: 0
Weapon Damage - Longsword (0/-1)
Thrusting - 10 + STR+1d6
Slashing- 14 + STR*2+2d6
Chopping - 17 + STR*3+3d6
Weapon Damage - Mace
Thrusting - 6 + STR +1d6
Slashing- 10 + STR*2+2d6
Chopping - 18 + STR*3+3d6
Weapon Damage - Spear (2H)
Thrusting - 10 + STR+1d6
Slashing- 12 + STR*2+2d6
Chopping - 20 + STR*3+3d6

(COU/AGI/STR)Mace Fighting-4
(COU/AGI/STR)Spear Fighting-4
(INT/DEX/DEX)First aid-2
(COU/CHA/INT)Etiquette (Articulate Speaker)-4
(AGI)[S]Evade Physical-2
[K]Random Trivia-4

[Innate][Tolaris's Beret needed] Weaponshift (0 TP) - Allows Tolaris to shapeshift his beret into a Spear, Mace, Longsword, or back to his regular beret.
[Innate]{2 TP) Provoke - Tempts someone into a 'duel' of sorts with Tolaris, and will not focus on anyone else until Tolaris flees, is knocked out, is killed, or another person comes to help either side. Resisted by an (INT*2-COU+1D20) roll at difficulty (Tolaris COU+1D20) Automatic success if enemy is berserked. Automatic failure against brainless enemies. (Undead, Golems, etc.)
[Innate]Valor (4 TP) - Tolaris thinks of his duties to friends and to his sister, and adds 1D3 to his Courage temporarily. He also gains (COU(Including the new bonus)+Level+10) HP temporarily, which is taken off first. Can only be used once per battle, less or more often by GM's discretion.
(Mace Fighting=4)[Mace needed] Mace Smash (5 TP) - Tolaris brings his Mace down on a single enemy in an overpowered Chop, taking up to (Rank+Level) penalty to hit while adding double that amount to his total damage.
(Sword Fighting=4)[Sword needed] Practiced Slash (5 TP) - Tolaris aims carefully before his slash, increasing his chances of hitting before he attacks, adding up to ((Rank+Level)*2) to his AT while taking half the penalty to his total damage.
(Spear Fighting=4)[Spear needed] Spear Stab (10 TP) - Tolaris takes a chance and aims at his opponents's vital areas. He may aim at Torso or Limb at the same penalty as the normal Archery rating, and may aim at the head for double the penalty, and get the same rewards if he hits.

(Edit: See above.)

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Bill the bishy Orc!

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Thu Feb 02, 2006 2:38 am

Before you complain about his stats, there is a reason stamina is so low. He's a hemophiliac.



Magic Aptitude:0

*Stage Fighting - 4 <Cou/Agi/Dex>
Cooking - 3 <Int/Int/Dex>
Perform - 4 <Cha/Cha/Int>
First aid - 4 <Int/Dex/Dex>
Flute - 4 <Cha/Dex/Dex>
Deception - 4 <Cha/Cha/Int>
Etiquette[Articulate Speaker] - 4 <Cou/Cha/Int>
[K]Nekonian Culture - 4
[K]GwaAgh Culture - 4
[K]Varied stories - 4
[K]Foreign languages - 4
[K]Music Theory - 4
[K]Color Theory - 4
[K]History:Various wars - 4

Known languages:
Nekonian (Native)
GwaAgh (Rudimentary)
Mazoku (Rudimentary)
Valthi ('Outsider' lingo only)

*Stage fighting gives him knowledge of light blades. However, if used in actual combat, his rank and damage is divided by 2.

[Innate]Hide - Let's face it. Bill isn't meant for combat. His first instinct in a fight is to get behind something. So if there IS something to hide behind, he has a flat 50/50 chance to get behind it (If he wants to) before intiative starts, and stay out of sight as long as noone is looking for him.

EDIT:Fixed everything. In my defense, it was late when I finished his sheet last time.

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Re: Bill the bishy Orc!

Unread postby Shinigori V2 » Thu Feb 02, 2006 3:42 am

Highest a rank can be at level one is 4. :( <p>
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Re: Bill the bishy Orc!

Unread postby Capntastic » Thu Feb 02, 2006 2:02 pm

I see nothing there pertaining to highest skill ranks at level one, buster. I don't really care either way since they're [k] language skills, though.

Edit: Wait, yeah, flute doesn't need to be at 16 :(

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Will Rennar

Re: Bill the bishy Orc!

Unread postby Will Rennar » Thu Feb 02, 2006 6:05 pm

One would assume a bard THAT damn good with a flute would be higher than first level. <.< <p>--
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Re: Bill the bishy Orc!

Unread postby Capntastic » Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:10 pm

And one would assume that someone who makes they're money off of swordfighting/karate/magic is pretty good, but as far as I know, the level one rank max is still four.

Kyle's fencing skill at level 6 is still just 12 or so, I think.

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Re: Bill the bishy Orc!

Unread postby Idran1701 » Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:13 pm

Shini and Zero are correct, maximum skill rank at level 1 is 4. That line, "maximum skill rank is (base stats + 6)", refers to the highest a skill can _ever_ be. Plus, I'm not even sure if we're officially using the changes either way yet as is, since not everything is hammered out yet for the new Philsys rules. Aren't most PS GMs still using the ones on the site?

Also, using a new post rather than editting an old one would be preferable just for clarity's sake. I almost missed your response to Shini entirely and would have just repeated his and Zero's comments. :( <p>

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Re: Bill the bishy Orc!

Unread postby Archmage144 » Thu Feb 02, 2006 9:49 pm

Idran is correct about the interpretation of the rule; the tidbit Sage is citing is in fact a correction/revision to an old rule that involves rolling a die to see if a skill increase succeeds when the new rank would exceed the base stat sum. The rule that max rank is 4 at 1st level and the most a skill can be improved is 2 ranks/level has not changed.

Also, the information in that thread is "official." If people are opting to not use it that's their problem, though I can definitely see why GMs would opt not to change the rules of their RP midway through. <p>
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Re: Bill the bishy Orc!

Unread postby Idran1701 » Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:34 pm

Ah. I was under the impression that you wanted to finish everything before asking people to change over. All right, then. <p>

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Re: Bill the bishy Orc!

Unread postby Archmage144 » Fri Feb 03, 2006 2:57 pm

If by that you mean "totally finish Philsys," that is a job that will never be done. <p>
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Re: Kumo the Cute

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Mon Feb 20, 2006 7:37 pm


AT/PA:11/9 (With Dagger/Whip equipped)

Magic Aptitude:6

Modified White Mage Robe (AC 2)

Light - 5+1d6
Medium - 5+2d6 (At -2 AT penalty)
Heavy - 2+3d6 (Whip) or 10+3d6 (Dagger) (At -5 AT penalty)

Dagger:4 <Cou/Dex/Agi>
Whip:4 <Cou/Dex/Agi>
Dance Magic:6 <Cha/Wis/Mag>
White Magic:1<Int/Wis/Mag>
Dancing:6 Image </div></p>

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Vallomas Pelpo

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Tue Aug 08, 2006 12:51 am

Name:Vallomas Pelpo

AT/PA:8/8 (PA +2 for stance)
MAtk:18 (+2 for stance)
MBlk:24 (+2 for stance)



Magical Duelling Stance-4 <MAG/AGI/WIS>
Magnetism Magic-4 <INT/WIS/MAG>
Malediction Magic-4 <INT/WIS/MAG>
First Aid-4 <Int/Dex/Dex>
Deception-4 <Cha/Cha/Int>
Teaching-4 <Int/Int/Cha>
[k]Spell fetishes and Foci-4
[k]Moogle Lore-4
[k]Moogle History-4
[k]History of Magic-4
[k]Applied Magical Theory-4
[s]Juggling-4 <Dex>
[s]Improved Magic Resistance-4

'Units' of metal-No less than 10. At current, 20.

(Magnetism Magic-4)Ironclad Mage (11 MP)-Increases AC by [rank] for [rank] rounds, granted Vallomas is carrying metal on his person. Takes 5 units.
(Magnetism Magic-2)Malleable Metal (10 MP)-Taking a single round out of combat, Vallomas is able to meld a metal object into another object of simple form, granted it is the same or less mass.
(Magnetism Magic-4)Metal Blade (35 MP)-Creates a small blade, floating in mid-air, that has 50 HP, base AT/PA of 12/12, base missile evasion 20, MBLK of 16. Base damage 14+1d6 for a light attack, and AC of 4. Takes 10 units of metal.
(Magnetism Magic-4)Needle Hail (2 MP per needle)-Creates a hail of needles, each of them causing 1d4 damage. This does not require an MBLK to deflect, but a successful PA roll at DC 8 for each needle. Each needle takes 1/4 unit.

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Re: I was dared to do this.

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:30 am

(Because I got bored, was dared, and decided to make the ultimate non-combat character)

Race:Loaf of Bread

Courage:6 (Completely unflappable. The extreme pokerface.)
Wisdom:-5 (He's gone rather...insane.)
Intuition:6 (Beforehand, he -was- an accomplished Mage...)
Charisma:1 (Who can resist freshly baked bread?)
Strength:-5 (Can't even move...)
Stamina:-5 (...and is likely to be killed by bread mold.)
Dexterity:-5 (Lacks. Opposable. Thumbs.)
Agility:-5 (And...can't move.)
Magic Aptitude:6

Adjusted AT/PA:2/4 (For small size.)
Missile Evasion:8 (From small size, again.)

Doesn't matter, as he can use none of them now.

Mental Switch [All MP]-Allows the caster to switch with any other living creature, taking their body and all of their physical abilities. He keeps his mind, but destroys theirs. His previous body becomes a lifeless husk. Of course, this requires a somatic component...

Other abilities no longer matter-they required a verbal or mental component.

Once upon a time, Jake was a spy from an unknown country that intended to destroy Doma and take its natural resources. However, Jake was more than a little apprehensive about the job, so he tried to infiltrate his way to higher levels of government by taking the bodies of high-levelled officials, and impersonating them.

He was up to 'Unnamed NPC' before something bad happened.

He was taking the form of a low-level guardsman in Doma when the victim's wife came home to him 'adjusting' to his new body...and the old one was still on the floor. Panicking, he mentally jumped to the first thing he could.

A loaf of bread. Still warm from the oven. He spent quite a while trying to figure out how he managed that one before he simply went insane from the lack of sensory perception. Luckily for him, he was ignored while people grieved for both nameless NPCs. Of course, the only one to come to their funerals were other nameless NPCs, who had exactly zero importance on the plot. Unluckily for the loaf of bread, he was thrown out into the street, and will eventually contract bread mold.

Since then, he has posed no threat to Doma, and the country that sent him guessed he was assassinated and decided to lay low. <p>
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Because it amused me.

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Thu Oct 26, 2006 12:34 am

Alright, so it's not a character sheet of mine-it's my roommates. I have him here because it amuses me.

Cap’n Felonoel
Base AT/PA:17/17
Adjusted AT/PA:20/25 (Rapier w/Shield) 18/24 (Cutlass w/shield) 20/21 (Rapier w/o shield) 18/20 (Cutlass w/o Shield)
Missile Evasion:27+D20

Magic Aptitude:6

Pirate Outfit:7 AC
Rapier: 8/10/X
Cutlass: 8/11/15

Hook of Fireball: Can cast Firebolt up to 3 times per day as Felonoel could. Must be recharged at a cost of 12 MP

Pirate Flag: Felonoel can imbue this object with up to 40 MP, making it a semi-intelligent flaming flag with the same PA bonuses as a Body Shield, but can only block twice per turn. It’s AC and Durability is the same as the MP it is imbued with, and when it is reduced to 0 durability, it retreats to Felonoel’s eyepatch.

Eyepatch of Holding: One of the more esoteric Holding items, it stores a pocket dimension in less than an inch of felt. Any item that is not living or made of metal can be forced into the eyepatch, and is closed by ‘flipping’ it back onto the eye. However, when one wishes to take something from the eyepatch…well, you open it and let everything fall out, since one’s arm cannot reach in. This generally discourages a person from using an Eyepatch of Holding for more than one or two things.

Phoenix:Has a Phoenix pet. However, it does nothing but repeat what others tell it, and its wings are green. Weird, no?

Pyrokinesis-7 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Light Blades-4 <Cou/Agi/Dex>
Boat Piloting:4 <Int/Int/Dex>
Pirating:4 <Int/Cou/Dex>
Intimidate:4 <Cha>
[s]Advanced Magic Defense:6
[s]Uncontrolled Flame:6
[s]Controlled Flame:6
[s]Evade Missile:4
[s]Advanced Parry:4
[k]Applied Psionics:4
[k]Magical Creatures:4
[k]Linguistics (Pirate Accent):4

[Innate]Aquaphobia: Must make a DC 20 Courage check when encountering more water than what can be found in a cup, or else spend 1d4 rounds burning himself to ‘protect’ himself from the water.
[Innate]Fireproof: Takes no damage from fire, magical or normal. However, he takes 50% more damage from magical ice and water spells, and if they connect, he spends 3D4 rounds without any fire abilities.
[Fire=1]Firebolt (4 MP) - Does 8+rank*2+1d6 fire damage to a single target.
[Fire=4]Conflagration (29 MP) - Affects a small area or a limited number of targets. 10+rank*2+3d6 fire damage.
[Fire=7]Greater Conflagration (54 MP) - Affects a medium-sized area. 16+rank*4+2d6 fire damage.
[Fire=5]Firewalk (10 MP) – Allows him to walk up into thin air as if there were solid steps under him. However, he cannot carry more than 50 pounds with him or else he falls to the ground, and cannot go faster than a fast walk. Lasts [Rank*2] minutes, at the end of which he can walk down instead of up.
[Fire=4]Nimbus (20 MP) – Allows weapon to deal an additional 1d6 fire damage with each melee attack. All who attack him with a melee weapon must make a DC 20 Agility check or else be set on fire, as the Ignite spell. All bare-fisted fighters are set on fire with a strike automatically.
[Fire=1]Warmth (6 MP) - Allows the user to stay warm for up to (rank/2) hours. This spell functions between 60 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit, making the caster feel like it is 70 degrees, -10 for every 10 degrees below the limit, rounded up. This spell provides comfort in natural cold only.
[Fire=2]Glow (3 MP ) - Causes the caster to glow for rank hours, unless they will the effect to stop beforehand, providing illumination equivalent to the average torch. <p>
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Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Wed Jan 23, 2008 1:34 am

Name:Tanedil "Tanner" Smith
Base AT/PA:14/14
Modified AT/PA:15/17
Missile Evasion:19


Lance:4 (Str/Agi/Int)
Chocobo Handling/Training:4 (Cou/Cha/Wis)
Chocobo Combat Riding:4 (Cou/Dex/Agi)
Diplomacy:4 (Cha/Cha/Int)
Equipment Breaking:3 (Str/Str/Cou)
[S]Sense motive:4 (Int)
[S]Observant:4 (Int)
[S]Armor Mobility:4 (Str)
[S]Leadership:4 (Cha)
[K]Magical Theory:2

Banded Mail:Durability 30/AC 12
Plate Bracers:Durability 20/AC 10
Masked Helmet:Durability 15/AC 10

[Lance=2]Defender's Stance (1 TP) - Adds weapon skill rank to all PA rolls made this round. Even if no parry roll is allowed, half of the users's weapon skill rank is added to his PA for the remainder of the round. This tech cannot be combined with any other offensive tech, and the user forfeits any bonus attacks (but may use them, instead, as bonus parries).
[Lance=2, Chocobo Riding=2]Riding Defender's Stance (1 TP) - As Defender's stance, but capable of doing so from Chocoback-along with the bonus of using Bishop's (Or any other Chocobo) AC in place of his own. However, doing so requires a skill check vs. the amount of damage dealt to the bird. If the Chocobo he is riding is untrained, this skill cannot be used. The AC switch must be decided before parrying any blow.
[Lance=4, Chocobo Riding=3]Charging Strike (5 TP) - Requires a running start, a clear line of sight, and a trained chocobo, so cannot be initiated while in melee combat. This strike does 2x Heavy Weapon damage, and denies a PA bonus from weapon skills or [s]Advanced Parrying.
[Leadership=4]Rallying Cry (4 TP) - All allies who hear this booming shout are given +2 AT and PA, +3 MBLK and MATK, and +3 damage on any attacks for the next 1d6 rounds.

(Will...tighten this up tomorrow. T'is late. Finish, give backstory, all that good stuff.)

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Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:32 pm

I have no shame. A self-character sheet-and trust me, if another Coliseum challenge rolls around, I'll use it.

Name:PFC Trevor Stevens
AT/PA:9/9 (Str) or 14/14 (Dex)

Magic Aptitude:0

Bayonet Fighting:2
Rifle (M16):4
Grenade Launcher:2
Rocket Launcher:2
Marine Corps. Martial Arts:4
Machine Guns:4
Weapon maintenance:2
[k]Random Trivia:4
[k]Marine Corps. Knowledge:4
[k]Video Game Knowledge:4
[k]RPGWW Lore:4
[s]Magic Resistance:2

To be added...

[Innate]I'm not weak! (TP:4) - Sage gets driven into a bloody rage at how weak he feels, and is able to substitute his COU stat for STR for two rounds. However, he is shaken for two rounds afterwards, lowering his STR by one.
[Machine Guns:2]Die Motherfucker Die! (TP:6) - Sage goes absolutely balllistic with the machine gun, doing 8x damage with it for one round...however, after that round, the barrel is completely melted and unusable.

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