Maron Bailey

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Maron Bailey

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Name: Maron Bailey
RPer: Seethe347
Race: Human
Age: 25
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’7”

Maron grew up on a somewhat secluded farm in the country of Riva. Living some ways away from any villages, her family had access to enough land to keep itself fed, clothed, and sheltered well enough. Though she was kept mostly busy with farm work, her father did have time to teach her some of the lance techniques he had learned long ago during his time with the Rivan dragoons. By the time she was nearly an adult, she was able to handle pole weapons with a fair degree of competence.

When the strife between the new government of Riva and the Dragoons began, Maron was just about the right age for military recruitment. Enchanted by her father’s old stories, she considered the dragoons as national heroes and Emperor Redwyn’s government as a band of traitors. Fearing that she might one day soon find herself conscripted by the government’s military, Maron decided to curtail that risk by joining a unit of dragoons that was looking for new members.

Maron and the band she belonged to spent the next few years doing all the things that dragoons do- “taxing” villages, raiding government supply trains, ambushing government patrols, and even slaying the occasional dragon. Though she never developed much notoriety, Maron did cause as much damage as most any dragoon grunt in Riva. Throughout it all, she zealously believed that she was fighting the good fight, destroying traitors, and saving her country.

Then one day, a pack of dragons decided that they’d seen enough of their kin being slain by humans. Led by a dragon priestess of Ryuugami named Alestrelia Rathehorn, six dragons swept down one night on the camp of Maron’s unit. The dragoons were taken by surprise, but the hardened warriors refused to be routed. The battle ended up going badly for both sides, as neither could gain any edge over the other. In the end, by the decree of fate, only two combatants remained standing- Alestrelia and Maron.

The dragon and the dragoon charged each other, each seeking to avenge her fallen comrades. But this fight did not last long, for Maron by herself was badly overmatched by the great dragon. Alestrelia soon had Maron pinned under one paw and the other paw raised to strike the killing blow, but something made her hesitate. Gazing down at her enemy with eyes that saw the soul, the dragon priestess sensed an actual sense of virtue within the human. Maron had lived not for the greed and bloodlust of most dragoons, but for the ideals of justice and honor. They were warped ideals of justice and honor, but they were ideals nonetheless. So the dragon released the human and flew away into the night.

Maron spent the next day burying the fallen dragoons, but she left the corpses of the dragons exposed. Then, convinced that the dragon had let her live simply so that she could suffer, she began her search for Alestrelia, and for revenge.

The search lasted only a few weeks, for Maron was quite skilled at tracking and the injured dragon had not left a hard trail to follow. Finding Alestrelia’s lair, the dragoon snuck in while the dragon was asleep. Though Maron was not stealthy enough to move unnoticed through a dragon’s lair, she didn’t need to be. The dragon, not yet recovered from its injuries and having been nursing a brooding depression over having led five other dragons to their deaths, did not put up a good fight. This rematch ended with Maron’s lance through Alestrelia’s throat.

With her revenge taken, Maron wondered where she would go next. Her first thought was to join another band of dragoons, but for some reason she didn’t feel entirely up to the idea. She wasn’t oblivious to the fact that dragoons were hated throughout Riva. This alone wouldn’t have fazed her, but now that her mind wasn’t dwelling on her obsession with revenge or occupied by the previous tedium of military life, she wondered if there wasn’t some valid reason for that hatred.

As days of indecisiveness wore on, her questions turned to doubts that the ways of the dragoons were right. Even during her time in the dragoon ranks, she had often found herself feeling that their ways of robbing the people of Riva were wrong. Though it was necessary to fund the fight against the emperor’s government, the people whose homes they plundered were the people they were supposed to protect. Before, she had simply dismissed these thoughts and not let them distract her, but she was now beginning to give them real consideration.

Finally, Maron decided that she would flee the country. She did not see any place for herself here. She couldn’t fight for the dragoons with a clear conscience anymore, she couldn’t live among the people for fear that they would discover who she was, and she still did not wish to serve Redwyn’s government. So, leaving Riva, she made her way to the nation of Doma.

Maron’s life in Doma began slowly. She spent some time working as a mercenary, but she was not satisfied without a higher calling. Then came Malachias. Maron’s role in the struggle with the demon was not pivotal. She was simply hired by the priests of a secluded shrine to Ishtar in the countryside of southwestern Doma to help guard the place during the time of trouble. There wasn’t much action on this job, though the shrine and a nearby village did suffer a few attacks by opportunistic raiders- all of which were turned away thanks in part to Maron’s efforts. Though this contribution wasn’t great in the overall scheme of things, this job was the first time Maron could remember when she felt certain that she was serving a just cause.

After word of Malachias’ fall came from Doma City, Maron refused the money she was to be paid for her work and instead put in her request to join the shrine. As an acolyte of Ishtar, Maron has spent the last few years of her life studying the scriptures of Ishtar, learning holy magics and methods of healing from the priests of the shrine, and aiding all those who needed her aid. Though she still maintains her combat skills as well, her previous life is one that she would otherwise prefer to forget.

Level: 1
XP: 0/1000
Max HP: 75
Max MP: 30
Max TP: 28
Initiative: 4+2d6
Base AT/PA: 9/9
MAttack: 4
MBlock: 15
Missile Evasion: 17

Courage: 2
Wisdom: 1
Intuition: 1
Charisma: 3
Agility: 3
Dexterity: 2
Strength: 3
Stamina: 4
Magic Aptitude: 2

Base AT/PA - 9/9


Light/Medium/Heavy Damage: 13/17/22
AT/PA Modifier: -1/-1
Modified for skill: +3/+1
Final AT/PA: 11/9
Weight: 2
Strength Requirement: +2

Heavy Dagger
Light/Medium/Heavy Damage: 5/8/11
AT/PA Modifier: +1/-1
Modified for skill: +1/0
Final AT/PA: 11/8
Weight: 0.5

Hand Crossbow
Accuracy: Int+Dex*2+0
Damage: 8+2d4
Weight: 2

Shielded Robe
AC: 7
Mods: 0/0
Durability: 25
Weight: 1

Leather Bracers
AC: 5
Durability: 10
Weight: 1.5

Leather Helmet
AC: 5
Durability: 5
Weight: 1


24 points

Polearm <Cou/Agi/ Str>- 4
Dagger <Cou/Agi/Str>- 1
Crossbow <Str/Dex/Dex>- 2
Healing Magic <Int/Wis/Mag>- 3
Holy Magic <Int/Wis/Mag>- 3
First Aid <Int/Dex/Dex>- 2
Treat Disease <Wis/Wis/Dex>- 1
Treat Wounds <Int/Dex/Dex>- 2
[k]Etiquette (clergy)- 2
[k]Geography- 1
[k]Religious Lore- 2
[k]Strategy- 1
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