The Official RPGWW Villains Thread!

Character sheet archiving. Help with characters can be solicited here. This is also the place to talk Philsys or other RPing systems.
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The Official RPGWW Villains Thread!

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Mon Sep 12, 2005 8:42 pm

Welcome, one and all, to the RPGWW Villains Thread!

This will be a thread for GM/player perusal, and since I'd like some semblance of order, some guidelines are in order!


Only publicly known villains need apply. Period. If a villain was only encountered by a few PCs or so, and really didn't have plans past one adventure, they don't belong. And even then, unless it was RPed that this villain is widely known in a large enough region of Gaera (not necessarily Doma), they do not belong either.


This is not a showcase for new villains. No offense, but there's no room for free publicity here. Make your bad guy, run your game, and THEN let him/her loose here.


Only use pre-existing info of your villain. Do not input powers or story you hope the villain will have/experience, or will have/experience soon. Just what they have at the current time. This ties into the previous guideline, obviously. But, of course, as time progresses, feel free to update your villain profile as necessary.

Other than that, have at 'er and have fun!

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Re: The Official RPGWW Villains Thread!

Unread postby Archmage144 » Mon Sep 12, 2005 9:36 pm

Elaith Thenswick

Featured/referenced as a major plot point in RPs:

High-Risk Gardening (GURPS Ka'thalar RP)
Dark Obsessions, or For the Love of a Woman (16 episode D&D campaign)
From the Ashes (D&D RP, GMed by Kai)

Physical description:

Elaith is human, but his physical features might suggest to an observer that he is not an entirely healthy human. His skin is ashen and pale, his eyes are almost dark enough brown as to be black, and his hair is as dark as coal and spiked. He is of roughly average height, around 5' 6”, and typically wears black robes with silver accents and jewelry adorned with rubies or emeralds. Typically, those who encounter Elaith feel slightly unnerved meeting him as a result of the intensity of his gaze and his somewhat unnatural appearance. He usually carries a dagger or wand tucked into the sash or pocket of his robe, and often carries a staff for use as a focus for his necromantic magic.

Personal background and summary of important events:

Elaith's father, Archmagus Ravin Thenswick, served on the Gunnir Council of Wizards during the latter half of the last century and acted as professor of shadow magic and enchanting as a member of the school's faculty. Elaith was more or less raised at Gunnir, and he showed a talent for necromancy at an early age, channeling his first spells when he was only eight years old. When Elaith was an adolescent, experimentation with the summoning of a powerful undead entity known as a greater nightwalker failed horribly, and the backlash of shadow energy nearly killed the young mage. While he survived the incident, the amount of shadow energy absorbed by his aura had a curious effect—he began to radiate death energy, enhancing the strength of his powers somewhat, but its most noticeable effect was the fact that some living creatures brought into contact with his body would die. Walking in a field, he would leave footprint-shaped patches of dead grass, and most animals would recoil at his presence even if their life force was too powerful to be directly affected. Needless to say, this curse had a significant impact on his social life. As Elaith matured, his fascination with death grew, and he eventually began to develop a sort of erotic taste for all things associated with it, soon crossing the border into necrophilia. Enjoying immensely the feeling of control that he experienced when he could manipulate the dead to do his will, both as servants and as sexual partners, Elaith's depravity only increased with age.

When Elaith was in his late teens, he met Genevive Sarith and fell deeply in love with her—it was the first time that he had ever felt so strongly attracted to a living woman. Charmed by her beauty and intelligence, he was convinced that she would return his feelings without measure, and thought obsessively about her until he finally got the chance to attempt to court her. Unfortunately, Genevive was repulsed by the necromancer's love of death and the dead, and his somewhat conspicuous curse did little to sway her opinion in her favor. Believing that Genevive could be made to love him the way his undead servants did, he continued to pursue her without reservation. Unfortunately, his plans were cut somewhat short when his father was expelled from the Gunnir council for attempting to bargain with and enslave extremely dangerous demonic creatures, and the elder Thenswick, deciding that Gunnir at large was full of “paranoid old fools and sorry excuses for wizards,” dragged his son with him against his will. Separated from his one true love, Elaith planned to find a way to locate her again and force her to love him...alive, if possible, but dead would be almost as good.

Personality data:

Elaith is cold, calculating, and somewhat unnerving to meet. He is, however, terrifyingly intelligent and actually being capable of being quite the gentleman in the right circumstances (though some would argue that his manner is even more unnerving when he is being polite). His arrogance primarily results from his early display of his talents and his father's opinion that all other forms of magic are inferior to the forces that directly control the flow of life and death. He obsessively pursues his goals and believes himself to be the best man (and only truly worthy man) not only to be Genevive's lover but to be the ruler of Gaera. Over the years, he has come to meet various others that share his goals and would be willing to work under him, and he regards these collegues as worthy of their lives (but never his equals). To Elaith, all life is death, and the entire purpose of living is to accept the eventuality of mortality and exploit it as much as possible. Being able to manipulate the dead, he feels, gives him control over mortality itself, and he believes that the power of necromancy is the true source of godhood.

Being as obsessed with control as Elaith is, it is only natural that no living woman (except Genevive, or so he thinks) can satisfy his sexual urges. Requiring complete dominance over his “partners,” Elaith's necrophilia is just one more way for the wizard to enjoy mastery of life. He is completely unwilling to compromise and does not tolerate repeated failure by his subordinates—one mistake is not enough to abandon a trusted ally, but any further errors are inexcusable.

Powers, talents, and misc:

The main strengths possessed by Elaith are his necromantic powers. His ability to resurrect, animate, and control the dead is legendary, and he is even strong enough to dominate stronger undead, such as some liches, vampires, and other creatures of darkness. Aside from these obvious talents, Elaith is a master of control of negative or shadow energy in general, and he likes to use it to attack his foes directly, sapping their strength and often adding it to his own in the process.

Elaith's amazing control over the foul powers of unlife actually has as much to do with his birthright as it does with his practice. Elaith's experience with the negative energy backlash caused by his failure to summon the nightwalker had some impact on him, but that event mostly awakened latent power that was already presentn. As fate would have it, Elaith's bloodline is partially divine, and he is a very, very distant mortal relative to the god of death, Reshtaha. This contributes significantly to his abilities, despite the fact that he is completely unaware of his ties to a deity.

Unlike many other necromancers, Elaith has never considered lichdom as a possible pursuit—he enjoys the pleasures of the flesh far too much to ever be willing to give them up in exchange for what he would consider to be a compromised immortality. <p>
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Re: The Official RPGWW Villains Thread!

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Mon Sep 12, 2005 10:26 pm

Name: Selrahc Adanamod

Aliases: The Sinister King

Wanted For: Multiple Counts of Murder, Two counts of Royal Kidnapping, Attempted Royal Fraud, Multiple counts of Public Mischief, Multiple counts of Assault, Various other charges

Current Status: Captured

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 150

Eyes: Red

Hair: Black

Skin: Dark

Biography: Originally, a Nekonian named, well, Neko, was in love with the King, and desired to have him for her very own. But, when she met him, she was disappointed in the man himself. So, she endeavoured to make her very own.

At great personal risk to herself, she obtained a dragon's egg and implanted a bit of the king's hair inside. A few months later, a fully formed Sinister King was born.

Boasting grand arrogance and jealousy, Selrahc (as his creator and lover Neko named him), he claimed he was the true monarch, being the same as Charles, but better. At the time, however, his schemes proved to be minor and he was written off as pretty much a nuisance.

Unfortunately, he was a bit of a terror to the smaller towns surrounding the capital, and one town decided to take matters into their own hands. When he came to that town, they captured him, and attempted to purify him with holy magics. It was, technically, a failure. His body took on the holiness of their spells, and he even grew brilliant white wings. But soon they grayed against the darkness of his heart, and in retribution, slaughtered the entire population of the town.

With the new powers, Selrahc's claims gained even more clout, if only in his own mind, and he stepped up the viciousness and insidiousness of his attacks. For a while, he even realized his dream of being king, in a dark and horrid plot which put him on the throne, the King's daughter in enemy hands, and the King himself in the vilest of his own dungeons. He was defeated, but by far, this was his darkest task to date.

Afterwards, after a few failed attempts at seducing other to darkness, he was captured by a group of savvy mercenaries*. And currently, he sits in jail, awaiting his either swift or faroff death.

Abilities and Powers: Natural flight, fire and divine magics, sword skills, hand to hand combat, limited shapeshifting (hiding his wings)

Lackeys?: Not as such, but his wife has stayed by his side for most of his time, despite her leanings toward a gentler way of doing things.

*This section will be beefed up when the log from this RP is found/recalled. <p>

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Re: The Official RPGWW Villains Thread!

Unread postby Capntastic » Mon Sep 12, 2005 11:02 pm

Name: Saccade

Aliases: Mr. Color, Decades.

Wanted For: Birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs; General tomfoolery.

Current Status: Hasn't been spotted around Doma lately!

Height: A touch below average.

Weight: 170 pounds, dripping wet and holding a rather large cat.

Eyes: Obscured by his shiny glasses.

Hair: Mud brown.

Skin: About as tan as any city-dweller can get.

Biography: Showing up around Doma City in Winter of 1313, this fellow of notably curious demeanor slipped his way into the city life almost immediately. He is known in some circles as a most friendly fellow, and in others as being somewhat of a loon. Aside from this, there isn't much to say about him. Sure, he dresses oddly, and may've been spotted at the right place at the wrong time, but he most certainly is a friendly fellow who is always willing to lend a hand, and share a few interesting facts.

Abilities and Powers: Who can rightly guess?

Lackeys: Well, he does mention certain friends of his quite often. Maybe one of them has a knife or something.

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Pardon the necromancy....

Unread postby Kai » Sun Oct 01, 2006 11:39 am

Name: Dawn Valerian

Aliases: None.

Wanted For: Service to Elaith Thenswick, service to Nikumu, kidnapping, child abuse, arson, murder several times over, and, I don't know. Tax fraud with her non-profit cult.

Current Status: Deceased. Again. For good, presumably.

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 120lbs. She's a wee thing, she is.

Eyes: Green.

Hair: Naturally ash-blonde, but dyed green.

Skin: Fair.

RPs: Dark Obsessions, From the Ashes

Personality data:

Dawn Valerian is a woman who does horrible and inexcusable things for perfectly valid reasons. This will become clearer in her biography section, and from the record of her efforts at resurrecting her master in From the Ashes.

Dawn prefers to prevaricate rather than lie whenever possible. She enjoys manipulating the assumptions of others, allowing them to dig their own grave in the face of her selective honesty.

Despite, or possibly because of her tendency to lie, Dawn knows well the value of truth, loyalty, and integrity. In fact, these three things could be considered her only values. The truth is too valuable to give to just anyone, loyalty must be absolute and therefore selectively given, and integrity... Integrity is everything. When the bodies are all counted, the lies revealed and sins totalled at the end of all things... integrity is all any mortal can call her own.

Anyone who does not share her obsessive attention to loyalty does not, in her mind, deserve to live. When Elaith Thenswick was betrayed by the very apprentice who had brought Dawn to him... it's possible that Dawn was angrier then Elaith himself. Despite a penchant for lies and treachery, anyone who earns Dawn's loyalty can expect from her complete honesty and dedication. Loyalty given lightly or surrendered for any reason is the highest sin a person can commit in Dawn's mind.

She calls no man Master unless he is her only master, and will follow through on that commitment no matter the consequences.


Dawn is an accomplished telepath, but has little talent for magic. She was born to Paul and Catherine Valerian, one of five children. In descending order, the legitimate members of the Valerian family are Donna, Daniel and Dmitri (the twins), Donny and Dawn. She also has a younger half-sister named Eva, daughter of Paul and the housekeeper. Dawn was the only member of the Valerian household who acknowledged Eva, but could never seem to decide whether Eva was her only friend or the lowest possible form of life. Once, when Dawn was eight and Eva was six, Dawn nearly drowned her younger sister. She used her powers on her, and could have forced her to drown herself. At the last instant, Dawn backpedaled and saved Eva.

Eva ran away from home at the age of twelve. Shortly thereafter Paul and Catherine Valerian killed each other in what was termed a marital dispute. When the matter of inheritance was raised, all of Paul and Catherine's children except their youngest fought one another for the money. Some said the pressure on the family was too much, others speculated that a strain of insanity ran through Catherine's side. Very few people knew why the children committed suicide one by one, leaving behind a suitably grief-stricken Dawn. Eva knew, but shen she heard that Dawn had the money she knew she was safe enough.

Eva and Dawn went their separate ways after that, and Eve's portion is a tale for another article.

Dawn, using the funds left to her by her parents, funded her own education at Gunnir Academy. A dedicated and talented student, many expexted her to take over for Malachi Lee as the head of the psionics department someday. However, she found that Gunnir was not giving her the direction she needed. Something was missing.

She had heard rumors of a former Gunnir student, a man by the name of Elaith Thenswick. All but the shadiest of students and teachers spoke of him with a mix of fear and disgust. They described him as brilliant but manipulative, depraved but obsessive and charismatic enough to dominate others for his own ends. Dawn spoke with people who had found him polite enough, but deeply unsettling.

Dawn was intrigued. Who was to say what these people knew and what they did not? Didn't Dawn herself lie every day, hiding her own desires and feelings? She knew what it meant to see others as a means to an end, a resource to accomplish certain goals. It was socially-unacceptable but common enough, and to hear others condemn Thenswick for it branded them as irredeemable hypocrites in her mind.

She decided to see for herself.

She left Gunnir, presumably to take a semester off. She followed rumors and sightings, violent acts and whisperings in taverns until she finally caught up with his apprentice. Through him, she got what she wanted, a meeting with the necromancer.

It was like every question she'd asked the gods about her own destiny had been answered in a single instant. Here was someone who understood what she was. Here was the first person she couldn't lie to and, more shockingly, the first person who could handle the truth about her. He knew that she was a treacherous, manipulative, calculating sociopath, and he accepted her. He didn't ask her to be anything but what she was. He offered her a place in his service, and she knew that whatever her destiny was, it lay with him. His success would be hers, his victory, his happiness, and even his defeat... she would share them all and do so gladly. She swore her loyalty to him, and never looked back.

In his quest to secure the heart of Genevive Sarith, he enslaved armies of dragons and conquered much of the Ka'thalan peninsula. Serving him loyally even to the extent of helping him claim another woman, Dawn was killed in the final assault on his base. If Dawn were any other woman the story would end there, but her promise ran deeper than that.

After her death she was claimed by the god of hate, who kept her long enough to torment her and turn her devotion to her master into something darker: an unwavering and all-consuming obsession. She would destroy anything, cause as much suffering as she needed, to get him back. She would tear the world apart for taking him from her, and she would do it gladly.

Nikumu brought her before him, and told her that he would invest her with power and a new chance at life if she would spread hate and suffering in his name. He offered Dawn whatever she wanted in exchange for the use of her talents. She wanted followers, and she wanted her master back. So, she was sent back to Gaera, where she juggled alliances with dark gods and the domination of a cult of pyrokinetic children, the Acolytes of the Phoenix. She instructed the children and gave Elaith to them as a messianic figure, the answer to the abuses they had suffered at the hands of their family, their teachers, of everyone they'd trusted to care for them. His resurrection would be their salvation, and hers.

This became the plotline From the Ashes, which can be elaborated upon in greater detail elsewhere.

After Dawn's eventual defeat, she was reclaimed by Nikumu, where her talents are being used once again. This time, she is no longer at the mercy of anyone but Nikumu himself. Bending the full force of her bitterness and resentment against her helpless victims, she tries in vain to fill her loneliness with the suffering of others.

Abilities and Powers:

While she has always enjoyed the principles of necromancy, she had to settle for observing rituals and experiments. Dawn is no mage, but is a powerful telepath. She uses her powers in concert with her charisma and talent for manipulation, forming a deadly combination of psychological and psionic coercion.


About thirty cultists between the ages of one and thirteen swore loyalty to her and her two lieutentants. For a short time, her sister Eva could also be tossed into this category. <p>-------------------------
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