Character Sheets (um, I guess this should exist here)

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Character Sheets (um, I guess this should exist here)

Unread postby Archmage144 » Sun Feb 13, 2005 7:28 pm

Without further ado, I suppose I ought to have my PS character sheets up, just in case...

Quick Stats:
Hakaril (Archmage) - Lvl 7 - 108 HP, 155 MP, 52 TP


name: Hakaril James Silvar - Race: Human - DOB: 21st of Kazerora, 1291 - eyes: rust red - hair: blue - height: 5' 11"

Hometown, Country: Chisai Village, Doma.
Current Residence: Doma Castle, Doma Capital.
"Drunk Type": Friendly; Spontaneous spellcaster. Has technically sworn off alcohol as a result of his relationship with Sirvix.
Favorite Foods/Drink: Sushi, venison, iced green tea.
Least Favorite Food: Broccoli.
Known Relatives: Jameson Ironclad (father), Katherine Ironclad (mother, deceased), Sirvix Silvar (wife--RPer Nekogami), Rufio Ironclad (illegitimate half-brother--RPer Shiranai)
Religious Beliefs: The presence of gods is undeniable when you've had conversations with them, but none in particular is worthy of his adoration. Hakaril has considered revering Ryuugami, Mithra, Kazeros, and even briefly pondered Christianity, but nothing has appealed to him yet.
Fighting Style: Self-adapted Gunnir Type IV Strategic/V Trickster style. Often utilizes Type II Aggressive under periods of emotional stress.
Other: Hakaril commonly uses the epithet "Great Lord Agnostic." Whether a deity by such a name exists or ever existed is beyond him; it's a curse he picked up from his father. He hates having his mind read without permission to the point of becoming violent in response. It is impossible to know how many strange and potentially valuable magical items he is hoarding in his office as part of a bizarre collection that continues to expand over time. He also has a very large collection of pornographic illusionmags from a variety of series that he keeps in his bottom right desk drawer, and he prefers to "read" these than do any actual paperwork under most circumstances.

Hakaril, as a young man, lived with his father, a respected blacksmith known throughout the area as Jameson Ironclad. Young Hakaril was to be apprenticed as a blacksmith, but he refused, finding the art of smithing to be too mundane for his tastes. His life changed, one day, when his father's shop was visited by a man in a red cloak and hat. This man, who Hakaril later discovered was a Red Mage, was easily the most knowledgable, interesting, and worldly person Hakaril had met to the time. He knew then what he really wanted in life; he wanted to be an adventurer. He wanted to travel, to see the world, not to be stuck in a smithing shop his whole life. Most of all, he wanted to realize his newfound dream--he wanted to be a Mage.

So at the age of 14, Hakaril ran away from his home, and from the oppression of his father's desires for his son. He renounced his family name, and the name of his birth, "William," and took the name of "Hakaril James Silvar." Why he retains the middle name as a tribute to his father is unknown, perhaps even to him.

In under 6 years, he graduated with top honors from the Gunnir Academy of Magical Arts, attaining the rank of Arch Magus, with a major in Holy Magic and a minor in Elementalist Skills. He trained himself in the ways of the sword to further develop all areas of his mind and body. Either way, his schooling was more than just book work.

He once witnessed the murder of his dear friend and collegue, Masahiro Katachi, who was killed by one of his instructors. He fears himself, and hates himself, for not trying to save his friend. To this day, he bears a hatred for authority--for the sole reason he stood aside and watched numbly as his friend was murdered was his belief in the infalliability of his masters. He later came to terms with his imperfections, and was determined to make them outer, as well as inner, intentionally slicing a deep scar in his face with his blade, embodying all the anger and frustration he feels inside.

A man of many varied talents, languages, mechanics, and various bits of practical and theoretical knowledge about magic and monsters alike, Hakaril prides himself on what he knows, and is continually eager to add to that knowledge.

Inventory notes: Sacrificial Sword (15/21/27, -3/-2): Can cast Shadowblast twice per day, use 6 as rank. +3 STR req. (Hak keeps this on his dresser as a conversation piece. It was found in the tower of some evil spellcaster.)

Name: Hakaril James Silvar
RPer: Archmage
Race: Human
Level: 7
XP: 1050/4000
Max HP: 108
Max MP: 155
Max TP: 52
Initiative: 2+2d6

Courage: +3
Wisdom: +6
Intuition: +7
Charisma: (-1)
Agility: +1
Dexterity: +1
Strength: +2
Stamina: +3
Magic Aptitude: 6

Base AT/PA - 13/13
Modified for skill - 16/14
Modified for armor - 16/14

Base MATK: 19
Base MBlock: 29

Body=Robe (AC 2)
Head=Red Mage's Hat (Adds +1 CHA for first impressions for those who like Hak's style)
Misc=Amythest Ring (+4 against Lightning spells)

Weapon Damage - Broad-bladed Rapier (-1/-1, 12/17/21, enchanted with a 3rd rank Sharpen spell)
Light - 18+1d6
Medium - 25+2d6
Heavy - 31+3d6

Swords - 4 {Cou/Agi/Str}
Flame Magic - 2 {Int/Wis/Mag}
Water Magic - 2 {Int/Wis/Mag}
Lightning Magic - 4 {Int/Wis/Mag}
Holy Magic - 16 {Int/Wis/Mag}
Astral Magic - 14 {Int/Wis/Mag}
Summoning - 14 {Int/Wis/Mag}
Benediction - 3 {Int/Wis/Mag}
Enchanting - 12 {Int/Wis/Mag}
Mechanics - 2 {Int/Wis/Dex}
[k]Applied Magical Theory - 12
[k]Ritual Magic - 4
[k]Metals and Metal Properties - 2
[k]Monster Abilities - 2
[k]Foreign Languages - 3
[s]Elemental Melding - 3 {Mag=4}
[s]Spell resistance - 6 {Int=3}


* [Innate]Incubus Morph (8 TP) - As a result of various adventures and the acquiring of a ring from his fiancee, Sirvix, Hakaril is capable of becoming an incubus. As an incubus, Hakaril possesses limited flight powers (no more than 5*level feet in terms of altitude, and no faster than 10 mph) due to his set of wings. All of Hakaril's holy based spells (the Beam line) are instead shadow based spells (the Zero line) while Hakaril is an incubus--he cannot cast the holy versions, and he cannot summon Radeeni. Hakaril's CHA score is +3 when interacting with other demons and the like, but is -1 when interacting with those who despise demons and their kind (which is quite a few people). While an incubus, Hakaril suffers damage from holy based healing spells. Hakaril can remain an incubus indefinitely.
* [Innate]Intimidate (2 TP) - Attempts to strike fear into an opponent with impressive looking magical acts.
* [M-Theory=4]Charge Spell (5 TP) - Empowers a spell for a turn, increasing damage by 2x.
* [M-Theory=6]Spell Penetration (2 TP) - Adds a bonus of rank/2 to a spellcasting roll.
* [M-Theory=8]Quicken Spell (6 TP) - Allows Hakaril to cast a spell as a free action--the cost of this ability is added to the cost of the spell.
* [M-Theory=12]Contingent Spell (6 TP) - Imbues a target with a latent spell effect. The imbued spell's effect does not occur until a pre-determined trigger condition is met. Some example trigger conditions might include: When this object breaks, when a certain person is wounded, when this object is touched by a person that is not the caster, etc. When the condition is met, the spell is cast. The targets for the spell are determined when the condition is set; if no valid target that meets the specified criteria is available, then the spell fizzles.
* [Theory, Ritual, Melding, Enchanting=4]Enchant Blade (20 TP) - Empowers Hakaril's MageBlade. Hakaril recieves a +6/+2 AT/PA bonus, and any hits landed deal an additional 8+(mean rank) damage. This spell lasts for (mean rank)+1d4 rounds. Hakaril can use this as a permanent enchantment, but it requires 60 total TP be spent (3 times the cost), and during this time of enchanting, the weapon cannot be used or it is lost. Hakaril can do this with any bladed weapon, but no one other than himself may use it. If Hakaril enchants his weapon in this way, it only has half the bonus value of the ordinary effect--and may be stacked with it.
* [Fire=1]Fire 1 (5 MP) - Does 10+2*rank+1d6 fire damage to one enemy.
* [Water=1]Ice 1 (5 MP) - As fire 1, only in water damage to one enemy. * [Lightning=1]Lit 1 (5 MP) - As fire 1, only in lightning damage to one enemy.
* [Lightning=4]Lit 2 (15 MP, narrow dispersion) - Does 18+rank*4+2d6 to one enemy.
* [Meld=2]Lit 2 (15 MP, wide dispersion) - Does 9+2*rank+1d6 to an enemy group. * [Meld=1, Fire/Ice=1]Antipode (12 MP) - Does 10+4*(mean rank)+2d4 combination fire and ice elemental damage in a 20 foot radius around the caster. Allies may be excluded from the effect.
* [Meld=1, Fire/Ice/Lit=1]Triad (20 MP) - Does 12+4*(mean rank)+3d4 to all enemies within a 30-foot wide burst.
* [Holy=1]Beam 1 (7 MP) - Does 8+2*rank+1d6 holy elemental damage to one enemy.
* [Holy=4]Beam 2 (16 MP) - As Beam 1, but does 16+rank*4+2d6 damage.
* [Holy=6]Flash of Brilliance (14 MP) - Creates a bright flash of holy energy that stuns all who fail to resist for 1d4 rounds, in addition to blinding any of those stunned who fail a second resist roll. Creatures that are unaffected by blindness attacks are also immune to the potential stun effect.
* [Holy=8]Disintegrate (42 MP) - This attack deals 20+rank*5+2d6 points of holy damage, but if the damage dealt is equal or greater than three-quarters of the target's remaining hit points, that target is destroyed instantly (a target with 100 remaining HP that recieves 75 or more points of damage from this spell is killed instantly, for example).
* [Holy=10]Muted Chorus (28 MP) - Calls upon the power of a chorus of angelic voices to strike fear into an enemy. Targets who fail to resist are struck both mute and blind, and are paralyzed if they fail a second resist roll.
* [Holy=12]Beam 3 (38 MP) - As Beam 1, but does 20+rank*6+3d6 damage.
* [Holy=16]Celestial Chorus (52 MP) - As Muted Chorus, but the effect strikes up to rank/2 targets within 50 feet of one another.
* [Holy=16, Astral=14]Elmekia Lance (72 MP) - A spell adapted from magical texts brought to Gaera by Aya du Mythril-Domananda. It affects creatures with prominent astral bodies, primarily elementals, mazoku, some forms of demons, animated objects or constructs, some species of dragons, and undead. It does not affect any creature tied to holy elemental forces. Most humanoids, regardless of magical aptitude, are totally unaffected. The spell affects one target creature. Creatures that are susceptible to the spell and fail to resist its effects are destroyed instantly as their astral bodies are rapidly dispersed.
* [Astral=1]Astral Jolt (10 MP) - Deals 12+rank*2+1d6 damage to a single target.
* [Astral=4]Astral Jolt 2 (18 MP) - Deals 16+rank*4+2d6 damage to a single target.
* [Astral=4]Astral Throw (10 MP) - This ability allows the caster to forcefully move people and enchanted objects (anything with an aura), flinging them or levitating them. No more than 20*rank pounds of mass may be moved in this manner at once. Levitating a light object will cost less, but may have a sustained cost. Being thrown laterally deals falling damage if the target collides with an object.
* [Astral=5]Astral Siphoning (2 MP, 4 TP) - Sucks 8+rank*2+1d6 points of MP away from a target and gives it to the caster.
* [Astral=6]Astral Rupture (28 MP) - Deals 10+rank*3+1d6 damage to up to rank/2 targets.
* [Astral=8]Radiant Array (26 MP) - Assails a single target with a shower of brilliant colors that can have one of several numerous effects. Roll 1d6, and determine the effect from the number rolled:

1--Target suffers 18+rank*5+2d6 points of astral damage.
2--Target is blinded for 1d6 rounds.
3--Target is paralyzed.
4--Target suffers from an Astral rank/2 level Astral Drain condition.
5--Target suffers 14+rank*4+2d6 points of astral damage in addition to 1d6 rounds of blindness.
6--Target is frozen solid, as though petrification (only made of ice).
* [Astral=8]Astral Rupture 2 (56 MP) - Deals 16+rank*4+2d6 points of damage to up to rank/2 targets.
* [Astral=10]Planar Shielding (34 MP) - Generates a wall roughly 30 feet wide and 10 feet tall of astral energy which has a small chance of disrupting any spells cast through it (spells cast through this barrier fail on a 5 or 6 rolled on 1d6). In addition, anyone attempting to walk through the wall suffers 12+rank*5+2d6 points of astral damage.
* [Astral=12]Astral Jolt 3 (34 MP) - Deals 24+rank*6+3d6 astral damage to one target.
* [Astral=14]Astral Armor (40 MP) - Conjures a set of semi-solid armor that is formed from the caster's aura and surrounding astral energy. It does not restrict the caster's movement. It absorbs both magical and physical attack damage, soaking up rank*10 points of damage before being dissipated. It supercedes and ignores any armor worn by the caster.
* [Ben=1]Sharpen (8 MP) - Increases a weapon's damage by +rank for (rank) rounds. This cannot exceed +10 damage or 5 rounds.
* [Holy=2, Ben=2]Aura (10 MP) - Increases all allies's AT/PA by +3, for (Ben. rank) turns.
* [Summoning=1]Summon Food (4 MP) - Creates a loaf of simple brown bread. It is entirely possible to live off nothing but summoned bread for indefinite periods of time, but the bread is usually of less than superior quality and does tend to get old quickly.
* [Summon=3, Holy=3]Radeeni (38 MP) - Hakaril summons Radeeni, who casts Beam 2 for two rounds. Use Hakaril's Holy magic rank.
* [Summoning=5, Enchanting=3]Summon Enchanted Sword (12 MP) - Conjures up the equivalent of a +1/+1 longsword, which lasts for 3d6 hours.
* [Summoning=6]Wisp Guardians (50 MP) - Summons a pair of Will o' Wisps to act as companions for combat or other purposes, both of which last until destroyed or dismissed by their summoner. Will o' Wisps resemble orbs of flying, glimmering light about a foot across and come in varying shades of yellow, green, white, and blue, with the last two being the most common. Each wisp has rank*8 HP, an AT/PA of 14/12, an Initiative of 8+2d6, an AC of 16, MBlock 18, a Move of 12 hexes, and deals 20+2d6 damage with a close range electrical/lightning-based attack (which hits as a physical attack with a lightning sub-element). Wisps are immune to lightning magic. Hakaril may summon additional wisps as he gains more experience--three wisps are summoned at rank 10, four at rank 16, and five at rank 22. Also, the wisps get an AT/PA bonus as Hakaril's ranks increase--at rank 10, they are 15/13, at rank 16 they are 17/14, and at rank 20, they are 19/16.
* [Summonng=8, Astral=8]Astral Blade (24 MP) - Creates a swordlike weapon with damage 13/17/20 and AT/PA mods +2/+2 for a duration of 2d6 hours. On a successful hit with this weapon, roll 1d6--on a 5 or 6, the struck victim is inflicted with the Astral Drain status effect at a level of Astral rank/2.
* [Summoning=12, Astral=12]Prismatic Weapon (52 MP) - Creates a weapon of the caster's choice with damage 15/19/24 and AT/PA mods +4/+2 for a duration of 2d6 hours. On a successful hit with this weapon, the affected target must resist as though being struck by a spell cast with the caster's stats and Astral Magic rank or suffer one of ten effects (roll 1d10 to determine):

1--Target suffers 12+rank*4+2d6 points of astral damage.
2--Target is blinded for 1d6 rounds.
3--Target is paralyzed.
4--Target suffers from an Astral rank/2 level Astral Drain condition.
5--Target suffers 14+rank*4+2d6 points of astral damage in addition to 1d6 rounds of blindness.
6--Target is frozen solid, as though petrification (only made of ice).
7--Target ignites spontaneously, suffering 18+2d6 points of fire damage each round until they "stop, drop, and roll" or take some other action to put out the flames.
8--Target suffers 10+rank*2+2d6 damage, which is absorbed by the weapon's wielder as HP.
9--Target suffers 10+rank*2+2d6 damage, which is absorbed by the weapon's wielder as MP.
10--Weapon explodes, both the wielder and the attacked target suffer 58+2d6 points of astral damage, weapon is destroyed.
* [Summoning=12]Prismat (104 MP) - No longer usable after Prismat's death during the Malachian War. Summons Prismat, a 40 foot tall prismatic dragon, for rank/3 rounds. Each round, Prismat attacks with a breath weapon like a shower of radiant lights of varying colors, which has the effect of dealing 20+rank*8+2d6 points of astral damage to a single target (use Hakaril's Astral Magic rank). In addition to the damage, the affected target suffers one of the following effects, determined by the roll of 1d6:

1--Target is stunned for one round (-4/-4 penalty).
2--Target is blinded for 1d6 rounds.
3--Target is paralyzed.
4--Target suffers from an Astral rank/2 level Astral Drain condition.
5--Target suffers 14+rank*4+2d6 points of astral damage in addition to 1d6 rounds of blindness.
6--Target is crystallized, as though petrification (only made of quartz crystal).
* [Summon=14, Holy=14]Blade of Brilliance (54 MP) - Conjures a sword of light to fight for the caster. The weapon attacks on the caster's turn, striking as a physical attack, though it deals holy elemental damage. It has no base damage, but it has a base AT/PA equal to the caster's COU+INT+WIS+MAG (AT/PA 22/22) and "weapon" skill ranks equal to the caster's Holy rank (16; modified AT/PA 38/22). It only gets one attack per round regardless of its effective skill. It deals damage as if being wielded by a creature with a STR score equal to the caster's MAG (22+1d6 light, 28+2d6 medium, 34+3d6 heavy). It does not get a bonus for being wielded "two-handed." Despite its appearance, the sword does not ignore AC; if a target has some sort of magical damage reduction, it also applies. The sword cannot be destroyed with physical attacks, but it can be attacked with spells (HP = Summon rank*5, use caster's MBlock) or eliminated immediately with a successful dispel. The caster can control only one sword at a time.
* [Enchanting=1]Enchant Item (X MP/round, X*5 MP/day or X*10 MP) - Imbues a nonmagical item with a magical property. This property can be any Benediction, Malediction, or similar spell known by the caster. These enchantments can be removed by means of a Dispel Magic spell or similar effect. This spell's chance of success is based on the strength of the spell to be placed on the item. Multiply the required skill ranks of the spell to enchant the item with by 3--this is the target difficulty rating. Make a spell check vs. this difficulty to determine success or failure. Enchantments can also be temporary, and the cost will be paid per round of effect or per day of effect. X is the cost of the spell being used to enchant the item. Permanent enchanting does not have to be done all at one time, but using the item in between enchanting sessions will undo all magical work put into it.
* [Enchanting=3]Lock (8 MP) - Locks doors, gates, purses, coin pouches, zippers, buttons, hooks, fasteners, whatever, magically. This enchantment can only be dispelled by a Dispel Magic effect. Otherwise, the locked item cannot be opened. This does not stop brute force totally (i.e., a door locked in this manner could still be burned or busted down).
* [Enchanting=4]Dispel Enchantment (10 MP) - Attempts to forcefully dispel magical enchantments of various types.
* [Enchanting=6]Give Voice (10 MP) - When cast on an inanimate object, this spell enables it to speak, though it does not necessarily make the object intelligent (although it could).
* [Enchanting=8]Metamorph Item (35 MP) - This spell changes an inanimate object into a different inanimate object of roughly the same size. The spell lasts for up to 24 hours, unless dispelled forcefully. Magical items retain all of their appropriate magical properties in their new form.
* [Enchanting=8]Animate Object (24 MP) - This spell gives life to an inanimate object of a reasonable size (nothing larger than roughly the size of a car). Animated objects usually cannot speak (unless a separate spell is cast to allow them to) and are usually quite unintelligent--they have roughly the intellect of a golem, only understanding simple commands. Many animated objects can be used as sentries or for combat, and objects such as animated ropes, cords, rugs, carpets, bedsheets, etc. may make use of grappling or choking attacks as appropriate. Animated objects with wheels are able to move farther than objects without wheels in the same time period.
* [Enchanting=12]Polymorph (50 MP) - This spell changes a target creature into another creature. The target retains all mental stats, but STR, DEX, AGI, and STA may be altered as a result of the spell. This spell is limited to changing creatures into forms that are roughly the same size as their normal form. If the target is unwilling, a resistance roll is allowed to prevent transformation. <p>
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Unread postby Archmage144 » Sun Feb 13, 2005 8:28 pm

Name: Karisuma Heru
Race: Quarter-elf
Level: 4
XP: 1350/2000
Max HP: 79/79
Max MP: 64/64
Max TP: 37/37
Initiative: 7+2d6 (9-19)

Courage: +4
Wisdom: +2
Intuition: +3
Charisma: +6
Agility: +3
Dexterity: +1
Strength: +1
Stamina: +2
Magic Aptitude: 3

Base AT/PA - 11/11
Modified for skill - 13/13
Modified for armor - 13/12

AC - Body=Padded Robes (AC 8, 0/-1), Head=Padded Cap (AC 4)

Weapon Damage - Battle Dictionary (+0/+0), Accuracy 12
Light Attack - 12 + 1d6
Medium Attack (-3 ACC) - 16 + 2d4
Heavy Attack (-6 ACC) - 22 + 2d6

Weapon Damage - .45 Mythril Long Colt, Accuracy 8
Damage - 4d10

Weapon Damage - .35 Mythril Colt, ACC 8
Damage - 3d10 Holy

4100 GP, Amulet (+1 STR and COU)
Wand of Cabbit Summons, 5 charges
Cabbit: HP 60, AT/PA 14/12, Init 7+2d6, Bite 13+1d6


Weapon (Firearms) - 8 <Cou/Dex/Agi>
Weapon (Books, treat as ranged weapon, hit% as a firearm) - 4 <Cou/Agi/Str>
"Talk" Skills - 4 <Cha/Cha/Cou>
Water Magic - 10 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Telepathy - 7 <Int/Wis/Mag>
[k]Etiquette (Noble) - 4
[k]Diplomacy - 4
[k]Classic Literature - 4
[k]Fashion Sense - 2
[k]Languages - 4
[s]Missile Evasion - 2


[requirements are placed in brackets]

-------"Talk" Skills------

[Talk=1]Negotiate (2 TP) - Attempt to make a person see your cause and listen to you. If successful, this person will respond to you as though your CHA were (rank) points higher. For success, make a check vs. either PA+d20 or INT+d20.
[Talk=2]Intimidate (2 TP) - Using threats of force or body language suggesting that you will take actions against them (i.e., pointing a gun at them), attempt to scare a target into submission. This will cause targets to take a variety of actions ranging from freezing in fear for rank/2+1d2 rounds to being compliant with demands. Make a check either vs. PA+d20 or COU*3+2d20.
[Talk=3]Soothe (1 TP) - Using calming language, attempt to soothe animals and or people into relaxing when angry or frightened. "Success" check varies.
[Talk=4]Enrage (3 TP) - Causes the "Berserk" status effect. Make a check vs. PA+d20 or WIS*3+d20.


[Water=1]Aqua (8 MP) - Deals 8+2*rank+1d6 points of Water elemental damage to a target.
[Water=1]Divine Location (2 MP) - This spell senses the location, quality, physical state, and purity of water within a large radius from the caster. Effective in survival situations.
[Water=2]Create Water (4 MP) - This spell creates pure water out of thin air, either by condensing moisture in the air itself, or from nothingness. This water may take the form of dense mist or regular liquid water. No more than 2*rank gallons may be created in this way at one time.
[Water=2]Water Meld (8 MP) - Shapes water into semi-permanent forms, or manipulates bodies of water. No more than 2*rank+1 gallons of water may be manipulated via this method at one time.
[Water=4]Aqua 2 (14 MP) = Deals 12+5*rank+2d6 points of Water elemental damage to a target.
[Water=5]Drown (14 MP) - Conjures a fluid sphere around a target's head and or breathing organs (assuming the caster knows what they ARE). This sphere exists for rank rounds, and deals suffocation/breath holding damage as applicable. Obviously, it does not affect creatures which have no need to breathe, have gills, etc.
[Water=6]Rainstorm (15 MP) - Creates a rainstorm around the caster for about 500 yards. There must already be sufficient clouds (about 20% coverage) in the sky for this spell to work--the caster is merely encouraging nature.
[Water=7]Evaporate (26 MP) - This attack evaporates the water in a target's cells, dealing 16+rank*6+2d6 points of damage to organic creatures, and twice that to creatures with largely liquid bodies. Humanoid and animal targets affected will suffer from nausea and illness, causing a -4/-4 AT/PA penalty and a -4 on all skill checks until the target is able to rest and recover.
[Water=8]Minor Geyser (34 MP) - Creates a geyser roughly one hex wide in a target area. This geyser begins erupting immediately, spraying boiling water that deals 14+rank*5+2d6 damage per round to anyone on the geyser (and dealing half damage to any on an adjacent hex unlucky enough to be sprayed--GM's call). Also, the unpleasant odor of sulfur gives all within roughly 10 feet of the geyser a small (-1 to -3 depending on proximity) penalty on all rolls, as it affects their concentration. This spell cannot be resisted in the usual magical way--instead, an AGI or PA check is made against the spellcasting roll. However, magically immune creatures are still free from effect.
[Telepathy=1]Telepathy - Communicate telepathcially. This may be used instead of talking, and is a free action.
[Telepathy=4]Pain (10 MP) - Telepaths and transmits the emotion of pain or injury. May be used to subdue, coerce, torture, interrogate, or the like, in addition to distracting or stunning opponents if successful (-4/-4 penalty for one round and inability to act).
[Telepathy=6]Mind Lash (16 MP) - Uses a forced telepathic link to attack a single opponent, rendering their mind into disorder and chaos. Deals 10+rank*5+2d6.

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Re: Karis!

Unread postby FlamingDeth » Sun Feb 13, 2005 8:53 pm

Aw, when did Hak lose the Grumbling Doom? <p>
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Re: Karis!

Unread postby Zemyla » Mon Feb 14, 2005 1:14 pm

I don't think many people keep it for that long. <p>-----
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Re: Karis!

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He refused to use it as a weapon past the duel where he recieved it, considering its ramblings to be highly annoying, and actually designed a special scabbard enchanted with a mute spell for the purpose of storing the damned thing and forcing it to shut up. He eventually encountered Kelne and found a chance to return it. Somehow, during the Malachian War, Kyra found herself in possession of the Grumbling Doom. I have no idea what happened to it after that, but Hak returned it to its rightful owner as soon as he possibly could. The guy loves magical trinkets, but not that much. The Doom just irritated him immensely.

He doesn't actually use that two-hander noted on his sheet--come to think of which, I should edit that out. He's not strong enough to use it, but he acquired it in one of Div's RPs and decided it would look good on his mantle and make a fabulous conversation piece.

Visitor to Hak's office: "What's that one up there?"
Hakaril: "Oh, sacrificial sword of darkness, I think." <p>
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Re: Why the hell not: Fenn

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Some of these are really frickin' old. In fact, I have a couple of sheets for characters I created and RPed regularly or NPCed in my RPs, but never actually used in anyone else's PS RPs (probably because I was busy or didn't get a chance to be in them, or otherwise just used Hakaril or whatever). I've got an incomplete sheet for Zeke Mazuo (I never did finish his spells/techs) and a sheet for Chandler that in retrospect has some enormously stupid techs on it...

Name: Fenn Foxfire
Race: Wood Elf
Level: 1
XP: 100/2000
Max HP: 60/60
Max MP: 95/95
Max TP: 20/20
Initiative: 4 + 2d6 (6-16)

Courage: +3
Wisdom: +5
Intuition: +2
Charisma: +1
Agility: -1
Dexterity: +3
Strength: +1
Stamina: +1
Magic Aptitude: 6

Base AT/PA - 5/5
Modified for skill - 5/9
Modified for armor - 5/9

AC- Body=Shielded Robe (AC 13)

Weapon Damage - Runed Quarterstaff (0, +1)
Thrusting - 5+1d6
Slashing - 8+2d4
Chopping - 12+2d6

34 points

Staves - 4 <Cou/Str/Agi>
Druidic Magic - 4 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Healing Magic - 4 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Instrument: Flute - 4 <Dex/Dex/Cha>
Mental Magic - 4 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Ambidexterity - 2 <Dex>
[s]Dbl. Weapon Fighting - 2 <Dex>
[s]Animal Affinity - 4 <Int/Int/Cha>
[s]Plant Affinity - 4 <Int/Int/Cha>
[k]Survival - 4
[k]Elven Religions - 4
[k]Geography - 4
[k]Runes - 2


[requirements are placed in brackets]

[Druidic Magic=1] Choking Brambles (7 MP) - Causes a web of thorny vines to erupt from the ground, entangling opponents. Deals 8+2*rank+1d6 damage, and roll a d6. On a 5 or 6, target cannot take action this round.
[Druidic Magic=1] Telepath Animal (0 MP) - Fenn can speak with any animal, with little effort, via telepathy.
[Druidic Magic=2] Wrath of Earth (12 MP) - This attack causes a slight earthquake, forcing the eruption of medium sized chunks of rock. This deals 8+3*rank+2d4 damage to a small enemy group.
[Druidic Magic=3] Firefly Swarm (14 MP) - By summoning a cloud of fireflies to his aid, Fenn can make use of a fire-based attack which deals 14+4*rank+2d6 to a single target.
[Druidic Magic=3, Animal Affinity=3] Control Animal (20 MP) - Fenn can take mental control of any animal and make it change its allegiances to be friendly to him. This animal will obey any and all commands. The definition of "animals" includes things like bears, wolves, and the like, not humans, goblins, giant slimes, etc.
[Druidic Magic=4] Fist of Cloud (18 MP) - Fenn utilizes a powerful gust of wind concentrated into a smaller area to blow the target off balance with great fury. This attack deals 14+5*rank+2d6 damage, and stuns the target for 1+1d2 rounds.
[Healing Magic=2] Nature's Cure (8 MP) - Using natural energy, Fenn heals any target 8+2*rank+1d6 HP, or deals an equal amount of damage to undead.
[Healing Magic=4] Nature's Antidote (8 MP) - Purifies the body of various toxins, namely poisoning. Also cures paralysis, blinding, magical sleep, and other minor status effects.
[Mental Magic=1] Telepathy (0 MP) - Communicate telepathic thoughts to any target.
[Mental Magic=2] Guarded Telepathy (2 MP) - Communicate telepathic thoughts without fear of eavesdroppers. <p>
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Why the hell not: Darin

Unread postby Archmage144 » Wed Feb 16, 2005 9:43 pm

Might as well put up some of the other sheets I'm holding onto, even if I'll never use them in RP. People might want to look at them, or something!

This sheet was recently revised completely, as it was never used in an RP. It's now up-to-date as far as all current rules and has better balanced spells that follow the tentative guidelines for spell power in the thread, which includes eliminating the most ludicrously overpowered rank 2 haste spell ever and toning down or scaling up a couple of other effects. It also includes a character bio.

Quick Stats:

Darin (Archmage) - Lvl 1 - 60 HP, 100 MP, 16 TP


name: Darin Prentiss - DOB: 11th of Falisara, 1290 - eyes: deep violet - hair: black - height: 5' 8"

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Re: Why the hell not: Kage

Unread postby Archmage144 » Wed Feb 16, 2005 9:49 pm

Kage is not necessarily a completely balanced character in the sense that he has some magic while having a MAG score of 0. The rest of him is more or less okay, but keep in mind the fact that I created him to be an NPC opponent and never played him in any RP...he started at level 4, just for reference, and got boosted to 5 for the next RP he was in.

Name: Kage Sentan
Race: Dark Elf
Level: 5
XP: 200/2500
Max HP: 102/102
Max MP: 0/0
Max TP: 37/37
Initiative: 8 + 2d6

Courage: +5
Wisdom: +1
Intuition: +2
Charisma: +3
Dexterity: +3
Strength: +6
Stamina: +3
Magic Aptitude: 0

Base AT/PA - 16/16
Modified for skill - 21/16
Modified for armor - 21/16

AC- Body=Corrupted Plate (AC 21)

Weapon Damage - Corrupted Halberd (15/20/26)
Thrusting - 21 + 1d6
Slashing - 32 + 2d4
Chopping - 44 + 2d6


Spears/Lances <Cou/Agi/Str> - 6
Dark Lance Skills <Cou/Int/Int> - 10
Deceit/Lying <Cha/Cha/Int> - 4
Ambidexterity <Dex> - 4
Necromancy <Int/Mag/Wis> - 2
Dragoon Skills <Cou/Agi/Str> - 6
[s] Stealth <Dex> - 2
[k] Dark Elven Religions - 2
[k] Poison Knowledge - 4
[k] Trap Knowledge - 2


---------Physical/Dragoon Abilities--------
[Innate] Persuade - 3 TP - Small chance, based partially on Charisma, to charm an opponent for 1d4 rounds.
[Lances=1] Defensive Stance - 1 TP - Use lance to block attacks.
[Dragoon Skills=2] Jump - 3 TP - Leap high into the air for a turn, causing 1.5x damage upon landing. Kage cannot be attacked while in the air.
[Dragoon Skills=3, Lances=2] Dragon Lance - 8 TP - Empower lance, such that Jump attacks deal 3x damage instead of 1.5x.
[Dragoon Skills=6] Dragoon Rage - 8 TP - Enables Kage to make three Thrusting attacks at one target, of which deal damage as though STR were doubled.

-------Dark Lance Skills--------
[Dark Lance Skills=1] Black Lance - 3 TP - Creates an astral lance from Dark energy. Deals 12+(rank*3)+1d8 damage to a single target.
[Dark Lance Skills=3] Shadow Beam - 5 TP - Creates a burst of Dark energy which is focused through a lance. Deals 20+(rank*4)+2d8 damage to a single target.
[Dark Lance Skills=4] Static Strike - 9 TP - Creates a blast of Dark/Electrical energy which strikes from the ground up through a single target for 16+(rank*6)+2d6 damage.
[Dark Lance Skills=8] Lance of Destruction - 12 TP - Creates a set of astral lances of which materialize, strike, and fade away rapidly. Deals 20+(rank*6)+2d6 damage to a group of targets.

-------Necromantic Powers-----------
(Kage has no innate magical affinity, but when equipped with his Corrupted Spear or any of the other Dark Lances, he awakens his Necromantic ability.)

[Necromancy=1] Animate Dead - Kage can, up to 3 times per day, resurrect a skeletal minion from a corpse.
[Necromancy=1] Life Drain - Only usable 2 times per day, Kage can drain 4+(rank)+1d6 HP from any target. Using this on Undead targets heals the target and causes Kage to lose health.
[Necromancy=2] Death's Will - Once per day, Kage can enchant a target with a powerful curse. This curse causes the target to lose 1d10 HP per round. This HP escapes into the Death Plane and can be absorbed by any nearby Undead.

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Uncle Pervy

Re: Why the hell not: Kage

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Thu Feb 17, 2005 9:11 pm

If it's becoming necessary to post NPCs, I have about 500 posts to make when I get things up and running on my end. :( <p>---------------------------

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Re: Why the hell not: Kage

Unread postby FlamingDeth » Thu Feb 17, 2005 10:35 pm

I believe Ducky has used Kage as a PC before. GM attachment and all that. :D <p>
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Re: Why the hell not: Kage

Unread postby Archmage144 » Thu Feb 17, 2005 11:24 pm

I haven't used him as a PC in anyone's Philsys RP, always as an NPC-ish plot device character antagonist of some sort. Also, of course it's not necessary, I was just putting him up in case anyone wanted to see it and in the event that I might want to ask to use him in one, if that ever happens.

In fact, I discourage posting your NPC sheets. Look at what happened when Nama did that. *shudders* <p>
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Kamos' Cousin!

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Zeke Mazuo

Physical description:

Zeke is a very tall (nearly 6') human from the Igalan country of Valth. As a Valthi, his genetic makeup is very slightly different from most of the rest of Igala's human population, resulting in his having naturally blue hair and bright violet eyes. His hair is styled into a ponytail of sorts that hangs down to the middle of his back, and he wears a red military-style beret as further adornment. His somewhat pale face wears an almost perpetual grin of mischeviousness, and he has a fairly long neck. Usually, he wears a black trenchcoat and pants with a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of a Valthi heavy rock band and a belt with a silver buckle, accompanied by black knee-high leather boots. Hanging from either side of his belt are the two halves of his double-bladed sword, also called a swallow, and holstered in his jacket are a pair of standard issue automatic Valthi handguns. He also occasionally sports a pair of mirrored sunglasses with small lenses.

Personal background and summary of important events:

Born in Valth, and the older cousin of Kamos Mazuo, Zeke was educated and trained at a Valthi military academy like most children in the country. Zeke, however, was not terribly fond of the regimenting and anal-retentiveness of his commanders, and he decided he would much prefer freelance mercenary work, which prompted him to leave Valth. He told no one where he was going—he simply vanished, AWOL, figuring he was largely better off on his own.

As one might expect, Zeke earned a reputation for himself independent of the Valthi system. A dangerously accurate gunman, he travelled through Riva and parts of northern Doma, taking jobs as he saw fit and killing without respect for human life if it was in the description. Eventually, he caught the eye of the Prandian government, who hired him to track down and capture or assassinate the “dangerous renegade,” Darin Prentiss. In the end, however, Zeke proved to be no match for Darin and his friends, and he was persuaded to give up trying to hunt him, abandoning the Prandians to their own devices. Without that particular direction to his life, Zeke continued to wander, sometimes extending his boundaries a bit further south into the more settled and civilized regions, always selling his services out to the highest bidder, but never breaking the mercenary's code of honor without good reason.

Personal data:

Zeke can be primarily described as an extrordinary womanizer. Most of his time not spent hunting targets is spent partying and hanging out at bars trying to sleep with whoever catches his eye as attractive, and he usually manages to hook his marks. He belittles Kamos whenever he gets the chance, figuring it's his job as his older cousin to give him a hard time. In fact, he usually refers to Kamos by a demeaning pet name—“Kam-Kam.” While Valthi ideals supposedly entail chastity and unquestioning loyalty to the state, Zeke dismisses both of these ideas as “no fun” without worrying too much about questioning their deeper roots as tools of subjugation of the greater populace. He ignores regulations not because of an active desire for rebellion or wish to upset the supposed Valthi standards, but rather, because he finds adherence to such strict codes “boring.” Zeke would rather spend all of his time getting hammered and having as much sex as possible. Not surprisingly, Zeke is a peripheral worshipper of Kazeros, the god of freedom, and considers himself to be as devout a holy man as any priest of Ishtar. With his love of revelry, this is no surprise, and most followers of Kazeros would support his claims. As one would expect from a man of his demeanor, he tends to be extremely confident in all his actions, perhaps a little too confident at times.

Aside from his beliefs about personal relationships and his general lifestyle, Zeke takes his work fairly seriously, depending on one's definition of “serious.” He follows a mercenary's code of honor as much as possible; never reveal your employer if they wish to conceal their identity, never backstab a fellow mercenary or your employer, never directly interfere with another mercenary's pursuit of their quarry, be as discreet as possible, and ask only as many questions as needed to get the job done. These basic precepts serve to frame Zeke's opinion that killing other human beings for money is “just a job,” and he feels there is nothing wrong with assassination work, thinking it to be just as legitimate a means of earning a living as forging swords. If making weapons is legal, he figures, using them ought to be as well. In his typical flamboyant style, Zeke often hands out self-made business cards to whoever he happens to meet, otherwise blank white cards that read simply: “Zeke Mazuo—Mercenary for Hire.” Of course, even Zeke has a few limits. Generally, he is opposed to killing women or children without an exceptionally good reason, but outside those boundaries, he can justify the murder of almost any man without the slightest bit of guilt. Most people who meet Zeke never really internalize this attitude—his jovial, outgoing personality nullifies nearly any harsh feelings they might have toward the soldier.

Zeke's Valthi upbringing means that his knowledge of magic is mostly peripheral. His original training was as a mage hunter, so he understands the rudiments of the arcane arts, but most of his knowledge is designed to aid in killing wizards, not casting spells. He does, however, have his own magical talents that he brings to bear when necessary.

Powers, talents, and misc:

Zeke is primarily known for his gunmanship. His preferred fighting style is to pick off foes from a distance with a pair of standard-issue Valthi automatic handguns. However, given the inaccuracy of handguns at long range, this tends not to be as viable as he would like, so he usually tries to utilize stealth and subterfuge instead of charging into combat with guns blazing. He utilizes as little magic as possible for this purpose, preferring to rely on his own talents and only rarely tapping into invisibility-related illusions. Most of Zeke's training has revolved around fighting humanoids, so his knowledge of more exotic monsters has not developed the way many adventurers' has, resulting in occasional problems when he encounters foes that refuse to die when shot, such as specters and wraiths. The undead in particular are a definite bane of Zeke's, as his maxim is that the only things he has to be afraid of are “those that keep moving when they've been shot.” Nevertheless, his awareness of werewolves and the vulnerabilities of some supernatural creatures has convinced him to keep a small supply of silver bullets on his person. As a backup weapon, for melee combat, Zeke carries a double-bladed sword, or swallow. Each end hangs separately from his belt when he travels, but in combat, he has practiced assembling it movement by movement to the point where it takes him no longer to bring both segments together and twist them into one unit than it takes any average warrior to draw his single blade.

When utilizing magic, Zeke has a natural affinity for wind spells, and his air magic talents manifest themselves in the form of what he prefers to call “vaccumancy,” the manipulation of air currents to create pressurized blasts or suck the air right out of a target's lungs. He also is able to utilize some minimal shadow magic, manipulating the flow of negative energy to create offensive or debilitating effects, but Zeke stays far away from the realm of actual necromancy, preferring to let the dead rest.

Quick Stats:
Zeke (Archmage) - Level 1 - 60 HP, 55 MP, 22 TP

Name: Zeke Mazuo
Race: Valthi Human
Level: 1
XP: 480/1000
Max HP: 60/60
Max MP: 55/55
Max TP: 22/22
Initiative: 3+2d6

Courage: +3
Wisdom: +1
Intuition: +4
Charisma: +1
Agility: +2
Dexterity: +4
Strength: +2
Stamina: +1
Magic Aptitude: 3

Body=Zaekam (AC 9, 0/0, casting penalty -1)

Inventory: 36 bullets, 12 silver bullets, speed-loader, two bags of caltrops, a spyglass, a vial of generic anti-toxin (cures up to 3 levels of poisoning), and a seemingly limitless supply of business cards

Base AT/PA - 12/12
Modified for armor 12/12
Modified for skill (with swallow) - 13/15

Weapon Damage - Valthi Handgun (x2) (6 shot cylinder, base ACC +0)
Accuracy - 16
Damage - 18+3d6

Weapon Damage - Steel Swallow (11/15/21, -1/+1)
Light - 16 + 1d6
Medium - 23 + 2d6
Heavy - 31 + 3d6

Weapon Damage - Valthi Knife (6/9/12, +1/-1)
Light - 10 + 1d6
Medium - 15 + 2d6
Heavy - 20 + 3d6

Base MATK: 8 (7 with armor)
Base MDEF: 20
Base Missile Evasion: 18

32 points

Weapon (Firearms) - 4 <Cou/Dex/Dex>
Weapon (Swallow) - 4 <Cou/Agi/Str>
Weapon (Knife) - 2 <Cou/Agi/Dex>
Two-Firearm Style - 4 <Dex/Dex/Int>
Vaccumancy - 4 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Illusion Magic - 3 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Shadow Magic - 2 <Int/Wis/Mag>
[s]Stealth - 4 [url=>Archmage144</A]&nbsp; Image at: 9/30/06 23:38


James Silvar

Unread postby Archmage144 » Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:38 pm

Quick Stats:
James (Archmage) - Lvl 2 - 51 HP, 108 MP, 20 TP

name: James Paynus Silvar - dob: 14th of Fidelara, 1317 - eyes: grey - hair: teal - height: 5' 9" - weight: 130 lbs.

Physical description:

James is of slightly above average height and very slight of build, much like his father. He sports a triple set of incubus wings that resemble those of a giant dragonfly and are a vaguely iridescent shade of very light blue. James's hair is naturally a rust red, but it is magically styled to be a shocking shade of teal and stand up in gravity-defying spikes (for a visual reference, see artwork of Valgaav, from Slayers TRY). He usually dresses somewhat like his father, wearing a set of black robes in a style much like a trenchcoat with hems and cuffs in the same blue color as his wings. Underneath these robes, he usually wears a loose-fitting grey tunic and brown or black pants. James wears tall black boots and a set of metallic blue shin guards that cover the area from just above his ankle to just below his knee that are shaped to provide some lower body protection without impairing movement. Inside his coat, hanging on cloth loops, he carries a pair of katar.


James Paynus Silvar is the son of Hakaril and Sirvix Silvar, one of Doma's Generals and his succubus wife from the Netherworld. Unlike his father, James has been raised in what could easily be described as the lap of luxury--he grew up in Doma Castle, free to roam the grounds (despite frequent protests from the local guard, as the youthful James was always quite the troublemaker), provided with all varieties of food and drink, and supplied with an immense library for studying and education. For the most part, James has never had to work exceptionally hard, at least, not in terms of physical labor, a factor that he would attribute to his having time to develop his mind and become an exceptional genius. Outside observers, not having James's unique insights, would generally suggest that the net result was more likely his being something of a spoiled brat. Also unlike his father, James was introduced to magic at a very young age--indeed, the elder Silvar scanned the youth's aura for magical potential the day he was brought into the world, and was overjoyed to see that James's arcane aptitude was at least as great as his own.

Eager to see what kind of progress his son would make as a wizard, Hakaril taught James himself from his early years and eventually shipped the boy off to Gunnir to provide him with a more formal education at his alma mater. James enjoyed Gunnir immensely, perhaps as much as his father did, but struggled simultaneously with the resentment that his father had obvious plans for him--and, like his father before him, James was not entirely certain that he liked that idea. In an attempt to gain some control over his life, James decided that his best option was to study radically different branches of magic from his father, assuming that his decisions to invest his time in learning arts that were counter to Hakaril's would be a way to resist the obvious expectations placed upon him. Somewhat to James's initial disappointment, his father was /thrilled/ when he discovered that his son decided to study Shadow and Malediction magic, as he believed they were incredibly fitting for a rising mage with his background.

James is fiercely proud of his demonic ancestry and has great respect for his mother and her side of the family (despite the fact that, historically speaking, they have always been the greatest obstacle between her and his father). His middle name, something that humans might snicker at, is something he takes great pride in, since it is a "traditional demonic name on the demon side of his family." He regards his human side as his "weaker half," and he often openly states that he "would be an /even better/ wizard if my mother had just gotten knocked up by a /demon/ father." However, deep down, his resentment of his human side is really just masked resentment for his father, because James is constantly recognized as being "General Silvar's son," a title he feels does not do him justice. Wishing for nothing more than to be acknowledged for his own merits instead of living in his father's shadow, James actually has great respect for his father's accomplishments, despite the fact that it would take a lot to get him to admit it. He might, perhaps, be willing to respect them more openly if he felt less like his father's reputation was the only thing preventing him from being recognized for his own greatness.

Occasionally outwardly cold and something of a jerk, James is very harsh with many people, but is often particularly harsh with those he actually likes--perhaps to cover up the fact that he genuinely cares about them. He likes to utilize his demonic features to convey his emotions, particularly sassy wing flicks and a fangy grin that could get him confused for a vampire. He is, however, somewhat sensitive underneath his exterior, and his confidence occasionally falters whenever a task does not immediately come easily to him, especially regarding personal relationships.

Name: James Silvar
Race: Half-incubus
Level: 2
XP: 50/1250
Max HP: 51/51
Max MP: 108/108
Max TP: 20/20
Initiative: 3+2d6

Courage: +2
Wisdom: +4
Intuition: +5
Charisma: +0
Dexterity: +4
Agility: +2
Strength: +0
Stamina: -1
Magic Aptitude: 6

Base AT/PA - 13/13
Modified for armor - 13/13
Modified for skill - 17/14

Modified for weapon - 18/13

Body=Fortified Robe (AC=12)
Legs=Rigid Shin Guards (AC=6)
Head=Channeler's Headband (Increases spell durations by 1 round)

Weapon Damage - Channeler's Katar (x2) (5/8/11, +1/-1)
Light - 10 + 1d6
Medium - 13 + 2d6
Heavy - 16 + 3d6

Base MATK - 15
Base MDEF - 19

34 points

Weapon (Katar) - 5 <Cou/Agi/Dex>
Two-weapon Fighting - 5 <Dex/Dex/Str>
Shadow Magic - 6 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Malediction Magic - 5 <Int/wis/Mag>
Vaccumancy - 5 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Astral Magic - 5 <Int/Wis/Mag>
[s]Channeling - 4 <Int/Wis/Mag>
[s]Flying - 4 <Dex>
[k]Applied Magical Theory - 5
[k]Demon Lore - 4
[k]Nobility - 3
[k]Demonic Dialects - 3
[k]History - 1
[k]Tactics - 1


[Innate]Incubus Racial Traits - James's half-incubus nature provides him with wings, allowing him some limited flight. His maximum speed is limited to three times his Flying rank yards each round. He also is better resistant to magic of the Shadow element, reducing damage caused by Shadow effects by 50%. Holy-based healing spells do not harm James, but their effect is also reduced by 50%.
[Katar=2]Precise Striking (2 TP) - Uses DEX to determine weapon damage bonuses instead of STR and eliminates all penalties to hit other than those caused by magical debuffs for one round. Heavy attacks are impossible when using Precise Striking.
[Katar=4]Eloquent Striking (2 TP) - Adds DEX to AT a second time for one round.
[Channeling=1, M-Theory=1]Daggerspell Channeling (4 TP) - James can cast a spell into any bladed weapon and store it for later use as a free action. When the weapon holding the stored spell scores a hit against a target, the spell is released, affecting the target as though the spell had been cast. James cannot store any spell with a rank prerequisite that exceeds his Channeling rank. Only one spell may be stored each round in this manner, but a spell can be held in a weapon for a number of rounds equal to James's Channeling rank.
[Channeling=4, M-Theory=4]Extend Spell (X MP, 3 TP) - As a free action, by paying the MP cost of a spell a second time when its duration would normally expire, James can continue the effect of any spell he has cast, causing it to persist for a number of additional rounds equal to its initial duration. The spell's duration is automatically extended--an affected target does not get a new resist roll.
[M-Theory=4]Focused Spell (3 TP) - James can cast a spell through sheer force of will without any indication that he is casting, even if he is unable to speak or move, but the spell's rank prerequisites must not exceed his Applied Magical Theory rank. Unless observers succeed at an opposed check (observer's MAG*3+d20 vs. James's rank+WIS*3+d20), it is impossible to discern who cast the spell, though depending on the circumstances, James may be suspect. Useful for pulling pranks.
[Vaccumancy=1]Aero (10 MP) - Destroys a column of air, crushing foes caught in the blast with high pressure air as it races to fill the vaccum. Deals 5+rank*2+1d6 air damage to all targets in a 10 foot corridor in front of the caster.
[Vaccumancy=1]Gas Breathing (8 MP) - Allows the caster to breathe any gas for (rank*10) minutes. This does not prevent any effects the gas may have besides hypoxia, such as chlorine.
[Vacuumancy=2, Malediction=4]Lesser Choke (10 MP) - Attempts to suck the air from a target's lungs forcefully and prevent them from breathing properly. James can continue to choke a target that fails to resist for a number of rounds equal to his Malediction rank, dealing Vaccumancy rank*2+1d6 damage each round and causing the target to suffer a -2/-2 AT/PA penalty.
[Vaccumancy=4]Aero 2 (26 MP) - Destroys a column of air, crushing foes caught in the blast with high pressure air as it races to fill the vaccum. Deals 12+rank*4+2d6 air damage to all targets in a 20 foot corridor in front of the caster.
[Vaccumancy=4]Suction Blast (16 MP) - Manipulates air currents to batter a single target with a high-pressure blow, dealing 14+rank*6+2d6 air damage to a single target. A target that fails to resist may be caught off guard and knocked prone unless they succeed a second resist roll. A prone target takes a -6 penalty to PA until able to stand again.
[Vaccumancy=5]Vaccum Burst (12 MP) - Uses air currents to create a sudden, sharp, high-pressure blast, but the force is not great enough to cause wounds to most creatures. Instead, this spell is commonly used to move objects.
[Shadow=1]Antithesis (8 MP) - Deals 8+rank*2+1d6 shadow damage to a single chosen target.
[Shadow=2]Decay (6 MP) - Channels a small amount of shadow energy into a touched target. This deals rank+1d6 points of damage every round and can be maintained free of cost for a duration equal to James's Channeling rank. Touched objects will degrade and deteriorate, and plants and very small animals will die. This spell is very painful, despite not causing much actual harm, and is often used as a means of torture.
[Shadow=3]Drain (10 MP) - Drains 6+rank+1d6 HP from a target and adds it to the caster's available hit points. Excess hit points beyond the caster's maximum are lost. Using this spell on undead creatures reverses the effect.
[Shadow=4]Greater Antithesis (16 MP) - Deals 16+rank*6+2d6 shadow damage to a single chosen target.
[Shadow=5]Siphon (18 MP) - Drains 10+rank*2+1d6 HP from a target and adds it to the caster's available hit points. Excess hit points beyond the caster's maximum are lost. Using this spell on undead creatures reverses the effect.
[Shadow=6]Impenetrable Darkness (10 MP) - Creates a cube-shaped area of the purest darkness up to rank/2 yards on a side. No natural light can penetrate it, but some powerful magically created light might. Even creatures that can normally see in the dark are incapable of sight inside this area.
[Malediction=1]Cramp (8 MP) - Stuns a target that fails to resist for one round. That target suffers a -4/-4 penalty for the remainder of that round, but does not lose any applicable parries, though the affected target cannot take any attack actions.
[Malediction=2]Weaken (8 MP) - Reduces a target's strength. Subtract (rank) from all of the affected target's melee damage rolls for 1+1d4 rounds.
[Malediction=3]Cripple (8 MP) - Numbs a target's reflexes and makes it more difficult to move to defend. The target's PA is reduced by (rank) for (rank) rounds.
[Malediction=4]Fumble (10 MP) - Decreases a target's accuracy by making their movements more clumsy. The target's AT is reduced by (rank) for (rank) rounds.
[Malediction=5]Sleep (16 MP) - Puts a target to sleep. A sleeping target is completely helpless, suffering a -10/-10 penalty (though in most cases, attacks against a sleeping target will automatically succeed). If a sleeping target is damaged or attacked, it will wake up.
[Astral=1]Astral Jolt (10 MP) - Deals 12+rank*2+1d6 damage to a single target.
[Astral=4]Astral Jolt 2 (18 MP) - Deals 16+rank*6+2d6 damage to a single target.
[Astral=4]Astral Throw (10 MP) - This ability allows the caster to forcefully move people and enchanted objects (anything with an aura), flinging them or levitating them. No more than 20*rank pounds of mass may be moved in this manner at once (the average humanoid, with gear, weighs roughly 160 pounds). Being thrown laterally deals falling damage if the target collides with an object.
[Astral=5]Astral Siphoning (2 MP, 4 TP) - Sucks 8+rank*2+1d6 points of MP away from a target and gives it to the caster.
<span style="color:red;">[Astral=8]Astral Dispel (12 MP) - Forcefully disjoins magical effects and enhancements by dispersing their astral energy. Dispels or removes a wide variety of effects, including Malediction and Benediction spells. Powerful or long-lasting effects may require a check to dispel.</span> <p>
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