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Sora's Characters

Unread postby SorataYuy » Sun Aug 27, 2006 2:26 am

For now, since this is my first, just the bare basics on:

Name:Rad Black

Basic concept: peace-keeping officer with a cheery disposition, has had a reasonably normal life.

Brief history: Almost textbook childhood up until age nine, living on the farm with his parents and three siblings(two older sisters, one younger brother). Adventurous mishap at this age got his younger brother killed in an encounter with bandits. Joined the Hyonzan Enforcers at fifteen in an attempt to gain strength, and to stamp out the Gadianton Bandits that killed his brother, since had watched the government do almost nothing about them in the last six years. Did not become embittered by his brother’s death, despite their close bond. Has never dated, which his best friend Triss loves to tease him about, affectionately questioning if he’s even human. Grew up with a strong sense of justice. Is currently working as a ‘beat’ officer in the medium-sized city of Talos.

Personality quirks: Prefers deep friendship to casual ones, as a result doesn’t have many friends, but the ones he does have he knows well and can trust completely. Gets flustered if someone is rather obviously flirting with him with very real intent, this being due to his utter inexperience in the realm of romance.

*physical picture to follow once I get a basic one done up*

Name:Rad Black(name subject to change when I can find a last one I like better)
Race: Human
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Current Age: 23

Level: 1
XP 0/1000
Max HP: 65
Max MP: 40
Max TP: 25
Initiative: 4+2d6
Magical Attack 7+d20
Magical Block: 20
Missile Evasion: 20+d20

Courage: +3
Wisdom: +2
Intuition: +4
Charisma: +2
Agility: +3
Dexterity: +1
Strength: +3
Stamina: +2
Magic Aptitude: +1

Base AT/PA (rapier)- 14/12
Modified for skill - 17/13
Modified for armor - 16/10

Base AT/PA (rapier, holding boomerang)- 12/10
Modified for skill - 15/11
Modified for armor - 14/8

AC - 10
Body= chain mail (AC 10, 0/-3 -4 to cast),
Head= n/a

Weapon Damage – Rapier(+1/-1, 8/10/X)
Light Attack - 12 + 1d6
Medium Attack (-3 ACC) - 16 + 2d4
Heavy Attack (-6 ACC) - 22 + 2d6

Weapon Damage - Boomerang (-2/-2, 4/6/8), Accuracy - 7 (Agi+Dex*2 +2)
Weak throw - 11+1d6 (12-17)
Medium throw - 15+2d6 (17-27)
Heavy throw - 19+3d6 (22-37)

Chain Mail

Rapier (cou/agi/str)- 4
Boomerang (str/dex/dex)- 1
[k]Linguistics (wis) - 2
[k]Navigation (wis) - 3
[k]Survival (wis) - 3
[s]Appraisal (int/int/wis)- 3
[s]Observant (int)- 4 (Prereq: Int=3)
[s]Sense Motive (int)- 2
Diplomacy (cha/cha/int)- 3
First Aid (int/dex/dex)- 1
Tracking (int/int/sta)- 2
Healing magic (int/wis/mag)- 2
Fire magic (int/wis/mag)- 2


[Rapier=2]Defender's Stance (1 TP) - Adds weapon skill rank to all PA rolls made this round. Even if no parry roll is allowed, half of the users's weapon skill rank is added to his PA for the remainder of the round. This tech cannot be combined with any other offensive tech, and the user forfeits any bonus attacks (but may use them, instead, as bonus parries).
[Rapier=3]Mean Streak (1 TP) - If Rad hits with a melee attack using this tech, he deals no actual damage but shreds accessible clothing and receives a bonus of +4 to intimidate checks made with the target or his/her allies.
[Rapier=4]Dextrous Striking (2 TP) - Adds DEX to AT a second time for one round.
[Fire=1]Fire 1 (4 MP) - Does 8+rank*2+1d6 fire damage to a single target.
[Fire=1]Warmth (6 MP) - Allows the user to stay warm for up to (rank/2) hours. This spell functions between 60 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit, making the caster feel like it is 70 degrees, -10 for every 10 degrees below the limit, rounded up. This spell provides comfort in natural cold only.
[Fire=2]Glow (3 MP ) - Causes the caster to glow for rank hours, unless they will the effect to stop beforehand, providing illumination equivalent to the average torch.
[Heal=1]Cure (7 MP) - Heals one target, restoring 8+rank*2+1d6 HP. Some targets may be damaged for the same amount instead (undead, for example) and some may not be affected at all (powerful shadow-based creatures).
[Heal=1]Purify (5 MP) - Cures poisoning. The maximum amount of levels of poison that this can cure is equal to Healing Rank/2, with a minimum of 1.
[Heal=2]Restore Vision (6 MP) - Cures blindness to those who have been made blind by magical effects or spells. Does not cure blindness caused by injuries or other causes (this cannot restore sight to one who is missing their eyes, for example).

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