Taiar's PhilSys Sheets

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Taiar's PhilSys Sheets

Unread postby Taiar » Sat Feb 11, 2006 3:40 pm

--- Basic Information ---
Name: Taiar Siru Valcrist - LOBSTERMASHER Extraordinaire, Dark Lord of Lurkers
RPer: Taiar
Race: Mazoku

Background: See the Wiki.

--- Stats/Equipment ---
Level: 4
XP: 900/2000
Max HP: 92
Max MP: 96
Max TP: 42
Initiative: 4 + 2d6 (AGI + (COU/2) + 2d6)

Courage: +2
Wisdom: +2
Intuition: +3
Charisma: +0
Agility: +3
Dexterity: +2
Strength: +3
Stamina: +4
Magic Aptitude: 5

Base AT/PA: 11/11 (AGI+INT+STR+COU)
Modified for skill: 16/16 (+5/+5 Polearms)
Modified for equipment (With Dragon's Bane Glaive Equipped): 15/15

Weapon: Dragon's Bane Glaive
Damage: (13, 17, 22)
AT/PA Mods: (-1/-1)
Notes: Additional (2*Level) Damage, Damage Inflicted to Dragons*2
Light: (Rank+Damage+STR*2+Bonus+2d6) = (10+13+6+8+2d6) = 37+2d6, 0 Penalty
Medium: (Rank+Damage+STR*3+Bonus+3d6) = (10+17+9+8+3d6) = 44+3d6, -2 Penalty
Heavy: (Rank+Damage+STR*4+Bonus+4d6) = (10+22+12+8+4d6) = 52+4d6, -5 Penalty

Armor: Body - Long Coat
AC: 3

Armor: Right Arm - Plate Bracer
AC: 10
Casting Penalty: -1

--- Skills ---
Polearms: 10 <Cou/Agi/Str>
Throwing Darts: 3 <Cou/Str/Dex>
Mazoku Magic: 9 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Ice Magic: 4 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Wind Magic: 2 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Fire Magic: 1 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Mental Magic: 1 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Teleportation: 4 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Jumping: 2 <Str/Agi/Dex>
[s]Pain Resistance: 4 <Sta>
[s]Advanced Parrying: 4
[s]Stealth: 2
[s]Cooking: 4
[s]Eavesdropping: 2
[k]Gardening: 1

--- Spells and Techs ---
[Innate] Mazoku Properties (Passive) - Tai takes 50% damage from all shadow elemental magic and 2x damage from holy or "ryuuzoku" magic. Holy-elemental healing magic will damage him, but he can be healed by shadow-type healing spells.

[Innate] Consume Emotion (Passive or 2 TP) - Taiar draws energy from surrounding negative emotions (hate, anger, fear, etc.) and is weakened somewhat by strong positive emotions (love, joy, etc.). In the presence of strong negative emotions he can spend 2 TP to add +1 to his STR, AGI, or COU until the emotions subside, or he can use them to recover 15 HP. This is a free action, but it can only be performed once per round. In the presence of strong positive emotions, Taiar takes a -1 to -4 penalty on rolls of all types.

[Innate] Summon Glaive (2 TP) - Since fusing with the Dragon's Bane, Taiar has been able to retrieve his weapon from what looks to be thin air by drawing the appropriate energies from himself and forming them into his weapon of choice. Even when the weapon is knocked away from him to a remote location, he can disperse the current energies and recall them back near him.

[Innate] Transmutation (2 TP) – By nature of the Dragon’s Bane, Taiar can alter its form to create stable and strong-as-steel objects from seemingly nowhere. The limit to this ability however, is that Taiar must be able to mentally visualize the object in question, and he is incapable of making any sort of complicated object without serious effort and time. That is to say steel bars, shovels, and sets of teeth are okay, but things such as keys, complicated weaponry, or large animal forms are out of the question.

[Teleportation: 4] Poof (10 MP) - Short-range teleport; Line of sight only, with a range of [rank] x 10 feet.

[Teleportation: 8] Blink (25 MP) – Using this spell, a caster can teleport up to (2^(Rank-8)) Miles at a minimum of One Mile at Rank 8. To bring other humanoids, the caster must pay 2 TP per guest in addition to the MP cost of this spell.

[Polearms: 2] Balance (2 TP) - Essential to the use of weaponry, especially heavy ones, is the user's ability to carry his blade naturally. With some concentration, Taiar can pass that bound and, more than usual, his cumbersome Glaive of choice becomes almost a piece of himself. For one round, Taiar gains an additional +1/+1 to his AT/PA Rolls.

[Polearms: 4] Devastating Blow (2 TP) - As powerful as a heavy attack, but damage is multiplied by 1.5x. If the attack misses, the user loses his one of his parry rolls for the round.
- Damage = Heavy Attack*1.5, Loss of Parry Roll if Failed

[Polearms: 6] Follow-through (5 TP) - Allows one additional attack of any type this round.

[Polearms: 7] Taming the Beast (6 TP) – Tai’s Glaive doesn’t look like a giant can opener for nothing. When he is attacked with a weapon that an opponent is not attached to in any way and succeeds to Parry the strike, Taiar can pay 6 TP to catch that weapon between the prongs of the Dragon’s Bane and wrench it from their grasp, throwing it (Rank) Feet away.

[Polearms: 8] Lurking Wolf (8 TP) - A wolf striking from the shadows has a certain element of surprise in its attack, a life-shattering situation for whatever the pray might be. A Taiar striking just as suddenly is no less dangerous for his opponent. This ability can only be used against a target that is either unaware of Tai's presence or denied a PA roll. Proper battle preparations in mind, a Heavy type attack can be used without AT penalties at 1.5x Damage.
- Damage = Heavy Attack*1.5

[Polearms: 9, Pain Resistance 2] Dead Lock (8 TP) – Using his distinct familiarity with pain, Taiar lets his guard down purposely, allowing for the enemy to strike him. At the moment of being attacked though, the Mazoku locks the enemy with a mixture of his injured body and his Glaive. Falling prey to this stance pulls an enemy into a grapple with Taiar which he automatically wins the first turn. Normal Grapple rules apply from there out.

[Polearms: 9] Returning Fang (2 TP) – An attack designed as a supplement to the Dead Lock stance. Taiar can counter attack his opponent for Light Weapon Damage*2. This opportunity is also available whenever Taiar’s turn arrives naturally and he’s still able to hold the enemy.
- Damage = Light Attack*2

[Polearms: 10] Dread Echo (8 TP) – The Sentient Entity that is the Dragon’s Bane, a Mazoku creation older than possible existence, is able to process Negative Emotions just as his host can, and being the blade that cuts puts him closer to the sting than anything else. Using this, Taiar rebounds from enemy to enemy, attacking them in quick succession, each strike fueled by the last opponent’s pain. The number of enemies able to be targeted is equal to Polearm Rank/3, maxing out at 5. If during the rebound, an enemy succeeds in its parry roll then the attack stops and no further enemies are damaged.
- Damage = Medium Attack*(Number of Enemies Attacked Via Dread Echo+1)

[Polearms: 11] Midnight Carnival (10 TP) – Upon Tai’s command, the DB tears himself away from the Mazoku momentarily and coalesces into a new form, that of his own body, rising from the ground with gleaming scythe in hand, back-to-back with his Host. Together, they unleash a wild tempest of strikes, attacking any enemies near them countlessly and throwing the assailants off to quite a stunning effect. The nearer the opponents are to the eye of the storm, the more hits they suffer from and the more they suffer. Enemies very close to Tai, within 1 Hex of Distance or 3 Feet, endure a number of hits adding up to Light Attack*1.5 Damage. Enemies who are slightly farther but still in range, 2 Hexes of Distance or 6 feet, only have to last through Light Attack*0.5 Damage. All enemies who feel the sting of the Polearms are stunned for one turn.
- Damage = Light Attack*1.5 or Light Attack 0.5, Stunned for One Round

[Mazoku Magic: 1] Dark Revolver (10 MP) - A simple use of his innate magic, Taiar fires a projectile of his choice element from his pointer finger directly at a receiver of choice, as if a gunshot.
- Damage = 8+(Rank*2)+1d6.

[Mazoku Magic: 3] Decay (18 MP) - Mazoku are pretty well known for their knowledge of curses and horrible enhancements; it would be a shame for Tai not to at least dabble in it, maybe more. This spell, when used on living things, ebbs away at their life and aims to leave rotten remains, leaf, fruit and carcass alike.
- Damage = 2+(Rank*3)+1d6 for (Rank) Turns.
- Effect Out of Battle: Severely rots away plant life, Weakens animal/people.

[Mazoku Magic: 4] Scatter Night (22 MP) - With a wave of the hand, magic can call forth the most beautiful of glitter. Surrounding his enemy with these, Taiar snaps his fingers and what was once pretty erupts into explosions of Mazoku Magic. By scattering the division of the glitter, he can severely damage a single person or cause light annoyances to a small army.
- Damage = 15+(Rank*5)+3d6, Damage can be Divided Equally Between Number of Targets

[Mazoku Magic: 6] Twilight Millennium (34 MP) - The absolute black created in the physical plane when a Mazoku casts a spell is an effect of a void of light in an area or areas, meant to represent the dark astral nature of the race and element itself. By focusing this blackout around an opponent, Taiar can strike upon the senses of his enemy, instilling the feeling of helplessness upon the weaker-hearted, or at least blinding the stronger for a bit. If targeted enemies fail their resistance roll, they are afflicted with Total Helplessness as well as Fear, the latter of which existing only for the purpose of Tai consuming for his own benefit, for 1d3 rounds. In the event they succeed, the enemy is taken by Blindness for only a single round.

[Mazoku Magic: 8] Oblivion Armor (20 MP) – A spell which surrounds a piece of the enemy’s armor in Mazoku magic, then causes a cascade of magical spikes to erupt and impale an opponent’s body. Taiar selects a specific armor to target when casting this spell, and the better that armor is, the more Mazoku barbs it can support. Rather than completely destroying a victim, he can also disable limbs by targeting gauntlets, greaves, bracers, etc.
- Damage = (6+(Rank*2)+1d6)+(Targeted Armor AC*2), Destroys Target Armor

[Mazoku Magic: 9] Demon Blade (32 MP) – At first glance, this is a spell that seems to be the successor of Black Revolver. Rather than a simple gunshot from the finger, Taiar twirls his glaive until it forms into a swirling black disk of Mazoku energy then plunges his entire fist into it, releasing a powerful black beam. The aforementioned Mazoku disk can also siphon allied magical spells, adding the Mazoku elemental type to their attack as well as additional damage. In a very specific case, a new element can even be created that is greater than the sum of its parts...
- Damage = 17+(Rank*5)+5d6
- Siphon = Adds 14+(Mean Rank*5)+3d6, Adds Mazoku Elemental
- Chaos = Adds 17+(Sum Of Mazoku and Ryuuzoku Ranks*5)+4d6

[Mazoku Magic: 10] Devouring Vortex (30 MP) – By combining the natural Damaging aspect of Mazoku magic with its innate affection for Curses, Taiar creates a tornado of black wind underneath his opponent that, unlike how a real twister would throw everything in all directions, devours the life and astral energy of its target. This spell damages both the target’s life as well as their MP, similar to an Astral Drain.
- Damage = 14+(Rank*2)+4d6 to both HP and MP

[Mazoku Magic: 16] Black Body (6 TP) – At a certain point in their life career, Mazoku may decide they might need to step up on their feeding duties to better support their more active lifestyles. This is the result of that decision. Black Body allows for a Mazoku to feed with three times the effects of the normal Consume Emotion skill, adding +3 to STR, AGI, or COU or healing 45 HP. Black Body is not a free action like Consume Emotion is though.

[Mazoku Magic: 10, Polearms: 10] Sorrowed Howl (6 TP, 14 MP) – Through his experience as a Mazoku, Taiar has learned to utilize the strengthening power of Negative Emotions in different fashions. In this one, by channeling it into the Dragon’s Bane and spreading it through the ground, he can extend the sorrow like a disease to his enemies, disabling them mentally and causing them to be unprepared for battle. Sorrowed Howl places a penalty on Enemy AT/PA rolls equal to (Negative Emotion Charges*2) for (Mazoku Magic/3) Rounds. He looses all the benefits of previous emotional consumptions after performing this Tech.

[Wind Magic: 2] Bomb Di Wind (12 MP) - A powerful blast composed by compressing air in an area then releasing it at a target; this spell causes no direct damage, however it is exceptionally good at moving things around, whether that be people into walls or garbage out of the way. This spell can effectively move objects with a weight of (Rank*40) pounds.

[Wind Magic: 4] Air Hike (8 MP) - A spell rumored to be used by a Legendary Demon of Lore who fought for those he loved and the people he wanted to protect against his own kind. It creates a platform of air for a split second, allowing the user to jump again. Using it remotely can also slow the fall of someone else by cushioning their fall at a certain point, slowing them down significantly.

[Ice Magic: 1] Freeze Arrow (10 MP) - The basics of ice magic, just a simple arrow made of frost fired at an opponent.
- Damage = 8+(Rank*2)+1d6

[Ice Magic: 4] Icicle Lance (18 MP) - By fusing together several smaller icicles, Taiar creates a short sword sized spear made completely of ice. Being struck with this lance, however, does less impaling and more extremely cold freezing-solid upon contact. With several of these though, some severe ice-stapling can be performed.
- Damage = 14+(Rank*4)+3d6

[Ice Magic: 5] Gray Buster (16 MP) – This spell takes a certain area and drastically lowers the temperature of it by freezing the moisture-laden air. If enemies in the targeted area fail their resistance roll to this spell, they suffer from –2 AGI and DEX as long as they are in the space of the spell, in addition to the damage. All derived sub-stats are affected temporarily as well. The spell stays in effect for (Rank) number of turns in battle, and can affect a circular space of up to (Rank*2) in Radius. Taiar can also cast this spell over a wider area or at a lesser intensity for a type of magical Air Conditioning.
- Damage = 12+(Rank*4)+4d6

[Mental Magic:1] Telepathy (Passive) - Taiar, like many others in Gaera, can speak to others with his mind, although since the Dragon's Bane is the unfortunate inhabitant of that mind, his words sometimes sneaks (or forces) it's way across and let's others know exactly what he's thinking, even if Tai doesn't want him to.

[Mental Magic: 2] Guarded Telepathy (0 MP out of Combat, 2 MP in Combat) – Everyone else can do it, it’s about time Tai started jumping on the Bandwagon. It’s the standard shielded telepathy skill.

[Fire Magic: 1] Fireball (10 MP) - Just a simple baseball of combustion; explodes upon contact and spreads its area of effect a bit, as well as lighting stuff on fire real nice.
- Damage = 8+(Rank*2)+1d6 Upon Impact, Resulting Explosion spreads fire in a sphere with (Rank*1.5) Feet Radius.
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Re: Taiar's PhilSys Sheets

Unread postby KingOfDoma » Sat Feb 11, 2006 4:36 pm

Works for me, but what for new folks that DON'T know what Taiar looks like? Plus, my memory could use refreshing... <p>

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Re: Taiar's PhilSys Sheets

Unread postby pd Rydia » Tue Feb 14, 2006 1:07 am

If you pick a fanart you like, resize/crop it appropriately, I'll upload it for you to zeke so you can link it here as a guide. I've done that for a few of my characters, to help with a written description. <p>
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Unread postby Taiar » Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:12 pm

This is a Philsys sheet not neccessarily made for a friend, but of her character from another RP group among other things. It's given me a lot of insight on how ranged attacks work in Philsys and was generally an interesting experience. What do you guys think?

Name: Douwe Ealia
RPer: Unknown
Race: Human
Noteworthy Notations: Is usually accompanied by a Golden Eagle named Thanos.

--- Stats/Equipment ---
Level: 1
XP: 0/1000
Max HP: 70
Max MP: 60
Max TP: 22
Initiative: 2 + 2d6 (AGI+(COU/2)+2d6)
Magic Attack: 8 (INT+WIS+MAG)
Magic Block: 15 (10+INT+(COU*2))
Missile Evasion: 17 (10+INT+(AGI*2))

Courage: +1
Wisdom: +1
Intuition: +3
Charisma: +2
Agility: +2
Dexterity: +3
Strength: +2
Stamina: +3
Magic Aptitude: 4

Base AT/PA: 08/08
Modified for Skill: 08/08
Modified for Equipment: 08/08

Weapon: Long Bow
Damage: 24 + 1d6 (18 + STR + Rank + 1d6)
AT/PA Mods: 00/00
Accuracy: 14 (STR + DEX*2 + 2 + Archery Rank)
Notes: It’s a Long Bow, about the relative size of Douwe herself. She carries it extraordinarily well though; it doesn’t seem to get in the way of her everyday activities.
Light: (Rank+Damage+STR*1+Bonus+2d6) = --- = ---, 0 Penalty
Medium: (Rank+Damage+STR*2+Bonus+3d6) = --- = --- , -2 Penalty
Heavy: (Rank+Damage+STR*3+Bonus+4d6) = --- = ---, -5 Penalty

Body – Shielded Cloak
AC: 7
AT/PA: 00/00
Right Arm – Leather Bracer
AC: 5
AT/PA: 00/00
Left Arm – Leather Bracer
AC: 5
AT/PA: 00/00

--- Skills ---
Archery: 4 <Cou>
Huntress Instincts: 4 <Int>
Wind Magic: 4 <Int>
Earth Magic: 4 <Int>
Animal Handling: 2 <Cou>
First Aid: 2 <Int>
[s] Accidental Charm: 2 <Cha>
[s] Find Traps: 2 <Int>
[s] Advanced Parry: 4 <Agi>
[s] Observant: 2 <Int>
[k] Survival: 2
[k] Astronomy: 2
[k] Traps: 1

--- Spells/Techs ---
[Huntress Instincts: 1] Wild Scent (1 TP): Douwe can glean a surprising amount of information based just on how someone or something smells. This tech adds her Huntress Instincts Rank to a Roll VS Intuition, but only if she can manage to get a smell of the person or object she’s rolling against.

[Huntress Instincts: 4] Wandering Natural (Variable TP): An experienced traveler of Gaera is stranger to no land and finds no setting to be awkward; such familiarity with the world gives her an advantage over anyone. When in an outdoor setting of any kind, Douwe can use this tech to add the amount of TP spent to Agility, Dexterity, or Stamina for one roll, however the stat in question can only go as high as her current Rank and not over 10.

[Huntress Instincts: 6] Heightened Combat Intuition (4 TP): When spending so much time in the wild, Huntresses must have a keen awareness of all the danger that surrounds them, whether that be to avoid its claws or counter attack at a moment’s notice. This tech adds her current Archery Rank to her PA as well as back into her Accuracy Rating for (Huntress Instincts/2) Rounds.

[Archery: 2] Aim (2 TP) - The user spends his turn aiming, trying to get a more precise bead on the target. Adds a +5 Accuracy bonus to one ranged weapon attack next round.

[Archery: 4] Straight Pair (4 TP): By nocking two arrows on her bow at once, Douwe can let loose twin missiles at a single enemy with no loss of puncturing force in either. Both arrows fly with her current Accuracy Rating and current Damage although they are rolled as a single shot.
Damage = Arrow Damage*2

[Archery: 5] Steady Hands (3 TP): As it is with many long range weapons, the steadier your hands are the better chances you have of firing your weapon with the utmost accuracy. Like Aim, this tech adds +5 to the Archer’s accuracy rating but allows for an attack in the current round rather than the next.

[Archery: 6] Multi-shot (4 TP) - Allows one additional attack this round, unless the wielder's weapon would ordinarily take more than one round to reload.

[Archery: 8] Storm Rift (3 TP) – Lacking in any specific melee training, it is important that Douwe keep all enemies at a distance, or make some distance if need be. Nocking an blunt-tip onto her bow, she pulls it back with such strength and fires it at her opponent with such force that it ceases to be seen as an arrow and appears more as a beam of light, slamming into her foe and throwing them back (Archery Rank) feet for standard damage.
Damage = Arrow Damage

[Archery: 9] Deflection (6 TP) – A tech which allows for Douwe act as an enemy is attempting to use or interact with an item, letting an arrow fly to stop them from their intended action but for no damage. Although there isn’t enough force to stop a blade from coming down or anything, she can knock potions and keys out of enemy hands with relative ease.

[Archery: 10] Covering Fire (10 TP) – The roll of an Archer as support in combat cannot be ignored. When the other specialists rush in to do what they have to, it is up to the Long Range units to cover their backs. When this roll is called for in Douwe, she is prepared to unload arrows rapidly and accurately for her friends; the more people she has to protect the more determined she is to protect them. This tech attacks all enemies within melee range of any of her allies for (Arrow Damage*Number of Allies Present) damage.
Damage = Arrow Damage*Number of Allies Present

[Archery: ??] Sniper Zone (## TP) – I don’t know what this does yet, but it’s a cool sounding name so I put it on.

[Wind Magic: 1] Gale Arrow (6 MP) – A basic offensive wind elemental spell that is fitting for Douwe’s form. It’s like firing an imaginary arrow, except an arrow really come out made of Wind magic.
Damage = 6+(Rank*3)+1d6

[Wind Magic: 2] Sky Rider (8 MP) – A precursor to the common flight enchantment on one evolutionary path. This spell relies on the user’s own leg strength or some other method to gain height, but once airborne it allows for them to glide downwards with a ratio of 2 feet worth of horizontal coverage for every 1 foot of vertical loss.

[Wind Magic: 4] Whirlwind Edge (14 MP) – An area of effect spell that may one day become a tornado of trouble for opponents. For now, Douwe only conjures up a circle of (Rank*1.5) Feet Radius which the winds circle around within harshly, cutting anything within it severely.
Damage = 16+(Rank*2)+3d6

[Earth Magic: 1] Stone Wall (10 MP) – A basic Earth elemental spell, but functions defensively more than offensively. Douwe commands a layer of stone to rise from the ground to protect something in question. It can sustain a certain amount of damage which scales similar to how damage scales for a normal spell.
Durability = 16+(Rank*2)+2d6

[Earth Magic: 3] Dirt Devil (12 MP) – In a very surprising act, this spell causes a mound of dirt to rise from the ground, as if it were alive, and maul an enemy. Although it does no actual damage, its success is sure to cover their eyes in mud causing the foe in question to suffer from blindness for a single round.

[Earth Magic: 4] Crushing Force (16 MP) – A more substantial show of magical power; Douwe raises her own hand, a stone replica rising at the same time from the ground near an enemy. As she slams her open palm downwards, so does her limb’s doppelganger onto a single poor soul.
Damage = 16+(Rank*4)+3d6

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