The Elemaer Character Thread

Character sheet archiving. Help with characters can be solicited here. This is also the place to talk Philsys or other RPing systems.
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The Elemaer Character Thread

Unread postby Spleen » Sat Jan 29, 2005 7:05 pm

So we can have them all in the same place. Officially, no one's allowed to use a character in Elemaer unless it's passed muster in this thread.

Name: Telerak Zekail
RPer: Spleen
Sex: Male
Rank: Pyral of the Order of Fire
Age: 20 years old
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Weapon: Bastard sword
Armor: Light mithril platemail over steel chainmail, small mithril shield.
Description: Tall and well-built, Telerak holds himself with the noble grace of one sure of their skill but who never overestimates it. He wears his dark brown hair in the current popular style in As'nar - thick spikes with a spiral of thin, colorful (his is gold) wire around the largest spikes. He has a rather friendly face, unless you happen to look when he's in the heat of battle, when it's contorted in a singleminded concentration that has helped him climb the ranks of the Order much more quickly than most Kradites his age. This last fact makes it difficult for Telerak to have a meaningful friendship with members of his Order of the same rank or the same age as himself, a fact that causes him constant frustration.
Special Spells Known: Eyes of Flame; Secondary Part (requires three casters of at least Flambar level and a brand lit from the target flame): Allows the primary caster to view events from the perspective of a flame. Only works when trying to view events that happened less than one week prior at the same time of day as the spell was cast.

Our own Nekogami drew a decidedly awesome Telerak pic. Here it is, resized so it's not bothersomely huge.
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Re: The Elemaer Character Thread

Unread postby PopoSujo » Sun Jan 30, 2005 6:02 pm

Name: Hiro 'The Whirlwind' Shu
Rank: Flame Warrior of the Order of Fire
Age: 24
Height: 6'10
Weight: 275
Weapon: BIG naginata.
Armor: Red and yellow robes over heavy mithril chainmail.
Description: For what he looks like, look at this, minus the hat and beard, replacing the green with yellow. Also, his weapon doesn't have any dragons on it, though the blade design is similar. As for personality, Hiro is a very serious and grave man, though very close to his personal friends. He is a terror in combat, and is called The Whirlwind because of his long, sweeping strokes. If you are looking for someone with crowd control or reach, look no further. He cares little or nothing about magic, rarely using it unless he has a real need to, and only then focusing on spells that bolster his combat abilities. He is a great friend and a terrible enemy.

Name: Vasinis Weathran, Jr.
Sex: Male
Rank: Gustohran of the Order of Air
Age: 17 years old
Height: 6'3
Weight: 150 lbs.
Weapon: Vas uses an odd combination of two mithral double-shortspears. That is to say, each of the shortspears has a spearhead (made of mithril) on each end, and he uses them in unison. Sorry, I had to write that down for my own sake.
Armor: Vas has a small iron buckler strapped to each of his forearms. His armor consists of a light chainmail shirt and leggings. He wears very billowy blue and white clothing over top of this clothing, as well as a cape that goes midway down his back. He uses his clothing as a diversionary tactic in battles.
Description: Vas is, to put it in one word, wiry. He is tall and skinny, but still pretty strong. He has sky blue eyes and long blonde hair that he keeps in a pony tail (goes to a point a little past the middle of his shoulder blades) and dyed white. He has a handsome face, but not outstandingly so, and extremely white teeth. He has blue and white tribal tatoos running from each of his shoulders down to just before his wrists.
Bio: Vasinis Weathran Jr. was hated by his father almost from the day he was born. His mother died giving birth to him, and he was lucky to survive. His father was heartbroken at this, but he became bitter as he came to realize that Vas wasn't going to be the tall handsome lean young man his dad wanted him to be. He never went to see him or visited him at all. Vas had a home in the temple, but he avoided the other kids their as they liked to pick on him and make fun of him. Lacking the advantages of height and looks, Vas quickly became one of the fastest kids in his section of the temple. That is to say, he got really good at running from people. He has lived this way for most of his life. However, starting at the age of 15, things started to change. To cut it short, he grew from 5'6 to 6'0 in a year and became skinny and quite physically appealing. He has not let this change go to his head, however, as it only happened about two years ago, and he still thinks of himself as a runt. He isn't a very outgoing person but gladly welcomes new friends, as he hasn't really had many over the course of his life. He considers this expedition a nice chance to get out of the city. <p>


Re: The Elemaer Character Thread

Unread postby Seethe347 » Sun Feb 06, 2005 4:21 am

Name: Arenda Nialin
Sex: Female
Rank: Gustohran of the Order of Air
Age: 17 years old
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Weapon: Short sword
Armor: Studded leather breastplate and leggings, hard leather boots, iron bracers, small steel shield
Description: Darkly tanned skin, shoulder length sandy-brown hair, blue eyes, wiry build
Bio: Arenda is the firstborn daughter of Tarthain and Semela Nialin of the Order of Fire. She was sent to join the Order of Air as a sign of her family’s great respect for the allies of Krad’s Order. A zealot of a warrior, she often jumps at the chance to aid in the reclamation of Elemaer. What could be considered her unfortunate fault is that she tends to be a bit harsh, being at times critical of people and usually unafraid of speaking out when plans are being laid, possibly leading some to think of her as "opinionated" and a bit self-righteous. (Of course, these qualities could be considered strengths as well, but they do carry the danger of getting her into trouble with overbearing superiors. She would usually know better than to cross an overbearing superior, but the possibility still presents itself.) Her greatest strength lies in her level head. Although her judgment isn't exactly perfect, she is still quite capable in the areas of reasoning and strategic thought.

Regarding the... other person: It is my desire that this character cease and desist in his existence, or at least be resigned to NPC status, as his presence ruins the all-female status of the my character closet population. <p>

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Re: The Elemaer Character Thread

Unread postby The Great Nevareh » Sun Feb 06, 2005 7:12 am

Still unsure as to whether or not this is supposed to go here...

Name: Calais Zandt
Sex: Female
Rank: None (Helian of the Order of Light; Excommunicated)
Age: 34
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 110 Lbs
Weapons worn overtly: A bladed martial weapon, usually a longsword or a rapier.
Weapons worn covertly: At least two knives, a lucky dagger, and some throwing needles hidden in a variety of places on her body.
Armor: Chainmail tunic, leggings, greaves, and sleeves, leather gauntlets, steel-shod boots, and a small, round metal buckler in massed combat. Otherwise she goes unarmored to allow herself maximum mobility at minimum cost in terms of sound, speed, and energy. When on a job trying to do something covert she favors a form-fitting coverall that has a dark cloak filled with pockets and sheaths for storing things.
Description: Fair, thin frame, watery-gray eyes, warm gray hair.
Persona: Calais is someone who, until recently, never did much in the way of thinking. Sure, she could reason all she liked, and problem-solving wasn't something she had a problem with, but philosophy and morality are things she had little time or respect for. Though her life, she has developed a grim, serious demeanor that seems to add about six inches of height and sixty pounds of muscle to per appearance when she speaks. She isn't given to talking when she doesn't have to, and usually has to be prodded seriously for an answer- getting her to part with information is an uphill battle, even if that information is as mundane as "do you know what time it is?" Despite this, though, she is actually fairly naive in some areas, taking things at face value and usually not noticing literary or speech devices such as sarcasm or irony- not because she can't or because she's stupid, but because she's kind of lacking in experience in the area of social conversation.

History: Calais was orphaned at a very young age, and was therefore raised by and inducted into the Order of Light much earlier than most children- adopted by Algeron Zandt, an influential (but non-high ranking) member of the order. She was thus given additional training in the various arts of life and was also secretly taught at Algeron's direction to be a spy as well as a saboteur and an assassin "for the good of the peoples of Elemaer and the glory of Light." She was never rebellious, always followed orders, and did a few dirty little deeds that are necessary parts of ongoing success for a large and powerful group (as well as those that might facilitate someone's climbing the ladder of power) because she knew (for she was always so told) that she was doing the right thing, beyond any doubt. However, at one point, she was sent out to assassinate someone by Algeron only to discover, after the fact, that the person who she was sent to assassinate wasn't a heretic or an ally of chaos, but a rival of the man who gave her the orders: Her adoptive father. When she made her way back to discuss this with him, he had already proliferated information of her foul murder and had her excommunicated from the order. She was left with little recourse but to go into hiding, now masquerading as an unordained mercenary to pay the bills and to continue to allow her to remain out of the clutches of the Order of Light until she can expose her adoptive father for what he had her do. Of course, since her excommunication and subsequent time as a fugitive, she has been chased by a few like herself- the little shadows that dance around in the glory of the light.

Skills!: Calais is, like most members of her Order, someone who is adept at both sword and sorcery, though unlike most almost all of her spells and abilities are self-enhancing. Her magicks don't provide any outside power but instead increase her physical prowess accordingly, whether the spell boosts her strength, her dexterity, or her speed, or does something like lessen her weight, camouflage her presence, or silence her movements. She's skilled with anything small, light, and bladed, as well as with a couple of more "respectable" weapons such as one-handed swords. She can also use a mean longstaff and polearm, though she's at her best when using something easily manipulated in the palm of her hand. Finally, she also knows a few nonlethal martial arts, but these she would never resort to unless she had to go unarmed. Also adept at throwing things.

Calais can sneak, sprint, jump, roll, dodge, and flip out like a ninja with the best of them, being one second a calm, still figure, and the next a dynamic whirlwind of motion. Since she no longer has a good, reliable excuse for being this skilled, she tries very hard to avoid displaying things she could have only learned with the intense training an Order provides. <p>[---------------------------]
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Just posting a rerun

Unread postby Molokidan » Sun Feb 06, 2005 12:36 pm

Name: Avry`l Vancougar
Sex: Male
Rank: Wind Guide of the Order of Air
Age: 26
Height: 6`3"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Weapon: An unbelievably long 7-foot scythe. The The blade is curved and thin, while the wood that the blade is connected to is no thicker than the grip of a baseball bat.

Armor: A long, dark purple mantle, with hints of a blue tunic underneath.
Description: A tall man with long flowing blue hair, that seems in stark contrast to his dark purple cloak with blue markings. The scythe is often strapped to his back or in his left hand, his dominant one. His face is smooth and thin, yet his deep blue eyes seem to stare into one`s soul. He comes and goes as he pleases, walking silently and briskly, as if he has his own agenda.

Bio: Never seen without a smirk on his face, Avery`l enjoys playing mind games with people and taking the most roundabout route to solve problems. He comes from a high-society family, and entered into the Order under his own will when he was a child. He enjoys talented people, but has no time for loud or obnoxious ones, and will not hesitate to display his power if the need arises. <p>---------------

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Keliel Kartoff: Spell-a-caster

Unread postby The Dark Gun » Sun Feb 06, 2005 3:05 pm

Name: Keliel Kartoff
Rank: Flambar of the Order of Fire
Age: 17
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 175 lbs
Weapon: Claw on his left hand, Shuriken
Armor: Steel chain chest and shoulder cover and upper leg gaurds over studded leather armor.
Description: Short, thin, under developed, yet sinewy, Keliel does not fit into the usual mold of one of the followers of the Order of Fire. He is agile and has moderate skill fighting with the long taloned claw on his left hand, although he is primarily right handed, he uses shuriken as his weapon of choice whenever the need arises. His focus is more, however, in magic, not so much the outright casting of massive explosive spells, or even excessively powerful ones, but instead supporting his usually weak weapon, the shuriken. Because of this he has worked hard to increase his magical energies, although this has not prompted an increase in available magics, it does allow him to use the weaker magics at his command much more frequently than others who train themselves more in different areas. He has black hair, which he usually wears cropped short, and brown, expressive eyes. He believes it is a great honor to serve Krad as he does, and is almost always respectful to those of a higher rank in the Order than himself, unless he believes doing so would cause an injustice that Krad would object to (yes he's a bit uppity that way). Luckily he's generally kept himself out of such situations and hasn't gotten into much trouble yet. He has smooth, semi-babish features, though under the claw on his left hand is a harsh burn mark caused by and unfortuante incident he suffered a good while back. Attached to the claw at his left hand is a long, wooden bracer of sorts that doubles over as a long series of flat pouches to hold shuriken. He also wears a black belt with flaps that hand down on his upper legs that serve a similar purpose. He usually wears soft bottomed, tall topped black boots, but other than that, his armor, and his belt, he usually wears a dark crimson color.

Known Spells:
Burning Wrath
Fire Bolt
Double Fire Bolt: As Fire Bolt but fires a shot from both hands.
Flaming Weapon
Mass Flaming Weapon: As flaming weapon, but effects a larger number of small weapons, in his case a group of thrown shuriken.
Ignite: Keliel has enough of a mastery of magic to cast ignite on easily lit things with a gesture.
Smokescreen: Keliel has been known to alter various properties of the Smokescreen spell to suit his needs.

Tower of Flame: This creates a point of fire at the casters feet, that spins around them rapidly, at first small, but growing with each iteration. The spell is realitively short lived, but the actual area of effect by the time it is finished is realitively large. The caster cannot move from the center of it while it is in operation, but feels no heat.

Summon Fire Sprite: Basically a level down from Summon Flame Spirit, this creates a small, sentient flame, slightly larger than that of a good candle, that levitates freely. It is capable of scouting and similar tasks, but basically useless in combat, though it can, as an "attack" double in size and intensity for about a second. Interstingly enough, the Fire Sprite is longer lived than a Flame Spirit, though Keliel is trying to find a way to make the spell permanent. Unless a Fire Sprite is somehow killed, the next time it is summoned, the same sprite appears.

History of Fire: Keliel hunted down this spell once in an emergency situation, but it's uncertain if he can still cast it. This allows the user to see any events that a particular fire which (s)he stares into has been "alive" for. This, however, only works if the fire has not been put out since that time, and as such is a limited use spell. <p>The worst nightmares are those we create ourselves... And then ignore.</p>

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Tur'nasus, flirty, but also seriously peeved archer

Unread postby darkknight61189 » Sat Feb 12, 2005 8:01 pm

Hey lookie, the character archives ^.^

Name: Tur'nasus Jaksur
Sex: Female
Rank: Wind Guide of the Order of Air
Age: 26 years old
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Weapon: A bow that cau be used as a quarterstaff when unstrung. Quiver tied to her waist on her belt.
Armor: Steel chainmail dyed black and worn over a brown leather tunic, with a gray short battle skirt and tight black stockings.
Description: Tur'nasus has dark black hair, usually tied back into a pony-tail, and looks a little Oriental with small but keen blue-green eyes and slightly tanned skin. She is not so repulsive you wouldn't want to look at her, but not someone you would cross the street to look at again.
Bio: Tur'nasus just returned from a trip down to the southern end of Elemaer, fighting along-side a friend of hers on an expedition to purge a section of the continent of demons. She doens't have a very big reputation among other Wind Guides, but amongst her friends she is known to have the best shot. As she returned she was assigned to Jagen's expedition. Her mother and father are both well known archers, and her ancestor was, according to family legend, a hero for having fired the arrow that turned the tide of the Second War of the Gods. Although she doesn't believe in the legend, she can not deny the fact that her mother, as well as her father, are one of the best archers in the Order. She tries to stay modest, always denying that she is the best, but inside she is proud of the achievements she has accomplished. She doesn't consider this assignment to be too important, just another routine expedition. <p>_____________

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Re: Tur'nasus, flirty, but also seriously peeved archer

Unread postby Spleen » Wed Feb 16, 2005 1:39 pm

Thram: Is "History of Fire" the spell they discovered during What is Lost? If so, then it ought to look something like this:

Eyes of Flame; Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Parts (requires three casters of at least Flambar level and a brand lit from the target flame): Allows the primary caster to view events from the perspective of a flame. Only works when trying to view events that happened less than one week prior at the same time of day as the spell was cast.

It's also entirely possible that Keliel found a way to make the spell castable by one Flambar and one Pyral.

Also: Khim Wakim's name has been stricken from my list of Elemaer characters, per Seethe's request. Can we expect another Kradite out of you in the future, Seethe? <p>__-__-__-__-__-__

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Kary Dachine of curious faith.

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Sun Mar 13, 2005 11:25 pm

Name: Kary Dachine

Sex: Female

Rank: Thundaran

Age: 22 years old

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 157 lbs.

Weapon: Knives, throwing and otherwise.

Armor: None

Description: Kay is a black-haired woman is an average complexition. She is somewhat pretty, of the sort that seems ever more ravishing which each stiff drink the viewer imbibes. She is about average height, and of fairly decent build. She has curious eyes, lemon yellow in color, a trait from her father's side of the family. Her clothing of choice tends to vary, but tends to involve loose and airy blouses and pataloons, or swirling skirts that are a riot of colors.

Bio: Kary is best described as a victim of tradition, as she was the third child of the successful merchant Kali Dachine. As is often tradition with the more faithful of the wealthy families, the third child is given to the temple. Thus it was Kary's lot to leave her loving, if distant, mother and move into the Great Temple of Air. There, she began to recieve education in the beliefs and teachers of Laetha, so that she might be molded and shaped into the priestess that the order desired.

However, they found her to be a rather truculant and rebellious child, one prone to breaking rules and arguing. Hardly able to simply cast her out at such an age, her teachers and elders took it upon themselves to discipline young Kary harshly, using her as an example to help make sure none of the other initiates acted up. Slowly but surely, they managed to wean her from the worst of her temperment, but the order has never been able to fully break Kary. Her rebellion gave way to a more subtle and harder to punish insubordination in the form of slacking off.

Kary's life in the temple became, and has remained one of mediocrity and punishment. She tries to slack her way through combat training, blending in with groups in order to get away with barely trying. Were it not for the fact that the instructors have learned to watch for her, and that she can't always see when they are watching her, often leads to her being caught and punished with dreary tasks like laundry. As a student, she is decent but often uninterested; in the rare times a subject catches her eye, she often excels to a level that surprises even her closest friends. As a messager within the city, she is known for getting the message delivered on time, then being hours late back to the temple. She serves as a clarinet player in the temple orchestra, where her music is good, but hardly stellar.

Of late, Kary's instructors have noted she has grown more liekly to follow directions without a fight, and less argumentative. They thank Laetha that she is starting to settle down, and hope to properly mold her yet. The truth is far less heartening for the faith. Kary has begun to sneak out of the temple at night, and takes part in As'nar evening life, living it up and generally having a good time. She has also taken to other forms of thrillseeking, doing things such as breaking into second story homes and hiding the valuables under the couch. Kary has gained a reputation as being sort of a rogue, and has a small following among dillentants and ne'er-do-wells that haunt her favorite places.

Kary, despite all appearances, has become a rather faithful woman. She believes in Laetha, and feels that the goddess does watch over her and protect her. She also feels that the four orders have grown too rigid and hardbound in their ways, and need to take a more hands-off approach to following the gods. In her heart, she believes that Laetha wants everyone to be as free as she longs to be, and feels the Order of Air contradicts this with its own beaucracy and order. Nor does she really think that the rivalries and near-warfares of the Orders serve any purpose. If anything, they are a sign of things gone too far. She has resolved to extract herself from such as much as possible.


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Re: Kary Dachine of curious faith.

Unread postby Seethe347 » Tue Mar 15, 2005 11:05 pm

Spleen: I'll probably get to work on an Order of Fire character pretty soon. <p>

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It had to happen!

Unread postby FlamingDeth » Sun Mar 20, 2005 7:53 pm

Name: Estelle
RPer: Not FD
Sex: Female
Rank: Sterem
Age: 14
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 79 lbs
Weapon: Some sort of knives, balanced for throwing, but not specifically designed for such. A shortbow, if she really has to use one.
Amour: Some sort of leather bracers. Noticeably thicker on the inside of the wrist. Some leather padding on the elbows, knees, shoulders, and thighs of her clothing.
Description: Small! She has short (manageable!) red hair, green eyes, and lots of freckles. Short, thin build. a kid. Which she is.

Estelle. She has no last name. Why? Because, well, she's a street urchin. No way around it. She doesn't even remember her parents, and doesn't remember who exactly gave her that name. All she knows is that as long as she can remember, she's lived alone, on the streets, stealing what she could to get by.

At a young age, however, she developed a habit. A pretty bad habit, from some points of view. She started sneaking into the Temple of Water, and watching the beginners classes being taught. She had some very clever ways of getting to the island that the temple was located on, sometimes involving rafts, or even grappling hooks!

Anyways. She snuck into the temple, and began learning magic! This wouldn't have been quite so unusual, except for that problem that usually, to learn magic, one had to be initiated into the order. Which she hadn't been.

It went on for years. Sneak in, sneak out, avoid getting caught. Well, one day, she was. The guards were just going to throw her back on to the street, too, except they were stopped by a slightly higher ranking clergymen. It seemed that he had noticed that the young lady was, well, casting magic.

Before long, Estelle found herself initiated into the order. It was pretty swell for her, and she wondered why she hadn't thought of that to begin with. And she was able to start casting more complex magic, to boot! Hooray! Anyways. Yada yada, research. They found that for some reason, her aura was able to power small spells, even without being initiated. It added a bit of extra 'oomph' to her spells afterwards, too. They gave her some sort of last name, too, but it was mighty generic, and she doesn't even remember what it was.

So, she's in the order now, for better or worse. They're not sure whether it was destiny or a freak accident that brought her to them...all they know is that it'd be dumb to leave her out in the street, as is.

The order knows that Estelle is still here by choice. After all, she had spent years sneaking in and out of the temple before they even knew she was there, and knows the ins and outs of the temple architecture quite well. They are, however, thankful that she IS choosing to be there, rather than going and casting water magic at random and giving them a bad name. Well, except when she sneaks out at night to do something more fun than sleep.

Estelle is skilled in the basics. In fact, even with those a couple ranks higher than herself, it's hard to find someone who can cast the small spells faster or more effectively. She's learning the slightly more complex spells, though she's a bit impatient about it, now that she doesn't have the option of sneaking out of class. Speaking of which, she's a pretty stealthy lass, when she wants to be. She knows basic knife fighting and marksmanship, and is really starting to get a hang on this "reading" thing.

Personality-wise, Estelle tries to be nice. She really does. However, there's a lot of social unlearning that has to go on before she will really fit in with polite society. As is, she's not particularly well mannered, or patient, and likes to state things in as straight-forward a manner as possible. Also, she really doesn't understand the animosity between the orders, and has taken it upon herself to be in fire and air controlled areas whenever possible, despite the fact that everyone tells her that's a very bad idea. <p>
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Re: It had to happen!

Unread postby NebulaQueen » Sat Apr 30, 2005 8:09 pm

Name: Avedis Devar

Sex: Male

Order: Earth

Rank: Terenar

Age: 19 years old

Height: 6' 3"

Weapon: Warhammer

Armor: Heavy plate

Description: Avedis is a tall, heavily built young man, with dark tanned skin, short spiky black hair, and dark brown eyes. He's usually covered in soot of some sort, and avoids wearing his armor when out of battle, favoring armor and battle clothing for light tunics, trousers, and the apron and gear of a blacksmith.

Bio: Avedis was always a bright child. However, for one so bright, he wasn't very smart. He was very inquisitive, and always tinkering with some sort of contraption. Oftentimes his curiousity would override his common sense, and his "discoveries" would led to a variety of mischief, injuries, and trouble with the elder folk of the small farming village he lived in. Exasperated with his antics, his parents went to an old family friend for help and advice. The friend, who was a priest of Verir, claimed that he needed more discipline in life, and suggested that some training in the Order would do him some good. After giving it much thought, his parents shipped him off to the capital city, hoping that the men and women of Verir would instill some sense into his head.

At first things were no different, and the trouble that Avedis caused at home ended up following him to the temple. However, he eventually calmed down somewhat, in part due to an interest in magic, as well as blacksmithing. After a while, with permission from the elders, he moved out of the temple into a nearby house; however, it's less of a traditional home and more of a blacksmithing shop with a bed stuffed in the corner somewhere.

While he's improved a bit since he left his home, Avedis still has a way to go sensewise. Oftentimes he can be found with his head in the clouds, thinking of fabulous new contraptions to create...

Spells: Coming soon~ <p>

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Re: It had to happen!

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Wed Jun 29, 2005 10:36 pm

Name: Lars
RPer: Uncle Pervy
Sex: Male
Rank: What Rank?
Age: Been around as long as anyone can remember.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Weapon: What does a bum need with weapons?
Armor: Armor? He needs a meal!

Description: Lars is a man who's been down on his luck as long as anyone can remember, and at least partially out of his gourd. Tall and lanky, Lars might well have been somewhat deent-looking, if he did not bear several rather nasty burn scars around his face and chest. No one knows quite how he got that way, but there are stories going around. He's been around as long as anyone can remember, another faceless bum who happened to become noticable when he lost a good deal of his face.

Aside from being disfigured, Lars also has a tendency to act in odd manners. He is prone to talking to himself about nothing in particular. When nervous, he suffers from spasmodic twitches and talks in circles. In particular, Lars is known to be extremely uncomfortable around priests and law enforcement. Some say this is proof he is guilty of some horrible crime; a source of endless gossip; while others claim it may well have been a Priest of Krad behind his disfigurement. Lars is also known for having a fanatical hatred of cats, often throwing things at them on sight. He is known to have strangled an alley cat with his bare hands once, while shouting incoherantly, and to have attacked a banner with a festival cariacture of a feline on it.

Normally, Lars is a peaceful, if odd, sort. However, his presence and oddities tend to make many people fearful that he will snap one day. However, apparently enough peole also pity him enough to give him enough money to get food and drink. He's known for having a preference for fresh bread with partially melted butter; and is known to be very particular about how the butter is spread. <p>---------------------------

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Unread postby Capntastic » Sun Jul 17, 2005 11:26 pm

Name: Evaniola Wriver
RPer: Zero
Sex: Male
Rank: Wind Guide
Age: 36 years old
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 209 lbs.
Equipment: Walking staff, inscribed with holy symbols and prayers. Satchel, filled with a few books, tools, maps, and other goodies.
Standard garb: Light robes, sturdy boots (Enchanted to be as comfortable as clouds)
Description: Rather average, in looks and build; though with the redeeming qualities of being well-cleaned, shaven, and lightly perfumed. Enjoys his more specialized duties to the Order as a cartographer and scholar; but tends to loathe anything that brings him to face the combat, or even the fervent competition between the Orders themselves. Having devoted most of the last two decades working hard to secure himself a well-payed and respectable position, he now seeks to go about the mind-boggling process of courting a fine lady. He hopes he can find someone who doesn't care about being tied to the Orders, and won't mind his faithful beagle-hound Ampleforth.
Special Spells Known: <TO BE DEALT WITH> <p>
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Re: The Elemaer Character Thread

Unread postby Spleen » Thu Aug 04, 2005 9:19 pm

Name: Draea Elgath
RPer: Spleen
Sex: Female
Rank: Er'kiir of the Order of Earth, Secondary Fore Guard Lieutenant
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Weapons: A basic one-handed warhammer in her right hand, and a lighter axe in her left. The balance of both weapons is right for throwing, but she'd prefer to cast long-ranged spells instead. Also note: Draea is trained to fight unarmed and with gauntlets.
Armor: Sturdy platemail, made of mithril and steel.
Description: If Draea Elgath lived in a world where the practice of photography was known, she would have been offered modelling contracts every day, even on her bad days. Draea is tall, slim, and muscled (though there's no indication she'd be as slim or as muscled if she lived on a world where she didn't spend a good chunk of her time wearing thirty or forty pounds of platemail), with refined, noble facial features and silk-smooth platinum-blond hair. However, a life in the soldiery of the Order of Earth, the existence of her two older brothers, and a natural distaste for what some would call "normal girl stuff" lead Draea, from an early age, to wear boys' clothes except when very inappropriate, keep her blond hair tied up in a ponytail, and eschew makeup in all its forms. Draea is generally outgoing and friendly, but can sometimes be cynical or aggressive. She has many friends, but most of them are men, and warriors.
Bio: Draea Elgath is the child of Daiam Sorasi Elgath and the recently deceased Daiam Erathian Elgath, two of the Order of Earth's most talented cartographers and map etchers. Draea's natural athleticism and her parentage made her initiation into the Order at an early age seem a mere formality, almost an inevitability. She quickly showed skill in the art of combat - however, her abilities elsewhere seemed to be lacking. She treated schoolwork as an unnecessary burden, having set her eye from the very beginning on a career as a soldier. Magic she enjoyed, but she showed no sign of her mother's flair, being able to learn little outside of the standard warrior's set of spells. The marks she received in her classes weren't quite good enough to warrant Draea leading any expeditions, but she proved to be an excellent gate guard and fully capable of taking orders of all kinds. She quickly rose to the rank of Er'kiir and also secured the title of Secondary Fore Guard Lieutenant. It was on duty with the Fore Guard (who guard the front gate of the Great Temple of Earth in As'nar) that Draea first spoke to Daiam Eken Zendure, the Fore Guard Captain, who led her to understand that the problems between the Orders are at best meaningless and at worst completely counterproductive to the original cause as laid down by the Gods themselves. It was this attitude that spurred Draea to help Pyral Telerak Zekail of the Order of Fire clear his Order's name when Krad's Order was framed for stealing the Seed of the Tree of Time. <p>__-__-__-__-__-__

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T.G. Nev's characters.

Unread postby The Great Nevareh » Thu Aug 18, 2005 5:16 pm

Name:Kailen Horlouge (Kay-lehn Ohr-looj)
Rank/Affiliation: Infernal of the Order of Fire
Age: 32
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 164 lbs
Player: T.G. Nevareh

Weapons: Hands and feet. His concession to the fact that his skin tends not to be as hard as the vast majority of other things are some steel-plated deep red laquered armguards and shinguards as well as a couple of non-laquered blades he can attatch to them. These are more along the lines of Katars than knives. When necessary, he's not too bad at throwing things, either.

Armor: "I'm slow enough as it is. Why wear anything to make it worse?" Though he DOES wear fireproof clothes and his steel bracers and shin-guards have higher than average melting points.

Description: Kailen looks... well, he looks extremely ordinary. His muscles are toned but not highly developed, he isn't tall, hardy, or tough-looking. His face is surprisingly smooth when not marred by a scab from a shaving cut, and he looks a lot younger than he IS. He has dark, dark, DARK red hair which looks closer to brown or black, and dark, dark, DARK green eyes that also look closer to brown or black.
In his leisure time he wears generally dark clothes, always in more layers than should be comfortable in the weather. He doesn't seem to sweat, even in the most humid weather and under the most terrible exertion. He also has a remarkably flowing sleeveless coat/robe that he wears on official business, along with a pair of extremely sensible, no-nonsense boots. He also has a crested diadem ribbon that he wears like a scarf.

Neato Keen: Kailen has a thin, sturdy board with a sandpapery mount on the side where you stand and four small, well-oiled wheels mounted on metal axes. He uses this to get around the city. Apparently a friend of his in one of the crafts guilds made it for him.

Style: Kailen is a student of precision over power since he doesn't have the level of physical prowess that most his contemporaries do. Rather than hit really hard, he focuses on hitting really well and with enough speed to keep an opponent off-balance. Not being a Laethan, however, he isn't exemplarily fast, though he is fast for a Kradite. His moves tend to be slightly on the acrobatic side, weaving and moving to avoid being hit rather than absorbing the damage.

Philosophy: Kailen follows a less-than-common highly monastic lifestyle where he endeavors to grow closer to his element and thus, in the end, to his deity. He spends a lot of his off-time doing things other than resting or having fun, his idea of a good time being a nice walk in the park or perhaps studying a good piece of artwork. He doesn’t drink or use any kind of recreational substance and he prefers natural or herbal medicines to the restoratives offered by the Order of Light. He values cleanliness and appearance to a high enough degree that he bathes twice a day and is perpetually washing and mending his clothes. He digs within himself for answers and only relies on holy texts when something is truly beyond him. Thus, he meditates a lot. To him, fire is not a destructive force at all, but a force through which perfection is attained. Metals use fire to be refined, after all.
Skills: Kailen is not a big damager with his physical attacks and movements- a sword works much better than his katars when push comes to shove, since the sword weighs more, you can get more force behind it, and it has a longer range. Instead, he relies on sorcery to accomplish his damage goals, being naturally more inclined towards more precise magicks of less payload but equal efficacy, all in the name of speed. Being a bit of a researcher in his (sizeable) offtime, he developed a magic that taps into his internal potential of fire in a more direct manner than through spells or bodily development, instead allowing direct manifestation of the fire in his aura. He's also very athletic, making him a very able mover- he runs quickly, he can jump a reasonable distance, and he can run a few steps up a 90-degree incline. He can also wall-jump, making him an excellent fighter in enclosed areas.

Kailen is pretty self-sufficient in that he mixes his own medicines and he can make his own clothes. He knows how to treat wounds, he’s not that bad of a teacher, and he’s a demon with a paintbrush. However, he has never gotten the hang of shaving.

Most people, upon first seeing Kailen, consider him to be grim and Spartan. That’s because they haven’t talked to him. Kailen has a very strong sense of humor and irony, he’s witty, and he’s considerably more patient than the stereotypical Kradite, and he’s a reasonably skilled philosopher given that he’s a warrior-monk and not a general-purpose priest. Kailen, despite his monastic attitude, doesn’t force his beliefs on others and prefers to talk to people who are genuinely interested in what he has to say. The fact that he’s stone-faced most of the time adds onto his humor and sarcasm. He is also extremely tolerant of the other Orders(even the ones that the Order of Fire is officially opposed to) to the point of being actively interested in the theological and philosophical views of individual members of other Orders.

Experimental Magical Style: Manifestation
A magical system that acts as a direct vent of the aura into reality without the mediation of casting, spells, or rituals. Still in the mostly-experimental phases of development, Manifestation is something Kailen is willing to try if someone nearby has an analgesic cream that he can proceed to rub on his burns. The problem isn't really establishing the vent for the aura, the problem is that there thus far is no control scheme whatsoever aside from "open" and "shut." Research into the realm of how this can be corrected has thus far proved fruitless and so all Kailen can rely on is experimentation (which tends to result in some kind of disaster). Were he to perfect the technique of manifestation, it would prove to be an incredibly powerful asset to (as well as a closely guarded secret of) the Order of Fire, which is one of his many incentives for continuing to blow himself up on a biweekly basis. The fact that this knowledge might eventually become highly valued doesn't seem to matter to him as he'll go on about the theory to anyone who asks more than once in a non-cursory manner.

Paw of Xafer: Less of a spell and more of a martial technique, the Paw of Xafer is an attack with the hand that delivers a shaped-explosive spell outward from the hand and away from the user. The spell must be cast beforehand and can be stored for at most a minute before fizzling. The Paw of Xafer is ridiculously difficult for Kailen to execute while wearing his katars, thus he only uses the Strike of Xafer while (relatively) unarmed. With some steady co-ordination, he can try to pull off the Paw of Xafer with a kick, as well, though previous attempts have had only a modicum of success (which is still a lot more success than his attempts at Manifestation have had).

Kailen is both something of a wunderkind and a bit of a pariah of the As’nar Order of Fire. He’s definitely an able agent of Krad and he is very easy to like, but he also follows a strict monastic lifestyle that seems a little harsh to most people and deprives himself of a variety of pleasures of the flesh for spiritual reasons few people grasp. His lifestyle is all the more odd to other people because he makes absolutely no effort at all to tell other people about why he does what he does unless they bug him about it often enough. This strange lifestyle is in addition to the fact that he is strangely tolerant of and good humored towards members of the other Orders. Thus, he has a modicum of fame as “The Stoic Lion” amongst all the Orders and among the people of As’nar, as well. His charisma is seen as threatening by higher members of the Order of Fire, and thus he naturally expects that no matter what he does, he will never rise above the rank of Infernal despite being of incredible service to the Order. However, this doesn’t bother him in the least since he doesn’t care about much along the lines of his rank. It has been awhile since he last was sent out to do anything, thus he has become a familiar sight in the parks and gardens of As’nar.

Name: Ashe Drauxailles-Arcachon (Ash Droh-Zhay Ar-ka-shon)
Sex: Male
Rank/Affiliation: Hydiran of the Order of Water
Age: 28
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 121 lbs

Weapons: Staves/Polearms. Owns a particularly nice wide-bladed glaive. Also mildly able in unarmed combat, but not really an able monster-fighter without his weapons. He uses a fighting style that involves him being constantly in motion for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Armor: Black-dyed cuir-bouilli cuirass over a sleeveless longcoat with a hood. Also wears arm and wristguards. Relies more on constant motion and magickal protections than hard armoring to keep from harm.

Description: Ashe is very, very pretty. Not handsome, pretty. He has porcelain skin, slim, seductive eyes, and a generally wispy build that makes him as or more attractive than most women he knows. His hair is silky and smooth, bleached white and then dyed a pale blue, his eyes are another shade of pale blue, and his eyebrows are absolutely perfect. He'd be remarkable in drag.
Ashe tends towards clothes that show off as little of his body as possible- usually the only things visible are his fingers, his neck, and his head.

Style: Watching Ashe fight is like watching someone dance. Ashe whirls around and around, periodically stopping to change direction. Rather than hurt his opponents he lets his opponents hurt themselves against a variety of traps he sets up in his movements. He has developed some of his own spells that are useful specifically against aggressors. His weapons can be used both defensively and offensively, they give him surprisingly long reach, and they have their own strong leverage that he can work into his own whirling routine.

Philosophy: Ashe believes very strongly in perfection. The closer he can get to perfection, the better. He's in the game of life to win, and it doesn't really matter what methods he uses so long as he does it as perfectly as possible. He prefers to avoid scars when possible and finds other Orders to be a bit misguided... imperfect, perhaps? He avoids doing anything in front of other people that he can't do perfectly. However, Ashe NEVER says anything along the lines of "I'm perfect! Nyahh!" or "You're so inept."

Skills: Ashe does not do anything that he can't do better than other people. He designs his own clothes, he cooks, he cleans, and he is VERY good at improving his own appearance. He's also a gymnast in the performative sense: he can do cartwheels and contort himself, but he can't use any of these skills in a quick practical application. He's unusually intelligent, as well. He's a research magician for the most part, and he delights in using spells he developed to show other people how perfect he is. One of his best skills, however, is emotive. He can manipulate people reasonably well without them even knowing it. People feel what he wants them to feel. Most people who spend a lot of time around him think he's supremely talented and are terribly impressed with his competence (whether or not said competence actually exists).

Persona: Ashe is cold. Very, very cold. Cold and distant, all of the time, even to his lovers. He unnerves people with his strange beauty and his strong presence. The longer someone spends around him the more and more they decide that he's really not that bad of a person because of said talent for manipulating people. However, some people like his coldness because it's a coldness that doesn't ask for anything of anyone. He's terribly self-contained and some people like that he doesn't demand or need anything from them. He's... an acquired taste. Ashe always seems to know just a little bit more than you do, is just a little bit abler than you are, is just a little bit better-looking or more attractive, but that's okay since he doesn't hold it over your head... at least, not openly.

Completed Experimental Magical Style: Glass
Glass is the creation and manipulation of extremely thin, hard ice sheets for the sole purpose of breaking them. These broken sheets become a swarm of extremely sharp blades that rip into foes relentlessly. The Glass-ice can be made thick or thin, but it takes a reasonably long time to make terribly thick Glass-ice; the stuff exists to be broken and used as a hail of knives. Ashe's most common use of Glass is to fashion a highly breakable shield, mentally-controlled that orbits around his body. It takes absorbs one impact, breaks, and becomes a hail of extremely sharp fragments that his foe has just thrown themselves into. Right now, Ashe is experimenting with directing this flow of perfectly sharp knives to fight opponents that are further away.

Resulting Spell: Glass Shield
The Glass Shield spell crystallizes a thin glass-ice screen that shatters upon a single forceful impact, not only blocking the blow but also creating a swarm of small blades that the striker suddenly finds themselves the target of. Few things fall for this twice, but then again, most things stop attacking him (or stop, period) once engulfed in a swarm of icy knives. The Glass Shield lasts more or less a minute, more if it's cold and less if it's very hot. Ashe can maintain a single Glass Shield or set of Broken Glass at once- after hurling the Glass-ice at a target, he's free to fashion another one. Ashe does not need a source of water to create a Glass Shield.

Ashe is... well, he's perfect. He breezed through his previous ranks and it's likely that he'll breeze through this rank and the next one. He has no lovers and it is unlikely he'll ever have any- Most women are turned off by his eerie beauty and incredible lack of manliness, and most men (who are into that kind of thing) find him a wee bit creepy. As for what he wants, who knows? He's in a reprieve at the moment, improving upon his spell-art Glass (which he seems unlikely to teach anyone since no one really has the courage to ask him and he's too much of an introvert to go shouting about it to everyone). He is a remarkably bad teacher, however. He's also a bit of a recluse, rarely leaving the As'nar Trixerite compound except for his daily walks. He has a bit of a spotty history since he's beaten up people for making fun of his appearance, carrying them halfway to death before he thinks they've learned their lesson. <p>[---------------------------]
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Re: It had to happen!

Unread postby Kelne » Fri Aug 19, 2005 8:05 am

Name: Hazelia Nganu
Sex: Female
Order: Earth
Rank: Terenar
Age: 26 years old
Height: 5' 6"
Weapon: Battleaxe (2-handed)
Armor: Chainmail

Hazelia is a short, heavily-built woman with a penchant for wearing practical outdoors garb in earth tones. She has auburn hair, which she tends to wear tied back in a ponytail, and vivid green eyes. Otherwise, she's rather plain, and does little to alleviate this.

Hazelia has, from a young age, been a rather serious person. She looks for the underlying order in the world, enjoying the process of cataloguing everything into its proper place. Since most of the lands near As'nar are rather thoroughly described already, this leads her to spend quite a bit of her time out on the frontier on one pretext or another.

Perhaps pretext isn't the right word. Hazelia considers it an honour to have been chosen as a member of Verir's order, and takes her duties as such seriously. It's just that if there's a chance that a mission will take her out into uncharted territory, she'll be among the first to volunteer.

As a somewhat introverted person, Hazelia can have trouble forming friendships. Still, she has no trouble whatsoever putting her life on the line for a fellow order members.

In terms of training, Hazelia has covered the basics of mining and earth-shaping, and has focused on defensive casting in terms of magical combat. She's also a reasonably talented amateur naturalist. <p>Centuries of threats of "I'll turn you all to stone!" and "I'll knock you all down!" have caused Domans to develop an instinct to form small groups. For safety, I assure you. – Keir</p>


Re: The Elemaer Character Thread

Unread postby Seethe347 » Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:58 am

Name: Siorena Valsinari
RPer: Seethe
Sex: Female
Rank: Er'kiir of the Order of Earth, Master Engineer
Age: 32
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Weapon: Two-handed battle-axe
Armor: Mythril plate mail

Description: Siorena is a tall woman with a solid and powerful amazonian build. As she spends a good portion of her time in the workshop, the complexion of her skin is somewhat lighter than average. Her facial features include light blue eyes along with high cheekbones and a strong jaw. Her hair is dark brown, slightly curly, and medium in length.

Bio: The daughter of a less-than-successful family of farmers, Siorena avoided a life of hardship when she was found as a child to possess a good deal of mechanical creativity and inventiveness as well as an imposing stature for her age. Taken in by the Order of Earth, the natural fondness she possessed for making things with her hands soon developed into a profound interest in the arts of machinery. Applying this interest to practical purposes, Sio took up the study of mechanical engineering, and that field became her career.

Sio posesses a disciplinarian attitude and an intense drive for achievement. Despite this, one might note that her advancement through the Order has been fairly slow. In actuality, she could have advanced much faster, but she has always been hesitant to accept promotions. The reason for this is not that she does not desire advancement or that she lacks confidence in herself. Her reason is simply that she always wants to be certain that she is up to to any new responsibilities that are placed upon her and to be certain that she deserves the honor of any title granted to her.

Having helped design, build, and operate many of the lumberyards, quarries, and mines of the Order of Earth, Sio is no stranger to the frontier. Though she is not a fighter by trade, she has had to help fend off quite a few roving demons in her day. She does lack the skill of a specialized warrior, so she relies heavily on raw strength in any battle she finds herself in. Fortunately, the rigors of her job have given her plenty of strength to work with.

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Re: It had to happen!

Unread postby Idran1701 » Fri Mar 24, 2006 2:05 am

Name: Vinsenz D'irejon
RPer: <-----
Sex: Male
Rank: Condras
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Weapon: Short bow, polearm
Armor: Leather with a smock covering it

Other stuff <p>

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Sorasi Oldman

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Sat Mar 25, 2006 3:16 pm

Name: Sorasi Elgath

Sex: Female

Rank: Daiam

Age: 62 years old

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 134 lbs.

Weapon: The Rod

Armor: None

Description: Sorasi is a woman of many years, and she bears the lot of them proudly. Her hair, sometimes left loose and sometimes worn in a severe bun, is light gray, no longer hinting at its original color. Her eyes are sharp blue, and her face thin and craggy, with its fair share of wrinkles. Her build is rail thin; few would believe she's ever had children. Her typical clothing includes a variety of modest dresses in equally modest tones. She has never been very strong nor has age left her with much in the way of grace, but she still has amazingly steady hands, a very keen eye for minute detail, and a sharp mind backed with a lifetime of experience.

Bio: To the younger generations in the Order of Earth, Sorasi has always been there. To them, she is a grandmotherly old woman, sometimes kindly and sometimes sharptongued, who seems happy to spend her life in the underlevels of the Temple of Earth. Until recently, she and her husband Erethian were known as the proprieters of Elgath Engravings and Maps, a small shop specializing in both placing intricate and beautiful engravings on metals, and for creating the plates used to print the maps that the order uses. Despite their location, the Elgaths were known for their work throughout As'nar, and dealt in many customers throughout the city.

Not long ago, Erethian passed on in his sleep. Sorasi closed the shop, and fell into depression, despairing that she would have to spend the rest of her life alone. Friends and neighbors poured in to offer what comfort. They tried to assure her that Verir would take care of Erethian, and that he wouldn't be happy if she stopped living just because he did. It didn't help that the older of their two children seemed more displeased that he didn't fall in battle. As time passed and Sorasi grew more used to living on her own, she began to overcome some of her grief. She began to look more toward her earlier life, and greatly surprised many of the younger generation when she volunteered for an assignment outside of As'nar.

In her younger days, Sorasi tended to military duty much as all priests of the order did. Her record of service was average, without blemish or true achievement. When she met Erethian and they setting into their practice, the Order quickly saw the value of allowing them them a more civilian life. While both were required to stay ready, just in case, they were seldom called on, and then only for short jaunts in order to meet the letter of the requirements. The order knew better than to risk a source of accurate maps, or lose the income from their etching. In time, people began to forget they were even really a part of the Temple's forces.

While she doesn't have the raw military experience that many of her age do, Sorasi has had a lifetime to refine and perfect her magic. Physically weak, she has never been one for actual fighting, preferring to use her spells to hinder and harass foes so that the more skilled can deal with them easily. It's been suggested she has an aversion to spilling blood as well, if it's true then it has not hindered any of her assignments thus far.

It can be said that much of the time, Sorasi does not seem to have the personality of a warrior. She is has a sort of affection for the younger people, often treating strangers and acquaintences like grandchildren. At the same time, she seldom has little patience for people who give unnecessary sass, and seldom hesitates to point out that someone isn't thinking things through. As a follower of Verir, she has a preferance for things progressing in an orderly and civil manner. She tends to be a stickler for tradition, having followed them her whole life and seeing no reason to break the habit now. She bears her order's distaste for the orders of Air and Fire, seeing them as being hasty and disrespectful, and on the whole a cause of a great many problems. She can admit there are a few "good ones" among both orders, but as a whole, most represent the problem of the times.


-Blunt: A spell designed to rob earthen materials of carefully maintained edges. It is designed to make cutting and piercing weapons significantly less effective.
-Weaken: It weakens the structure of earthen materials. In practice, it makes armor easier to pierce and weapons somewhat more likely to snap. It can also make metals more mallable, something that came in handy during some etching projects. It can be stacked with Blunt.
-Weight: Adds to the density of earthen materials. While this does make armor more protective and blunt weapons hit that much harder, it also makes them a great deal more heavy. It may stack with Blunt
-Obscure: Raises a cloud of dust around a target; cutting into visibility and making it difficult to to breath without something to filter the dust. It also makes it difficult to see into the dust cloud. Afterwards, the target is left in need of a bath or a good thorough washing.
-Broken Reaches: This spell affects a sizable portion of ground, causing it to shift and upheave over the course of a minute, becoming broken and unsuitable for any kind of fast transit or moving most domesticated animals through. While stable structures are usually unaffected by this, antiquated and ruined structures may experience some collapse from it. It may also cause alavanches or cave ins completely outside the user's control. The effect is permanent, and thus a bad idea to employ in civilized areas.
Entangle: Encourages native plant life to move and bind, entangle, and otherwise harass the target, making free movement difficult. It can also be used to secure an inanimate object in place.
-Quicksand: This converts a sizable portion of earth into quicksand. The volume remains constant, allowing for a narrow pit that may be deep enough to be be fatal for several people, or a large expanse that does little more than ruin boot soles. Typically, it is used to make part of a battlefield treacherous. When the spell ends, the ground returns to normal, but is barren of small plant life; this will regrow normally. If applied properly, the spell can inflict structral damage; or fell trees.
-Harden: This spell converts a volume of mud, quicksand, or what have you, into a harder state of matter. Mud will become solid dirt, quicksand to dry and fairly stable sand, and so on. If time is spent, thngs may be furthered hardened into stone.
-Stiffness: This spell inflicts nominal amounts of pretrification on the muscles and ligaments of a living being, inducing stiffness and sore muscles, and cutting down on one's agility.
-Petrify: This affects one of the limbs of a living target, temporarily turning it to unliving and very heavy stone. The limb is rendered useless, and movement in general is hampered by the extra weight. Once the spell wears off, the limb will be plagued with stiffness and soreness for some time. If needs be, multiple limbs may be petrified. This can also staunch bleeding for a time.
-Lead Tongue: A specialized version of Petrify, it attacks the targets tongue, turning it to stone and rendering it useless for speaking; as well as disabling ay sort of tongue-based attacks in various inhuman horrors that can do such a thing.
-Magnetize: This spell induced magnetic properties into one earthen object, even if that object is not normally able to bear a magnetic charge. The magnetism may be spread throughout the object, imparting a fairly strong charge, or concentrated in one spot to make a particularly powerful attaction.

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Unread postby pd Rydia » Thu May 03, 2007 9:17 pm

-- Name: Zephin Rho (Zeph, Ze'ze')
-- Rank: Initiate of the Order of Water
-- Age: 9
-- Height: 4'4"
-- Weight: 65 lbs
-- Weapon: a fishing rod, it really kills them fishes
-- Armor: order-issued clothing
-- Description: The Rho family have a calm, predictable life. Family homes are built near water and Rho men and women grow up to work as fishers and sailors, harbormasters and ship repairers. And, every few generations, the Rhos are honored when a child from the family is tapped to serve in the Order of Water.

Zephin is, simply, the most recent in the line of Rho initiates.

One day he wants to grow up and make clean drinking water for everyone! Or maybe be a fisher or something.

-- Known Spells: He has learned how to clean a glass of water. It takes a lot of energy. Surely there's an easier way of doing it that is being hidden from him by mean money-grubbin' old man mages.

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