White Charisma's Philsys Character

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White Charisma's Philsys Character

Unread postby White Charisma » Sat Dec 20, 2003 2:38 am

Here it is, as promised, in all its immensity. I would request that someone get back (problems, suggestions, words of encourgment... whatever) to me on this one since this is my first and only attempt at this as of yet.
- White Charisma


Name: Jesiah “Jessie” Black a.k.a. Gylvain Aurealis
Rper: White Charisma / Blackwind Isao
Race: High Elf
Level: 5
XP: 0

Character Background
For an elf born in this century Jessie is, perhaps, the biggest internal controversy the elves of Kalshana have had since the Three Hundred Years War. Born Gylvain Aurealis 164 years ago, Jessie was quickly singled out by both his elders and peers as one of the most intelligent things to come out of Kalshana in centuries. Jessie showed his natural intelligence and magical aptitude at an age that was unheard of, even by human standards; by the age of four he was reading text books for students beginning in the magical academies and was already beginning to master some more basic spells. Jessie did not read information however, he devoured it and yet it became absorbed in his brain; something people likened to a sponge.

It was inevitable that Jessie make his way to the Greater Kalshanese Academy of Magic for a more formal education in the magical arts. Much to the surprise of all he did not subscribe to the standard illusion, divination and holy magic regimen, the focus of the elves of Kalshana since ancient times. Jessie instead opted for a much darker and far wider path, taking courses in time and astral magic and an advanced course dedicated to counterspelling. While these choices were not widely appreciated at the time they may have lead to the eventual fall of what may have been the elves most useful asset in ages.

It was inevitable that as Jessie absorbed his way through whole libraries of knowledge that he would eventually come to a topic the elves of Kalshana were not fond of; he found religion and in the finding he found Lolth. For his part Jessie was not interested in the worship of Lolth nor did he endorse her disturbing dogma. He was however, fascinated with the philosophy of all religion in general and found the details of worship all the more interesting; this was to be his downfall.

Information, as it has a tendency to do when young, belligerent and vindictive people are concerned, flowed like water in the political circles and cliques of the academy. Jessie’s studies were of increasing concern due to his delving ever deeper into forbidden areas. The final straw was an essay assignment from Jessie’s own teacher in magical theory asking him to compare and contrast the usage and philosophy of shadow magic and the more predominant holy magic. Jessie far outdid himself, as was often the case on this essay. He held nothing back here, but it was his comparison of Ishtar to Lolth that ultimately did him in; he knew far too much about a subject that was forbidden.

Undone by his own cleverness and the jealousy of his race, Jessie’s case was tried before a full tribunal of magistrates. The proceedings raged for days, many of Jessie’s defenses even went so far as to challenge the very ideals the elves held dear; this only served to further dirty him in the eyes of the public. The tribunal on the other hand was faced with a hard choice: it was clear that death was out of the equation, Jessie was not attempting to establish the worship of Lloth in Kalshana. The fact remained however, he knew too much, not to mention bruised too many egos and challenged the moral ground they all stood upon. After one of the longest deliberations in the history of the court system the verdict came down, Jessie was to be exiled.

That incident was almost fourty years ago. The elves of Kalshana have moved on, most have forgotten his name and even his legacy. For his part Jessie has also moved on, though not in a positive light. He has thrown his elven heritage away, leaving only a seething hatred for his own kind. Ultimately, over the course of his fourty years of wandering, this hatred has started to color more and more of Jessie’s character. It has leaked into his humor and leaked its way into his observations, making him seem a bitter person indeed.

Character Demeanor
Jessie exudes dark and mysterious in almost every manner possible. From his scathing cynicism to his slanted, black humor his very presence seems to set most people on edge; most wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole unless they absolutely had to. Jessie however, tends to stick his nose where it does not belong, using his incredible knowledge to make various suggestions to random people based on conversations he’s just eavesdropped on; all laced with heavy sarcasm as well as a health dose of cynicism to boot. More often than not this genuine want to help others combined with his arrogant personality gets him into trouble.

Jessie maintains his normal elven views on all races save his own. With members of his own race (High Elves) Jessie is abnormally annoying or quiet dependant on the situation. In most cases Jessie will attempt to make a fool out of, embarrass or even pick a fight with members of his own kind. This behavior stems from an underlying hatred of his people (see character history for details) as well as the honest belief that he did not deserve the sentence the elves passed down upon him.

Character Statistics

Max HP: 97
Max MP: 165
Max TP: 37
Initiative: 6+2d6

Courage: 4
Wisdom: 8
Intuition: 7
Charisma: -2
Agility: 4
Dexterity: 0
Strength: 0
Stamina: 2
Magical Aptitude: 6

Base AT/PA: 15/15
Modified for skill: 15/21, 15/29 vs. physical
Modified for equipment: 15/29
Dodge: 30
Magical Attack: 21+rank+d20
Magical Resistance: 37+1d20

Body: Weightless Mythral Chain (AC 10)
Arms: Leather Bracers (AC 10)

(s) Evade Physical: 8
(s) Evade Missile: 8
(s) Observant: 8
(s) Magic Resistance: 12
(k) Religious Lore: 4
(k) General Chemistry: 4
(k) Physical Science: 4
(k) Mathematics 4
(k) Applied Magical Theory: 12
(k) Temporal Theory: 6
Time Magic: 12
Astral Magic: 12
Counterspell Magic: 12
Light Swords: 6

(Innate) Spell Identification: As a free action Jessie may attempt to identify any spell that he can either see the somatic components or hear the verbal components for. He automatically succeeds against any spell of base rank equal to or lower than his Applied magical theory rank and has a Applied magical theory rank * 5% chance against all spells of higher rank.

(Counterspelling=4, Arcane Lore=4, TP=1) Opportunity Counterspell: Jessie may use a free action to attempt to counter (with any form of counterspelling magic) one spell as it is being cast.

(Applied Magical Theory=4, TP=2) Silent Spell: Jessie has learned the ability to cast spells without the need to chant while casting. This tech does not remove the need for any other components involved in casting a spell though it can be combined with Still Spell (below) .

(Applied Magical Theory=4, TP=2) Still Spell: Jessie has learned the ability to cast spells without the need for somatic components while casting. This tech does not remove the need for any other components involved in casting a spell though it can be combined with Silent Spell (above).

(Applied Magical Theory= 6, TP=5) Empower Spell: Jessie can imbue his spells with an extra burst of magical energy causing them to deal 150% (round down)damage to any target(s) he hits.

(Applied Magical Theory=6, TP=2) Spell Penetration: Jessie's advanced knowledge of how spells interact with astral auras allow him to target the weak areas in a creature's aura. This adds a +Applied Magical Theory rank/2 bonus on and MATK roll.

(Applied Magical Theory= 10, TP=X) Chain Spell: Jessie uses his vast knowledge of the arcane to morph any spell that would normally only target one creature to target several instead. The spell may affect a primary target + Applied Magical Theory rank/2 secondary creatures. All secondary creatures must be within 30 feet of the primary target and Jessie must have line of sight to them as well. The spell affects the primary target normally but is considered half strength (rank/2) for all secondary targets. This costs Jessie 2TP per secondary target.

(Astral=1, MP=10) Lesser Astral Force: Jessie hurtles a thin ray of astral energy at one target dealing 12+rank*2+1d6 points of astral damage and causing a check for astral drain.

(Astral=4, MP=16) Astral Force: Jessie summons a beam of astral energy and strikes one target with it. This deals 16+rank*4+2d6 points of astral damage and causes a check for astral drain.

(Astral=4, MP=10) Hurtle: Jessie manipulates both spatial forces and the astral plane producing a thrusting force sufficient to forcefully move objects and/or people. No more than 20*rank pounds may be moved at one time. Being thrown laterally incurs ½ falling damage should a solid object be struck while in flight.

(Astral=5, MP=2, TP=4) Osmose: Jessie siphons mana out of one target draining 8+rank*2+1d6 MP from one target and transfering it to him.

(Astral=6, MP=25) Lesser Astral Field: Jessie causes a small astral disturbance around one target. This causes 10+rank*2+1d6 points of astral damage to the target and all those within a ten foot radius as well as causing a check for astral drain.

(Astral=7, MP=28) Meltdown: Jessie attempts to distort the astral aura of one being causing 12+4*rank+2d6 point of damage in addition the target suffers from a Level 5 Astral Drain and loses MP equal to one half of the damage dealt by this spell.

(Astral=8, MP=53) Astral Field: Jessie causes a large astral disturbance around one target dealing 15+rank*4+2d6 points of astral damage to the target and all those within a 20 foot radius as well as causing a check for astral drain.

(Astral=12, MP=38) Greater Astral Force: Jessie conjures a large beam of astral force and hurtles it at one taget. This deals 36+rank*6+3d6 points of astral damage and causes a check versus astral drain.

(Time=1, MP=6) Sloth: Jessie slows the metabolic rate of one target, delaying its action until the end of the combat round for 1d2+rank rounds and causing a –rank penalty to agility and a –2/-2 penalty to AT/PA for that target.

(Time=2, MP=10) Haste: Jessie increases the metabolic rate of one target for rank rounds. This target receives a + rank bonus to agility and one extra action per round. Targets affected by a haste spell are normally are both hungry and tired from the increased metabolic rate this spell causes.

(Time=4, MP=16) Metabolic Decay: Jessie increases one target’s metabolism to such a high rate that the body’s Immune system begins to deteriorate. This leave the target feeling as under the after effects of a haste spell as well as 12+rank*4+2d6 points of direct damage and draining 1d2 points of temporary Stamina. Stamina points lost in this manner can be regained by resting for one day.

(Time=6, MP=15) Time Heal: Jessie restores a past body into the present nullifing any wounds inflicted in the interum. The body brought back may be up to rank minutes in the past, and cannot be used to revive anyone as this spell only brings back a body, not a soul. Conversely this spell may be used to reinjure a target who has healed itself by bringing back the injured body.

(Time=6, MP=20) Whoops!: Jessie travels backward in time and changes one minor action he committed in the last rank/2 rounds. For example he can take back (or change) something he said or decided not to have kissed the king's daughter after all. Extra combat rounds MAY NOT be gained in this way though initiative may be gained in this way. If this spell is used to 'take back' an action that would have caused combat or another major event the player(s) and GM should work together to discern what ACTUALLY happened instead. THIS SPELL IS ONLY USABLE WITH THE GM'S PERMISSION.

(Time=8, MP=20) Stop: Jessie attempts to stop time for one target for 2 +1d4 rounds. This causes the target to stop aging entirely as their metabolism stops compleately. A stopped character or monster may not move or act (or is even aware of events that happen while stopped) and suffers a -10/-10 AT/PA penalty. A haste spell can counter these effects.

(Time=12, Astral=12, MP=36) Arc-en-Ciel - Combining the essence of both the Astral Meltdown and Metabolic decay spells, Jessie attempts to distort both the targets astral aura and physical body at the same time dealing 16+(mean rank)*5+3d4 damage, draining 1d2 points of temporary Stamina and inflicting a level 5 astral drain upon the target. In addition the target is drained of MP equal to half the damage dealt by this spell.

(Counterspell=1, Magical Theory=4 Time=4 MP=8) Delay Arcane Might: Jessie temporarily disrupts the flow of arcane energy in an opponent’s spell as it is being cast. This delays the spell effect from happening for one round.

(Counterspell=4, Magical Theory=4 MP= 1/2 of spell to be countered) Dismiss: Jessie attempts to disrupt the arcane energy of one opponent’s spell, forcing a Mag+Int+Wis+rank (of spell being cast)+1d20 versus Mag+Int+Wis+counterspelling rank+1d20 check to be made. Should Jessie’s check exceed or tie that of his opponent’s their spell fizzles, without effect. Should the opponent’s check exceed Jessie’s the spell effect occurs normally.

(Counterspell=4, Magical Theory=4, MP=10 ) Dispel Magic: Jessie attempts to snuff the magical force of one permanent or semi-permanent spell forcing a Mag+Int+Wis (of the caster at the time of casting) +rank (of the target spell) +1d20 versus Mag+Int+Wis+counterspelling rank+1d20. Should Jessie’s check exceed that of the spell its effect immediately ends.

(Counterspell=5, Magical Theory=4, MP=30) Reflect Arcane Might: Jessie temporarily reflects all spells directed at one target to reflect back at their caster. This effect lasts for upto 1/2 rank rounds.

(Counterspell=8, Magical Theory=8, MP=5, TP=8) Absorb Arcane Might: Jessie attempts to absorb the arcane energy one an incoming spell. This forces a check of spell rank + 1d20 versus Sta+Mag+Wis +1d20. Should the absorb roll tie or exceed the spell roll the spell has no effect and Jessie gains MP equal to the MP cost of the spell.

(Counterspell=8, Astral=8, Magical Theory=8, MP=18) Destroy Magic: Jessie destroys any and all magical effects or spells in a 30 foot radius by destroying the astral force holding them together (this does not affect magical items). Exceedingly high level magic (rank 18+) causes a dispel check (as Dispel Magic).

(Counterspell=8, Astral=8, Magical Theory=8, MP=20) Undermine: Jessie attempts to counter one incoming spell. This forces a spell rank+Mag+1d20 versus counterspelling rank+Mag+1d20 roll. Should Jessie's roll equal or exceed the caster's roll the spell is countered and the caster suffers from a level 5 astral drain.

(Counterspell=10, Astral=10, Magical Theory=10, MP=22) Disjoin: Jessie removes any and all magical effects in a 50 foot radius permanently by destroying the astral force holding them together (this temporarily 'turns off' all magical items in the area for rank/2 minutes). Insanely high level magic (rank 26+) causes a dispel check (as dispel magic). This spell may alternately be used to counter any spell of less than rank 18 without need for a counter roll. Spells of rank 18 or higher require a standard counter check (as dismiss above).

(Counterspell=10, Astral=10, Magical Theory=10, MP=54) Null Magic Zone: Jessie separates one piece of land (100 feet sq) disjoined from the astral plane. No magic has any effect inside this area as there is no astral force able to sustain them. This effect lasts for rank*5 hours.

(Counterspell=12, Astral=12, MP=27) Kirulian Buster: Disjoins all spell effects on one target and deals (counterspell rank + astral rank)/2 damage and a level 1 astral drain per spell effect removed. This spell unlike other most other spells in the counterspelling school is not an interrupting action and is normally used as a debuff on enemies. It should be noted that it can be used on allies to rid them of unwanted spell effects though one's allies tend to get a bit annoyed when they have to take damage and suffer an astral drain to remove said effects. (Requires a successful MATK roll)

Equipment T/S/C or AC AT/PA Durability Weight Str Qual
Short Sword 7/10/13 0/0 - .75 -
Mythral Chain Shirt (Mag) 10 0/0 50 1.5 -
Leather Bracers 10 0/0 10 1.5 -

??? Amulet (Grants the wearer immunity to time magic and temporal effects. Cursed, Jessie cannot remove this item and cannot use it selectively. Strangely the timeheal and whoops! spells seem to work normally.)
Shade Wielder Robes (50% resistance to shadow and holy energy)
Trumps (Jesiah Black (2), Zea Mazuo (2), Cerene Sonelle (2), Kamos Sonelle (2), James Silvar (2), Bullworth (2), Ambrogino (2), Library (Doma,2), Great Hall (Ambrogino's 'Castle',2), Plains (Dead World,2).

Character Description
Eye Color: Arctic Ice Grey
Hair Color: Midnight Black
Age: 164
Gender: Male
Other: None

edit: Fixed HP.
edit: Edited for continuity.
edit: Fixed Techs and innate abilities.


Re: White Charisma's Philsys Character

Unread postby GameStar7 » Sat Dec 20, 2003 1:04 pm

You might get yelled at about that intelligence and intuition and magical aptitude all being at 6, just so ya know. They don't want smart mages, better lower the magic a tad bit. I think his charisma would be at negative 2 though, maybe add some to his dexterity. I'm also not sure if seven years is really enough for everyone to just forget about him. Just a few things I would like to point out. <p>-------------------------------------------------------------
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Re: White Charisma's Philsys Character

Unread postby Jak Snide » Sat Dec 20, 2003 1:59 pm

As GameStar said, you've maxed out your spellcasting stats, which'll level a few accusations of min/maxing your way. The wisdom and intuition stats are in line with his background, though.

As for his skill set, I see no major problems. Delay Arcane Might, even with your current ranks, will make most spells take effect post combat, since most battles last around 3 rounds at most. I'd say lower the cost to 8MP and give it a single round delay only.

Dismiss should have an MP cost of half that of the spell being cast. After all, the more powerful the spell, the more effort that'll be needed to combat it.

As for Dispel Magic, 10MP is good.

Also, if he were to make a counterspell I'd assume that he'd forfeit his next action. After all, if it were a free action he could counter every spell thrown by the enemy and make a normal action that round as well, which just isn't cricket. Of course, with time magic at his disposal I could see him having a "tech spell" which allows him to counterspell as a free action, along with an MP and TP cost at higher ranks.

However, my hat off to you for taking counterpselling. It's a skill I haven't seen get much use.

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Re: White Charisma's Philsys Character

Unread postby FlamingDeth » Sat Dec 20, 2003 4:19 pm

My major problem with this is that a high elf at that age would look like he's six years old, and probably have the maturity level to match. I'd advise upping the age to around 150 or so, and adjusting the other lengths of times metioned to match. <p><center><table border=0><td>Image</td><td>

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Re: White Charisma's Philsys Character

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Sun Dec 21, 2003 12:31 am


Judging from the way this sheet is made, you aren't too used to the way that we typically do things around here. Most noticably, I see that your character has techs for evading essentially anything that can be thrown at him.

I think you have something of a misunderstanding in this. You see...we don't exactly min and max our characters to be able to take on anything ever and survive the most extreme odds simply because it isn't our way to throw characters into situations where they are going to probably be killed by things they can't affect. In essence, we don't quite have the standard D&D "You die, roll up a new character" thing going on here.

Rather, we tend to focus on the more Social and Roleplaying aspects of things. This is why we tend to harp on having a more believable and balanced character. Not so it is easier for the GM to kill, because that isn't our way, but rather because it makes the character easier and more believable to interact with.

Therefore, the easiest way for you to work in seamlessly would be to think more on the character's social aspect a bit, and perhaps alter the skills a bit to reflect a character who is not a "pure" (and rather hard to believe) adventurer. For example...Resist Magic is incredibly rare and specialized thing. It is somewhat of a stretch to think someone sat there and repeatedly cast spells on themself just to learn to resist them, especially when you take all the other "Adventuring" stuff he knows into account.

Anyways, consider the social aspect more. It will help you ease into things.

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Re: White Charisma's Philsys Character

Unread postby PriamNevhausten » Sun Dec 21, 2003 4:44 am

I, for one, am impressed at the depth of the character background. Kudos, seriously. And, having been around for most, if not all, of your CI rp'ing around here, I can safely say that you pull it off pretty well.

With regards to your philsys stuff, it does seem that a lot of it 'coincidentally' falls on the 'magic level 4' block. Consider actual numbers required for that kind of thing, and by all means, don't be afraid to make spells that are significantly over your current level just for the sake of making them.

Also, feel free to steal a bunch of those Time Magics from the sheet linked a line or two above; they're not in the spellbook yet, but they've been overall approved (with the exception of Haste, which I mistranscribed).

Let me also chip in with the rest in saying that having sixes in Wis, int, AND Mag is kind of suspect. Not that it doesn't happen, but you know the drill.

Also, I'd change his [k]Combat Strategy skill into a [k]Religions skill. From his background, I'm seeing that there was some heavy research into religion, but I'm not sure how I would legitimize combat tactics training into his regimen.

As a last pointer, no, you're not the only one that thinks it's retarded to limit first level characters to stats of 6. <p><span style="font-size:xx-small;">"It's in the air, in the headlines in the newspapers, in the blurry images on television. It is a secret you have yet to grasp, although the first syllable has been spoken in a dream you cannot quite recall." --Unknown Armies</span></p>Edited by: PriamNevhausten at: 12/21/03 4:50 am

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Re: White Charisma's Philsys Character

Unread postby White Charisma » Sun Dec 21, 2003 5:44 am

Character sheet has been updated with most recomendations considered and applied. I would appreciate continued commentary.

- Blackwind.

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Re: White Charisma's Philsys Character

Unread postby LadyDragonClawsEDW » Sun Dec 21, 2003 12:42 pm

I looked over the sheet myself, it looks very well thought out to me, though mayhaps you should drop the charisma stat to -2 (since I've seen you RP this character XP). I also really like your creative versions of countermagic you came up with. I'd gank them for two of my own characters but they already have enough spells already.

A word of caution, and I'm not accusing you of doing this, just keep in mind in future levelups to not add a billion more spells to each catergory, some battles tend not to last very long and I often find my spellcasting characters unable to use a lot of the spells that I gave them. <p>
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Re: White Charisma's Philsys Character

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Sat Jan 24, 2004 2:47 pm

BI gets points for actually mentioning what he does when he edits his sheets.

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Re: White Charisma's Philsys Character

Unread postby Blackwind Isao » Sat Jan 24, 2004 3:20 pm

Even if it makes me look the ass because I had it as 5 before the edit.

- Blackwind.

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Anisa Mariana Aurealis

Unread postby Blackwind Isao » Thu Oct 20, 2005 10:10 pm

Looking through rather old records I actually came up with another character that I vaguely recall having RPed through some sort of RP run through chat. Beyond that I really don't know much so I'll treat her as if she were brand spanking new, despite being level 2.

Name: Anasia Mariana Aurealis
RPer: Blackwind Isao / White Charisma
Race: Celestial
Level: 2
XP: 0/1250

Character History:
Anasia's history is rather murky up to age 6 as she remembers very little of her time spent in the upper realms nor why exactly she was outcast from them if that is indeed what really happened. After her fall Anasia was adopted by the Aurealis family of Kalshana and had a peaceful childhood. Unfortunately she matured much quicker than the elves did and with her inability to control magic she opted for a more militaristic training eventually entering a small and secluded school dedicated to teaching the sword. Anasia spent fifteen years at the school learning the art of the sword. It was at this time however that her half brother Gylvain (later to be known as Jessie) ignited the country with his controversial research paper and was banished. With her brother banished, her training all but finished and her family name in disgrace Anasia followed in Gylvain's footsteps, leaving Kalshana. Anasia spent the better part of the last 40 years wandering from place to place, making her way as a mercenary when she was in dire need of funds. Eventually Anasia made her way to Doma, drawn by the promise of interesting experiences and opportunities to use her skills for some sort of good.

Character Demeanor:
Anasia is rather the opposite of her half brother. Outgoing and rather friendly, Anasia is ignorant of most social graces making her usually rather outspoken and, on occasion, blunt. More often than not this is off set by her cheery outlook and disarming banter.

Character Statistics:
Max HP: 73
Max MP: 40
Max TP: 40
Initiative: 10+2d6

Courage: 6
Intuition: 3
Wisdom: 2
Charisma: 0
Agility: 7
Dexterity: 0
Strength: 2
Stamina: 2
Magical Aptitude: 1

Base AT/PA: 18/18
Modified for Skill: 24/24, 24/26 vs. Humanoids
Modified for Equipment: 26/22, 26/24 vs. Humanoids
Dodge: 33+d20
MAttack: 6+spell rank
MBlock: 31+d20

Katana: 6
Healing: 5
Time: 2
(s) Advanced Parry: 6
(s) Evade Missile: 6
(s) Improved Magical Resist: 6
(s) M/S Analysis: 4
(k) Combat Tactics: 4
(k) Survival: 4
(k) Weapon Lore: 4

Techniques and Spells:

(Katana=2, TP=1) Shirahadori: Holding her katana in a low guard position Anasia focus mainly on defense for the remainder of this round of combat. This stance adds Anasia's katana rank to her PA rolls for until the beginning of her next turn. Even if no parry roll is allowed this stance adds 1/2 of Anasia's katana rank to her PA. While in this stance Anasia may not make use of any offensive tech including Hamedo or Treading the Blade.

(Katana=6, TP=4) Blinding Speed: Allows Anasia to make an additional attack of any type this round.

(Katana=6, TP=3) Tread the Blade: Allows Anasia to immediately make a light or medium attack after any missed attack made against her.

(Katana=6, TP=5) Hamedo: Allows Anasia to make an immediate light attack against anyone attempting to physically strike her before their attack roll. If this attack hits subtract the amount of damage it deals from the AT roll of her attacker.

(Katana=6, TP=6) Chirijaden's Wrath: Strike as a heavy attack with no penalties, if this attack hits it deals 1.5x damage. If this attack misses Anasia loses one of her parry rolls for the round and may not make use of either her Tread the Blade or Hamedo techs.

(Time=2, MP=10) Haste: Blesses the target with increased speed. The target may move as if they had +rank AGI and gains one additional action per combat round for rank rounds.

(Heal=1, MP=7) Cure: Heals one target restoring 8+rank*2+1d6 HP. Some targets may be injured for a like amount instead.

(Heal=4, MP=18) Cure 2: Heals one target restoring 15+rank*4+2d6HP. Some targets may be damaged instead.

(Heal=4, MP=25) Mass Cure: Heals all targets within a 10 foot radius of the caster restoring 10+rank*2+1d6 HP. Some targets may be injured for a like amount instead.

(Heal=4, MP=14) Lesser Esuna: Cures berserk, confusion, magically induced paralysis and blindness and cures up to 3 levels of poison.

Katana (*Magical* +2/+1, 13/21/25, 2 weight, +2 STR)
Mythral Plate (-1/-3, 25 AC, 100 dur, 10 weight, +2 STR, -7 CAST Pen)
Mythral Bracers (0/0, 15 AC 30 dur, .65 weight, 0 STR, 0 CAST Pen)
Mythral Helmet (0/0, 15 AC, 22 dur, .85 weight , 0 STR, -1 CAST Pen)

Light / Thrust (Katana 2H): 23+2d6 AT = 26
Medium / Slash (Katana 2H): 27+3d6 AT= 24
Heavy / Chop (Katana 2H): 33+4d6 AT= 22

Character Description
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127 lbs
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: Jet Black

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One shot Window character!

Unread postby Blackwind Isao » Thu Oct 27, 2005 8:17 pm

Name: Celeste d'Argintine
Race: Human

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 119 lbs
Eyes: Bright Green
Hair: Ruby Red

Summary History/Personality: An assassin/diplomat for hire Celeste seeks nothing more than something to occupy her rather short attension span. She's a bit on the foppish side and seems to be in constant need of cash because of it.

Courage: Fair (d12)
Wisdom: Decent (d12)
Intellect: Impressive (d10)
Agility: Above Average (d10)
Dexterity: Impressive (d10)
Strength: Weak (d20)
Stamina: Mediocre (d12)
Charisma: Charming (d8)

Bullshit: Highly Skilled (d8)
Diplomacy: Practiced (d10)
Sneak: Practiced (d10)
Pick Locks: Competent (d12)
Poison Use: Average (d12)
(k) Etiquette: Knowledgable (d10)
Knives: Proficient (d10)

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Mage Character Ahoy!

Unread postby Blackwind Isao » Tue Feb 28, 2006 10:23 pm

*To Be Compleated Later*

Name: Mariko Kitsune
Shadow Name: Isawa Hitomi
Path: Magistos
Order: Silver Ladder
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed

Intelligence: 2
Wits: 4
Resolve: 2
Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 2
Presence: 2
Manipulation: 4
Composure: 2

Mental Skills (-3 untrained)
Academics: 1
Investigation: 1
Occult: 1
Politics: 1

Physical Skills (-1 untrained)
Firearms: 2
Larceny: 3 (Pickpocket)
Stealth: 2

Social Skills (-1 untrained)
Animal Ken:
Empathy: 2
Persuasion: 4 (Fast Talk)
Socialize: 1
Subterfuge: 4 (Con)

Resources: 2
Sanctum (Size): 1 (Security): 1
(Gnosis +1)
High Speech (Free)

Mind: 3
Prime: 2
Space: 1
Time: 1

Other Traits
Health: 7
Willpower: 4
Mana: 5
Gnosis: 2
Size: 5
Defense: 2
Initiative Mod: 4
Speed: 9

Momentary Flux (Wits+Investigation+Time)
Emotional Urging (Man+Empathy+Mind vs. Comp+Gnosis)
Incognito (Wits+Subterfuge+Mind)
First Impressions (Pres+Socalize+Mind)

Glock 22: 2L (9 again) 20/40/80 15+1 2 1/S (2)


Character Info
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 121 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Apparent Age: 21
Gender: Female

Character History
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Advice Requested

Unread postby Blackwind Isao » Thu Jul 31, 2008 7:58 am

Ok. With my return I'm requesting people take a new look at my character sheets (Please ignore Anasia for now) to make sure everything is kosher.
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