The Characters of the Thram, Help please

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The Characters of the Thram, Help please

Unread postby The Dark Gun » Thu Nov 27, 2003 1:41 am

My most recent:

Background: Born in an outlying Doman village, Thramkalith was the son of a semi-successful merchant, and, for a long time, it seemed like he would eventually inherit his father’s business. Although he acted cheerful about this, he was privately depressed, as he was always jealous of the more successful merchants he saw. Unfortunately, while out on a short trading run, with the singular guard he could easily afford, they were ambushed by bandits and killed. His mother was forced to find work just so they could continue to eat, and, luckily for them, became employed with a wealthy customer of her husbands. He had sympathy for their plight and, trying to aid them, offered Thramkalith a chance at some schooling. The youth leapt at the chance to raise himself above those who, in his mind, had long looked down upon him. The man had some connections with the Electoral College in Theice and, although it was a long journey, it was generally cheaper for him to send the boy there than to most other schools, particularly with his strengths an unknown.

Upon arrival his “aptitude” was tested in all areas. Finding him to be capable of competent swordsmanship and somewhat more than competent magic, they set him up in the appropriate classes, and things were quiet for a time. He strove to do his best in each class, always trying to do better than others at the school. This fierce competitiveness lead to numerous mistakes on his part, as he lost his concentration while worrying about how well others were doing, and the mocking that he had always imagined to exist, sprouted into being. This only made his competitive drive worse, and subsequent mistakes more frequent. Because of these mistakes he preformed slightly below average in most of his classes, although he trained and studied hard.

One fateful day he made his way into the Library of Ancients, and, seeking for some bit of knowledge, some scrap of power unknown to his classmates, and hopefully his teachers, he hunted high and low through the library and came upon a book that would fulfill his criteria. This book contained information on the Great Nothing, also known as the Void, and he studied it carefully. He had heard that it was dangerous, that he could be blasted from existence... But he did not care, he stole the book, hid it from others, and studied it late into the night. He was certain that this was the edge he was looking for. This was the power that would make them all respect him... And two months later he decided he was ready to try his first spell. Calling upon fell powers he could neither understand nor control, although he mistakenly believed he could, he attempted to call forth some of the power of the Void. In some ways he succeeded, for a tiny bit of Void energy did come to his call, and immediately ruined his spell, causing it to backlash upon him. The Void he had managed to call entered his form.

The experience was torment in the purest sense. The non-existence ran a violent course through his body, damaging his health, stiffening his body... Wreaking havoc in his mind. The magic he had studied carefully, and so many other things... Over the course of a mere quarter of an hour it had been almost entirely burned from his mind. When the torment had ended and his screams were finally nothing but an echo, he staggered from the room, and found himself passing a hallway mirror, and he saw what had become of him. The hideous corruption that had left its mark upon him. It was in this moment that his life changed. He could have gone mad, enraged with those who had teased him, and blamed them, declaring vengeance upon them as he had most of his life... Instead something inside him changed. He felt all the foolish things he had done, felt the wrongs he had believed of others, felt the corruption that he had brought upon himself. More pragmatically he realized he would probably be executed for trafficking in Void magic if discovered, and the screams that had pierced the night had stirred others to action.

Grabbing what supplies he could in a hurry, he covered himself in a cloak and ran from the school, and the city, hiding in an alleyway until day came and he could sneak from the city in the early morning before a notice could be put out to the watch. He escaped into the wilderness where the small bit of magic left to him helped him survive until he began to become a little adept at surviving in the wild. Eventually he found his way out of the almost civilization less expanse between Theice, Avon, and the rest of Igala, and into Baron. Having learned a little about covering up his blatant markings when approaching the few villages he had come across he carefully made his way into an assortment of libraries, seeking some method by which to purify himself. He found none, but took up researching religion, finally deciding devote the rest of his life to all the “good” gods. In this fashion he began to regain a few, meager magical abilities, the knowledge he once possessed making the new learning rapid, but it was difficult for his body to channel the holy powers he now served. Nonetheless, he had chosen a path, and now had hopes of redemption.

name: Thramkalith Beovadile - age: 19 - eyes: brown - hair: brown -
height: 5’11”

It can be plainly seen by anyone examining his features that he has been, in some way, corrupted. He has visible grey patches of skin, and some of his blood veins show through as black, particularly along the back of his arms, and the back of his left hand. Most noticeable are the primary arteries in his neck, which are a black purple color that also shows through his skin. The flesh around his right eye is also slightly grey. The grey patches have a tendency to peel, and sunburn easily. His features are hard and worn from the heavy trials he has undergone.

Having grown up in a lower-middle class household, Thramkalith was jealous of those better off than himself. After his father died in a bandit attack, his mother took up working as a house maid for a wealthy man whom his father used to sell things to. Taking pity on the boy he sent him to the Electoral College, because the man had connections with it. There he studied limited swordplay, and magic, in which he was very competitive. This lead him to hunt down and find a dangerous book in the Ancient Library and, in a terrible experiment, corrupt himself with Void. This traumatic experience brought home all the foolish and hateful things he had done, and, fearing for his life, he escaped the city. He wandered for a long time, surviving only by using what little of his magical knowledge was left to him after the accident. Eventually he made it Baron, where he tried to find a cure, and, failing, decided to live out a life of atonement and repentance in the service of the “good” gods. He also picked up a touch of holy magic, but this was greatly inhibited by his corrupted form.

Name: Thramkalith Beovadile
RPer: The Dark Gun
Race: Human

Courage (+4)
Wisdom (+1)
Intuition (+4)
Charisma (-3)
Agility (+3)
Dexterity (+1)
Strength (+3)
Stamina (+1)
Magic Aptitude: 5
HP: 60
MP: 75
TP: 20
Init: 7 + 2d6
Base AT/PA: 14/14
AT/PA with Saber: 15/17
AT/PA with Saber and Armor: 14/16
Base T/S/C damage: 7/9/12
AC: 11 (Studded Leather)

Thramkalith wears studded leather armor and carries a saber in a sheathe at his belt.

--Skills-- (30)
Swords - 4
Healing Magic - 4
Benedictions - 4
Summoning - 4
[k] The Void - 2
[k] Magic (General) - 2
[k] Cooking - 4
[k] Foraging - 4
[k] Trapping - 4
[k] Religions - 4
[s] Spider Affinity - 4
[s] Sneaky - 4


[Innate] Corrupt Body - Because his physical form is so corrupted with the remnants of the Void, Healing magic fails to help him 90% of the time, and even when it does so it is only half as strong. He Also takes 50% less damage from Void-based, or similar attacks. Also, all positive energy based skills require twice as many MP/TP to use.

[Innate] Purgation of the Void (7* TP) - In an attempt to remove some of the corruption from his body, he forces it out of him through a tremendous act of willpower. This drops his current HP by 1/4th, and does 2d6+2*((Stamina + Strength)/2 + (Courage + Wisdom + Intuition)/2) points of Void damage to all beings within a 15 ft radius. Using this causes him to be exhausted and suffer a 4 point penalty on all rolls until he has rested for a significant period of time. *: This uses ALL of his current TP, but he must have at least 7 TP to use it.

[Heal=1] Step of Atonement (7* MP) - Heals one target, restoring 8+rank*2+1d6 HP. Some targets may be damaged for the same amount instead (undead, for example) and some may not be affected at all (powerful shadow-based creatures).

[Heal=4] Journey of Forgiveness (18* MP) - Heals one target, restoring 15+rank*4+2d6 HP. Some targets may be damaged for the same amount instead (undead, for example) and some may not be affected at all (powerful shadow-based creatures).

[Heal=1] Purify (5* MP) - Cures poisoning. The maximum amount of levels of poison that this can cure is equal to Healing Rank/2, with a minimum of 1.

[Benediction=1] Aid (8* MP) - Gives one ally +4/+4 for 1d2 rounds.

[Benediction=2] Focus (5* MP) - The target gains 2 temporary points of INT, and magical attack ability is increased by 3. This lasts for 1d2 rounds. As an alternate use this can cure Berserk.

[Swords=4] Defender (4 TP) - For the round used and the round following, the user can take no actions, but gets a PA roll for every attack made against him. He may also attempt to parry one attack directed at another character per round. If this fails he takes the hit instead of that character.

[Summoning=2, Spider Affinity=4] Summon Large Spider (18 MP) - This summons a single, large venomous spider, similar to an oversized Wolf spider. It does 8+1d6 damage, and on a damage roll of 4, 5, or 6 adds 1d2 ranks of poison..

[Summoning=1] Life Saver (4 MP) - Creates a loaf of brownish bread. It is entirely possible to live off nothing but summoned bread for indefinite periods of time, but the bread is usually of less than superior quality and does tend to get old quickly.

*: All spells marked with a star utilize positive energy in some way and cost him double the listed amount of MP to cast.

This character probably needs a lot of tweaking before it's ready. Any help would be appreciated. <p>

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Re: The Characters of the Thram, Help please

Unread postby The Dark Gun » Wed Dec 17, 2003 10:29 pm

Another rather recent one:

Background: name: Sonac Kershaval - age: 19 - eyes: pale blue - hair: raven black - height: 5’6” - Usually wears a pale brown hooded cloak with wide, pale purple triangles along the edge, hood tossed back. He wears a monocle on his left eye at, apparently, all times (except when he's sleeping). He wears black leather boots and matching pants, as well as a black/purple shirt underneath his cloak. He has plain and honest features, but a bit of an obsessed glint to his eye.

Born in a small farming town in southern Baron, he spent his early years working his father's farm. This was not particularly interesting to him, although he picked up the most basic rudiments of farming under his father's careful tuteledge. Rapidly outgrowing his father's farm, he joined the local militia, taking any difficult task he thought would be interesting. He last while working for them led him into a local ruin, small, and realitively unexplored. Within he found an old book containing, what he has claimed scince, to be "Elder Magic."

The discovery of this book set him down his current path in life, as he devotes most of his time to studying the book, trying to devine its secrets. He has, in this course, mastered a number of basic magics, based in both Time and Darkness. When not fervantly trying to decipher the ancient runes the book is written in, he spends time researching other ruins, hoping to expand his now growing knowledge.

Name: Sonac Kershaval
RPer: The Dark Gun
Race: Human
HP: 65
MP: 75
Courage +2
Wisdom +3
Intuition +4
Charisma +2
Agility +1
Dexterity +2
Strength +1
Stamina +2
Magic Aptitude: 4
Init: 2d6+3
AT/PA: 8/11
Thrust: +8, 11 damage
Slash: +5, 15 damage
Chop: +2, 18 damage

Equipment: Longsword, aforementioned Robes (AC 6), Monocle (Special: Enchanted to slightly enhance astral sight), Ancient Book.

--Skills-- (34)
[k] Ancient Languages - 4
[k] Cooking - 2
[k] Fire starting - 2
[k] Ancient Ruins - 4
[k] Farming (general) - 1
[k] History - 1
[k] Logistics - 1
[k] Traps - 2
[s] Observant - 3 <Int>
[s] Motion Style Analysis - 4 <Int>
[s] Speed Reading - 4 <Int/Wis>
[s] Gather Information - 2 <Cha/Int>
Swords - 4 <Cou/Str/Agi>
Time Magic - 4* <Mag/Wis/Int>
Shadow Magic - 4* <Mag/Wis/Int>
Enchanting Magic - 1* <Mag/Wis/Int>
Summoning Magic - 4* <Mag/Wis/Int>
Astral Sight - 2 <Mag/Int/Wis>

*: He cannot raise levels in a magic skill beyond his level of Ancient Languages. Also, he can only learn new spells if his Ancient Book or similar text is available. A scroll from an ancient civilization could also have 1-2 spells gleaned from it. He can, however, expand on his Astral Sight without needing texts, but it can never be more than 1.5 x Ancient Languages.


[Shadow=1, Ancient Languages=1] Shadefall (8 MP) - Deals 8+rank*2+1d6 shadow damage to a single target.

[Shadow=4, Ancient Languages=1] Dark Ray (12 MP) - Deals 12+rank*4+2d6 shadow damage to a single target.

[Shadow=4, Ancient Languages=1] Shadow Bomb (22 MP) - Deals 10+rank*2+1d6 shadow damage to all targets within a 10 foot radius of the caster's target.

[Time Magic=1, Ancient Languages=1]Slow (6 MP) - Disrupts the flow of time, slowing down a target's metabolism, aging, and movement. If successful, a target enemy's turn is delayed until the end of the combat round for 1d2+rank rounds, and they will move as though they had -rank AGI, as well as suffering a -2/-2 AT/PA penalty.

[Time Magic=2, Ancient Languages=2]Haste (10 MP) - Blesses a target with increased speed. The target's metabolism, aging, and movement rates increase. This character may move as though he had +rank AGI and gains one extra action per round for rank rounds. Being under the influence of a Haste spell for more than a few minutes tends to make one VERY hungry as a result of all the energy they burn.

[Time Magic=4, Ancient Languages=4] Ancient Ravaging (16 MP) - This spell deals damage by increasing a target's metabolism to insane rates. The result is that the target burns energy/ages extremely quickly for a short duration, leaving them feeling somewhat unconscious, the exhaustion causing their STA to be temporarily reduced by 1d6. A creauture with less than -10 STA is dead. This STA is recovered after sleeping or resting for a few hours.

[Time Magic=1, Shadow=4, Ancient Languages=4] Flux (15 MP) Deals 13+rank*3+3d6 shadow damage to a single target, if a 6 is rolled, the target is slowed for 1d2+(Time Magic Rank/2) rounds.

[Shadow=4, Ancient Languages=4, Swords=4, Enchantment=1] Sword of Balance (20 MP, 8 TP) The turn this effect is initiated, the user takes no action. The following round he attacks the target, this is considered a slashing attack (User must be wielding a sword). It deals double damage +2d6+Rank to the recipient, unless the recipient has less HP than the user, in which case it deals that much damage to the user. Whichever one does not take damage gains half the amount of damage dealt in life. If this would cause their HP to increase over that of the one who took damage, the life totals of both parties are then averaged.

[Enchanting=1]Enchant Item (X MP/round, X*5 MP/day or X*10 MP) - Imbues a nonmagical item with a magical property. This property can be any Benediction, Malediction, or similar spell known by the caster. These enchantments can be removed by means of a Dispel Magic spell or similar effect. This spell's chance of success is based on the strength of the spell to be placed on the item. Multiply the required skill ranks of the spell to enchant the item with by 3--this is the target difficulty rating. Make a spell check vs. this difficulty to determine success or failure. Enchantments can also be temporary, and the cost will be paid per round of effect or per day of effect. X is the cost of the spell being used to enchant the item. Permanent enchanting does not have to be done all at one time, but using the item in between enchanting sessions will undo all magical work put into it.

[Time=2, Ancient Languages=4, Swords=4] Rapid Slash (5 MP, 3 TP) - This is a super fast sword strike. When used it takes up a fraction of the usual period used to swing a sword. As such, this gives him time to move, or, if he is willing to expend the extra MP and TP, use this technique twice in one round.

Note that the background is a bit shorter than it's going to be when I'm all finished with it... I just wanted to get this out there while I had it in front of me instead of sticking it on the back burner and forgetting about it.

Edit: Now with full numerical stuffishness after some handy help from Adam! Yay! <p>

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Re: The Characters of the Thram, Help please

Unread postby The Dark Gun » Wed Dec 17, 2003 10:30 pm

And now the other character I use...:

Background: name: Maxwell Valdestined - age: 20 - eyes: blue - hair: dark green - height: 6’2”. His skin is unusually tan from all his time spent traveling, and he usually wears semi-baggy robe-like clothing, usually dark purple and green.

His original location of birth is completely unknown, however it is likely that he was originally born in Riva. No actual signs or records of his heritage are known, however, but he was raised in Valth from about 3 months of age. He lived with his adopted family, whom were of low rank, and remained tattooless, for the early years of his life. They were decent, if not joyous times, as he always had to be careful to wear long sleeves to fit in at all with the other children, his secret, however, stayed hidden, until later in his life when he went to receive military training. After his initial time of training, when it was time to expand his tattoo, it was found he had none, and he was thrown out. Bitter and disillusioned he spent the next two years of his life as a ruffian, surviving mostly by mugging careless people, unable to return to his adopted family with his shame. After saving up enough money from his ill-doings, he bought a gun and some ammunition, and joined a mercenary band. He lived with them for a large number of years, reaping, as they did, the rewards of the nearly endless war in Valth. Then, something changed. After a particularly rough combat, in which many other members of his band died, he was escaping through a village that had been just on the edge of the battlefield. What he found there changed what he found in combat. The people who were unable to escape... The old, them mothers, and those who were just warned too late, lay dead. He broke down and wept, pulling out of his depression only when he heard those following him coming. For a long time afterwards, he could do nothing but drift aimlessly through existence, using what little money he had to eat. He did, however, return to his employer, and collect the full fee, and, with that money, leave Valth. He wandered, aimlessly, until his money ran out, at which time he was forced to find work, doing the only thing he knew how... Mercenary work. Since the time his wanderings first began, he has lost the edge of his despair, and, in fact, has become a relatively cheerful person, finding joy in the wanderings he makes about the continent, and is more or less reserved to do mercenary work when he needs the money.

Name: Maxwell Valdestined
RPer: The Dark Gun
Race: Human
Courage +3
Wisdom +2
Intuition +2
Charisma +1
Agility 0
Dexterity +3
Strength +3
Stamina +4
Magic Aptitude: 3
HP: 75
MP: 50
TP: 20
Init: 3+2d6
AT/PA: 8/8 (Unarmed: 10/10)
AC: 6 (Veiraza)

He carries a KWR-SZ36 and wears a suit of Veiraza under his semi-baggy clothes. He also sports a pair of heavy boots.

--Skills-- (28)
[k] Arms Lore - 2
[k] Mechanical Knowledge - 2
[k] Survival - 2
[k]Geography -2
[s] Pain Resistance - 4
Weapon (Firearms [KWR-SZ36]) - 4
Unarmed - 4
Fire Gun Magic - 2 *
Water Gun Magic - 3
Air Gun Magic - 2
Light (Holy) Gun Magic - 4
Dark Gun Magic - 3

*: A note on Maxwell’s magic: Although attuned relatively attuned to magic, Maxwell was raised in the world of technology and did not even know about his magical prowess until later, during his wandering years. During that time he developed, somewhat, his magical abilities, but since it is something that is yet new and difficult for him, because of his cultural background, he can only cast spells while he is wielding a gun, and the magical effect emits from the barrel of the gun, rather than in some other way of appearance.

[Fire Gun Magic - 1] Blazing Shot (4 MP) This fires a burning blast out of the gun being held by the caster. Does 8+rank*2+1d6 fire damage to a single target

[Water Gun Magic - 1] Aquatic Ray (4 MP) This fires a concentrated ray of water out of the gun being held by the caster. Does 8+rank*2+1d6 water damage to a single target.

[Air Gun Magic - 1] Forceful Burst (10 MP) Fires a concussive blast of air out of the gun being held by the caster. Deals 5+rank*2+1d6 air damage to all enemies within a 5 foot radius of the target.

[Holy Gun Magic - 1] Searing Shot (7 MP) Fires a ray of blazing light energy out of the gun held by the caster. Deals 6+rank*2+1d6 holy damage to a single target.

[Holy Gun Magic - 4] Searing Blast (15 MP) Fires a heavy beam of light energy out of the gun held by the caster. Deals 14+rank*4+2d6 holy damage to a single target.

[Holy Gun Magic - 4] Shining Wave (28 MP) This launches an wave of shimmering, explosive light energy out of the gun held by the caster. Deals 10+rank*2+1d6 holy damage to all targets within a 10 foot radius of the caster's target.

[Shadow Gun Magic - 1] Shadow Beam (8 MP) Shoots a beam of negative energy out of the gun held by the caster. Deals 8+rank*2+1d6 shadow damage to a single target.

[Shadow Gun Magic - 3] Dark Feedback (10 MP) Fires a cord of negative energy that drains an opponent’s HP and gives them to the caster, out of the gun held by the caster. Deals 6+rank+1d6 points of shadow damage, which is then absorbed by the caster as HP. Using this against undead creatures reverses the effect.

[Weapon (Firearms [KWR-SZ36]) - 1] Lock-on Rifle (4 TP) This is an excessively accurate shot. +5 AT for the attack.

[Weapon (Firearms [KWR-SZ36]) - 4] Crack Shooting (10 TP) Repeated attack with gun. Fires 2+1d2 shots in a row at a -3 AT penalty.

[Unarmed - 1] Defensive Counter (5 TP) The user assumes a defensive stance to protect against oncoming physical stance and retaliate against them. +2 PA, may make up to two additional PA rolls on the turn used. If an attack is succesfully parried, the benefits of Defensive Counter may be dropped and a singular unarmed strike may be performed against the attacker.

[Unarmed - 4] Wraparound Kick (9 TP) A rotating kick, allowing the striking of multiple enemies in a 180 degree forward rotation. Acts as a kick, but is rolled against all foes in melee range in a 180 degree arc.

He's basically done, but some of the numbers might be a bit off. <p>

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There shalt be crying, as hate and anger reign,
Where all must tread,
And joy is forced to come,
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Re: The Characters of the Thram, Help please

Unread postby The Dark Gun » Tue Apr 12, 2005 9:40 pm

Being as it looks like I may actually get involved with some PS RPs in short order, some sort of help with these characters would be very appreciated. Thanks! <p><div style="text-align:center">Image
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Re: The Characters of the Thram, Help please

Unread postby Banjooie » Fri Apr 29, 2005 1:31 am

....The characters are banned? <p><Chat> <Matto says, "What's up?"
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Angst."
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Drama."
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Betrayal."
<Chat> <Prince_Herb says, "Plushies."</p>

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Unread postby The Dark Gun » Tue Apr 03, 2007 12:53 am

Incomplete, incorrect stat block for an unfinished character. History/etc. are on a different Compy, and I figured I mine as well keep it here until I can join them.

HP: 65
MP: 30
TP: 34

Cou: +6
Wis: +3
Int: +3
Cha: 0
Agi: +3
Dex: +1
Str: +3
Sta: + 2
Mag: 0

Base AT/PA: 15/15
With Bastard Sword: 17/15
Unarmed: 15/17
Init: 6+2d6
MBlock: 25
Missile Evasion: 19

Skills: (32)
[k] Farming: 4 (2)
[k] Sword Craft: 4 (2)
[k] Survival: 2 (1)
[k] Small Scale Tactics: 2 (1)
[k] Cooking: 2 (1)
[s]Advanced Parrying: 2 (1)
[s]Ally Defense: 4 (2)
[s]Core Defense: 4 (2)
[s] Pain Resistance: 4 (2)
[s] Blind Fighting: 4 (4)
[s] Gather Information: 4 (2)
Large Swords: 4 (4) (+3 AT/+1 PA)
Jumi Energy Control: 4 (4)
Unarmed: 2 (2) (+2 PA)
Disguise: 2 (2)

Damage and To Hit with Bastard Sword (Wielded in both hands)
Light: 12+4+6+2d6, 17 AT
Medium: 17+4+9+3d6, 15 AT
Heavy: 21+4+12+4d6, 12 AT

Unarmed Damage, etc:
Light: 2+3+1d6, 15 AT
Medium: 2+6+2d6, 13 AT
Heavy: 2+9+3d6, 10 AT

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