Death to the Divine (Semi-Closed Scion RP)

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Re: Death to the Divine (Semi-Closed Scion RP)

Unread postby ElComodoro » Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:30 pm

(ooc: Sorry for the wait, I thought something else was going on. not important. Anyway..)

The harpy song had thrown Tepiltzin for a loop, a fact which disturbed him. Even more disturbing, harpies were attacking them in the open. They, or their master, were either desperate, stupid or careless. Gods forbid all three. The mystic tension in the air was almost palpable and titanspawn were attacking in a crowded city street. The water was a lot hotter than Tepiltzin had expected, and he wanted to find cover and information as soon as possible. At least the Greek had stayed behind. He was a good blunt instrument, and with a dash of luck, he might not be around long enough to give Tepiltzin any trouble. They reached a more crowded street, and Tepiltzin had to slow down, shouldering through the crowd. He recognized the area, and picked the fastest route possible, making several more turns.

He jumped a little when Rodica spoke. He'd forgotten she was with him. "Oh, yeah sure. Sorry, we have been sort of leaving you out of the loop. Its just been... well..... you know. Left here," He rounded the corner and slowed down to a walk. They were far enough away, a few more minutes and they'd reach his place, where they should be safe. He summoned up the most compassionate voice he could muster. "I guess I sort of assume all divine parents are like mine. Tezcatlipoca, my father, visited me when I was very young, and told me everything I needed to know. He didn't want me to suffer alone in the dark, unaware of my birthright and what I was to the world. No child should be left alone. Hold up," He glanced around the corner, into a fairly dark alley. Not that a mugger was much of a problem, but better to keep things as simple as possible and not waste time. "Ok, lets go. You see, we are the children of Gods. We are Gods, or very nearly so. In this world, we play by different rules, have different needs and different duties. My father believes that not telling a child of his these things damns them to an existence which is less than what they are meant to be. That is his responsibility as a parent. So I get confused when other divinities choose not to tell their offspring. It seems... irresponsible and wrong," They emerged from the alley, and Tepiltzin quickly glanced around before choosing a direction. "Especially now. How much mythology do you know? The Gods are opposed by beings that most of us call 'Titans' after the ones from Greek legend. These guys are real badasses, and don't discriminate between pantheons. Sure, they tend to target their opposites, but when it comes right down to it, Cipactli is as much an enemy of Zeus as he is of my father. So, just like the Gods have scions and creatures here on earth, so to do the Titans, although they tend to have few natural Scions, preferring to corrupt and adopt scions from the Gods. And the creatures of the Titans want nothing more than to kill the children of the Gods, wherever they are. Most of them are dangerous, full of spite and malice. Ah, my place is just up the street from here," They began walking up the street, at a more leisurely pace. It would still take another couple minutes. "But we aren't exactly defenseless. When a divine parent visits, or at least when mine did, and in every story I've heard, it awakens something in their children. A power they never had before comes to life as the divine part of them takes its first steps. Then, usually but not always, the parent gives their child a few gifts, items of power that give them access to a small part of their parent's Godly might. For me, I received this," He pulled the knife from where it was stashed. "This is Xiuhcoatl,a blade that was used by my ancestors. It is sharp and swift, and serves as my protection. I was also given a shard of my Father's mirror, so that I might see the future. It is this gift which we are working to retrieve."

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Re: Death to the Divine (Semi-Closed Scion RP)

Unread postby ChristianC » Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:53 am

Rodica quickly mumbled an apology, she hadn't intended to scare him, but she nodded and listened quietly to his explanation, occasionally opening her mouth to speak but... shutting it every time. She felt... cold. His father had visited him early? Hers hadn't even bothered to show up until a few months ago. And he hadn't told her anything! She felt something hot and uncomfortable well up inside of her, making her clench her fists as they rounded corner by corner.

These... titans, they wanted to kill, or corrupt them, and good ol' dad hadn't given enough of a shit to tell her? Just a pat on the head, a hat, some cigars and off you go? What the fuck?

"Thank you... for telling me this." she took off her hat, looking down at it with a mixture of... anger, and fear. She rolled it around in her hands, holding on to the brim, before continuing, "My father gave this hat... and the cigars... he left with mother. I don't know if they... they do things, but I think..." she bit her lip and frowned. This was a touchy part... recently, she'd seen things... felt things, and when she thought about it... she'd always wore the hat, or smoked the cigars...

"I think I might... be able to see... ghosts." she glanced around, hoping no one was listening. "Occasionally... I see things. My f... the Baron," her tone shifted coldly, His face was painted like a... like a skull."

Her forehead creased deeply. Was this it? Was this why she'd themed her shows like she'd done? Black magic, voodoo, Plantation clothes... skeletons. Everything was because her father was Baron Samedi? She felt strange, angry and scared. How much of her life had been decided on her own, and how much was the blood of her father acting up?

"Titans... God..." She hugged herself, her courage gone. She hadn't felt like this since her father beat her up...

"He... he punched me, the baron. In New Orleans... told me to... to go my own way, is why I turned to stage magic..."


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