The Third Great War

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The Third Great War

Unread postby darkknight61189 » Thu Jun 29, 2006 11:29 am

A loud boom rings outside as a battle sorcerer sets off a magical entourage of spells pointed towards the trainees. In the wonderful city of , the training facility for the Greate army is in full swing. Thankfully, the new members of the elite platoon had already finished the intensive boot camp course. Today is the day that they will meet their commanding officer. And they were late.

Jordhel sat in the meeting room, watching the timekeeper. As the water moved up and down the apparatus, it powered the timekeeper and kept it running. And it told Jordhel that they were all, for one reason or another, twenty minutes late, and he hated waiting. Jordhel had been opposed to the idea of bringing in mercenaries to join an “elite” platoon in the army, but his superior officers thought it would be best. They told him that there were many very strong fighters in the world, but they did not want to join the army because they didn’t want to be paid so little for their services. As far as Jordhel was concerned, they just wanted money, regardless of whether they had to kill an innocent or open a gateway to the devil planes. Greedy bastards.

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Re: The Third Great War

Unread postby Spleen » Thu Jun 29, 2006 9:14 pm

There are some things that call for a delay, and there are some things that do not. Brother Kamar Ardenell, Radiant Servant of Pelor (He That Art In Heaven and Seeth All) believed that the Ritual of the Rising definitely fit in the former group. There are some things you do not do, the cleric mused as he made his way to the appointed spot. One of those is schedule a cleric of Pelor to be somewhere forty minutes after the start of a daily hour-long ritual.

Brother Kamar was not in this for the money. Far from it; what he didn't spend on spell components and special expenses (such as the new layer of magical power he had recently lain over his morningstar), Kamar was intending to donate to the needy anyway. No, Kamar had volunteered as a representative from his order, eager to use his training both as an impressively powerful channeler of divine power and also as a proficient soldier as well.

Still, though, the young cleric's religious duties came first. If the army denied him that, then to the Abyss with them, as far as he was concerned.

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