The Return to Y'tuin

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The Return to Y'tuin

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Wed Apr 27, 2005 8:14 pm

What a wonderful spring morning it was. The shopkeepers were out in the streets, merrily and loudly bellowing out what their wares were, children and the elderly taking pleasant walks through the park, and in general the pleasant weather was enjoyed by all.

The only one not truly enjoying the weather was overjoyed by something else. Sorune, the (Pink) druid and (Temporarily Nekojin) forest-dweller, was letting out loud cries of joy as the woman by him woke up, and a telepathic message was sent to several people. End Reshiki, Kyle, Kelne, Enlil, and Sorune were all contacted mentally at the same time, with the same message.

~The time has come.~ The voice said, sounding caring, comforting and loving, an embodiment of all that is good with the world. ~We thank you for taking care of our Sage. Now the time has come to join Sorune in his dwelling, if you so choose, to assist him in saving our own world. We hold no debt against you...but if you do come, you'll all be richly awarded. We are in great need of help, and it is truly worth our entire world if you will assist.~

The voice left them all, but even so they felt something light drop into their hands. It was an emblem, one made of a lightweight medal, wrought into the shape of a giant tree. Sorune's closer friends would recognize it as the emblem he had in his own cloak, recognizing him as a Sage.

Of course, this transportation would draw...attention as well. And the source seemed to be coming from the forest, at Sorune's dwelling.

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Re: The Return to Y'tuin

Unread postby Capntastic » Wed Apr 27, 2005 10:11 pm

Moments before the telepathic invasion of his deep concentration, Kylitos Broadsky, the young fencer and newcomer to Doma's zaniness was enjoying a few moments of peace to himself. As was his tiny bird companion, Paper. More precisely, Kyle was comparing three different maps from three different atlases he'd been able to snag from three different libraries. As Kyle did this, Paper rang out a little tune signifying morning, and thus breakfast-time. And while Paper wondered why Kyle wasn't responding so readily to the Breakfast Song, Kyle wondered how within 50 years a small island not more than 350 kilometers West of Theice's peninsula-head could suddenly be much more than 350 kilometers North-West of it. Possible improvements of sea cartography and more accurate, less rambunctious sailors could have something to do with this, Kyle would've wagered if only the island wasn't missing altogether in Milton Polly's Atlas of the Brink, which was published within the last decade. Only fables could explain this sort of phenomenon.

After the message, though, Kyle explained what was happening to Paper. Both agreed that it would be best to go, y'know, to help out however they could. Sorune had been nothing less than great to Kyle, and now Kyle could finally pitch in and return the countless favors. Besides, it would feel wrong to keep such a pretty looking medallion without doing something specific to earn it. Kyle strapped on his belt and rapier sheathe, slipped into his grey coat, and stepped out of his room on the Jade Dragon Inn. As Paper caught up to him on the stairs, narrowly evading a shutting door, a few snappy chirps sunk a bit of realization into Kyle's mind.

"Otherworldly demons, Kyle? You certainly are climbing the ladder, aren't you? Well, it'd be boring if I flew to the top on my own..."

And to the forest they went.

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Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Thu Jun 30, 2005 10:15 pm

~When we left off before the great post-eating scourge, our heroes had been transported to Y'tuin, along with Kristoph and Nightbride. People were coming out of their homes to greet the new heroes...~

Sorune bowed down to the people coming to greet them, putting his knee on the ground and his head on his knee.

"Forgive me, everyone...but I have returned with our saviors. Treat them fairly, for they have done you no wrong, and they come of their own free will to save you."

Celine kneeled down next to him, but only to put her arms around him to comfort him.

Several of the villagers started mumbling at that, but one old woman, wearing a vest of ash gray, came forward and said, "Please, follow me...let them be alone for a while."

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Re: Zoom.

Unread postby Uncle Pervy » Fri Jul 01, 2005 7:22 pm

Quietly, Enlil follows, observing what she can about this place as she does.

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