A Storm above the Red Goshawk

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A Storm above the Red Goshawk

Unread postby Dodgy Hound » Tue Jun 07, 2005 2:39 am

Outside the Red Goshawk Inn, two men on horseback came up the slick pathway while the cloud burst poured down cold rain.

Dino had to admit that even the most hardened traveler will feel his heart lighten when he sees a friendly light of a roadside Inn. Especially if the dark clouds above have started to swirl and are making the travel overly long and muddy.

So Dino Adolfo Baldasarre led his patron mage Ea to the Inn for the night. He saw that Ea T'uukla was not focused on the road ahead. Instead his mind was wandering through the Dragon Caves of Upper Trangora or the Elven Towers of the magical Deep Forest. Or maybe he was meditating in the Astral about a particular lady he remembered. Dino still could not figure this out, even after accompanying the wizard for close to a year and a half.

"Adolfo?" Ea asked, giving Dino a start. Being called by his middle name was not a shock- rather that his patron spoke. Dino suspected that The Honorable Sorcerer T'uukla enjoyed this sense of power. It was worth the pay, however. "Adolfo," He asked again, "Will we be staying the night here at this place?"

"Yes Madji T'uukla." Dino replied, leading the horses to the stable alongside the Goshawk.

"Do you think I should be introduced, Adolfo?" Ea wondered aloud, possibly- Dino thought- as a wish.

"It would not be required, Madji T'uukla." Dino stepped down into the muck to tie the horses and then helped Ea down. The tall mage stood upright and walked towards the door, waiting for his herald/bodygaurd/servent to walk ahead of him.

Dino Baldasarre opened the door to the inn, casting the joint for any threats while T'uukla walked behind.

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