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Erm... I'm sensing a little hostility.

Unread postby Nick Shogun » Thu Jun 17, 2004 12:02 am

OOC: I'd just like to INFORM everyone that I'm going to Botcon, in Pasadena, CA, Thursday-Tuesday, effective tomorrow. I'll post again on Wednesday. If everyone can get a post of sorts in by then, that'd be cool. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mona grimaced. “Well, what could I expect from fleshbags like you?” Her right hand flew up, and so did Dovev, twirling in the air before colliding with Michael and rolling onto the ground. Meryle jumped at the crash, and readied an attack.

“We won’t play your game, whoever you are!” Meryle shouted, unleashing a lightening bolt that crackled between the ceiling and floor, shuddering toward Mona with increasing speed. The psychic girl cringed and darted left, her eyes burying themselves in Sybil’s. Meryle tried to maneuver the bolt after her.

Now you see me, now you don’t…

Sybil’s vision became a blur of color. As Mona altered her brain’s functions, her friends and foe appeared as nothing more than sharp stabs of paint on a gray landscape. The ground seemed to shift beneath her… or was it only in her mind? Her balance gave way, and she fell to the floor.

Mona was almost to the gigantic rune on the door’s left when Meryle’s lightening finally caught up to her. But as it neared her, it began to fade, and then, disappeared, leaving Meryle in stunned silence.

“Muah?” the elf sorceress said, a confused expression riddling her face.

“Ha… haven’t you ever seen a Rune Ward before?” laughed Mona with glee, as she stroked its smooth, stone surface. “The carvings on its surface protect the surrounding area from magic. The Keep is filled with them. Basically, your magic is useless on this side of the room.”

“It… is?” Meryle felt a huge sweatdrop on her forehead.

“Yeah, which means its just all of you, and little ol’ psychic me.”

Not a good position, in Meryle’s opinion. Before she could even think. Trigger was pulling his guns out and sliding them across the floor, toward Mona. Sybil was on the floor, blinded or blurred. Michael had a heap (Dovev) on top of him. Zakara, as Meryle spun to yell at her, was upside down… no, wait, Meryle was upside down… and flying away from the lightening sprite.

Against a wall.

Meryle’s spine felt the collision but managed not to snap, and the elf girl fell to the floor, crying in pain, curled in a ball.

Damn psychics… whatever that means…

Zakara was the only person standing upright now. Trigger was kneeling on the floor, Mona just having released him from her hold. The sniper rifle and twin guns he had visible had been slipped across the floor to her feet.

“Powerless, yes?” laughed Mona. “No guns, no magic. Your friends don’t look too good. If you don’t want to play my game, then I’ll make you wish you had…” Then she noticed Zakara’s ever growing static charge. “Hey… what’s with the ears? You’re a… sprite, or something?”

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Hostility? You ain't seen NOTHIN yet.

Unread postby The Duelist » Wed Jun 23, 2004 1:41 am

Trigger growled, "you don't need guns or magic to beat a psychic. I know better than anybody what it takes."

He did know. All it took, was something that the psychic didn't want to see, a thought. A memory. Sometimes even a strong emotion or ideal. He didn't have it yet, but with a group like this it was only a matter of time. Sooner or later, Mona was going to see a memory she would never expect. A memory that not even SHE could shield herself from. She may have been taught her psychic talents early...but she'd still been sheltered from some things. She didn't have the full range. The good doctor probably showed her the farthest extremes and the obvious reactions. It wasn't even something she could protect herself from, not if she wanted to keep predicting everyone's moves.

Sooner or later, she'd hit something she wasn't ready for. And then she was done...

And if this was the girl they had gone to rescue, there'd be even more trouble. Trigger had a natural...distaste, for anyone who would warp the body or soul of another. Through physical, mental, or magical means...



Unread postby wkz » Wed Jun 23, 2004 6:04 am

"Wha-the..." was the only thing Michael Klaus could get in edge-wise as Mona started her attack. Within moments, a large object fell directly and forcefully onto the inattentive mage....

When he finally recovered, it was all over, with half the party down or out, and the little girl.... not so little anymore.... laughing in their collective faces....

He heard a groan then. Klaus looked up a little at the object that fell on him, and finally reconized Dovev. "Are you all right?", Klaus asked

As if in answer to his question, a numbing pain made itself felt. A pain most likely from the collision, and which was obviously shared with Dovev...

"Am I all right?" Klaus groaned to himself, "And man, did we screw up..."

(OOC: Edited out: Was intending to put this, but it was way out of character for Klaus: "And Dovev... if a creepy little girl wants to play with a whole group of armed men, PLAY along...")

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Re: *oof*

Unread postby Celeste of Elvenhame » Wed Jun 23, 2004 5:11 pm

Sybil attempted to get her bearings. Mona was talking and she focused in on that as she pushed herself to her feet. 'Focus' she told herself. For this moment in time nothing would extist but herself and the target. Her attention narrowed to this one single focus. Sybil pitied the poor thing, no doubt her childhood had been as twisted and full of sorrow as Sybil's had been...Regardless, that would not save her though. If the choice was between herself surviving and a child. she would choose herself and live with the pain of having no other choice...

Her hand reached for a dagger, snagging it and throwing it without a thought, she had trained for so long in this art it no longer required thought, only action.

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An Instant of Color...

Unread postby Nick Shogun » Wed Jun 23, 2004 8:22 pm

There might be a chance. An opening of some sort. Maybe the little girl, so innocent and fragile, wouldn't know what to expect--

--the dagger stopped in midair about five feet from Mona. She looked at it for a moment, then at Sybil. Her lips curled into a smile.


The dagger hit the floor.

"Nice try," Mona exclaimed, brightening up, "but your attempts are futile, really..."

Before she could continue, another voice rang out. Meryle twisted her neck. The sound was coming from a large hole in the wall, with mesh wire strung over it.

"MONA!!! How are things? YOU know I'm WATCHING you. More effort, PLEASE!!! Now, hurry up and DISPATCH them, and come TO the next room!"

Mona suddenly seemed a lot more focused. She didn't respond, but instead glared at Trigger. "Well... this'll be fast, then. The doctor has another 'experiment' in the next room. Maybe you know her."


Trigger, you just gave me an idea......

Unread postby wkz » Sun Jun 27, 2004 10:37 am

Klaus started when the announcement came. At first, his eyes brightened at the possibility of another spell to learn, but soon located the vent which most probably leads to another room.

Then he heard Evil Mona say:"Well... this'll be fast, then. The doctor has another 'experiment' in the next room. Maybe you know her."

Wait a minute..... "Another? That means you are an experiment too?" Klaus said out aloud, while trying to lift Dovev out of the way. That would mean it IS possible to get psychic abilities! The person who had just spoken through the speaker system would most likely be the person who found the secret!! I wonder if it is possible to persuade him to perform the boost on me... If it is safe........

Wait... how is he going to make sure its safe? To be a psychic, you will have to modify the brain itself..... nobody in their right mind would willingly submit to such a procedure if it is not tested! But here is a little girl who obviously was given the power!! How did that guy get the permission........... is there even permission given?? Did he force the procedure onto this girl?? Like how he has abducted Mona (Good) to perform some other experiments??? Was she (Evil-Mona) also an abductee??

Klaus turned his head, looking sadly at the psychic girl. No words were needed. Most probably Mona would have picked up his thoughts by now...

(OOC: trying out something: all itallics are Klaus's thoughts)

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Clinging to Hope...

Unread postby Nick Shogun » Mon Jun 28, 2004 1:02 pm

(...that this RP doesn't die. Partially my fault, though. I should update it more. Job-hunting isn't a good excuse.)

Mona's hands darted into the air again, bringing Meryle with them. The elf girl groaned, her body hovering nearly ten feet off the ground. She was still half-awake from the shock of being thrown around earlier.

"Maybe you'd like to meet my master, would you?" Mona grinned at the thought. Then her left hand spun behind her and the huge doors at the end of the hall swung open, a sea of technicolor lights beaming back at the assembled hunters.

Meryle looked around. Inside was more of the same stone that lined the numerous hallways, but this room was far more... technological. There were stacks of boxed metal, with blinking lights and long, ominous levers. She wondered how many candles were in each box. They rattled and smoked and blipped and beeped all around her, until Mona tossed her on the cold floor and laughed.

In essence, this was a true laboratory, full of all the beakers and machines and surgical tools that could be found nowhere else but a mad scientist’s lair. There was something on the wall that resembled a very large screwdriver with five points and a corkscrew on the end. A stuffed bird’s head hung on a wall, over a metal slab with leather straps.

Mona was still as cocky as ever. “Master! Come out and greet your guests! I’m very sure they’re interested to find out what’s going on here.”

There was a second level, separated from the first by a flight of six stone stairs, which lead to a moderately wide pathway that circled half the room, like an indoor balcony. A door at the end opened, and Meryle’s aching head was greeted by the aforementioned ‘king of the castle.’ A white labcoat drifted from his neck to his squeaky black boots, and as he tugged on a pair of black rubber gloves permanently affixed to his hands, she desperately wished she could cover her ears. He wore a pair of grubby, spotted goggles beneath shaggy gray hair, and had the stubble of a man who found shaving to be an unnecessary Tool of Science.

He looked Meryle up and down, and then did the same with Mona. ”Mona… what HAVE I told you abOUT showing off? With ALL your powers, you could have easily MADE stains on the carpet from these intruders… thaT’S a figure of speech, Mona. But honestly, couldn’t YOU take more PRIde in your senseless violence?”

Mona lowered her head like a child who’d just been scolded. The gray-haired man turned to the other hunters, who now stood at the entrance to the room, and smiled a smile that could break glass. ”How… RUDE of me. Allow me TO introduce myself. I am ProFESSOR Spellmont. This is my LABORAtory, and I think you’ve MET some of my… subjects. Now, what can I DO for you?” His smile seemed to indicate that he wanted to help them, but in a help-you-into-a-cauldron-full-of-acid sort of way.

Celeste of Elvenhame

Re: Clinging to Hope...

Unread postby Celeste of Elvenhame » Mon Jun 28, 2004 7:35 pm

"Give us back the girl we came for Professor." Sybil turned her head towards him and tracked the blur that went with his voice. "Then we could be on our way and trouble you no more." She smiled at him, not really expecting her request to be honored but it was well worth the chance to remind the bastard they were not likely to give up.


Re: Clinging to Hope...

Unread postby wkz » Mon Jun 28, 2004 11:39 pm

While Klaus asked another question:"How many lifes? How many had you abducted in this quest for knowledge?"

In fact, Klaus was feeling sick to his stomach. Himself an inquisitive but moral-bound fellow , his mind reeled at the utter lack of humanity that was Professor.

Worst of all, Klaus could see himself standing in the Professor's shoes, tinkering with wonders of nature and science... and liking it...

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A lot of explaining.

Unread postby Nick Shogun » Tue Jun 29, 2004 3:49 pm

The Mad Doctor glared at Sybil. "I'm afraid I can't do THAT, my DEar... she is truly the PERfect test subject... like MONa here. Which is why she's so important."

He walked down the steps to the main floor and over to a table where a complex mass of tubes sat. Beneath several spouts were various flasks and beakers. He lifted the nearest one, which held a blue glowing fluid, and smiled. "You see, science, unleSS you have SOMEone else's findingS to work off, is guess-AND-check. What I am doing is MAKING HIStory... discovering NEW and uncharted regions of the MIND! You saw Cro-magnum, mY BOdyguard... to make a ragged husk of DEAD body parts come alive is a SKIll that has yet to be harnessed by the non-magicks in IGALA. But I have SUCCEEDED!"

He patted Mona on her shoulder. "Take YOUng Tracy here for exam--"

"My name is Mona, doctor!"

"No, that doesn't sound right... Mona is the NAME of the GIrl we abducted." He paused, as though in deep thought. "You've been REAding her mind, haven't you?! I TOLd you to stop... you get to involVED... you're not ready for that. You begin to ASSIMIlate their traits into your own mind... well have to work on that, Tracy."


"Well, whatever." He turned to Klaus. "In anSWER to your question, I have used PEOPLE as experiments before, yes, but many of them have been DEAD or willing patients. Mona, INCIdentally, was the first person to be taken here by force. You know why? DO you KNOW why I had to have her?

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Re: A lot of explaining.

Unread postby The Duelist » Tue Jun 29, 2004 8:35 pm

Trigger ignored the question, and instead pointed to his weapons.

"Dya mind if I uh...put those back on? Dere ain't much chance of me usin them anyhow...'sides, she'd kill me if I tried." Regarding Tracy/Mona of course.

He was perfectly honest. Not a single lie involved. Nor a misplaced thought. Besides, he felt more comfortable with them on.

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Unread postby Nick Shogun » Wed Jun 30, 2004 12:48 am

The doctor looked at the guns on the floor. He looked at Trigger, then back at the guns. Several times. "Well, I suPPOse so. Give theM to HIM, Trac--"

"MONA!!!" she shouted again, red-faced. She looked hesitantly at Trigger, but smiled as the guns floated over to him and lay by his feet.



Unread postby wkz » Wed Jun 30, 2004 5:05 am

Klaus's mood have shifted gears once more. There's a small portion of his thoughts that keeps screaming suspicion and threat, while another larger portion was shaken by the fact the Professor was not as big a monster as Klaus's imagination had painted him.

But Curiosity, the one personality trait Klaus always seems to fall back on, reared its ugly head...

"Why?" Klaus asked, in regards to the Professor's earlier question. "Why do you need her?"

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Re: .....?

Unread postby The Duelist » Thu Jul 01, 2004 10:37 am

Carefully and slowly, so as not to get any sort of unforseen death coming in his direction, Trigger slowly picked up each weapon, one at a time, and carefully replaced them in their correct location. Slowly.

Why WAS the doctor doing this? And what was going to happen now...Trigger didn't get the feeling that this man had let them into his inner sanctum just to chat. It was like he wanted them alive for something...

Well that certainly killed the normal string of thought, now didn't it?

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Unread postby Nick Shogun » Fri Jul 02, 2004 4:13 am

The Doctor simply stared at Michael in stunned silence. "Why? WhY? WHY?! What a fOOLish question!! Isn't IT obviOUS?!"


"Okay, mayBE it isn't..."

Tracy sighed and sat down on the steps leading to the balcony. Meryle was now cross-legged on the floor, trying to get rid of a massive headache, an apparent side effect of psychic attacks. "Lemme guess," she started, "it has something to do with psychics?"

"You're VEry smart! EVER thought of BECOming a scientIST? Anyway, where ARE my mannERS...? Yes, psychics... Mona, whom I MET back in...."

Meryle, after hearing the 30-minute monologue, recounted the facts in her head. Basically, the Mad Doctor explained he had met Mona's father, Maelstrom, back in the early stages of his scientific plans for psychics, when he was employed in Baron's royal court. After devising a method that allowed him to learn how much psychic potential a person had (this part confused Meryle to no end, and she didn't make any sense of it, only that it somehow involved electricity), he realized how much Mona had, because...

"...Mona is PERhaps the most poWERful psychic I've ever SEEN!!! There is a scale of BRAin power I use, as I mentioned earLIER... and she registered nearly 94%!!!"

Meryle sighed, again, for perhaps the twentieth time in the night. "In common tongue, doctor...?"

The Mad Doctor's lips contorted into what Meryle hoped was a smile. "It means that MoNA has the potential TO be the GREATest, most POWerful psychic IN the WORLD!!!"

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Re: DUH.

Unread postby The Duelist » Fri Jul 02, 2004 11:06 am

Trigger cut in, "...if she's so strong, how were you able to make her think Bardent was a f--king Skygod?!"

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Unread postby Nick Shogun » Sun Jul 04, 2004 3:55 am

"Geez... you PEOple... do I have to EXPlain everything?"

"No, you don't..." said another voice. Something like a shadow sidled into the room. It had two red eyes and a lot of hair. A LOT. A think beard and long hair that swept off its shoulders. Meryle, who was supporting a just-now-awakened Dovev, gleaned a hint of recognition.


"I look a bit different, yes," he said, referring to his non-baldness. "But I'm more or less that same. That's what happens when people BURN YOUR BODY TO DEATH," he shouted, glaring at Zakara.

"Well, goOD to see you're UP and about, BarDENt," the Mad Doctor laughed.

"Right," he murmured, turning to Trigger. "Why should we give answers to a bunch of morons, anyway? The doctor's one of those few idiots who tells everyone his plans so they can be foiled, but I'm not so stupid. You want Mona? You can't have her. But I won't let you leave empty-handed... you can have a nice stay in the dungeon."

His hand bashed against a well-placed giant red button on the wall.

Almost instantly, like clockwork, the floor began to cave inward, and the hunters, all accustomed to the pains of gravity, flowed into the hole it created. What followed (though Meryle didn't care to talk about it afterward) was a ride through an unneccessarily long tube-slide of sorts, and a dump into a large lake. It was very... wet. And quiet.

Meanwhile, up above...

"Bardent! What was THAT foR?!"

"They were here to stop you, idiot."




Unread postby wkz » Wed Jul 07, 2004 7:04 am

"WHEEEE!!!" Klaus shouted as he made the exit from the slide and splashed into the lake. Not that he was not afraid, just that the fear had fed his sense of exitement. He only just managed to catch himself before he said "Lets do that again!!"

After the exitement wore down (quite fast), he started brooding... IM:The professors had been helpful with answers up till that point when Bardent intruded. Ah well, we can always go up and ask him again.... now where's the way up?

As he started to look around, something started nagging him from the depths of his consiousness. Especially when he was looking in the direction of his fellow hunters.... (OOC: see Questions, below)

(OOC: Im BACK!! Stupid No-internet Too-long-weakend.
Question: How deep's the pool? >A.k.a<: Are the hunters swimming or standing?
Question 2: What happens when you dunk a lightning sprite into a pool of water. Especially with humans? I hope it isn't the same as a hairdryer in a bathtub......)

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Re: Awww......

Unread postby Celeste of Elvenhame » Wed Jul 07, 2004 11:57 am

(ooc: sorry it took so long, i was occupied by work for the past 6 days >.<)

Sybil swore as she slipped down the tunnel and was thrown against a wall hard before splashing down into the water. She sputtered, getting her head up above the surface. Her language became more foul as she cleared her lungs.

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Monkey Kick!!!

Unread postby Nick Shogun » Fri Jul 09, 2004 4:36 am

OOC: Pool's about 50 meters wide, 20 feet deep. I assume Zakara doesn't just have electric potential unless she forces it up. I have no idea.

IC: The cave wasn't small, but it wasn't vast, either. The shadows against the ceiling made it hard enough to know if there even was a ceiling. Eventually, Meryle pulled her wet figure from the pool. Water stuck her clothes to her body. "Greeeaaaat..." she muttered as the others followed.

She noticed Dovev wasn't in the cave with them. One, two... Klaus, Sybil, Zakara, herself, Trigger... he was missing. Was he upstairs with Bardent, still? They needed to get back up there to help him!

However, as she searched the cavern with her eyes, no exit presented itself. It was just yawning blackness in every direction. The darkness made it impossible to know when walls began and shadows ended. It might have been miles long.

"All I know is, the keep's right above us." But the slide yielded no light. She wondered where the slide had even been. "I think it's right above us..."

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Re: Monkey Kick!!!

Unread postby The Duelist » Mon Jul 12, 2004 10:13 am

Trigger's voice cut into the room.

"They're all dead. Each and every last one of them."

He was standing up now, and looking very, very annoyed. He cracked his knuckles.

"Next time we go up there, I"m going to teach that GODS DAMNED psychic a lesson in manners..."

Celeste of Elvenhame

Oooo, that wascally Py-ch-ic!

Unread postby Celeste of Elvenhame » Tue Jul 13, 2004 2:49 am

Sybil squeezed water from her hair, muttering irritbly under her breath. She tied it back from her face and glared up at the point where the slide would be, allowing her eyes to continue to adjust to the darkness, an old and familar friend.

"First we need to attain an exit from this place." She decided the climbing the slide would be a pointless endeavour, and instead choose to search the walls for a hidden exit, a locked door to pick, or other means of exit.

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Trigger is now Really Cool in my book.

Unread postby Nick Shogun » Tue Jul 13, 2004 2:54 am

Meryle sighed. "Geez, I'm so tired... Klaus, you know any spells for drying me off?"


Before she could make any more snide comments, she heard a low rumble. Maybe it was a subterranian earthquake. Maybe it was a... low growl. It came from the inky recesses of the cavern. The waters rippled.

"Shit..." Meryle said. "Well... that figures, huh?"


The worst (entire) night for a certain somebody.

Unread postby wkz » Tue Jul 13, 2004 3:42 am

It took several attempts, but Klaus managed to slowly drag his father's broadsword from the depths of the pool. Cold, miserable, and thinking sluggishly, Klaus was just about to explain to Meryle he had no (magical) strength left for a wind-sphere when he heard the low rumble. They all did.

Crap! Klaus thought, looking around this way and that. The dark recesses of the cavern all looked empty, yet his mind painted whole hordes of creatures in the shadowly depths. The pond rippled, and something could be felt approaching.

"Shit..." Meryle said. "Well... that figures, huh?" Klaus looked back, a worried expression on his face, and nodded. He did not know Sybil was around, as he could not see her in the shadows. Meryle was obviously tired (After all, she said so herself), and may not be in a position to defend herself. Zakara was the most ready amongst them, but given the dampness of the cavern, especially the wet clothes of the entire party, she would soon find herself alone if she used any spells at all. As for Trigger.....

"Trigger, I hope those guns of yours are water-proof" Klaus whispered, knowing that gunpowder and water does not mix. He, as the only other self-appointed person still able to do some damage, took up the forward position, sword at the ready. The growl came once more from the darkness. You know, Father..., Klaus thought in a silent prayer to the dead, Somedays I really hate you for all that knightly talk about "defending the weak"....

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Re: The worst (entire) night for a certain somebody.

Unread postby The Duelist » Tue Jul 13, 2004 1:13 pm

Suddenly, Trigger had a similar realization.

"Anybody have a spell that can dry gunpowder?"

He said this quite matter-of-factly, as though it would really matter either way. Maybe it would? Maybe it wouldn't? He really didn't care. But he'd just been flung about a room by a pint-sized psychic, and he'd gotten dropped down a goddamn chute, only to find himself in a strange dungeon.

Working guns or not, somebody was going to pay. Dearly. And whatever was lurking down here? Not a real problem, as it would likely kill itself within five minutes. After all, could you describe assaulting a pissed-off Trigger McCoy as anything other than suicide?

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Erk, indeed.

Unread postby Nick Shogun » Tue Jul 13, 2004 2:58 pm

Meryle squished over to Trigger, wearily. "Oh, feh... I suppose I can conjure up some sort of spell. You have a bag or something you keep it in or what? I can't dry it in the gun."

From the shadows, a large, green eye opened, then shut, an unnoticable flicker of light in the dark.


I think I read too much "Wheel of Time"...

Unread postby wkz » Tue Jul 13, 2004 11:24 pm

The darkness was oppressing. It extended everywhere, covered everything, shrinking away only mere metres from the party's only light source: Zakara. It was as if their entire world have shrunk into the small pool of light. Yet sounds almost too faint to be heard reminded Klaus of a world outside, growls suggesting a world of darkness filled to the brim with impending violence.

Klaus stood his ground, although his mouth was dry, and his legs rubber. It seemed as if long hours have passed, but behind him, Meryle had only just approached Trigger. Klaus knew fear for what it was, yet he was unable to shug off the grip it had on his heart. Sweat trickled from his brow, and he noticed the broadsword wavering in time to his shaking hands. Wild thoughts fluttered in his head, defying reason, disrupting ideas. The grip slowly tightened.

The darkness shifted, faint light reflected from the pond drifting on distant features, almost too faint to give up any details, emphasizing the darkness. The darkness taunted, shifting to fill the moving light, giving the illusion of creatures on the move, yet hiding everything. The grip tightened some more.

He scanned the darkness, watching for a hint of light reflected, feeling for a warning rush of wind, straining to hear the scrapes and growls, all senses stretched taut to the point of breaking. He stood his ground, just barely. Another ripple shifted across the walls, the grip tightened against his heart yet again...

If only I can see whatever it is out there! Klaus thought, his eyes drawn yet again to another ripple of light in a nearby wall. The fear was too heavy... I can face it if it is shown... the thought came to him, come out. Come out, you miserable spawn of darkness. "come out.." his mouth voiced in a whisper that grew in volume. "come out, come out.... show yourself... Come~~ Come out here! COME HERE INTO THIS LIGHT WHERE I CAN CHOP YOU TO PIECES!!!" Klaus shouted, fear coloring his voice.

Klaus continued shouting defiance into the darkness...

(OOC: Major post. Like the title said, I think I getting influenced. In fact, I think I went overboard with the flowery descriptions...
Yup. Fear. Klaus is inexperienced all right, and falling apart...
& I hope I got the cave described correctly, the darkness and all, especially the light source...)

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Re: I think I read too much "Wheel of Time"...

Unread postby The Duelist » Wed Jul 14, 2004 12:32 am

Trigger quickly and efficiently emptied his weapon of its ammunition, followed by a portion of the shells from various other places on his body, not all of it though. He quickly pulled a pouch from his side. Hastily grabbing a handful of coins from it, he then replaced them with the ammunition. After this was done, he handed the small bundle to Meryle.

"Thanks. Don't worry...I'm going to teach them a lesson. They're going to learn my namesake...nobody's had to in a long, long time."

His expression didn't change...but it was obvious he was angered...

"Klaus. Shut up."

He scowled, "It won't come out if we're ready for it...or if it think's we'll hurt it."

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Re: I think I read too much "Wheel of Time"...

Unread postby Celeste of Elvenhame » Wed Jul 14, 2004 7:20 pm

Sybil slid quietly through the subetrrean darkness, using all her senses to track the low rumbling growl. She slid the largest knife se had on hger from it's sheath along her thigh and positioned herself, ready to take any opening that might present itself.

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Guess who sucks ass? Nick sucks ass!

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(OOC: If you wanna hear me apoligize for my lathargy, check the OOC Forum. Here, read this long, plot-moving post. Also, I love the glass FX on the picture. I don't care if you don't like it.)


The cave was… black, that much was obvious. Not just black, but Black, as though the capital B made it even blacker and Blacker.

Meryle had dried Trigger’s gunpowder in silence, over the course of about five minutes. They had been down in the cavern for about a third of an hour, and no one had worked up the nerve to venture into the places where Zakara’s light did not shine. It seemed that as she drew farther from the pool of water, the Blackness seemed to dull her electric sparks to near invisibility. So they stayed by the sands and gravel. For the present, that is.

Meryle, in the back of her head, felt the nagging suspicion that they were being watched.

However, this was a large, dark cave somewhere deep beneath Igala’s surface, so why wouldn’t there be something mysterious within? She just hoped it was something usually mysterious. The type of thing you can imagine. Like a golem or an army of cave-vampires.

It was the things you couldn’t imagine, or put words to, that were the worst.

Trigger was reloading all of his available guns, and Meryle noticed how on-edge Klaus seemed. Zakara, besides pacing, had assumed a rather static position near the water, glaring at its reflective surface. The elf sorceress had to strain her eyes, though, to catch a glimpse of Sybil. In the murky depths, the black-clad girl would disappear for moments at a time and appear a hundred feet away. She was… very talented.

“I wonder if she’s some sort of assassin in training,” Meryle thought, inquisitively.

Her thoughts lurched into the far recesses of her mind, however, as Panic took up the front. There was a dim yellow glow, faint, very faint, but becoming clearer by the second. It came from the west, to Meryle’s left.

Closer and brighter every second. The others noticed too. They didn’t say much. Or anything at all, for that matter. They only waited. In silence.


The emergence of a Cave Dragon, a natural but nearly extinct species of wyrm, calmed Meryle significantly. No eldritch or macabre creatures in this cave. Relief washed over her like a cold wind.

However, it was a dragon.

But, at least it was a dragon.


* Breaths a sigh of ... huh? DRAGON? *Increases Difficulty*

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Something's moving

Klaus's gaze moved wildly over the yellow spot. He wished to look elsewhere, anywhere but the spot, but like the rat watched by the snake, he was unable to look elsewhere.

The light got closer and closer, imaginary creatures of all sorts marching with the light. Finally it revealed itself as a dragon. A Cave Dragon.

Klaus reacted. It may not be the best of actions, but Fear and Panic having stayed for too long, Klaus was no longer thinking straight. The moment the cave dragon revealed itself, Klaus shouted again, and charged madly forward, intending to bury his broadsword into the dragon somehow.

However, the way he was charging was plainly in a nearly straight and sucidal line towards the wyrm, not the caution which you should take for something that can kill in a blink of an eye...

(OOC: and yes, I flipped a coin for fight-or-flight, and another for berserk/calm. Sucks to be us.

Question: What's the size of a cave dragon? + Is it the "animal" or "intellegence" kind?)

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Re: * Breaths a sigh of ... huh? DRAGON? *Increases Difficul

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The best way to save Klaus right now was to shoot him in the leg, and pull him the hell out of the way afterwards. It would complicate things later though.

The second best way, was to run in at a different angle, and pulls his gun, yelling, "KLAUS YA DUMBASS! RUN!!"

He didn't even know if the creature could be reasoned with yet.

distracting the dragon and giving Klaus a chance to live. It was bad being the only honorable mercenary on a team of idiots.

He sighed, and started off.

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Stupid things we've done: several

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Short explanations on cave dragons:

Meryle knew little about cave dragons, except that they were dragons that lived underground, usually in caves. This one, in particular, was not very bright. It lived in caves, eating any small animals it found, and occasionally rocks. Being over thirty feet in length (including tail) gave it a distinct advantage against any other cave-dwelling adversaries.

Although it couldn’t set villages afire with its windpipe, it could create a small, patient yellow flame that French-fried any creature in its path. It was proud of that much.

It watched Klaus darting towards it with satisfaction. Usually it ate salamanders. This salamander was very big. A decent meal, even.

But there was another one, running to the right, or left… it wasn’t good with directions. This one was a bit plumper, even! The dragon licked its fangs.

Then, of course, there were three rather Attractive meals sitting near the cave dragon’s drinking water/toilet… and they weren’t running away.

The dragon loved it when its food didn’t move. It trudged toward the womenfolk.


Stupid enemies we've faced: several

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Klaus barely heard Trigger during his charge, but at least he got the general message. He checked his speed, and started running at a slight angle. Still towards the dragon, but such that he wouldn't collide with it.

The dragon chose this moment to advance. Klaus readied the broadsword in his hand, the dragon and him would be passing each other in moments.....

(I flipped another coin. Finally, something in our favor)

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Time for BOOB ACTION... or not.

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The cave dragon noticed the salamander that smelled like Stupid was still charging blindly, when it was making the situation clear: it wanted non-moving dinner.

Oh well, the cave dragon thought.

As they collided, the dragon ambling on four legs, Klaus swaggering over the stones on the ground, his sword banged off one of its larger teeth. The dragon grunted in pain (you know, getting a tooth hit with a sword hurts, no matter how big your tooth is), and swung its body 180 degrees, tail extended.

In a brilliant and totally unexpected move (for Klaus), the young mage leapt over the tail in an arc and rolled to his feet, behind the dragon.

He was a little shocked himself, most likely. Almost felt as though he was being prodded from Beyond...

...Meryle's eyes swiveled to Trigger. "He's doing fine now, gunman," she whispered to herself, "now you help him out, okay?"

The words entered Trigger's head, and felt as thought they'd been there all his life.

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Re: Time for BOOB ACTION... or not.

Unread postby Celeste of Elvenhame » Tue Jul 27, 2004 2:38 pm

Sybil muttered. "Dragon. Well Shit." She flashed into deeper shadow. Her skills weren't well suited to slaying a Dragon. Even one that so clearly lacked intelligence. She moved around behind the dragon, preparing to strike at the weaker underside whenever a distraction was needed to prevent it from killing the others. Hopefully she herself wouldn't get killed in the process.

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Re: Time for BOOB ACTION... or not.

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He didn't question the voice, but he DID question his method. Trigger didn't like dragons. It wasn't so much a matter of taste as it was convenience. If you shoot a dragon, chances are it doesn't die. If you put one in a fiery inferno, chances are it walks out.

And bullets this small weren't going to make much of an impact anyway.

No, fighting a dragon required a goddamn chaingun with a thirty foot chain of ammo and possibly some dynamite. But still, properly placed, a bullet or two COULD do some damage...assuming you could get a decent rhythm going.

He moved around, toward the Dragon's head, and began firing rapidly, his fingers moving at speeds that most magicians would dream of, not looking for accuracy...he wanted to waste five bullets here and now if he had the time. the idea was, that if you blast the dragon in the skull enough, it might get dizzy or disoriented...or at least give it a good headache...maybe slowing it down a little for when he tried something more ingenious later...


To Trigger: These are not the droids you are looking for...

Unread postby wkz » Tue Jul 27, 2004 8:59 pm

Woah.... did I do that? Klaus thought to himself. It was as if someone else took control of him for a bit, the action seemed to not be his.

He had finally recovered from his panic, the rush of adrenaline that came from almost getting smacked halfway through the hall helping somewhat.

He turned around, and properly saw the dragon for the first time. Woah, did I charge that? I must have been crazy...

It was then Trigger attacked. A gunshot rang in the air..... no, not one gunshot, five so closely placed that they sounded as one. And Klaus could see Trigger was aiming for the head.

Klaus reviewed his studies. Dragons... dragons... huh? What kind of idiot dragon is this?? No matter, common weak spots of dragons.... weak spots are generally accepted to be the head, neck (for knights in shining armor to make a dramatic statement, not recommended), tail (also not recommended), wings (if any), soft under-belly (for certain dragon types only) and... erm... somewhere where the sun doesn't shine...... ah crap.

Well, dragons do not clothe themselves, so the sun shines there too... but you get the idea... And given Klaus's position behind the dragon... well...

He lifted the broadsword. Trigger should have the dragon's full attention by now. Klaus thought, as he ran as stealthily as possible, aiming for a spot just below the tail...

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The cave dragon was, in a word, stunned.

No, not stunned. Annoyed.

Pellets bouncing off its rock skin, a dagger snapping in half against its rough underbelly, and a long, quivering blade springing off its tail. Metal, the dragon noted, could not penetrate its skin. This was a good thing.


Meryle looked at the dragon in disgust. What were cave dragons' weaknesses? She probably read this at Gunnir...

...or slept through a lecture on it.

Holding onto her soaking wet cape, Meryle trodded toward the dragon, which was now snapping wildly in every direction, at the three more active members of her party.

"----------," she said, in a language that can't be typed. Her hand lit up and in it appeared what looked like a crossbow, made of clear liquid. Or ice.

An arrow materialized in the bow and Meryle took aim. Not very good aim, since she wasn't an archer. But she luckily managed to hit the dragon in the right foreleg.

"If there's one thing I remember about gravity," she said to herself, and Zakara, "it's that rock Does Not Float."

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Bullet on the brain?

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Now Trigger was attempting the Money Shot.

This was for all the Marbles, lunge to the right, Aim carefully, last bullet, aim straight for the Cave Dragon's only unarmored portion.

His eye.

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