Green With Envy...(Freestyle/Closed RP: ON HOLD! )

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Green With Envy...(Freestyle/Closed RP: ON HOLD! )

Unread postby Firnthuleien » Mon Nov 24, 2003 10:40 pm

A warm welcoming glow eminated from the window of the Gilded Harp, and the sign above it's heavy oak door swayed back and forth, creaking in a gentle wind.

The laughter of men and women, having a good time drifted through the window, though slightly muted. Not all were having a good time in the loud confines of the inn though.

Within, a grey haired bespectacled man, looking to be in his 30's, grimaced. He looked up from his book, as a tipsy couple nearly collided with his table in the corner. Clearing his throat, he raised an eyebrow as he watched them blunder off, out of the inn, to some
other activity, then he returned to his book with a shake of his head.

At the bar, a crowd roared in approval as a fairly well-muscled man downed another glass of some drink. He smirked, amber eyes aglow with competitiveness, and straightened his tan jacket. He pushed a whisp of his black hair out of his face as he watched his competitor feverishly debate wether or not it was smart to continue this "duel". The crowd whooped and cheered again as the fellow decided to back out.

Back outside, a small figure walked in and out of what little candlelit windows still lit the street. The red haired girl, much too young to be out at such a late hour, walked down the otherwise deserted and darkened street. She stopped at the door, peering up at the sign with before heading inside.

Many heads turned, and those sober enough were slightly shocked to see a little girl in a "tavern" alone and out so late. The girl simply looks and them all with a smile and sits down, somewhere out of the way. Some attentions turn away, but the innkeep's wife scurries over, fussing over the child and making sure she is safe and has something to eat.


((OOC: This one sucks because I have no descs of the 2 chars. :{{{ ))

Four figures walk calmly across the darkened square within the rider barracks. Rwo women, a man, and one that cannot be identified. The only thing, aside from their footsteps, that can be heard is the soft whickering of horses from the stables nearby.

The man and women wear rider uniforms. The older looking woman, a brunette, is in the lead, followed by a younger, black haired woman, who is wearing a yellow headband.

Upon approaching one of the buildings, the brunnet opens the door, allowing the cloaked figure, the man, and the younger woman in first, before following and shutting the door.


Just on the edge of the forest, a pair of pale grey eyes peer at the dim flickering glow of the candlelit city. An elf, with platinum hair perches on the sturdy branch of a tree. The two daggers on his belt glint slightly in the moonlight.

He debates on whether to spend another night outside and alone or to find a cozy inn with people to converse with. His loneliness and slightly sore back winning out, he springs, catlike, off the tree branch, landing softly on the ground below and starts on his way.

((OOC: Soooooo sorry if any of this stuff seems out of character...Let me know immediately if you'd like something changed! And hope you like it!)

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Re: Green With Envy... (Evringshall Freestyle RP!)

Unread postby Koneko » Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:00 am

Angharad looked down at the bread in her hands, giving it an experimental nibble before smiling cutely once more, and quipping in a small singsong voice fitting of a young phoenix, "Thank you, madam, you are most kind, the best sort of person I could hope to find."

She then proceeded to dig into her bread once more, eating it neatly while looking around at the various characters in the tavern. Along with the tavern itself, naturally. Should some of the worse kinds be about, the bread she now bore would get far less clout.

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Re: Green With Envy... (Evringshall Freestyle RP!)

Unread postby PopoSujo » Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:06 am

As Ju'lial walked down the streets of the town, he adjusted his clothes. I look way to rough to be appearing in public. He briefly scanned the streets for some easy money, but the drunks that he saw looked too poor to even be worth the trouble, and those that looked worth the trouble looked well armed.

Hmph, this town is no fun so far... He went to scratch his head and immediately thought better of it, as remnants of tree bark and leaves still clung to them. I better not have picked up any lice...

As he walked, he noticed several funny glances, but paid them no mind. It's my charming good looks he thought, which brought on an enormous grin. He continued strolling for a while, sticking to the left side of the steet.

"Bah!" he said outloud, frightening a cat from under a barrel and sending a bird or three into the air. I have got to find something to do, someone to interract with! With that last thought, he looked around, and about fifteen feet away saw a sign with a golden harp on it.

Upon seeing the harp, he smiled once more and immediately began humming. Taverns are always fun he thought, and walked in the door.

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Short, crappy first post!

Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:08 am

Taking the hood off her head, the 'unidentified' woman showed herself, red-haired and with a large purple scar under her left eye, to be Celical, the woman recently taken in by Zachary. She also looked...well, more emotional than usual. Probably rubbing off on her.

"I keep telling you, I can take care of myself. Anyone that attacks me is going to find him or herself very, very badly hurt very, very quickly."


Re: Green With Envy... (Evringshall Freestyle RP!)

Unread postby Firnthuleien » Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:46 am

As Angharad looked around the inn, she noted, though it was not extremely fancy, the wood trimmings and whitewashed walls that glowed in the candlelight gave it a warm and inviting feel. Said candles were in glass covers hanging from "fixtures" on the wall so as not to leave smoke or burn marks.

The woman smiled at Angharad and patted her on the head, then brushed a whisp of brown hair out of her face.

"Such a sweet child! I don't see how anyone in their right mind could leave you alone at this time of night!"

She sat down beside the child, handing her the glass of milk which she had also procured for her.

"My name is Meras. What's yours dear?" the woman said with a warm smile.


The brunette in the rider uniform sat up in her chair, resting her elbows on the desk. Looking around at the sparse businesslike interrior, Celical could assume that the room they were in was this Captain Maera's office.

"As captain of the Green Riders, you know, miss, that I cannot and will not dis-obey a direct order from his Highness. He has asked that two riders acompany you on your...."mission". Though...I do not think you understand the seriousness of this situation, miss Celical."

She gave a stern look to Celical, then continued.

"Fifteen of my riders are in the infirmary and no one knows what is wrong with them. Every one of their symptoms are different from each other. What do you think the public would do if they found out? There would be mass hysteria.

It's bad enough that it seems that it has somehow leaked out that the King's Weapons have begun to become incapacitated to those blasted anti-monarchy fools that are prancing about in front of the castle gates as if they think it will earn them credebility!"

Maera furrowed her brow angrily for a moment, then pointed at the silent figures standing near the door.

"That" she said, pointing at the black haired woman, "is Frian Cobblebay. And he" she moved her finger to the man, "is Belzgil D'Arcy. They will be the Riders acompanying you."

The woman named Frian nodded to Celical, pushing the falling yellow headband out from over her eyes and smiling slightly.

"Hello there." she said.

The man, Belzgil bowed slightly, and remained silent.


As Ju'lial walked down the streets of the town, the few who did see him at this late time of night, sober or not, looked awestruck, some of the more drunk ones shouting about things about "Eltians". Ju'lial shrugged this off as being a tradition of the local drunks and upon spotting an inn, he headed towards the door and inside.

The moment the door closed the entire inn fell eerily silent. One could hear a pin drop. As Ju'lial looked around, he would note that EVERYONE, is staring at him, and many with jaws dropped.

A gnarled old man at a nearby table finally breaks the silence.

"......It........It....It's.........An Eltian!" he stuttered in disbelief, and dropped to the floor unconcious. A nearby person knelt to check if the man was alright, but other than that, not a soul stirred.

And the akward staring and silence at Ju'lial resumed.

((OOC: Mueehee XD......Of course.........Kev's and Yaris characters won't really care much. They've probably seen so many elves it isn't funny.)


Re: Green With Envy... (Evringshall Freestyle RP!)

Unread postby PopoSujo » Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:59 am

Ju'lial kept very still, moving his eyes to check for any iminent signs of danger. He picked up the word "Eltian" from the crowd and remembered it from the drunks outside.

He carefully, slowly walked to a table, and was bit surprised that people got out of his way. The first empty chair he saw was beside a little girl. He slowly sat down, turned his chair back to the crowd, and smiled. Let's hope this is some kind of greeting...



<_< >_> Elves? On the Plane? Naaaah, couldn't be

Unread postby Koneko » Tue Nov 25, 2003 8:28 am

Angharad blinked at the woman and, letting the milk go for a moment, rhymed quietly with a silly smile, "My name's Angharad, daughter of Regat. As for my dad, his name's Jaellat."

She then proceeded to stand up on her chair and address the entire inn in her little voice, which normally would be nigh-inaudible with all the normal tavern noise. In all the silence, however, most people could hear her, "I'm sorry to say Eltian disappoints;" she paused, seeing that a number of people were staring at Ju'lial's ears and continued, "there's nothing special in ears that have points."


Re: Green With Envy... (Evringshall Freestyle RP!)

Unread postby JoshuaDurron » Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:36 pm

IM: An escort mission? She must be important.

Either that, or his stock in the Green Riders was still going down. Balzgil absently tapped one finger on the side of his Tonfa, musing on how little respect he got these days. Although he had managed to join the Green Riders without incident, his innitial decision to use the non-lethal Tonfa over the typical Green Rider's Saber had earned him a lot of flack. But he hadn't joined the Riders to kill people, but rather to protect the forests, so he stuck resolutely to his choice of weapons, although he still had to carry his saber with him.

The incident with the magic mark on his arm hadn't helped much, either. The fact that he didn't know where he had gotten it, and couldn't make it go away, just made the matter worse. If it hadn't been for the recent shortage in Riders, he probably would have been dismissed. Still, if this woman was important, it might be a good chance to redeem himself.

Balzgil straghtened himself up a little bit more, and then spoke up. "If I may ask, Ms. Celical, where will we be escorting you to?"


Re: Green With Envy... (Evringshall Freestyle RP!)

Unread postby PopoSujo » Tue Nov 25, 2003 3:07 pm

Ju'lial looked up at the girl on the chair. I see... These people think I'm special in some way. He cleared his throat loudly and addressed the crowd.

"The girl is a bit wrong on that point. Of course there's something special about Eltians! We're magical being of super extraordinary power." He saw the crowd break out into muted talk at that, and cleared his throat again. I am so gonna milk this he thought, but kept the smile from his face. "Now, could someone bring me some food befitting an Eltian?"

Teh Kev

Re: Green With Envy... (Evringshall Freestyle RP!)

Unread postby Teh Kev » Tue Nov 25, 2003 4:03 pm

The man looked away from his book once more. This time he glanced over at the 'Elitan'. He had heard that Elves were somewhat... elusive here, but he hadn't expected one to act like this. Leon marked his place in his book then slid it into one of his over coat's pocket's. He then stood up gently pushing his chair in. He quietly walked over to Angharad and the Elf. He smiled at the little girl and nodded his head gently. He took a seat down by her while she still stood in her chair.

Leon then looked over at her smiling gently. "I take it you are not from these parts? My name is Leon, and I come from out of town as well." He leaned in a bit closer to her so he could whisper to her. "Elves are very rare here, so the citizen's hold them in high regard. I don't believe you can convince them otherwise. Although this one seems a bit... odd." He leaned back away from her still smiling, and waiting for her reply.


Re: Green With Envy... (Evringshall Freestyle RP!)

Unread postby Raishilliah » Tue Nov 25, 2003 8:26 pm

Andrekael grinned as his competitor finally gave up. It seemed so typical... even merely knowing Serra would help in a contest like that.
Kael leaned back,his amber eyes alight. He had won, though it seemed almost TOO easy...

He gulped down another glass, grinning.
"It was a good game," he told the competitor with a smirk. "Though a bit easy."

He looked around at those that had been cheering him on, and it brought him a bit of distaste. Serra was one thing, but he preferred not to stay in the company of several drunkards. There was no telling what the "congratulations" would be...

With a simple nod, he strode over to where Angharad, the elf, and Leon were. These seemed better company. At least they were probably foreigners, as he was.


Re: Green With Envy... (Evringshall Freestyle RP!)

Unread postby Firnthuleien » Wed Nov 26, 2003 2:38 pm

Most of the people simply continue gawking at Ju'lial, though some gasp at Angharad's words.

Upon hearing Ju'lial speak, many of them rush out the door. Those who seemingy owned the establishment rushed towards the kitchens, leaving the few remaining, obviously not drunk, to swarm Ju'lial, asking him to tell tales of Eltia, the great Eltian kingdom that supposedly resided in the Elt Wood.

"Tell us of your great city, fair one! Is it really in the Elt Wood? Have your people aided our kingdom in times of need?
Do you know if the D'Yer wall really has been breached?"

And the questions just kept coming. Their curiosity and list of questions, seemingly un-exhaustible.

((OOC: I apologize for the suck-tacular answer, but it is hard to RP a whole inn full of people n_n; ))


Re: Green With Envy... (Evringshall Freestyle RP!)

Unread postby PopoSujo » Thu Nov 27, 2003 2:20 am

(('Tis more than okay Ferny! Doin' good!))

Ju'lial smiled patiently at the people of the inn.

"Now now, one at a time, one at a time," he pleaded. As they quieted down some, he began answering the questions however he could.

"The Great Elt City is the most wondrous place on this planet, my fair humans! There are golden spires and silver domes, fountains and channels, statues, busts, aquariums, zoos containing the most fabulous animals, observatories, and all manner of spectacular things!

"The Elt Wood itself is also amazing! And yes, the Elt City does exist inside the Elt Wood. It always has."

Hmm, about this aiding and D'Yer Wall thing...

"In the past, the Eltians have come to the aid of your fair city when trouble was afoot. I hope to do the same thing now!" Some of the people began smiling and nodding, their hopes 'come true,' so to speak. Wow, this is much easier than I expected! Ju'lial thought, once more fighting the grin off of his face.

"As for the D'Yer wall, I am not certain. I will have to figure this out in time. However, it is very hard for us Eltians to think on empty stomachs, and I smell something wonderful coming from the kitchens!"


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Unread postby Koneko » Sat Nov 29, 2003 10:18 pm

Angharad glanced over at the elven man, the general idea of what is he on about? forming itself in her mind. Of course, who knew how the little phoenix actually thought?

She would have to consult Wyn about it eventually, but at the moment, she was in no mood for the chibi conflagration.

She promptly sat down again took her glass of milk in both hands, sipping it now and then.

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Unread postby Dragon Sage007 » Mon Dec 01, 2003 10:40 pm

"Fine. But I can't guarantee their safety, either." She said coldly. "And I can't guarantee that the riders who aren't going with me will be so safe either."


Re: Lies.

Unread postby Firnthuleien » Fri Dec 05, 2003 11:42 am

((Really sorry about the slowness of this RP ;_; ......An now it'll be even slower because I have no quick access to a computer.....I have to put it on hold for now, unfortunately.....))


Re: Lies.

Unread postby PopoSujo » Sat Dec 06, 2003 2:31 pm

((Ohnoes I was really liking this! *cries* Well, I hope whatever is making teh slow is fixed.))

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