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Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:45 am
by Gnomey
I am quite confused myself. How is this forum still going as it has been years since I saw last update of the comic. And is this even the right forum? Since my other sources say it'd be TheKidsarentAlright forums instead.. o_o

Well.. I'll just register both and see what happens. I probably won't have much time to post around. ^^

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:47 am
by Capntastic


Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:53 am
by Idran1701
Hey, welcome to the board. To answer your question, we're not really associated with RPG World anymore, we just kept the name from back when we were, and IanJ still links us (well, our old forum, at least) out of...something. Not entirely sure why, though I'm not going to complain about it!

We're mainly an RP forum here nowadays, though. Even so, hopefully you'll still be interested in sticking around. Hope to see you here again!

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 6:05 am
by Gnomey
I haven't played any RP's for years though.. It'd be fun to join though. ^^

I think last time was on 2004 and none of the games I played got finished with the story even though they went on for months. >.>

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 11:12 am
by pd Rydia
Yeah, that happens, few board RPs finish quickly--it's the chat RPs which do. Which RPs were you in? I'm not sure I recognize your screenname (did you change it from the previous?)

Also, hi hi, welcome!

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 1:51 pm
by Gnomey
It wasn't here.. I've never been here before. Just decided to drop by since I've been checking almost weekly if RPGW has updated with a new comic. ^^

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:46 pm
by pd Rydia
O i c. :0

Well then! The basics are: When new RPs come up, they are advertised in the OOC Forum ( People post if they're interested, the chap or chappette running the RP picks out their players and lets people know who's in and when the game starts. Board RPs take place on the board, surprisingly enough, and chat RPs take place on AIM.

You, too, can join us on AIM! Try inviting yourself to RPGWW Chat, or if your instant messenger client is AIM (and not, say, GAIM or Trillian), click here.

We do just general chatting and whatnots in there, though it's also the best place to get introduced to folks, find information, and find out if there's an RP going on!

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:50 pm
by Nekogami
Welcome! I hope to get to know you better.

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:55 pm
by Gnomey
Well I'm quite busy most of the time so I will have to see if I can find a slow paced RP sometime. But first I think I'll just stay here talking when possible.

Pleased to meet you all. ^^

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 8:16 pm
by Kai
Hi there, I'm Kai!

Contact me using any of the handy buttons on my post; it's what they're there for. By all means also join us in chat. We'd love to see you in there.