Wrong Causeway

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Wrong Causeway

Unread postby Trentin » Sat May 31, 2008 3:55 pm

The biggest most magnificent causeway stretching across and beyond the earth infinetely stands hardly lit by the new moon with lush green grass and a deep sea to surround it, the road always looks the same, narrow.

Masses of poeple with cracking skin and worn eyes spread out amongst the causeway walk across clumsily daunted as if the road will collapse and they are blind at night and vexed by its one direction

They twist thier head behind their shoulder and look to see how far the others behind, pherhaps hoping someone will catch up.

But they all know they all feel the same and cannot speak for the life of thiers

Its the same in the morning, with the sun beating on them and the water glimmering just to thier left and right.

They walk barefoot with burnt black ashing feet just as blind as they are at night.

Thier very eager to reach the end of the infinite road

Eager enough to miss the feeling of the calm soothing wind

Pherhaps they think at the end of the road is a place of promise full of bliss ecstasy and desire.

So they push forward, with what little energy they have as thier energy is wasted on imagining and remembering what has happened on this causeway.

Some poeple run, some poeple walk and stomp flat footed, and some poeple crawl, on thier knees or body, wasting away all thier energy, but even the fastest run looks slow

They walk to depressingly fast and find themselves loathing the ground until thier heart beat gets slower, and slower, and slower.

And when it gets to slow, that is the very end of thier journey, and poeple will walk by and get sick to thier stomach looking at the decaying bodies.

The loners are reminded of that same eerie sickening feeling they had when they heard about the causeway

Poeple will cry run and scream from your rotten body and be ever more phased on thier long journey

Yet they eagerly and dismally continue, glancing back at the bodys long down the road remembering the smell of rotting corpses and the insides of the decaying bodies kicked around by poeple tripping and falling and dieing.

They have not seen any light in a long time even though the sun goes up and down and the water stays beautiful and the world still spins and the grass is as lush as ever.

They refuse to walk together, the loners, scared of eachother, born with infinite phobias and strucken with immense amounts of pain.

The skeletons are constant reminder of how they will be let down whether they saw thier flesh before or not

And so the walk of the causeway continues night and day, it is exactly like hell and poeple continue to eat and melt into the cement so when you cross thier path you will know its all the same.

You will never sleep, and you will never feel pleasure on this causeway, just spiral down and feel gutted every step on your way to nothingness.

Truely thier lives devalued day by day.

But the clouds, sky, water, grass, moon and sun are still beautiful and the world still spins the seasons still changes and flourishes with beauty.

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