Infatuation approximations

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Infatuation approximations

Unread postby Trentin » Sat May 31, 2008 7:51 am

Deformation of formation into realizations
Spectrum of color, a variety of feelings.
Subtle human control of what we do.
When we act alone.
Reaching the rainbow atmosphere
Of caring
For a human thing
Is created with all qualities
Not just of the innocent nature
Of what we see in our green world
Can we see beyond the point of
What were suppose to see?
Or is everything in the rainbow atmosphere
Will I supress you of sharing
What really matters to you?
Because I am human?.
And I will judge?
Or will let you me see your rainbow atmosphere?
Or let me think I saw your sparkly deep sky of glittering rainbows
Do not be ashamed or afraid to walk outside, admist the eyes
Of the most animate nature
Of the ones you want to trust
Share me your rainbow atmosphere
Red, purple, blue, green, yellow, black, white,
Are the hallow spaces in your head
Hallow as they seem to yourself?
Why one sees everything you are now, but is there more to see?
In your rainbow atmosphere?
Is it tucked ready to be found under your mattress?
Or is it a million feet deep burning in the lava of formation
Wondering why, it should be part of your glittering pale atmosphere?
Or is it already in your atmosphere?
Or is it frozen and forgotten across the world where it can't be found?
Smell of things, we'll never get to the bottom.
But thats okay. :)
Just let me see part of your rainbow atmosphere.
I saw your physical beauty.
But I want you to know, your rainbow atmosphere is spectacular
I will make it beautiful.
Because you can always find sweetness in life.

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