Contemplations of a Pervert (MAC fic)

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Contemplations of a Pervert (MAC fic)

Unread postby NamagomiMk0 » Mon Oct 15, 2007 1:54 pm


It’s kind of funny, you know. I may be the only one contemplating what to choose off of this shelf here; not for lack of money, given that I just got my pay, but instead what suits my tastes. In fact, I bet most of the people who come here have only a very general idea insofar as what they want, and randomly pick the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, people wouldn’t think of me as the type who’d be choosy; after all, on-base, I’m either known as “that guy with the psychotic A2,” or more commonly, “that pervert.” Slack in class, hit on girls, pilot a weapon that would probably enjoy destroying literally anything and everything she felt like; even moreso if she got fame and glory for it. Yeah, I would be thought of as a common skirt-chasing cocky flyboy Tek. Hell, they wouldn’t have even thought that I was the one who shot down that psycho Tek-Mage scientist…Izue, that’s his name. Forgot he was related ever so distinctly. They don’t know me that well at all if I sum up to that in their heads.

People often think I talk to women the way I do to get in their pants. Hell, one of my squadmates was trying to keep me away from Helena thanks to that assumption, I think. Bullshit. I talk to women the way I do because I like women. My way of saying “Hey, I like you.” It’s my way of getting close to them, and really, just who I am, I guess. Some like it, some don’t. I don’t press the issue on those that don’t like me. It’s just my way of being friendly to them. I know it’s not going to be close, they know it’s not going to be close, it’s just fun. And really, isn’t that what matters? If both parties are fine and happy with it, and it’s hurting neither, then there is nothing wrong at all about it.

As for sex, I never have and don’t plan on it. It just creates too many complications, after all. Girl gets too attached, I get too attached, suddenly it’s too deep, and it’s out of the realm of what I deal in. It’s no longer fun, plain and simple, and seriously, that defeats the point of what I do. …at least, that’s what I used to think before then—I’ve got more personal reasons now as to why I don’t. Sure, I talk to attractive girls, make passes toward them, and so on, but I just like them. Nothing more. Unlike Stinky, who I swear seems to be unable to make the distinction between an actual relationship and sex; I mean, come on. Who in the hell thinks musk is a basis for a relationship? He’s not looking for a damn girlfriend, he’s looking for a blow-up doll. He just refuses to acknowledge it.

Back to the subject at hand, though...a lot of people don’t look that far when it comes to women. The majority would simply generalize their perceptions of beauty, when not realizing that there’s a hell of a lot more insofar as distinct variety goes—not just externally, but insofar as personality and the way someone essentially “comes off” to others. Ask every guy what they find most attractive on a woman, and I guarantee you, at least two thirds would either be unable to identify, or they would say something along the lines of “big tits” or “big asses”. Occasionally, you may get something more than two words out of them, but that’s the exception for that sort of answer. Hell, Stinky would likely say that. Really, those types don’t see the subtleties—or even the major differences half the time--about beauty, I could easily say. Looking around, you can easily see the variety there is. It’s not hard to miss, after all—unless you’re one of the aforementioned two thirds, anyway…

Even in broad strokes, you can see it. Starting with arguably the most “obvious,” elves tend to, more often than not, have a sort of fragile, delicate beauty to them; in a sense, almost like the aspect of nature the majority of them were said to revere and worship long ago…I can’t believe I remembered that from history class. Anyway, then you have drow; yeah, I know they’re pretty much blue-or-black-skinned elves with a hell of a lot better night-vision, but…maybe it’s the cold war with Ka’thalar right now or whatnot, but they seem to almost have a “bad” appeal to them. Nekojin and Inujin…they end up more along the lines of ‘cute,’ as far as my opinion goes. As for bastets, well, at least the one I have seen, if elves were the frail and delicate aspect, bastets would fall more onto the feral side of things. And I must wonder if they all get those tattoos…

Then you have the types who are more ‘out there;’ dragons, demons, and celestials, I mean. Dragons come off as rather “dangerous” in a sense, though they wouldn’t look like it in first glance—I mean, after all, they look like you or me—okay, maybe not me, I don’t look quite the same as humans. But that detail aside, we’re often taught to believe that dragons are huge fire-or-whatever-breathing lizards that can also fly. I guess it’s one of those odd things where, given that they’re holding back their real bodies in that human or elf form, you also think they’re holding back a hell of a lot of everything else; power and emotions both. Then you’ve got celestials, which I swear, my mother must be messed up in the head about. They’re more of two types, I guess you could say; either following the pattern of elves, or possessing a more ‘ethereal,’ otherworldly, almost untouchable and unapproachable beauty. I haven’t seen any in person, with one arguable exception, but that’s how they appear from what I have seen.

I’d have to be drunk before I believe anything my mother seems to speculate about them, though—brushy penises to scrub the sin out? Holy water in place of vaginal fluids? Singing when they climax? …forget drunk, I’d have to be on some sort of crazyass drugs to believe –that- about celestial anatomy. And speaking of my mother, I must say that having had a demon as one, I’m not quite so sure I see the appeal that some have for them. But…that would be a personal issue, wouldn’t it? Regardless, the MILF jokes plus my mother going along with them and teasing me at times…ugh. No thanks. And as for humans, they seem to run the entire gamut. Except for the genderless psycho-bitch marines that somehow get transferred to the same unit that I’m in. Those are all the same. Every single last one of them.

And then there was Helena. I personally don’t know what it was about her that I fell for; sure, she was attractive as hell, as well as distinctive, but there was something more about her that I just couldn’t identify. And it sure wasn’t the angel of death thing. Hell, she seemed like a normal person; maybe a bit out of touch with the things that the rest of us are used to, but otherwise normal. When did I…I’m thinking back when we faced against Makura’s younger brother and his hot sister. I think that’s when I might’ve started having feelings for her, even though I obviously didn’t realize it then. It felt like such a short time that I was with her. Even if she was unwilling to reciprocate, claiming it was for my sake, and that I needed a mortal girlfriend, and all that…I just don’t know. I still try to piece all the things about her in my mind at times. And sometimes I feel like it’s my fault she did leave. After all, I killed, essentially, the reason that she was sent here for. I did it. I can’t blame it on Nanashii; she’s just an A2 symbiote inside a Personality Core. Yet…if I didn’t kill him, I could’ve easily been killed myself. He would’ve been offed by someone else anyway, knowing how he was just sitting in some normal mecha inside the neck of that…thing. But at the same time…meh. Nevermind. Last thing I need is Reshtaha to get me locked inside a stockroom in this place. That would be…awkward.

…screw it, less contemplating, more deciding…ah, here we go. Just have to head for the cashier, show them my MAC ID, pay in credits, and then leave…

“So, that’s two issues of S.S.M., one of Hentaisha Monthly, and one issue of ‘We’re Going To Hell For Taking These Pictures’ for…”

…Don’t you fucking dare judge me.

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