Additional letters from Search for a Cure

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Additional letters from Search for a Cure

Unread postby Kelne » Sun Mar 25, 2007 9:45 pm


As you are no doubt aware by this point, the city of Rivaran is in ruins. Regrettably, at this point we have only speculation as to the cause. I can only assume that our agents in the city perished during the catastrophe.

The bulk of rumours, naturally, centre around dragons. Any arson against a Rivan town must surely be the doing of a dragon. Other rumours, less prevalent and possibly no more reliable, refer to celestials seen above the city, and to red-cloaked elves.

I submit that, irregardless of the identity of the perpetrator, anyone willing to launch such a brazen attack upon a capital city should be investigated as a matter of course. It is possible that matters have changed in the intervening two weeks it has taken for word to reach us. The crisis may have passed, the perpetrators brought to justice.

Nevertheless, I reccommend dispatching a team to Rivaran to learn what they can. I have taken the liberty of pulling in several members not on assignment, pending your approval.

- M. H.


Agreed. Even if the Rivans are capable of dealing with this on their own, I would like more information for my own peace of mind. Garth is available, I believe, and this presents a good opportunity to see how he does with a command of his own. Otherwise, I leave the selection of a team in your hands.

- K.

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