The Letters of Search for a Cure

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The Letters of Search for a Cure

Unread postby Idran1701 » Wed Jan 24, 2007 12:37 pm

(Note: I know the comma use is a little rough here, and there are a couple of run-on sentences, but these are actually purposeful. Any grammar problems outside those two, however, are all me.)

Session 1

Dear Mom,

I just arrived in Rivaran earlier today. Now, before you worry too much, I'm fine. I know you're going to worry when I describe this, but I was lucky enough that I came out lightly from it.

Well, when I arrived, it was under attack. Selene says you know the person that attacked it, an angel named Omega. It was pretty bad, I'll admit, it did a lot of damage to Rivaran even though I got out okay. I'm in a sort of refugee camp not far from the city right now, with the other survivors, and most of them ended up a lot worse off than I am, so don't worry about me.

She was apparently following a group of travelers that'd just come from offworld, actually. I met them, and most of them seem pretty nice. They were actually traveling with a friend of yours, Janda. I talked to her for a while, and it was good hearing about you and Dad from her. And Selene too, actually! I didn't realize she was so, well, hyper as a kid, it really surprised me! I'm hoping I can cajole her into showing me the video of that transmission she made back on Krynus.

Oh, I even met an actual phoenix too! Her name's Cerene, and she showed up in town about the same time I did. I've read about them, but I never thought I'd actually meet one.

I also had some luck in finding her dad's lab. Another creation of his, a nekojin vampire named Cassidy, that group of travelers found her chained up in one of the buildings. She'd been left there since she was created, apparently, 20 years ago. I can't even imagine what that must have been like for her. She wanted to be left alone, so Cerene and Arc (he's one of those travelers) let her head off. I was worried about that, but they said she was friendly enough even after all this time, so hopefully things will turn out well for her.

Anyway, it's getting a little late here. I'm hoping to do some more checking tomorrow. I might try to go back in the city and look closer in that room where they found Cassidy, maybe there's something else there.

I miss you, and I hope everything's going okay for you back home. Give a hug to Nozzy and Chronny for me, and say hi to Grandma and Grandpa.

Love, Tara

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Unread postby Idran1701 » Tue Feb 06, 2007 1:46 am

Session 2

Dear Mom,

Hi again. It hasn't been long since my last letter. You'll probably get them at the same time, in fact, I bet. With the attack here, I'm having a bit of trouble finding a way to mail these, but I'm going to try to manage something.

Anyway, things have been all right here. There's one person here, Gimzod, he's a little creepy, but most of the people here are all right. He's an engineer too, and I think he got a little excited when I told him my costume was technological. He's been following me around since then, and it's a little weird. I asked Selene about it, and she thinks I should hit him.

Oh, I also had my first fight today! It was with a couple of people that were saying they were paladins of Omega, as weird as that is. They think she's a god, which is kind of weird. It was sort of frightening, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I didn't really do much in it, but I wasn't hurt, at least. And I got a nice-looking cloak pin from what they left behind. It's even magical, though I'm not sure exactly what it does. It was kind of neat. I'm not really anxious to do it again, but I won't really mind if I do.

_ '

I missyou, and I hopeyou're all right. I love you,Mom, and Iwish I could come home, but I needto helpSelene here. Don't lsten to the others,you're a great engineer. probably thebest in Doma easily. Ilove you.


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Unread postby Shinigori V2 » Tue Feb 06, 2007 2:34 am

Dear Tara-

I'll be honest- I sort of lost hold of my conciousness when I saw that the Omega had returned, let alone near you. Your grandmother came and brought me around. But after having some time to think about it, I'm proud of you. Not only did you stay calm and collected enough to write me and let me know you were okay afterwards, but it sounds like you managed to aggravate her a fair extent, if you fought one of her 'paladins.'

From what I remember, Omega has a serious complex revolving around her own overabundance of power and the unfortunate shape she just happens to have. In fact, this mirrors pretty accurately something she did on Krynus. You have no idea how relieved I am that you're okay.

Moving on- This Cassidy girl sounds like she may be dangerous herself, so it would be a good idea to inform the guards Riva has- If any- To look for her. Same for Omega, although that would probably be bad. And if she survived having the Planet Tower fall on her...

Lastly- This Gimzod sounds like someone I may want to meet. Goblins are, supposedly, very inventive engineers. But I agree with Selene- If he pays you a little too much attention with your suit, slap him. Like I told you, it's very good for what you need it for, but it's going to attract a lot of attention, if only because it's different.

Chronny and Nozzy miss their sister, but they'll be okay. Grandma and Grampa send their love. I'm proud of you, Tara. You're already doing better than I ever was. I miss you, and I hope you can find a chance to come home, if onlyf or a little while.

Be safe, and stay warm- Winter down here is pretty bad this year.

Love, Mom.
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Unread postby Idran1701 » Sat Mar 24, 2007 10:32 am

Dear Mom,

I know it's been a few days since I've written you, but things have been pretty busy here. In a good way pretty much, though.

I actually managed to save a town recently! It's kind of complicated, but a copy of someone that Omega had brought from another world was mind controlling this village, and I managed to stop it! It was tough, and I was pretty scared for some of it, but I still did it.

Selene and I had a fight recently too. We were both pretty upset for a while, but things are a lot better now. We both feel better about things now too, I think it's kind of good we fought since that happened.

Oh, you've probably seen him by the time you read this, so I don't think this will hurt the surprise, but I actually got to spend some time with Dad recently. The angels let us stay in their realm for a little while after we faced Omega and made her run away again. I was really happy to see him, and he was happy to see me too. We had to leave after just a couple of days, though. I still miss him, but it's not forever, so I feel a little better too. He said he wanted to spend the day with you, I hope he got to do that.

I still miss you too, Mom, and I think I'll try to come back soon. Not for good yet, since we still need to stop Omega, but for a little while at least. I haven't got any letters back from you yet, so I hope you're okay, and you're getting my letters. Oh, Selene told me "tell Mom I miss her too".


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