Elemaer: Of Broken Bonds

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Elemaer: Of Broken Bonds

Unread postby Spleen » Mon Oct 24, 2005 3:56 pm

So far, just have the prologue, and it'll probably go through another couple revisions after the rest of the play is written. BUT SEE? I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON IT.

The way I've been planning it, the Gods will stand off to the sides throughout the entire play, giving commentary and introducing characters as they enter.

(The GODS, with the exception of SU’RIIK [who does not enter] file in from different directions. They approach the stage, but stay on the outsides, below and around the stage. KRAD is directly below the stage.

KRAD is tall and powerfully built, with wild black hair. He is dressed in armor, and carries a very large sword.
TRIXER is handsome, with blond hair and spectacles. He wears blue robes and sandals, with a trident in one hand and a huge, leather-bound tome tucked under the other arm.
LAETHA is a beautiful woman with blond hair. She wears a sky-blue tunic and skirt and brown boots, with a longbow in her hand and a quiver of arrows on her back.
ALEXAIREA is a thin and extremely attractive goddess with pale skin and raven hair. She wears robes of white and gold, and carries a large shield.
VERIR appears old and gaunt, bald with a long, gray beard. His robes – not nearly as well-made as those of the other gods – are dark green. He carries a gnarled staff with scales suspended from the end.)

KRAD: Elemaer. (He swings himself up onto the stage, then turns and addresses the audience.) We created this world, you know, thousands of years before life was even a thought.

LAETHA: It was so much less interesting back then.

KRAD: True enough. Though, it must be said, it was easier to deal with.

TRIXER: Give me chemical relationships over human relationships any day. I’ve always had the nagging feeling that life was a bad idea.

VERIR: So it is written: (He intones.) “As mortals may gods bring life, so may gods mortals bring ruin.”

ALEXAIREA: Thyrios of Lats.

(VERIR nods.)

KRAD: A pessimist and a drunkard! I’ll hear no more philosophy.

TRIXER: That’s what you always say. They’re not all pessimists and drunkards.

KRAD: Very true. Some are foolishly idealistic and drug-users. Still others are trite and sexual deviants or plagiarists and gluttons.

LAETHA: That’s not fair. Ralthus Casur was trite, and he wasn’t sexually devious. He was a glutton.

KRAD: Ah! So he was. Very well. Trite philosophers can also be gluttonous.

VERIR: Krad, if you would just apply yourself to introspection, and ruminate on something other than war…

ALEXAIREA: Then he would cease to be Krad, and start to be some other unfamiliar, boring deity. You wouldn’t want to change our Krad, would you?

LAETHA: Besides, it’s not like Krad would come up with anything in his introspection except a new way for humans to kill each other efficiently.

KRAD: Guilty as charged, I’m afraid.

VERIR: My point still stands, however. Perhaps Thyrios of Lats was right in what he said. If our Orders cannot stand together as one-

(KRAD interrupts him.)

KRAD: Humans are fallible creatures, yes, but not infinitely so. They get it right most of the time.

VERIR: But hardly all of the time. You know what is to come.

KRAD: (He sighs heavily.) Yes. I know what is to come.

(KRAD leaves the stage and moves to one side, out of the way as the other GODS are.) <p>-_-___-___-___-_-

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