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Silence Saga

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<div style="text-align:center"><span style="font-size:x-large;">Silence Saga</span></div>

Warning: Contains lots of evil swearing. If it's not your cup of tea then don't read it okay? I don't really feel like breaking someone innocence...for the time being at least. >_>

<div style="text-align:center"><span style="font-size:large;">Prologue</span></div>

Betandan, an ever-growing city were every being venture had a chance of success. The skyscrapers existing in nearly illogical harmony with the tinniest of rundown establishments. A city where chaos melted into tradition, a city where technology melted into thaumaturgy and a city where reason melted into imagination. Quite an ideal city, maybe even somewhat of a utopia. However, despite all the odds, dangers and opposition, the city somewhat managed to keep its existence safe for centuries. It was the city of paradoxes, the thousands mysteries town and the land of chance. After all the city slogans was quite simple. “We are the city of chance. Chance for change, chance for renewal, chance for adventure, chance for acceptance and many more chances. We are the city of no other city. Those who come are from no city and never were. We became all souls last home and we did so proudly.” Now, without further ado, I am proud to welcome you into Betandan, proud to invite you into our tale and even prouder to invite you into my story. Welcome into Silence Sagas.

- Cloren d’Estanda, ancient believer of a dream, ancient believer of… Betandan.

Betandan black market district, a place were only the vile amongst the vile dared set a foot in a place were only the wanderers would dwell. Dirty buildings showed of their rusty roofs and stained merchandise in overheated small shops. Sweat shops operated next to an underground slave trade while ‘specialty’ drugstore operated next to questionable weapon shop. Everything that could make this part of town the least safe and desirable was reunited. Yet, against all logic, this is were our tale, our saga, begins. Let’s dwell a little closer to the south of the district, near that rather large pawnshop and next to that rather poor and miserable looking blacksmith office. See it yet? Yes, that little two story rundown and in fact nearly crumbled house. Now see that door on the second story? That deep brown wooden door with a quality unknown to the remainder of the building. The cracked roof of a soft red color just above it sure goes quite well with the cracked yellow wall doesn’t it? Well it’s at least bearable to the eye but it’s certainly isn’t when it comes to living in it. Yet people do live in it and it’s at this very spot, at this very door, that our story truly begins. That is why I must bring to your attention the man next to the door. Yes, the one slightly blushing while mumbling to himself and glaring to the door. That raven haired young human with the canine ears and the adorable wolfish tail who’s pouting miserably. Well that little doggie is named Fend. The door suddenly slightly opens causing a slight surprised expression to grace the doggie feature for a brief moment. A woman with a feline grin smirks at the poor dog with a rueful expression from the little opening of the door.

“Learned your lesson yet kid?” the woman asked with great confidence seeping from her soft yet slightly unnerving voice.

“Dream on, old hag! You’re worst then a bitch in heat whose got hemorrhoids!” the man answered with a sneer.

“Don’t act like that kid; I’ve changed your diapers so I’m not impressed by your show of manliness.” The woman answered her feline tail whipping the air angrily. A twitch of her feline hears and a glare of her narrowed eyes were all left to give her away for her true inhuman nature.

“Well you know what? Fuck y…” the doggie begun before the feline jumped on him with a roar of anger. Quickly the poor man whimpers followed while some distinctively red liquid spurted on the wall.

This is on that unusual scenery that everything began. This is, however, only but the beginning of an unknown saga amongst thousands of other sagas. A silent saga so to speak. A Silence Saga…

<div style="text-align:center">
<span style="font-size:large;">Chapter 1: Another plan!?</span></div>

The poor canine is currently bleeding on a used bed in a small room with washed down sky blue walls. A pool of blood slowly forms at the foot of the bed at a rather alarming rate while the kitty bandage is wounds in silence. Neither of them are even attempting to speak. The first due to heavy wounds and the other probably due to poor anger management. The canine skin even if it was slightly paler due to his wounds was still well tanned. A charming smile with adorable round and slightly innocent brown eyes composed his face. As he moved around trying to escape some invisible nightmare his short raven hair fall in front of his eyes due to his rather long bangs. In that state the man looks rather innocent. Not that the fact he looks barely fifteen years old helps in any way or shape change that innocence. At the same time he was trashing around the feline tried to keep up with him her rather long cat ears twitching with impatience. Not only that but her light brown shoulder length hair contrasted rather nicely with the blonde fur on the side of her ears. At the same time her blonde tail slashed the air at high speed showing to even greater extent her interior turmoil. Although her face was rather beautiful and feline with the adorable lips and the feline emerald green eyes it was still obvious she wasn’t that young. She looked in her early twenties and was pretty much taller then any men she had ever met before. She had to bend down just to get through the room only exit. Quickly she finished bandaging the boy before sitting on a nearby chair with an exhausted sigh.

“I ought to teach that kid a lesson one of these days…” the woman mumbled all too content to speak to her own self for once.

She bathed in the calm atmosphere for a few quick moments before a knock was to be heard on the apartment door.

”Damn it! I was like being ecstatic here!” she mumbled to her own self in disgust before getting up slowly and then making her way to the door.

“Who’s the little fuck who stole from me my precious ‘calm’ time without the little twerp!?” the woman asked with a glare to the still closed door before putting her hand on the knob and turning it.

“I see you are your ever so cheerful self in front of your old friend” a small but calm looking man said smiling.

“Since when are we friend you cunt?” the woman asked bluntly.

”You never change, do you?” the man asked to himself before turning back his attention to the woman with a grin plastered on his young and cunning face.

“I have come because I have been informed of an offer I am sure will interest you.” The man answered simply to the woman silent question.

”Heh, sure. Another of your oh so perfectly perfect plan. Yup, perfectly perfect 100% full-proofs. Your failure that is, not your plans.” The woman answered cynical with one of her typical arrogant smirk.

“Well will you at least listen to my offer?” the man asked no impatience showing in his voice.

”Humph, the heck with it! Just get your scrawny ass in and tell me what you have to offer me.” The woman answered with a deep sigh.

”You won’t regret this.” The man answered back with a smile as he stepped inside the woman abode.

“Still a lying bastard I see…” the women answered playfully at the man comment before following him into the house little living room.

<span style="font-size:large;"><div style="text-align:center">Chapter 2: Feral Sorrow</div></span>

The woman quickly sat on one of the few chairs present in the room. The room although obviously quite old and poorly decorated was still neat and dustless. The leather chairs being the only luxury the woman could afford.

“I’m listening hun.” The woman spoke with a smirk.

“Call me Hankun… Myn.” The small man spoke in a small and nearly musical voice.

“Yeah yeah… whatever. Just tell me your ‘hot’ plan ‘kay?” Myn spoke without caring much for the man feelings.

“Of course. Ever heard of your dear mothers’ sister?” Hankun asked absentmindedly.

“I did although I can’t seem to remember her name.” Myn stated with a hint of interest in her voice.

“I see I’ve picked up your curiosity. Well you see, she deceased a while ago and as chosen you as her sole heir.” Hankun stated bluntly with a very amused smile.

“Wha…!? That’s great!” Myn begun with a huge smile while she jumped from her seat excitedly.

“Don’t rush down happy lane yet Myn. She didn’t leave any money behind.” Hankun stated with obvious glee in his voice. God did he love that part of his job.

“Awwwwww…” the girl said while she looked down to the floor.

“You’re really bi-polar. You know that? Ever considered consulting?” Hankun asked in a completely serious tone of voice.

”Go fuck yourself prick.” Myn threw all her anger at Hankun in one sentence.

“Well before I go fuck myself as you suggested you naughty kitty, I must inform you that she did leave behind a large estate for you. However since you do not seem interested I will take my leave…” Hankun stated with a slight smirk as he slowly got up and walked toward the door.

Of course Myn stopped him as he had planned. She just didn’t do it exactly the way he planned since she jumped on his head making him fall hard on the cold grey stone floor.

“You won’t ever fucking leave this place with anything that belongs to me!” Myn shouted with a greedy grin on her face while hellish flames appeared behind her with no real explanation.

“I hate you Myn. Wanna know why?” the man asked in a slightly annoyed tone of voice.

”Oh yes! Tell me why you little prick! Make my day!” Myn told him with her but still firmly scotched to his back in a mocking voice.

“Because you can make the best part of my job a hellish nightmare in five seconds flat.” The man stated with a desperate sigh.

“Awwwwww… trying to buy you way out by whispering sweet nothings to me? How cute!” One of Myn favourite activity was mocking Hankun in every single possible way. It was even better when it worked like it did right now.

”I apologize…” Hankun stated in a monotone since he knew they was no other way he’d get out of Myn deadly behind.

“Good boy!” Myn said in a cynical voice and then patted Hankun head softly. Myn then got up and lifted Hankun by his shirt collar without any care for his physical condition.

“Now tell me more about that estate or I’ll make sure you don’t leave this place with that damn smirk of yours.” The feline stated with a deep glare. Her eyes even flashed red for a few seconds.

“Well I don’t really feel like talking to you so how about visiting it tomorrow?” Hankun asked softly trying to get back the little composure he had left.

“Hum…. okay!” Myn stated suddenly after a few moments loosening her grip on Hankun collar and, as such, letting him fall hard on his behind for the second time that day.

“Well I’ll await you tomorrow at 12:00 AM precisely in front of the Dalton Café. Don’t be late.” Hankun said with a slight smile before heading for the door.

“I hate you Myn!” he said in their traditional goodbye ritual.

“Go screw yourself! Damn prick!” she answered back following the ritual too. Deep down they didn’t really hate each other that much. They just had a hard time understanding each other. However they’d be damned before either of them admitted it.

As soon as he had left the premise Myn crumbled on the nearest chair with a deep nervous sigh.

“That sure was unexpected to say the least…” she mumbled to herself before hearing the floor cracking at the nearby hall end.

“Fend… you spied on us… didn’t you?” she asked in a serious and very threatening tone of voice.

“Yeah… I’m sorry…” Fend said from the end of the hall with a seemingly regretful voice.

”Tis good. Just come here I need to talk to you.” Myn said with a yawn to her canine friend.

Fend quickly walked toward the end of the hall and then sited next to Myn on the floor.

“What is it?” he asked with a yawn. Now that he was in much better health his deep feral nature showed for all to see. While Myn was only slightly feline he on the opposite was extremely canine. Not only in his feature for he had very apparent claws and sharp tooth but also in his general attitude.

”Wanna come with me tomorrow?” Myn asked bluntly.

”Sure Myn.” He answered with an honest smile while Myn petted his head.

”Then it’s settled I guess.” Myn then got up with a deep yawn.

“I’m going to my room. Don’t disturb me or I’ll kick your sorry ass!” Myn said with a smile that proved she joked which was usual for her around Fend.

“Okay. I’ll go play with my friends then!” Fend said with an excited smile.

“Go ahead.” Myn answered while she entered her room.

“Myn…” Fend said with a high enough voice that Myn heard him.

“What is it?” Myn asked in a loud mumble.

“Why are we different?” Fend asked in a small voice.

“.... go play with your friends.” Myn stated after a long uneasy silence.

Fend hesitated for a few seconds. Opened his mouth then closed it back. He then lowered his head and rushed to the door without another word.

” I’m sorry Fend…” Myn said with a few tears streaming down from her face. She was shaking violently as if some invisible disaster had hit everything she cared for.

“I’m sorry I can’t be strong for both of us…” Myn whispered to some invisible higher force… or was it her own self?

Myn slowly and silently cried herself to sleep while Fend wandered the streets all alone. What Myn didn’t know was that he had no friend…

Not a single friend.

Fend kicked a can remembering what happened the last time he tried to get some friends. Images flashed before his glassy eyes.

“You freak of nature!” A boy shouted at him hitting his immobile form on the ground with his feet.

“We don’t need a sad excuse for a living like you to even talk to us.” Another one added with a cruel laugher.

“Don’t ever talk to us again! Freak!” A last one added giving the immobile form one last vicious kick on the head.

Fend slowly returned to his reality with a sad smile. He didn’t cry. He’d never cry even when it happened because he promised Myn he wouldn’t cry. Yes… he was too strong to cry. He would never cry. So why was water streaming down his face right now? Damn this weather… even if the sun was high up and there was no cloud…

“Damn weather…” The child whispered as his shoulders shook under the emotion.

“She’ll never have to do that again. Ever.” The boy whispered to himself in a serious tone of voice.

“Never.” The canine added as he turned back on his track to head back home as the twilight approached. Hours had pass without him realising it. Recently he had passed out like that more and more often.

“Nothing to worry about…” Fend spoke confidently.

“Nothing…” Fend repeated with some slight hesitation before running even faster back to his home.
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