Some New Art from der Ash!!!!!

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Some New Art from der Ash!!!!!

Unread postby Ash Fanrico » Fri Oct 06, 2006 5:58 pm

Finally got to a scanner and got these pics scanned.

-Puzzo the Clown-
Everyone's "favorite evil magical clown entity" Image *sarcasm* I like how this one turned out though.

Evil little bastard. :P

-Kilisha the Succubus (Draft 1)-
This isn't the final version by any stretch, was really just a practice draft to "hammer out" a possible outfit for her. Thus that is the reason why she has that weird neck. >.>

Weird neck aside, I like how the outfit turned out so far... just need some feedback from her creator so I can go about doing a better version.


-Drakhurn Attacks-
The evil shadowy villain/mastermind behind the whole situation in my "Daring or Stupid" rp, performing an attack he used against Astrynax (Inana).

And yes End, I'll be getting back to work on the rp relatively soon.

Not too much today, but hopefully still decent/good. >_> *is so hard on himself*
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Re: Some New Art from der Ash!!!!!

Unread postby Seethe347 » Fri Oct 06, 2006 11:09 pm

I'd say that outfit looks like it would work. The only thing that needs much of a change is that the ends of the gloves' fingers will need to be open for her claws. Overall, though, I do like how the outfit looks.

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