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Slightly Random drawings.

Unread postby Ash Fanrico » Tue Aug 08, 2006 6:53 pm

Some brief Gaera related sketches, but they're not really based on any real character, just two types of creature I've come up with, with brief descriptions. I've had these sketches for a while, so I decided to show them to you all finally.

Got some new stuff to show (including my "first draft" of Kilisha), but the computer I use to scan stuff with is being worked on. Image

-A Gaeran Gremlin-

Mainly found in machine-heavy places, like the industrial factories of Valth, though they have been known to be unintentionally exported to other parts of the world, as some tend to hitch rides on boats. These little (2 feet in heigth) buggers have an empathy towards mechanical devices, and an infinite amount of curiosity. They don't wreck machines intentionally, that's just a bi-product of their tinkering and dismantling of any machine/mechanical device they can get ahold of or get to.

They can though, be mischevious. BUT at the same time, when they feel threatened or protecting their home, they can be downright vicious towards those percieved as intruders. You know... just like raccoons. Image

-A Sea-Wraith-

Briefly mentioned by Duile in "Daring or Stupid," Wraiths're among the most feared things in the oceans of Gaera, exsisting in a strange wolf-pack type of mentallity, but aren't above killing and eating their own weak, wounded, or dead. Like some hellish incarnation/combination of a piranha and a shark, they are for all practical purposes... an eating machine that probably puts some Sharku'u to shame.

One Wraith alone can strip a body (living or dead) to the bone in a matter of minutes, ranging from about two-three minutes. An entire pack though, can mow through their prey in sheer seconds. Like sharks, they also frequently go into a "feeding frenzy." They have a tremendous bite force, able to snap through bone with relative ease.

But what is most scarey about Sea Wraiths is their tendency to prey upon boats. They can, and will, attack ships of various sizes and types, but mainly stick to the smaller ones. They can stay out of water for a few moments (perhaps about 5-10 minutes) before having to return to the depths from which they came from. When on land they walk about bi-pedally, and the one saving grace is that they're speed is greatly reduced once out of the water.

Took some heavy influence from both "Sea Creatures" by Todd McFarlane. <p>"I don't mind being ogled, ridiculed,
Made to feel miniscule,
If you consider the source, it's kinda pitiful.
The only thing you really know about me is...
...that's all you'll ever know"-- Slipknot "My Plague"</p>Edited by: [url=>Ash]&nbsp; Image at: 8/8/06 18:56


Re: Slightly Random drawings.

Unread postby Seethe347 » Mon Aug 14, 2006 5:10 am

Interesting look for the Sea Wraiths. Up until now, I had just imagined them as looking like Ringwraiths that floated over the ocean waters.

Also, I'm anticipating that first draft of Kilisha, so I hope your computer gets well soon.

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