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How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 2:06 am
by Nick Shogun
I live in Keizer, Oregon. It's a crummy town with no entertainment. Our movie theater was turned into a car lot five years ago, we have three grocery stores and five banks. No arcades or malls.

Everything shuts down at 10 PM.

Tell me about your town! If it's nice, I might move there.

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Re: How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 6:29 am
by PriamNevhausten
This area, on the other hand, has two malls and one true arcade (and quite a few video game arcades), though one of our cinemas was similarly turned into a car dealership. <p><span style="font-size:xx-small;">"It's in the air, in the headlines in the newspapers, in the blurry images on television. It is a secret you have yet to grasp, although the first syllable has been spoken in a dream you cannot quite recall." --Unknown Armies</span></p>

Re: How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 2:48 pm
by FlamingDeth
It's about 20°f at the moment, and there's a bunch of snow. <p>
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Re: How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:14 pm
by Jak Snide
My home city is London and has bloody everything.

My university city is York and, while tiny compared to the sprawling mass of urban stuff that is London, features some pretty awesome stuff like a Viking Museum (which has a week long Viking festival in February) a good range of shops and cinemas and more pubs than days of the year. The only thing it could be considered to be lacking is a variety of clubs, but that's hardly a concern of mine. So yeah, York's pretty cool.

Re: How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:25 pm
by Choark
My Home Town is Corby and our sport there is hitting people on the head and see what funny colours ooze out. We also have farm land, lots of it and trees, good old horrible bastard trees. How I hate em!

At the moment I live in Liverpool that has streets with tons of dog crap on 'em, liverpudleons as they seem to call themselves, though I haven't be able to communicate with any of them to ask why. Lanuage barrier you see. It has two decent comic shops, Virgin megastore, HMV, Waterstones and a couple of Games and Gamestation. So everything I need really. It even has a park.

I'd prefure to be in York though. I like Vikings. We all got on and they were the only guys I know who understood what drinkin was really all about. Plus there Gods ruled! If I had to have a religion, Norse would be it. ODIN!! However I have an awsome job so I have no worries.

Re: How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:39 pm
by Jak Snide
This is where Pervy steps in and provides the link to the Norse equivalent of an online bible.

Re: How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 4:37 pm
by Kai
Our Odin and Our Thor. <p>-------------------------
"It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half-wit and the emperor remains an emperor." -- Sandman "The Kindly Ones" </p>

Re: How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:07 pm
by Jak Snide
Kai gets herself a bonus point for the recognition of something awesome.

Re: How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 7:34 pm
by Besyanteo
Ok. As some of you already know, I live in Loudoun County, Ashburn Virgina. One of the fastest growing places in America, blah blah blah, all that. What all that means is it's sprawling suburbia and strip malls and shopping centers and such.

We have no arcades, per se. The closest we really come is the local Ultrazone for laser tag. If you want to go have fun, you either need to learn to jog around the man made lake you live on, and ignore that it's covered in green filth most of the time, go to a pool, or have a home game system. Everything seems to be very expensive without being entertaining in the slightest. ... And you can go outside my house almost any given day at 3 PM, and hear nothing. SEE nothing. Just the wind... Fuckin creepy. This is why Chris and I hang out so much, and are always online: There's nothing else to do.

However, if Geology is your things, you can find hella fossils out here. Just visit a construction site somewhere. Steal a few dinosaur foot prints! Legally speak, they're supposed to halt construction for that and have the place checked out, but that slows construction. So they just bulldoze over it. ... Heathens. e.e Rawr. ... Also! Road kill! Road kill abounds. Cats, dogs, raccoons and foxes and deer, just spread all over the highway. Grisly, horrible, 3 every half mile.

No one here can drive. No seriously. That's where the dodge thing came fomr I think: Chris either has to dodge the entire trip to my house/his work/whatever, or die trying. He and WillZaq can expound on that pretty well. The only place worse for drivers that I've seen so far is Baltimore. ... And that's BALTIMORE man.

</rant> <p>
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Re: How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 8:46 pm
by Nakibe
Well, I live in Houston, so. Hm. Supposedly 4th or so largest city in the country, and 10th or 12th in the world.

We DO have a lot of stuff, but honestly if you don't know that its here, or even to LOOK then you're screwed. First understand that you MUST drive everywhere around here if you want to, you know, reach stuff then you have to drive for a bit. Regardless of where you're going to. Somehow I felt that was important.

Anyway, within said driving distance I can think of at least 2 arcades that I could visit, though only one of them I'd visit regularly. They're slowly going downhill, though, so I haven't really been too interested in them of late.

We do have the 4th largest mall or so in the US in this town, called The Galleria. Trust me on this: If you go there, bring lots of money. They're upscale or THINK they should be, therefore they are EXPENSIVE. >:{ But their arcade DOES manage to be one of the few that doesn't suck. The rest that don't suck really aren't in my "area" of the city, so I don't go to them so often if at all. Too much gas spent getting there and back, or they're just not near anything worth visiting. Maybe inside one of the many (about 7 or so) malls that are around, but aren't likely to have anything that's not at the others.

We also have Six Flags Astroworld/Waterworld, but they're pieces of crap so you'd probably be better off NOT going there. >:{ However, we have the Space Center, which has its own budding theme park working around it. THAT you MIGHT want to see. ALong with the Museum of Fine Arts, or our Natural Science musem. Its pretty good stuff.

Clubbing I'm not a big fan of, but we have TONS of them here. Both inside the city proper and outside, of various styles and types.

Oh, and since driving as come up here... just because we HAVE to drive around here DOESN'T mean we drive anything near "Well". You'd be safer not driving some Sundays, for instance. >.>

There is more, but you'd have to ask me specific questions for me to care to think to remember them. Yes, its like that. >:{ <p><span style="font-size:small;">

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Re: How cool is your town?

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 9:18 pm
by Will Rennar
Ahhh, home...good ol' Maquoketa, IA. 5,000 people in a small, bustling town whose #1 feature is an outdoor movie theatre that rarely shows anything before it hits DVD, 30 minutes between 2 somewhat metropolitan areas including the semi-famous "Quad Cities" (Davenport & Bettendorf, IA and Moline & Rock Island, IL).

That little town has the most awesome book store in the universe at the corner of Main & Platt...not for its selection, just because Richard & Ann, the couple who own the place, freaking rule. Up atop the hill across from the local Wal-Mart you'll find a retirement home built in honor of my former neighbor who lived right on that spot, as well as a house with absolutely no interior whatsoever, built by my dad as a storage shed.

My -current- home"town", however, is Andrews Air Force Base, MD. See also: Hell on a Stick. Take Bes' hometown and put a big fnarking fence around it. Oh, and an airport right in the middle of town. And the dead silence you hear is just because the jets screaming overhead all day have driven you DEAF.

...Yeah, that's AAFB in nutshell. Can I go home now? <p>This has been your daily interrupted moment of Zen.</p>

Say what?

Unread postPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 2:54 am
by Nick Shogun

It's about 20°f at the moment, and there's a bunch of snow.

I thought you lived in California. <p><div style="text-align:center">
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Re: Say what?

Unread postPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 3:15 am
by Besyanteo
He lives in Alaska dude. So you know. <p>
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Re: Say what?

Unread postPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 1:35 pm
by Archmage144
Part of the year, I live in Dayton, Ohio, which is not what I would call the coolest place ever. Kurt Vonnegut, in his book Slaughterhouse-5, compared Dayton, Ohio to firebombed Dresden during World War II, except that Dresden has "more open spaces than Dayton, Ohio." It's an okay place to live--I technically live the backwoods/country a ways outside of the city and have to drive about 15 minutes to get to 48, the main north-south road that connects Dayton with Centerville, Spring Valley, Oakwood, etc. I live south of Dayton proper, in the Spring Valley area--there's a decent arcade with a good DDR machine about 25 minutes away, which is where Priam and I hang occasionally. My local friends and I often hang out at Starbucks, either in Oakwood farther north or in the new 24-hour one that just opened up right on where I first get on 48. There are several movie theaters, two malls, and some decent restaurants, but a lot of it is very old hat for me, so I don't get very excited about it.

I live in Indianapolis for most of the year. Indy is great--it generally combines the "big city" feel with the "small town" feel very well. Despite being a pretty big city, it's fairly clean, the people aren't atrocious, and it isn't extremely expensive. There are lots of great restaurants. The best place to play DDR around here unfortunately closes down for the winter season, but the rest of the year it's a great place for it, and they also have a Para Para Paradise machine! The Broad Ripple strip has a lot of bars, other miscellaneous places to eat, a fairly nice music store, and some other places to attract college students. One problem is the fact that the IndyGo mass transit is ass, so going anywhere is impossible without a car. Also, driving downtown can be a nightmare, but that's true anywhere. In any case, it's a pretty cool place to live--in theory, there are a lot of things to do, and it's not as crowded or overpriced as a bigger city like Chicago or New York. Indiana is a lot like Ohio, only slightly more conservative and backwards at times, but Indianapolis is generally an oasis in the middle of the midwest. <p>
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