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Pres. Obama's Executive Orders

I know that there are people on here who are interested in American politics (whether they live here or not), but don't necessarily know where to look for things like this. So! Here's a rundown of what President Obama has started (at least the most thorough one I've seen, since a lot of places are still too arguing over the Chief Justice garbling the oath, and whether family planning resources help low-income families).

Executive Order ...
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thread for gamertags / wiiIDs / wi-fi IDs / and so on

So over at this thread, I wondered that maybe we should have a thread/wikipage for collecting the RPGWWer IDs for the various online services offered by our corporate masters Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and whoever else. So, here's the followup of that.

All you need to do is, if you want to share your IDs, post the relevant IDs in this thread. Sometime after you post, I'll update the list.
-=- BrainWalker: BrainWalker
-=- ...
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Welcome new members from Hidden Realms

Now that our affiliate relationship with Hidden Realms is solidified, we may be getting more new posters from that site soon. Thus, let me welcome you in advance to RPGWW, and I hope you all stick around on our forums and enjoy your time here. If you need help, feel free to IM me with any questions you might have if I'm online, or email me if I'm not. And if you have any questions ...
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ZOMGBBQ Comic-Comic To the Death JAM!

I just realized I've been a terribly naughty art forum mod. :\ *SAD OCTOPI*

SO HERE ARE THINGS! For old times sake!

A nice little comic jam!

Artists sign up, and you will each be responsible for a page, picking up where the last left off. SEXY!

Storyline is left up to the artist to pursue however they like. EVERYBODY WINS! HILARITY ENSUES!

The only thing that will be stated are the characters. :D Because ...
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HALLO (requisite introduction post!)

:kirteach: Hi, and welcome to RPGWW! New here? Congrats, you're in the right forum! Feel free to make an introductory post telling us a little about yourself (no personal details necessary) and what brings you to our community.

So! RPGWW is an online roleplaying community. If you're interested in putting forth the moderate effort and commitment involved, you're welcome here! It doesn't ...
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Kate's thread of really random shit

Since I run into so much weird crap, I might as well make a semi-permanent thread with to totally contend with "zero's groovy links" because I am not zero and my links are not entirely groovy and as other people have posted stuff to the thread, they are not enitrely all my links!

First things first:

This should be yaloganked

And for all you Zelda fans, I will make your soul BLEED!

So sit back, ...
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A RANT. About RPs. All new to forum, please READ THIS FIRST.


Now, I've noticed a lot of people, new people, coming into the forum. We get that. It's nice, sometimes, to pick up a few new RPers, see a few new faces, get an influx of new people, and sometimes, they're quality writers and RPers. Yay for us!

However, what I do NOT wish to see is the integrity of the RPing community here at RPGWW being flushed down some cosmic toilet as a result ...
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RPGWW fan/comic nostalgia

This is a game thread.
The rules are simple.

Go into here (fancomics) or here (RPGWW comics), and browse around the goodness.

Then, post a comic that you find spiffy.

I'll start!

<hr width="74%">

BW's first fancomic!

Image <p><EZCODE>
<EZCODE><EZCODE><div><EZCODE><EZCODE> | <EZCODE>encyclopædia dramatica<EZCODE></div><EZCODE></p>
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RPGWW fanart nostalgia!

This is another game thread, and, much like the last one, the rules are simple.

The fanart archives are kept at
. Go into here, pick an old (or new) image, and post it up! If someone else posts an image you wanted to, you show them by posting another!

Please try to keep it down to one or two images a post. Some of those images are hueg, like a bitmap of an ...
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Alright you Primitive Screwheads! Listen up! (Edit 05/31/03)

1. Anyone using Internet Shorthand in a fic will be editted.


And Painfully.

2. Giving people Bad ratings in order to be a fuckhead will be punished by Bad Post ranks, and other mean shit. And yes, we can figure out who voted how.

3. Don't vote for yourself to artificially boost up your own fic's rating.

4. If you want your writing up on the website, then you HAVE to submit it through ...


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