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I passed my defense!

Just realized I never said so here; this Wednesday I passed my doctoral defense. Finally finished. :D
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Greetings! ...again

I joined this site something like four years ago, but after a prolonged, deeply traumatic period of internetlessness it slipped off my list of things to come back to until this morning.

I'm more or less completely new to RPing, but it seems interesting and I'd like to try it out.

Also, I suck at introductions, so if there's anything else, ask away.
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Sad Face

I dunno when it happened so it could've been months or years ago, but... The wiki is down.

Sad Face.
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Wii U screenshot experiment

Oh hey, I figured out how to post screenshots from my Wii U to places other than Miiverse!

Nobody cares, but this has been a fun little expreriment for me.

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Episode One: Splashdown (Part One)

Alice was afraid to smile and she didn't know why.

Autumn had arrived just on schedule, its first day shaded by clouds that brought a warm, gentle rain. Summer rain, a day late, marked by fat beads of water that splashed rather than pelted, that washed down the reinforced glass of the windows in streams rather than trickles. Alice could hear the difference, knew from the shifting light ...
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Seers - OOC

Hey everyone. Shini gave me the go-ahead to try my hand at running an RP thread game storymajig of my own here, so here's the thread for all the OOC crap that goes into doing things like that!

The Rundown
Seers is a modern-day urban fantasy setting, and our campaign will focus on a group of previously unconnected people whose lives are suddenly interrupted by their discovery of some very special abilities and a shared ...
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Super Nostalgia

Hey folks. Guess who's still alive? This guy. How's everybody doing!? It's been ages!

One of my coworkers this morning pointed out how frequently I use the word "Indeed" while talking to them, and a wave of nostalgia hit me. Figured I'd swing by and check in!
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The Walking Feels

So I found a gif that accurately portrays the sensation of finally finishing Telltale's Walking Dead game series. Or as Shini has called it, "The Walking Feels."


Have any of the rest of you played this thing?
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Kirby Academy for the Gifted

Back to School

Very few students enjoy the prospect of returning to school. After the freedom and carelessness of summer, the classroom can just seem stifling and boring.

But what if you go to a school for super heroes?

It's probably not a lot better, honestly.

Tomorrow marks the big day for the students of the Kirby Academy for the Gifted. While classes don't begin for another 24 hours, students have already been moved in. ...
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