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Child's Play: The NEXT Initiative

Mission: 01- The NEXT Initiative
Location: Unknown.
June 16th, 3756
10:00 AM

For the newest children in D-52's Project Bluesky, it has been a very strange day. First, the 'power' in their systems went out, plunging them into darkness for the better part of two hours. Then, as the power came back on, a very strange sense of vertigo, as they received notification as their room files were being uploaded into the main server.
Finally, ...
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Supervillainy, Inc.


Daily tabloid headline:

Recently, the Flasher went toe-to-toe with the Streaker. Both are high-speed vigilantes who fight crime in their birthday suits, though the Streaker only appeared on the scene last week. The Flasher has been quoted saying "I wouldn't mind him stealing my costume so much if he were a WOMAN, but seriously dude! That's MY schtick!"....

Daily news headline:
Dr. ...
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Rogue Trader - Greed is Eternal

It has been some three years since Rajender Hakon took control of his family's warrant of trade, triumphing over his siblings in pitched and bloody battle. The family's fortunes have yet to recover from this wasteful conflict, and though Rajender commands a fine ship and a loyal crew, it will be a long time before his dynasty regains its former prominence. If it does at all. For now, a new generation of explorers stands poised ...
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Death to the Divine (Semi-Closed Scion RP)

The wind howled through the back alleys of Los Angeles, the sky dark with storm clouds. Although it wasn't raining, the distant sound of rumbling prophecied a rather intense storm about to hit. Slowly, water began to pitter-patter down from the heavens, slowly drizzling. This storm, though, would turn out to be a big one. Seers and soothsayers from every pantheon suddenly and violently lost sight of the future. Rumblings through the Otherworld about this ...
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Dark Heresy - Only in Death does Duty End

Hive Sibellus.

The largest, and oldest, city on the planet Scintilla, crown of the Calixis Sector and home to, amongst others, the Sector Governor Marius Hax. It is a city of extremes, where life is cheap and death more so and where for the right price, anything can be bought or sold. From the glorious Spires where the rich spend their lives oblivious to the squalor of those below them to the teeming underhive, rife ...
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Child's Play

Mission: 01- Lost and Found.
Deck City: The Database
June 12, 3756.

It is a brand new day for the children of Project Bluesky, and a wonderous day indeed. Today is the day that they graduate from their solo training, and their visual programming for their digital bodies is altered, granting them their uniforms.

The children start the day in the laptop that has served as their home for the last four to ...
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Precinct: The Godswallowers (closed M&M RP)

The most likely universe is completely empty.

The probability of matter existing is astronomically less than the probability of matter
not existing. Therefore, it is logical that there are more universes without matter than there are with matter. However, the number of empty universes is infinite, and the number of universes with matter is infinite, so the number of empty universes and the number of universes with matter are the same number. The same is ...
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Bravely brave Sir Keegan rode forth to kill a lot...

After the party's rather odd negotiation with the spectral remains of Sir Keegan, Kestrel was happy to take a bit of a rest with the others in the abandoned armory they'd found earlier. She was a bit worn, but others in the group were much worse for wear than she was. It was certainly appropriate to stop and rest until they felt they would be better able to contribute for the next leg of the ...
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The Planewalkers' Other Journies

Planewalker's Guild

Preparations complete, the two groups split, saying their goodbyes to one another and other friends in the Guild, as they head out on their respective trips, one heading up the Stairs towards the Madhouse, the other heading down towards the githzerai religious center known as the Floating City, each hoping for the best on their own trip.

The travelers to Limbo will continue their journey here. Good luck!

Infinite Staircase

Climbing the ...
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Bad Wolf

The night sky is clear, full of stars and shedding the light of the hunter's moon on the forest below. One of the many things the light falls on is a clearing in these woods, filled with humans and wolves and monsters. Or, that is how an outsider would view it. The Garou knew better.

A precious few young Cliath are attending their first Sept Moot tonight, and before the heavy business of giving them ...
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