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Waiting for the Night

(This is a closed RP, suckah. That means that nobody can post in it without my sayso! Sayso come from here. Har har! Anyways, BEGINNING HAPPENS.)

It was a regular day on the Autobot science vessel Aeon. The Aeon had been traveling to a distant star, with the intention of setting up a sensor array. However, an communication from Optimus Prime changed their course. A planet has sent out a distress signal, he said. Something ...
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Age of Fire

(Any one who is any good at roleplaying can join this roleplay. I will prefer people who like magic and traditional weapons.It is set in a midevil setting. This is not a Killing roleplay!! It might include fighting but that will not be the base of this roleplay. You can join as one of the weakened or as one of the strong. The weakened are pretty much people whose bodies suppress their magic for a ...
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Children of the Mind: The Detectives

It was all over the news.

Priest Shot Dead in Suburbia!
The Washington Post said it was a gangland shooting gone wrong, even though the gang activity in that area was nonexistent.
The Washington Times featured an editorial about it, berating the police force for letting such a thing happen, even though there was most likely nothing that the police could have done, even had they known about it in advance.
The Weekly World News ...
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The Zodiac

Less than a quarter hour remained until the hour of the Rat.

In the crowded streets of Peking, men, women, and children sang bright, cheerful songs in musical Chinese. Almost all were decked out with red in at least some form on them, and no white could be seen anywhere.

Vendors hawking chilled drinks, small bowls of jai, tangerines, oranges, lucky sayings, carved rat statues, and all other festive items of interest were crying out, ...
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Night Below: The Evils of Haranshire

The tale now recounted by myself, Danaril the Sage, began with the heroes taking their ease in The Lookout, a bar in Andar’s capital city of the same name that belonged to the Adventurer’s Guild. They were all alone in the establishment this night, a fact which had pushed them together for cameraderie. Having made their introductions and drank a few rounds together, they were interrupted by the arrival of Guildmaster Thendle, the same man ...
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Night at Childs Manor, 2.0

<span style="color:red;">Fall, 1995.</span>

The Mistress of Childs Manor, long known in the community for her benevolent work with children, has extended a boon to the disadvantaged children there, offering any four a place to live in the Manor, where they will receive food and clothing far above what the orphanage could ever offer, and an education that would cost other children millions of dollars to attain.

Some time has finally passed, and on one eventful ...
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RPGWW: The Musical! (spammy)

(OOC: We have certainly talked about lyrics for our chars a lot, and songs and such... so here we are. ^_^ Please make a link to the mp3, or type out lyrics here. Parodies are also good.... or different set-ups. Feel free to change the scenery at random times, like a demented musical video. Tributes/parodies of other chars are also fun. ^_^ If parodies are weird, only parody part of the song, like I'm doing ...
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Dragonlock: Erain Legacy

(I'm just re-posting my earlier demo in the OCC Thread)

The wind carried a bad omen. Ryu stood up and took a long look at the moon. "*sigh* It's going to be a long road ahead, I suspect." He said as he glided off of the warehouse rooftop. He was supposed to come with a few other travellers to meet a client who desired information on the Raigukai, a race that fell nearly 1500 years ...
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A sorrowful music

(All right people... this is my first rp, so i hope you're not going to yell at me too much. I'll leave it pretty open ended, and i'll try to incorporate anyone who sticks their character in. Of course, help from some veterans on the setting i have already lain would be greatly appreciated.)


In the beginning, the world was beautiful and perfect. Mankind lived in harmony with nature, and the world was ...
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Of Crow Nests and Bounty a-plenty(One Piece Freestyle RP)

(( This is a locked RP, so if you want to join it, for any reason, go to the OOC thread "I want to GM an RP". ))

The sun was hanging lazily over the city of Roguetown, the biggest city in the entire world and also the gathering point of travellers, merchants and, most importantly, pirates from all around the world.

Located close to the Red Line and one of the four entrances to ...
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