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The Colloseum Revisited (PhilSys Combat Tests)

Somewhere in the multiverse, unknown even to most frequent dimension travellers, there existed a small arena. An arena where combatants were warped in, forced to fight, and then sent back with no memory, mental or physical, of any events that took place there.

And this had all been for the amusement and pleasure of a lesser god, who took delight in these battles and watching the chaos ensue. However, this lesser god had been away ...
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Elemaer: On Two Fronts

(OOC: For reference, the OOC thread can be found   Image at: 2/2/05 7:11
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MAC RP: Find the Kitty. (Closed)

On the MAC Message Board, under the Employment Opportunities Subforum, a new thread has been posted overnight. it reads:

Sirius Cybernetics is now offering a one-time contract position to any interested party. The pay will be good, and succesful completion will result in a bonus, and special consideration in future dealings with Sirius Cybernetics.

Interested parties may visit our regional office at 1538 Payne Boulevard for more information and a proper interview.

There seems to ...
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The Return to Y'tuin

What a wonderful spring morning it was. The shopkeepers were out in the streets, merrily and loudly bellowing out what their wares were, children and the elderly taking pleasant walks through the park, and in general the pleasant weather was enjoyed by all.

The only one not truly enjoying the weather was overjoyed by something else. Sorune, the (Pink) druid and (Temporarily Nekojin) forest-dweller, was letting out loud cries of joy as the woman by ...
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Elemaer: Almost Like Summer (Open Board CIRP)

<span style="font-size:xx-small;">(OOC: This is a Character Interaction RP set in the world of Elemaer. It is always open for new posters, as long as they abide by these rules:
1. All posters must have familiarity with Elemaer, either from having used the setting or from reading the .txt file we have up in the RP Stuff section of the RPGWW website. Note that the .txt file is to a decent degree outdated and to a ...
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The Islands of Ecestrim

[Edit 3: The Islands of Ecestrim is an extremely freestyle RP. Every player gets a huge amount of control in the story, and it's more about building interaction than making sure 'so and so' dies.

Please keep in mind that by entering, though, you automatically give other players the right to play your character for short amounts of time, to progress the story and (like I said) build interaction.

=D So... yeah, if you're interested... ...
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Off the beaten path...

**There are three adventurers trying to escape from their beloved village that was ransacked by demons from a place called Arathan in the North. No one was left alive but them. They will attempt to defeat the evil but will most likely die trying. They must stay off the road for fear of attack. They are journeying over a mountain.**

(We need two more original adventurers. Anyone who would like to join their forces is ...
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(Closed BGC RP, redux!) Things that go Bump

(OOC: So here's the deal! RP is closed TO THE MAX, so unless you're one of the people that got the OK from this here thread, don't post here.)

It was a fine day in Los Angeles, late August of the year 2040. There were light clouds, but not even a hint of rain. A light, soothing breeze cooled down the bustling streets. The air was crisp, recycling technologies having long ago cleansed the air ...
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drenching downpoor(im new, some one wanna help me start?)

*hidros drow ears twitch uneasyly, the air smelled damp, the little stick shack he was sheltering in was only providing slight cover from the suddon storm. he shivers slightly as the trees rustel from the hevey rain he frowns removing his stiff damp armour but leaving his sword at his belt*

"shallmonon!(drow swearing)*he slams his first agains the floor in frustration* "with this rain i'll never hear if someons coming!"* he sits uneasyly facing the ...
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The Twelve

(Note: This RP is freestyle, and closed. Sorry, dudes.)

"The Twelve"

The vast wasteland stretched out for miles. It wasn`t a desert, but there was no greenery anywhere. It was if there had been a monumental battle fought here years ago, the scars and memories of death and blood forever left behind in the soil. The first men to come to this island, the way it is now, had named it "The Killing Field".

Barely ...
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