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Legends of Space: New Crew in the Quadrant

Near the edge of 'civilized' space, the Tammany Nebula colonies are the last place any decent person would want to find themselves living, as it is more a handful of small station-clusters than anything. Space immigrants from other quadrants are recieved here, and as thousands of them come through daily, there exist many facilities to process them. These facilities, run by SAI, Space-Ace Industries, are also breeding grounds for small rebellions, riots, smuggling operations, rampant ...
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Warcraft RP: Group 2

It was a lovely, sunny day in Ashenvale. Well, the sun was up at least. The almost impenetrable roof of foliage that covered the land prevented all but a few beams of light from ever finding their way down to the surface. It was enough light to travel by, but the ancestral home of the kaeldori was still one of shadows and unwanted surprises.

Thankfully for the likes of Charcoal, Gha'dwin, James and Rummsfeld there ...
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The Third Great War

A loud boom rings outside as a battle sorcerer sets off a magical entourage of spells pointed towards the trainees. In the wonderful city of , the training facility for the Greate army is in full swing. Thankfully, the new members of the elite platoon had already finished the intensive boot camp course. Today is the day that they will meet their commanding officer. And they were late.

Jordhel sat in the meeting room, watching ...
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Warcraft RP: Group 1

It'd been well over a week since Dun Modr had been freed from the grasp of the Dark Iron clan, and every dwarf in the Wetlands was filled with relief. They had enough to worry about with the situation in Hillsbrad to the North without an old foe stirring up trouble at home. They were also thankful, and this thanks was given to the force that had liberated the border town from the invaders. There ...
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Real Life:Cries of the Forgotten Ones

"And in other news, Haikuro Niyami is assumed dead." the little TV blared, showing a smalltown reporter standing in front of what was formerly a house, now just a set of black debris. "We've not found a body, but many are assuming it was burnt with the rest of the home, and he has not been found anywhere in the town. His house was struck by lightning at two oh-four last night, and the fire ...
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Elemaer: Of Spaces Below (Closed Freestyle RP)

The carts arrived after two and a half weeks of journeying over the countryside of Azurin, the westernmost continent in Elemaer, the most important because of the presence of the Great City of As'nar, the starting-point of the mining expedition. The carts were loaded with six months' supplies for the three-month expedition, the strange reports and stranger rumors that surrounded this particular mine outweighing (in some small part) the pragmatic conservation that the Order of ...
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Machine Knights ReACT

The sky was bright and cloudless over where the mobile base Tirisfal was docked, reflecting a myriad of colors off of its hull. In its shadow, Commander Zaran Lofton awaited his new transfers impatiently. There were other things he could potentially be doing aside from sitting here waiting for transfers, but this was what he was told to do. A good chance to get a small rest from the rigors of fighting the Ariscenian menace ...
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An Interview with Timmy! (spammy)

<small>(OOC: This is an odd little idea that Amanda inspired. We decided it's best to make it a spammy RP (i.e. one that doesn't affect mainstream Gaera or any other world at all), though it could have gone into OOC or fanfiction too.

What this is is a chance to explore your characters through an interview with Timmy the Bonsai Tree. I give permission for others to borrow Timmy for writing purposes...I don't think he's ...
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Welcome, player, to Y'tuin (Open RP, check the OOC thread)

T'was a dark, and stormy night...

Somewhere else, at any rate. Not where Lyle, a rather unhealthy, skinny, pale-looking senior in his high school and Tiffany are walking home from school, one of them reading a magazine. One ad in particular pops up...

"Do you remember Reyta? Well, it's been re-released, and from the nice folks at Roundhouse! It's better than ever, and all the old bugs have been taken care of. Plus, if you ...
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Rain of Ashes: After the Fall

It is a nice day.

Or, at least, nice for that time of year. The sun, of course, was invisible behind the customary wall of clouds that nevertheless seems omnipresent, the dry wind from the west continues to blow in sand from who knows where, and it is as cold as it usually is in the autumn (and spring and summer and winter).

However, it could be raining or snowing or a plague-wind could be ...
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