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Friday Night Eberron Campaign

(This is a thread for Patrick's Friday night game. If you play in it post here. If not ... Historians note: The conversation over Rively's reincarnation took place before you re-entered the dungeon. That conversation can still happen in IM and be reported for XP. This thread happens immediately following the end of last weeks game.)
The mechanical sound and elephant trumpet fades into the distance. The hissss of the gas, barely audible filling the ...
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Dark Heresy - Wisdom is the beginning of fear.

The Calixis Sector: lying within the Segmentum Obscurus, on the Northern edge of the known galaxy, represents a considerable portion of the territories conquered by the Imperial hero Lord Militant Angevin more than one thousand years ago. It is far from the million strong armies and mighty battlefleets of the Imperium and often has to rely on local forces to counter any threats that rise to defy Mankind.

The capitol planet of the sector, located ...
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The Planewalkers' Journies

Infinite Staircase - Planewalker's Guild Headquarters

A new day opens at the home of the Planewalker's Guild; as much as a new day ever opens in a realm without a sun. The current timekeeper of the Guild circles the edge, lighting the belissan torches as is done every morning. The everpresent fog of the Staircase begins to fade as the headquarters begins to glow with light. Activity within the shanty town begins to grow (though ...
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With A Bang (Semi-Open Elemaer Board CI)

(OOC: This is a CIRP set in the world of Elemaer. It’s “semi-open” because characters must be approved before they can be used, but new players can join at any time. The Wiki is a good place to post new characters to show me; new posters without Wiki access would be better off using the Elemaer Character Thread, viewtopic.php?t=1115. There’s a lot of Elemaer setting information on this page, ...
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Tarrasque vs. Gaera

Time: 11th of Tunara, 6:47 PM, in year 1317 of the Era of Peace.

Location: Just south of Doma Capitol, less than half a mile away from the city limits.

A rampaging monster has been tearing its way across the landscape to the south. Anticipating a collision course with the city, the King of Doma has ordered an enormous military detachment to fortify and barricade the area so as to prevent the creature from ravaging ...
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PhilSys Coliseum!

Somewhere, some time, some place, exists an edifice of stone and sand. This massive structure is a dedication to all things violent. Holding a number of seats seemingly beyond counting, in this Coliseum a crowd of all races has gathered. They howl and hoot and jeer, impatient to see the first match begin. Their eyes are on portcullises, made of shining mythril, that hold back men and beasts of all kinds.

This is where Idran ...
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Chapter One: The Sons of Doma

The Colonel cleared his throat. "There's many close parallels. Some are so very close to our world that you'd be hard pressed to find the difference. However, they're there. For example, one one world, you can buy DVDs of the original release of Star Wars, starring the great action hero Christopher Walken as Han Solo. In others, perhaps the normal shade of hair is blue. It's strange, but not too strange.
"However, the further along ...
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Journey To Yangurra

Cadeyrn sat in the bar of a tavern looking around at everyone. Most people avoided his gaze, and those who met it looked away after only a few seconds. This had caused a number of people to leave the tavern and everyone in the tavern was uneasy. Cadeyrn was deliberately scaring people off, as it allowed him to pick those who would be the most use to him in his journey back to Yangurra. To ...
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Sweet Home: Fractured Nightmares (n/m l.o.l.)

It had certainly been an interesting experience.

Having been approached by an erstwhile businessman and led to a mysterious shop of odds and ends, the small group of Argus, Genevive, Kristoph, Kumo, Spob, and a random hobo were assigned the task of investigating a supposedly abandoned house some distance from Doma. The pay seemed fair for the task, so the group agreed and set off.

Leaving the shop revealed that the group had somehow been ...
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Doing What They Can (D&D 3.5 campaign)

(Note: This is a temporary title in lieu of a good one I haven't though of yet. If you've got a suggestion, by all means send it to me.)

Day 1

Autumn is progressing into winter, and it's getting cold. The sun's involvement in the temperature today is nearly nil, covered as it is by a nearly solid wall of cloud cover. If it doesn't rain tonight, it'll be cold tomorrow. If it does, it'll ...
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