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Ethralia - A New World

Style: Freeform, I am going to give a vague setup of the world and then allow free reign unless I feel obligated to step in and take care of a problem (Being power gamers, etc etc.) However, Feel free to RP however you want. Also when I say Freestyle (pardon the chaos this may create) I am meaning to allow interactions between players to be solved by themselves, realistically. Basically try to avoid fights but ...
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Darker Nights. (V:tM RP)

Detroit, Michigan. A highly unusual city, even for one in the know about the true machinations of the world. Hmm? Stupid childe, I refer to the existence of our race; the kindred. Why it is unusual? That's a question which requires more than a single sentence for a answer.

If I told you that Bennedict Landers held domain over this city as Prince, you'd nod, seeing nothing new with a Ventrue holding such a ...
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KJ Komix! RPF main thread (AU)

Hello, and welcome to my RP thread!
This thread is going to be about my original comic strip/book characters. It's like a combo of Marvel comics, Final Fantasy, Rocko's Modern Life, Buffy, various adult-cartoons, and anything else I happen to like(lol).
Anyway, you can find out more about my comics in the "newbie..." thread in the OOC RP discussion forum. So here's a few of my characters:
*Snuzzie(F. specicat)born 4/80; pyromanetics(shoots fire from hands)A headstrong ...
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Power Storm!

(ooc: HI this is my first RPG! i need many people for this so if you'd like to join go right ahead!)

BIC: Cranon sped passed the village temple. He would have stopped by to pay his respects but something important had been going on at his house. There WAS a large crowd surrounding it. He slid and fell-no one seemed to notice. Cranon kicked and pushed his way through the rustling crowd to get ...
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Hells Gate round 1

This will be simple. There will be 5 adventurers (including myself) to amble into the gates of hell. An unspeakable evil has devestated half of the world and must be stopped (indeed, i should have made a backstory for this...=/). The man/demon/god must be stopped, and many wars and battles from mortals have weakened him, slightly. To recover, he has taken refuge in hell. Satan, being the lord of all evil, has let him in ...
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A war of another kind (Anime)

The premise is simple. This is going to be realitively freestyle, but I'm going to place some limitations. You can be almost any anime character in this (anyone at all), but note that people like Tetsuo and any other truly GOD power are OUT (this includes most DBZ characters too, sorry) because I've done this before and it gets DUMB if I allow stuff like that... Characters like Vash, Spike, Kenshin, and other sword or ...
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The RPGWW Sitcom Extravaganza!

Yeah, the title needs work. . .

Anyway, post your chara with their personality, distinguishing traits, etc., and what sort of 'sitcom role' they'll play. I don't want two of the same person, that could tend to get tedious. We're looking for a mom, dad, annoying brother, sis, etc. Even chaotic macho man! (I'm looking at you, Jak ;)

Anyway, just so I can ATTEMPT to keep a hold on this RP, Molo will be ...
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Dreamland and Doma

I just had a random thought.
"What if Kirby and RPGWW came together?"

And I would be mad cool. So here you go...Dreamland and Doma. It's what happens when a rift in spacetime opens and Doma (the portal is in an abandoned armory) is linked with Dreamland (the portal there is in Green Greens). This is gonna rock. You can be Kirby characters, RPGWW characters, or both. You can double-RP if you want, I ...
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The Gerry Wringer Show (Spammy RP)

(OOC: Yes, folks, I'm large, in charge, and in yo head again!!! I wanted to do something completely stupid... and this idea kinda popped out at me. No character control, please. Godmoding, while not approved, is OK here, really. Besides, this is all in fun, right? Just gonna crack open a few heads here and....)

*cheezy theme music plays, along with a clapping audience*

WELCOME to the Gerry Wringer show, and I'm your host, Gerry ...
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