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Old Haunts [CI, Open]

The sun hovered directly above the city of Doma, though not in its typical way given the late summer timing of the day. It seemed to be hanging... lightly, easily, glowing brightly but not baking the inhabitants of the bustling city market as they went around their noontime rounds of seeking food to eat now, food to eat later, or maybe food just to pick up and throw away without eating at all. All in ...
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Drinks With Friends (Invite)

It was a cold and crisp day in Doma City. The cold air swirled through the town, seeping through even the securest of doors. The Black Fox Bar and Inn was no different, an inviting, orange-hued atmosphere belying the drafty nature of the building. Its patrons, hearty, hardened men, salt of Gaera types, sat about near warm fireplaces, downing lager and speaking of the day's events.

And then there was Layne Cooper.

Layne entered the ...
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Crusade (Invite)

To think, I assumed it was just some isolated street brawl, Joachim mused.

They'd never seen him coming, too caught up in watching for armed Nekojin to worry about some passing tourist. Joachim didn't think that the poor frightened servants had seen him, either. What was he supposed to do, just walk by? He'd tried to break up the fight, but it had escalated and... well, and then there were more people leaping into the ...
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ATymisonn Affair

The cold air burned his lungs but Kodi kept running. It was the amount of running and the lack of food that gave Kodi is long, lean look. He lithely hoped over stacked crates or climbed them with no lack of agility, he slid and dipped around other less scalable obstacles and never once did he look back. His best friend Ship commented that his best trait was that he never looked back on the ...
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Beyond Time and Space

In many ways, Idran Casmosis is a lucky man. He has a family that cares for him, he wants for little, and he's done much good in his life. He's performed many wonderous accomplishments, helped a good number of people, created a good reputation for himself in the field of cartography, and made a few friends across Doma. In these respects, he's quite lucky.

In others, though, he's quite unlucky. Through nothing but an accident ...
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Hammer and Anvil

On this day, as on so many others, a call had gone out to adventurous souls for a mission of importance to the crown. So it was that a group of some half dozen people found themselves seated in a small conference room within Doma Castle. On the table before them sat a small, locked chest, and across from them were seated a Guard lieutennant and a priest of Falis. The priest kept glancing at ...
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A Woodland Stroll

It's a beautiful day in Doma Park-it truly is. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the trees...the trees are magnificent, showing off as much greenery as they possibly can, their bark the very epitome of reality. It felt like they were trying to keep the very fabric of life in the park alive just by their presence, and it looked like they were doing a good job of it.

There was more ...
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Fields of Wilting Roses (1g,PSys,CL)


In the center of the great square in front of Doma Castle is the Community Bulletin. A large board of cork and wood littered with papers of all colors and sizes with words of even great variety ingrained in their fibers. The black proclamations of government and citizenry collide together in no discernible order but still people manage to pick through the mess to get at what they want to know. More than the ...
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A Taste of Paradise (Closed Freestyle RP)

Hakaril Silvar, General of the Doman army&#8217;s magician&#8217;s regiment and battle-hardened adventurer, reached up to wipe a bit of sweat off his brow. His current situation was overwhelming him with tension, but unlike typical confrontations, this war could never be won by simply unleashing a torrent of overwhelming arcane energy at his opponent. No, he had to outthink the enemy, and he saw no opening to exploit. The wizard gritted his teeth, considering his options. ...
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Belelmund: The Folly of Sitanest

Brown and dried leaves fly through the air, a chill wind tossing them about playfully. They brush across a dirt road, well worn by many a cart and wagon wheel, hooves of horses and claws of chocobo. One of these leaves catches on the chest of a rather tall, dark skinned man, wearing fine silks and a thick Turban.

He stands by the leading wagon of a set of two, each drawn by a team ...
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